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Flir Thermal Resolution Comparison From Isswww.co.uk

megger mike


blog-0307688001366186611.jpgIn the attached album, you will see some thermal pictures taken with 5 different isswww.co.uk Flir thermal cameras. It's a great way to compare the difference between high res and low res cameras.

All the shots were taken at a long distance (200m) and the cameras used were:

From looking at the pictures you will see where your money goes when you buy a thermal imager. The Flir i3 is the lowest resolution and the cheapest camera. The Flir T640 is the most expensive of the 5 and has the highest resolution.

Hope you enjoy the images, as usual please get in touch leaving comments, PM or through the isswww.co.uk contact page

Take care all

Megger Mike


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