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Happy New Year



So, 2013 is over and done and 2014 is now upon us.

Is it just me or doesn't it seem 2 minutes ago that everyone was flapping about the Millennium bug? 14 years ago that was. Were does time go?

What will 2014 bring, worry and angst as yet more foreign folk are let into the country, taking yet more of the jobs so more British citizens are out of work. Well that is my main worry, the latest wave of immigrants are said to be nasty. I sincerely hope that they prove the media wrong. I already worry for my childrens' future. What did we do, bringing them into this crap.

Well, let's not lower the tone too much. This year I hope to do my NVQ3 (although I'm going to struggle now with the job reports and photo evidence as we are no longer doing rewires and such, we are now installing PV Solar Systems which doesn't exactly give a great deal of variety to cover some of the required areas.

I hope to build more upon my web development and Android App development works; I think, with an ultimate goal of eventually making it my main stream. Although, unless I come into some big pot of money to get me started, I don't see it happening for a few years yet.

Ok, that's me for now. Remember guys, when your writing that date. IT'S 2014 not '13. I still end up writing 2010, lol. Must have been a good year...

All the Best

Barx x x x


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