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First Attempt At Geocaching



So, yesterday me, wife and kids went on our first geocaching expedition. There are a few local caches and while me and the wife want to start doing a bit of walking to get out in nature, the kids need a little more enticement so looking for treasure seemed the idea enticer. So I found the cache details for 'Centurions Surprise' and off went set on the 1.5km walk. We got there in no time really and kids were well excited.

Over 2 hours later.......... still looking. No idea what we we're looking for, no idea if co-ordinates are accurate, etc.

We eventually give in and call a family friend who is an occasional cacher. Turns out this on is quite new and she hadn't visited it yet. She ends up rustling kids into car and coming to meet us. 45 mins later, she too admits defeat as it was getting dusky.

I guess that's a failed first attempt as we didn't find the treasure, but we all enjoyed the walk and fresh air. All in all the afternoon was a success as it got us out the house and no-one got fed up....until next time.


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