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Bad(Ish) Times



So today is the 14/8/2014. Tomorrow my wife goes to the hospital to see if she has breast cancer. The doctors say it's 'possible'. She is going for the full bag of mashings bless her. Physical examinations followed by mammogram, ultra sound and then dependent on what they find, possibly biopsy and / or needle drain; over 4 hours in total. She is shitting her pants and although I am feeling quite optimistic about it, there is always that small amount of doubt and 'what if'.

If the tests are positive, hopefully it is caught really early and very treatable.

The crap bit I couldn't get the day off work to go with her. Her parents are on holiday. my mum is the only person who has been able to get the day off work and therefore she will have to watch the kids with it being school holidays. Hopefully, her aunt will get a bit of last minute time off, will know first thing in the morning so then she won't have to go alone.

Well, good luck to the wife for tomorrow!!!


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