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  2. PAT tester is showing errors while testing a Thinkpad PC and Zebra printer. Im using 6200-2 and it shows error for INSULATION, SUBSTITUTE LEAKAGE, TOUCH CURRENT and LOAD LEAKAGE tests I could not find any error messaging in the Fluke manual. Did anyone face such issues earlier ??
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  4. Murdoch

    My 1st SPD installation

    So back to the OP - how should I fill out the EIC?
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  6. Sharpend

    My 1st SPD installation

    A quick google research gives the regs as stating that ALL SPD’s should have over current protection. It is either built in to device or fitted externally. 534.4.5.1 for those who want a reference.
  7. NozSpark

    Fire protection in communal stairwells

    Bear in mind that fire and smoke alarm / detector systems are outside the scope of BS7671 and should only appear as a NOTE at most on an EICR EM lighting (apart from the electrical safety aspect) is also outside the scope of BS7671.... it's design should be based on a Fire Risk Assessment ,,,,, however, on a side note, IMHO it should be on the same circuit as the local lighting
  8. NozSpark

    My 1st SPD installation

    Isn't there a chance that a 16A B type could operate before the SPD had a chance to work? I know that Contactum have a 63A C type in their SPD pack
  9. ElectricSpecs

    scope of EICR inside/outside flat

    Yes I think it's a common misconception. There are more and less profitable properties and areas of course but I think most people know someone who did well out of it when it was much much more lucrative. Back in the day with less rules/taxation, easier mortaging and rising prices you could keep on remortgaging against higher valuations and pull out equity to keep expanding your portfolio at a fair old rate. It was a gravy train for some while it lasted.
  10. ElectricSpecs

    scope of EICR inside/outside flat

    OK So i have gotten an email from the electrician today which I asked for a while ago- giving a breakdown of the work required. He has listed the faults as follows which correspond to the niceic form below. 4 4.16No RCD protection for socket outlets used for internal use. As the main cable to the flat, this is made of twin and earth cabling which is required to be RCD protected C2 Consumer unit 5 4.17No RCD protection for socket outlets used for internal use. As the main cable to the flat, this is made of twin and earth cabling which is required to be RCD protected C2 – Same as above his email also says: 100mA RCD Unit As the existing submain cable is wired in twin and earth, this type of cable is required to be protected by an RCD. A new 100mA RCD unit in a new enclosure will need to be installed in the mains cupboard. This will provide the correct protection on the supply cable to the flat He seems to have bundled both inside and outside into that one section which is under the heading of CU/DB which seems eroneous to me. As suggested I will go back and ask him which reg no this is needed to comply with.
  11. Sharpend

    My 1st SPD installation

    Well every day is a school day, in my defence I haven’t had a great deal to do with them as yet, and when I have I just follow Mfr’s instruction and not one has asked for an Mcb protection. now to do some research! what is the reasoning behind the MCB requirement?
  12. Murdoch

    My 1st SPD installation

    When I posted this I assumed I was the only one that didn’t know just goes to show
  13. Sidewinder

    My 1st SPD installation

  14. Sharpend

    My 1st SPD installation

    Really well I never, what is the logic behind that? Is this a whole install spd or a local circuit spd?
  15. Sidewinder

    My 1st SPD installation

    Some SPD will require a protective device, others will not. The only way to tell is to refer to the device oem.
  16. BorisJ

    Generic power lead

    The fuse is to protect the cable not the speakers. The speaker system will have its own internal protection system, because in most of the rest of Europe fused plugs are not used.i
  17. Sharpend

    My 1st SPD installation

    Don’t think a SPD is protected, it’s job is to protect?
  18. Badger

    My 1st SPD installation

    Wouldn't you just add it the circuit details as it will be protected by a circuit breaker with 16a type b anyway so it would. Have gone there wouldn't it I may be wrong probably am
  19. apprentice87


    I will just leave this here...
  20. Currently doing a rewire on a TT system so thought I should include a SPD So I was wondering how it is documented on the EIC? Its all contained within the CU ................ Excuse my ignorance but I'd like some input Thanks
  21. Murdoch

    Fire protection in communal stairwells

    3 phase lighting with the EM on a separate phase / circuit - sounds a bit made up if not As for the plastic CU - not even the Best Practice Guide notes this as a code any more Sounds like an EICR to generate work Why don't they ask you to do the EICR?
  22. I would ask said spark which reg no he thinks the flat isn't complying with ...... Then we can discuss
  23. This is the interesting bit, the small blocks of flats I'm looking at are purpose built, concrete stairwells with no side corridors 2 and 3 stories high. They already have smoke detectors and emergency lighting fitted, but a recent iEICR report has coded the smokes for not being interlinked ( I haven't been to check that yet) and has criticised the emergency lighting for not being on the same MCB as the lighting - never understood that as being a requirement? So i was looking into requirements for fire detection in such buildings when I found that LGO doc, which suggests nothing is needed at all. Said EICR has also failed the CUs for being plastic - they are mounted to solid concrete walls in understairs cupboard and have failed to catch fire in the last 14 years I've worked there on and off. Annoying site as they keep going off to other contractors then coming back to me.
  24. the general idea is smokes on the stairwells and heat detector in the entrance to each flat to prevent burning toast causing a panic,
  25. binky

    Hybrid Inverters, Off grid. ?

    Ask nicely and they will probably give you trade on the gear, one of my customers did this recently. Wind and Sun is the obvious place to go as they sell Solar PV and wind turbines, so hopefully can offer a complete package. I tend to fit PV only and the wholesalers I use don't do wind. WPD are quite happy for you to dig trenches and run cables - saves a lot! you can also use other companies these days that are approved for such works. You can get sneaky and install PV on your existing supply which may force them to upgrade the pole transformers in the right circumstances - something else one of my customers did. Pole transformers certainly aren't cheap, but then large lithium batteries can easily cost £6-10K. If you need a hand I'm only in Plymouth.
  26. I looked into BTL a few years ago, before the mortgage changes. WE worked out it would take about 5 years to recover the initial investment of making a pace tidy, solictors fees etc etc, and during that time you could have a lettuced tennant that ruins all your numbers. LOts of landlords re-mortgaged property to buy more property, and most are hoping house prices continue to rise. You can make the numbers stack up, but like all investments, it's not guranteed or as lucrative as people think.
  27. ElectricSpecs

    scope of EICR inside/outside flat

    Yes as you rightly say Murdoch its the lack of mortgage interest relief, which is a major factor given that this is the sinlge biggest cost for most lanlords. So yes in truth it is really taxed on a hybrid of profit/turnover but is much closer to the latter for most. Regards landlords driving up prices well yes to an extent but only because there is a demand for rental properties. The main culprit is sucessive governements for bot building enough housing...... Anyhow politics aside what is the best / firmest way to ask my electrician to carry out the works and give me an EICR pass without doing the surge protection in the sub main? Is there some clear guidance/legislation which says that EICR is limited to the installation within the flat itself and not common parts?
  28. Sharpend

    Multifunction Tester Recommendations

    If you y buy a new fluke they have an offer on at the moment, I have the 1664FC all singing all dancing. Does multiple tests in one push of a button. auto reads on Zs although not used for a while so can’t be 100%. heres link to offers. https://www.fluke.com/en-gb/where-to-buy/seasonal-promotions
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