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  2. Rob.

    Catch 22

    Exactly my point Tony, I know the mental pressure that's exerted on a person in these jobs. I wouldn't feel comfortable giving a job to someone who I knew had an underlying condition. For their well being and others. I don't feel this is discrimination, however maybe a court might disagree. I know my conscience certainly wouldn't be clean if something did happen. I've been on sites where fatalities have happened, thankfully I wasn't the one having to inform the deceased family.
  3. Tom Fire

    Old Fire Alarm

    Have a look how many detectors are on the zone/ radial as long as there’s less than 20 you should be able to add another. Then look at what detectors are being used, if it’s apollo you can add an Apollo S65 no prob.
  4. Yesterday
  5. Sharpend

    What's this about?

    Taxes erm?? How? Mileage? What if you charge your EV elsewhere?
  6. Blue Duck

    What's this about?

    Taxes? Once we've burnt all the dino juice everyone will have found £15-£100k down the back of the sofa for an electric car. So they have to recoup the losses from the lack of demmand for dead stegasaurus, perhaps this is a way of verifying mileages with the help of your smart meter?
  7. Sorry, I didn’t realise I needed to state lot 20 in my op....
  8. Maybe the op needs to dig deep and employ a spark ......I think I’ve read another chapter of this on another forum ......
  9. Sharpend

    What's this about?

    So reading the article by social integrator https://www.recc.org.uk/images/upload/news_240_Consumer-Guidance-on-EV-Home-Chargepoints-14.pdf I'm curious as to why an EV owner has to register the Home charge point with the DVLA? (it mentions that it must be done if you move home and take your charger with you?) Presumably it must get registered when originally installed? But why to the DVLA?
  10. Murdoch

    Security light wiring

    Some PIR lights, when switch on, come on and stay on for a while ....then go off
  11. louis robinson

    Security light wiring

    No diagram supplied but the info you've just given helps massively, I've been missing the live wire to the PIR/lamp connection. I'll sort tomorrow, THANKS!!
  12. Geoff1946

    Security light wiring

    Well, it's guesswork but the two red wires from the wall are PROBABLY a switched live via your inside switch to put the light on permanently, and a permanent live, to supply the PIR. You really need a means of testing to check which is which. In that case, the permanent live goes to the PIR sensor and the switched (over-ride on) supply to the connection between the PIR sensor output and the lamp. Regarding the fitting it should have a connection diagram supplied with it (?}. If it doesn't head back to Homebase and insist they get you one. We could guess at those connections too, but you definitely shouldn't have to.
  13. Andy™

    Interesting article in PE

    youre not missing much
  14. Blue Duck

    Security light wiring

    As it is sold in the UK I would expect a terminal with brown, green / yellow and blue wires connected to it. Any internal wiring may be different colours depending on the functionality. Perhaps you have gone in too deep? The wires from the wall may only be switched so it may only work when the switch is on.
  15. Old night stores are not LOT 20 compliant and you will find it hard to get them .Dimplex do the Quantum heater's that are. but you need a 24 hour supply plus the off peak supply .
  16. louis robinson

    Security light wiring

    Sorry, the brand is Lutec and it's from Homebase, its described as shrimp because of how it looks
  17. Blue Duck

    Security light wiring

    Where did you get the light from? Shrimp is not a brand I recognise.
  18. louis robinson

    Security light wiring

    Hi all, I've just purchased a Shrimp 22W twin led PIR security light...... which I'm having problems with. I need help with the wiring if possible, From the wall there are 2 red wires (assuming thats because theres another outside light which works off a switch indoors and possibly the sensor on the new light?) Green/Yellow and a Black wire. From the light there is a red, blue and a brown wire from the sensor and a black, red, blue and brown wire from a white box inside the light. Any ideas how to wire this up? I've tried various combinations but so far the light either stays on permanently or it comes on and stays on using the switch indoors. Thank You for any help.
  19. Tony S

    Catch 22

    It’s up the candidate to reveal mental issues. My first nervous breakdown was 20 years before I joined the R&D department at the foundry. As far as I was concerned it was in the past and not worth mentioning. I was ordered by the MD to do something I knew would be dangerous (I’d argued against it from the outset) so I did what I was told to do. About 2hrs later I put the original program back, the “bosses” time saving idea nearly killed four people. Following this I got a full veto on any program changes. You mentioned “lives in their hands”, yes I had lives in my hands and it’s a constant mental pressure and led to my 2nd breakdown.
  20. Evans Electric

    LED strip lighting powered by main lighting ring

    Well in that case you'll need to use the grid switch range . The goalposts keep moving on this one .
  21. Evans Electric

    One Handed Screwdriver Use

    Sorry Phl but I just had to laugh out loud ...but yes , easily done .
  22. Tony S

    Surge protection, SPDs and LiVE products

    @Sidewinder protection of industrial electronics is a different beast to most domestic situations. A house with an OH supply SPD’s are a good idea. I made and fitted my own version to my first house using both MOV’s and GDT’s. The OH phone line was the worse culprit for transient faults so I fitted GDT’s.
  23. Imagine homogenous light even in narrow spaces such as coves, under counter or shelf lighting. Choose between a wide selection of white tones that can be conveniently controlled via your mobile phone or tablet; and enjoy the perfect atmosphere in areas that deserve special attention. Go beyond the ordinary. Create your own perfectly matching system. Connect your perfect white LED module (all VALUE Flex LED strips come with assembled wires) to Osram's OPTOTRONIC BLE DIM dimmer effortlessly – with no extra complicated cabling or gateway and see the range of possibilities that Osram's Casambi-based system offers. Switch on/off lights via Bluetooth, create groups of scenes and sequences, tune your whites or even RGB and RGBW colours, take a photo and use it as an app button to easily identify the lighting, store all your data in the cloud and update them quickly. Moreover your network access can be restricted to various profiles with different user and access rights, for user searches as well as administrators. VALUE Flex available in standard and waterproof IP66 versions. consistent white light (4 SCDM). strongly protected against Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) damage. particularly fast installation also in humidity environments. a complete range of Flexessories (dedicated accessories for Flex LED strips) for best flexibility is available. OPTOTRONIC BLE DIM Housing with cable clamp. Wireless mesh network consisting of up to 127 devices. 2 dry contacts for commercial push button or sensor. Intuitive control and set up via mobile app. Multi-user connections. Autonomous system and in constant synchronization with the cloud. Solid and reliable data exchange. Application areas entertainment areas, restaurants, hotel rooms or retail areas. Explore even more advantages of the VALUE Flex product family: OSRAM product catalog: VALUE Flex OSRAM product catalog: VALUE Flex Protect For more extensive information contact our support team for project planning, implementation and accessories: flex-support@osram.com Suitable drivers are available here: OSRAM product catalog: ELEMENT OSRAM product catalog: Constant Voltage – Dimmable OSRAM product catalog: CV Power supplies 24 V Brand: Osram Topic: Lighting Luminaires & Fittings Lamps and Light Sources Thumbnail image: Teaser: Improve the quality of your daily life with our perfect whites controlled via mobile app. Type: Manufacturer News Main image(s): Date of publication: 13/02/2019 Target group: Voltimum View the full article
  24. /sites/www.voltimum.co.uk/files/pdflibrary/binhai_library_-_tianjin_china_0.pdf Teaser text: Futuristic architecture thanks to OSRAM VALUE Flex LED strips and LED luminaires. PDF to HTML: a:2:{i:0;s:1371:"www.osram.com/ds1Kilometer long LED strip lights give the atrium of the new Tianjin Binhailibrary a futuristic lookCaseStudy / Binhailibrary –Tianjin, ChinaDetailsCategory: Museums & EducationSubcategory: Luminousceiling/decorativebacklightingLocation: Tianjin Binhai, China Technology/Services: Light engines and LED modules Year: 2018BinhaiNew District is an innovation zone within the city of Tianjin and part of a major prestige project funded by the Chinese government. This is the setting for the new library which combines various earlier libraries under one roof. In keeping with the political status of the new zone, the library building was accorded prestige futuristic architecture with great expressive power. Visitors step into a stunning bright white atrium. A huge sphere in the middle of the atrium symbolizes the eyeball of the BinhaiNew District. The curved walls accommodate the seemingly never-ending terrace-like bookshelves. The very top bookshelves, inaccessible to visitors, are filled with dummy books and extend right into the ceiling relief, supporting the Chinese proverb “书山有路勤为径, 学海无涯苦作舟”which means there is no short cut in learning; diligence is the path to the mountain of knowledge and hard work is the boat to the endless sea of learning.Copyright: © VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2018, © Ossipvan Duivenbode";i:1;s:1958:"www.osram.com/ds2LEDCOMFO –energy efficient and durableThe other rooms in the library feature the extremely reliable LEDCOMFO luminaires from OSRAM Lighting Solutions –the first choice not least because of their high energy efficiency and their very long life. Around 700 LEDCOMFO downlights illuminate corridors, WCs and washrooms. In the reading areas 600 LEDCOMFO batten luminaires provide the ideal lighting for the printed word. And in the stockroom 700 extra-low-profile LEDCOMFO panels create good working conditions.The right solution whatever the applicationWith its extensive portfolio of LED luminaires and modules, OSRAM can offer the ideal solution whatever the requirements: from high-class flexible LED strip lights that can follow any outline to efficient high-quality lighting for service rooms.VALUE Flex –for contours of lightVALUE Flex LED strip lights enhance the organic lines of the atrium. With a total length of almost 7 km, they trace every shelf and every curve in natural white light (4,000 K), neatly defining the unique contours of the atrium. Despite the complex structure of the space, the VALUE Flex LED strips were easy to install thanks to their practical connectors and the fact they could be trimmed to length, which made them highly versatile. The high-quality single-bin LEDs in the VALUE Flex modules exhibit minimal color deviation so they produce a consistent faultless lighting effect. And not least, the strips also offer impressive energy efficiency. Second generation VALUE Flex was installed in the Binhailibrary and now the third generation is on the market with even better color consistency thanks to the constant-current IC solution.UsedProductsVALUE FlexLED LEDCOMFO SPOT LIGHT G2LEDCOMFO BATTEN G4LEDCOMFO PANELProject PartnerPhotographer: © Ossipvan DuivenbodeCostumer: © VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2018Architects: MVRDV Rotterdam-Shanghai in cooperation with the local architecture firm TUPDI, Tianjin";} Is PDF to HTML Checked: 0 Brand: Osram Update date: 21/02/2019 Number of thumbnail page: 1 PDF Library: Case studies Pages counter: 0 Page to display after flipbook opening: 2 PDF Topic: Lighting Internal Applications Year: 2019 Year: 2019 Target group: Voltimum Show body: PDF Thumbnail: View the full article
  25. The Scottish Government has announced that the threshold for using project bank accounts (PBAs) has reduced to £2 million (from £4.1 million). Since 31 October 2016 PBAs have been mandated for use by Scottish Government bodies. As from 19 March 2019 public bodies must include a PBA in tender documents for public works contracts with an estimated value or more than or equal to £2 million (£5 million for civil engineering projects). The Scottish Government has been praised for this action by the Specialist Engineering Contractors’ (SEC) Group Scotland. Speaking on behalf of the Group its National Executive Officer Alan Wilson said that he was delighted with the announcement: “We have been pressing Scottish Government for some time to reduce the threshold to £2 million. Clearly Scottish Government has been listening and industry SMEs will be the prime beneficiaries of this lowering of the threshold.” Scottish public bodies responsible for a total of £1bn of projects have either: used a PBA(s). included a PBA in their ITTs. indicated their intent to use a PBA. The Scottish Government is also stepping up its efforts to encourage all bodies involved in public sector procurement to implement PBAs. Brand: Voltimum Thumbnail image: Teaser: As from 19 March 2019 public bodies must include a PBA in tender documents for public works contracts with an estimated value or more than or equal to £2 million. Type: Industry News Date of publication: 20/02/2019 Target group: Voltimum View the full article
  26. Brady Corporation's new Rotating Label enables users to easily rotate a cable label to make its print legible from any angle to increase troubleshooting speed and efficiency. Faster troubleshooting Brady's new B-427 self-laminating Rotating Label version can increase the speed of cable identification because its print can be read from any angle. The label can be rotated around a cable thanks to a non-adhesive printable zone and a translucent, self-adhesive laminate that is wrapped around a cable. Increasing the speed of cable identification can be of major importance for troubleshooting and helps to avoid time loss or human errors like unplugging the wrong cable. Reliable and printable on-site The new Rotating Label is part of Brady’s reliable, industrial grade labels for cables and components that stay attached and remain legible long after they are applied. They can easily be designed with Brady Workstation apps to include any text, serial number, barcode, QR code or other data before printing on a Brady printer. Compatible printers include the BBP12, BBP33, BradyPrinter i5100, BradyPrinter i7100, BradyPrinter M611, BMP61 and BMP71. Complete support In addition to reliable labels, label design apps and printers, Brady can provide custom identification solutions through a consultative on-site approach. Brady identification solutions are always available locally through a vast and global distributor network. Once solutions are in place, customer and technical services are available to answer any questions. See the label in action and request a free sample! Brand: Brady Topic: Testing Tools and Equipment Electrical Test Equipment Thumbnail image: Teaser: Being able to identify cables quickly can be of major importance in data centres and other industrial settings. Type: Manufacturer News Main image(s): Date of publication: 20/02/2019 Target group: Voltimum View the full article
  27. Murdoch

    The girl from ISIS

    So it's been disclosed that her Isis fighter husband is Dutch ..... EU entry now guaranteed
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