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  2. Light won’t turn off

    It was probably wired as a permanent supply as you originally specified a slight with a sensor. So it is no surprise that the light is on all the time as you have fitted one without a sensor. You need an additional switch. I am guessing the existing switch is 1 or 2 gang? You probably need to change the switch to one with one more gang, and rewire it. It should not take long hopefully and won't cost much.
  3. Light won’t turn off

    before I paid top £ for a 2 minute cable move. You know the old story.. "Two thousand pounds and all you did was hit it with a hammer!" " Yes sir , but it was knowing where to hit it".
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  5. Light won’t turn off

    I am in Leeds. I plan to call a sparky but just trying to rule out anything potentially obvious before I paid top £ for a 2 minute cable move. The light we we bought in the end does not have a disk till dawn sensor.
  6. Auto electronics

    I can only guess that the charger is lacking in any radio interference filtering . I presume it is very close to your radio ? Is it a cheapo jobby from the market ?
  7. Spaghetti Junction as was.

    Befores & afters fascinate me , I see those two bay windows have been extended to roof level . And in the top one I remember being able to park a bike at the curb like that & it was still there when you came back .
  8. Auto electronics

    Does anyone know why when I plug a charger into my cigarette lighter socket I can not listen to am because of interference and how can I sort it cheers
  9. Light won’t turn off

    Almost impossible to advise from the description ....... where are you Maybe find a spark locally?
  10. Light won’t turn off

    i was hoping for a big bang to go with the tripping 'fuse'
  11. Light won’t turn off

    Praise the Lord and rejoice in the invention of the RCD. As it's on a dusk til dawn sensor I ASSUME it's on a permanent feed rather than a switched feed.
  12. Light won’t turn off

    Umm, no. Don't do that. You have assumed a lot of things, mostly incorrectly.
  13. Light won’t turn off

    Hi looking for for any help you could offer I had my house rewired several years ago, we could never decide on an outside light for the front door other than it had to be dusk/dawn, because of that it was left disconnected until recently where we just decided to buy a light. I found that this light is part of the outside light fuse, this comprises of my garage lights ( switch at both entrance points to the garage) a rear outside led light I installed myself and this front door light. Up until connecting the outside light all in the garage worked as designed. When i installed the light, the light switch for the new light was in the off position, I cut the cable to trim and found I had tripped the fuse. I left the fuse off until it was fully installed, turned the fuse back on and the outside front door light was on, and wouldn’t switch off!!! The garage lights still work as before. If I turn the fuse off I can now turn this front door light on and off, the lights in the garage are now off as expected. the light switch for the front door is a shared switch with a hall and upstairs. I assume it’s pulling it’s power from one of thise circuits. Appreciate any help you can offer. Simon
  14. Spaghetti Junction as was.

    My local high st then and now
  15. Spaghetti Junction as was.

    And theres the Birmingham Bull Ring as I remember as a kid ...then the same place today .
  16. Spaghetti Junction as was.

    I just spotted this , just amazing how things move on . This crossroads with it's trolley bus wires is the site of Spaghetti Junction ( Proper name ...The Gravelly Hill Interchange) in 1931
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  18. Revenge on dog owners?

    Where I lived once, a regular walker let their god carp anywhere it wanted and never cleared it up. Often on my neighbours font lawn. One day the lady came by with the dog, also pulling her shopping trolley. The dog did it's business on the neghours lawn. The neighbour got a shovel, scoped it up, caught up with the lady and said to her "excuse me, I believe this is yours" as he tipped the dog's mess into her shopping trolley. I believe that solved the issue and the dog mess was never left om his lawn again.
  19. Late to this discussion. So you have checked the heaters themselves so they re okay. R1, R2 and Rn on the circuit is okay so no wiring fault The bit that baffles me is "the light on the switch comes on when the E7 is on, so the time switch is also okay. So one of those tests must be wrong, otherwise it would work? The only other thing is send the spark round very late ant night or very early in the morning when the E7 is on to trace it through properly.
  20. EN 13849 course

    Seems to happening a lot round here....
  21. EN 13849 course

    Reports of my demise had been greatly exagerated
  22. Can we afford them I ask ?

    How can you tell ?
  23. Can we afford them I ask ?

    "The House of Lords is the second chamber of the UK Parliament. It is independent from, and complements the work of, the elected House of Commons. The Lords shares the task of making and shaping laws and checking and challenging the work of the government." The problem I have with the HOL, is that once you are a member, you only cease to to be a member when you die! Compulsory retirement at some point would be a good idea. As John Prescott said when he was an MP - "me in the house of Lords - over my dead body" - unfortunately he's in there and very much alive
  24. Can we afford them I ask ?

    Can we afford any of it, the billions these fools have wasted over the years, all in their our name sake?
  25. Can we afford them I ask ?

    Who you may ask ......the House of Lords I say . The un-elected government body consisting of Lords who earn £300 a day just for showing up and last year were paid £21.8 million in expenses. If anyone knows what they actually do please put your hand up . Are we just supporting an establishment super club ?
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  27. EN 13849 course

    I shall watch it over a beer when i get home tomorrow
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