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  2. Tell it like it is Doc. I’ve got to admit this thread has been one of the more convoluted than the usual “my electrician” cons.
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  4. This is the first Double Decker I have done, with the new LiVE Metal Box. The 10mm links from top to bottom DIN rails don't look too neat, but I already have an idea for a better arrangement .
  5. I knew a lad that hit a 132Kv cable with a spade once, he was very lucky, he'd caught it a glancing blow and it started to "bleed", fortunately he wrapped Denso tape around it to stop it and rang the networks people. It was right outside a filling station and caused chaos, they closed the road and evacuated the filling station, as there could have been a nasty explosion. It turned out that the digging prints he'd been given had been copied the wrong way around, mirror image, and the pipe they were looking for was actually on the other side of the road, they'd used a CAT but for some reason it, hadn't picked it up. they'd dug the hole and not found the pipe, so they were squaring it off by hand thinking it may have been on the edge of the excavation when they hit the cable, it was one of the main feeders into town and they ended up replacing a long length of it, I can't remember the cost but it was into many many thousands of pounds, something to do with the oil that had bled out of the cable, apparently under little or no load it's normally a thick grease but when it gets warm it melts and helps cool the cable.
  6. I get to hear a lot of stories from groundworkers about cables they've hit in the past. Every now and again someone will tell me that they've "hit one, and it went bang and we thought it was dead but then it went again and again" and what they've hit is a HV cable on a bit of network that's got auto reclose on it. Luckily they have had the sense not to get in the hole to have a closer look at the damage.
  7. Mum's a Catholic, Dad's a Protestant. Mum was disowned by her family when she went back to Limerick and told them she was getting married in the 50's. Took 20+ years for the wounds to heal. Somehow my brother managed to visit Limerick in the 70's when not long out of the British Army and come back unscathed. I reckon they only welcomed him and looked after him for fear Mum would stop sending the bloody great care packages she used to send! I spent my childhood being dragged round jumble sales with her saying "Try this on, you're the same size as John!" Or "That'll fit Dolores/Bernie/Theresa....". Left me and my brother to make up our own minds on religion. (I still haven't). The Gurkhas I work with have it right I reckon, celebrate everything from Divali to Guy Fawkes as long as they can make an excuse for a beer and barbie.
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  9. A massive difference I think though Deke, the Irish, like a lot of immigrants, assimilated, they kept their own ways, but also blended into the English way of life, Unlike some immigrants that want to live in their own areas, and mix with no one that is not of their ilk, and not 'inter' marriage, or any of the other things that makes UK a mixing pot, Look at the Sikhs, Hindus, Barbadians, Gurkha's, and all the others of different backgrounds that have happily made the UK home. I've deliberately left out Aussies, kiwis etc,
  10. Just returning to bombing innocent people , If I remember correctly , among the many injured and the dead of the B,ham Pub Bombs were a quite high percentage of folk of Irish extraction . Which would figure really , this being Birmingham . It achieved a surge of hatred against the Irish in the City which was very short lived seeing as we had lived & worked together for many years ...common sense prevailed.
  11. When my cousin got married a couple of years ago he had to attend some stuff for (iirc) 13 weeks prior, so he was allowed to be married in RC church, but I don't think he had to actually change or promise the kids would be anything in particular. FWIW , my wife's dad is RC, but she never practised, (I don't think he did either, he certainly doesn't now) , It is a much less 'thing' in England, than it is in countryside NI , It was really funny when we (my wife actually) wanted to get our first born christened, CoE, they came out to see us , 3 of them, (as neither of us are church goers) , and the lady said, we cater for everyone, Methodists, CoE, etc etc, when I said I was Presbyterian, she gently shook her head in dismay, Its was interesting as one of the godparents was also one, so they kinda ran out of people to give candles to, some people had candles in both hands, My missus was a bit mortified, but that's how it goes, The wedding only got better,
  12. The suspicions arise due to anomalies and inconstancies between some of your earlier posts. Plus the fact that the forum has been going for quite a long time now, (e.g. our member Binky who has just posted has been a member since 2008), and over that time we have seen numerous threads start off about some work involving a "third party electrician" who eventually turned out to be fictional person and the work was really done by a mate/builder/DIY/relative "who knows about electrics" allegedly. No one is trying to take any digs at you, they are just trying to unearth as many clues as possible so that a more accurate answer/solution to your predicament can be offered. The old phrase 'a picture speaks a thousand words' is very often true on internet advice forums. Sometime people are describing what they think they have wrong. Which can completely reverse the guidance for the best solution. Doc H.
  13. Someone once said ...." If there was no God man would have invented one" You have to think twice about that statement . There are many of them , the Hindus have cornered the market, there loads nof them , Brahma, Vishnu & Shiva to name three . The best I heard was the discovery of a tribe on a remote island near Borneo, their God , they said , was in the sky & flew over every day ....not the Sun , not the Moon .... turned out to be an aircraft making a regular trip between somewhere and Australia .
  14. pictures of the outside will help (showing breakers). Pictures on the incoming supply will also help. Pictures of the buildings will also help. You'll be surprised how much info we can glean from a few pictures james
  15. But I can't take the consumer unit apart to show you wiring. I just really don't understand how some of you think I'm making this up lol. I'd have absolutely nothing to gain!
  16. Its all changed over here now, my daughter(Irish catholic) got married last year to a nice English man (C of E ) all in the RC church right up the front, he did not have to promise to do anything but, Love and honour, the PP just want them to stay together and not to let religion get in the way, better together been different religion's than split up then same one. back home it's still hard to have mixed a Marriage ,in the big city's they can get lost if they want ,but so easy in the country, everybody want's to know your business
  17. I’ve taken my dally dose of tranquilisers
  18. My fathwr was Scots/Irish catholic ,.My Mam was Scots/Northumbrian Cof E. I was also brought up catholic , I still have faith , but I am not affiliated to anyone now . I remember being hugely impressed by Billy Graham In the late sixties . I went to see him at the City Hall in Newcastle . That man could stir you.. I tried to give you a scoob , but I am out of them lol.
  19. calm down . James we can give much better advice with a few pictures, your choice.
  20. Mums side of the family is Liverpool Irish originally from Cork area I believe, Dad is protestant, Manchester area. I was raised Catholic, and couldn't give a flying firk for religion, but I've always liked the Methodists. Oddly enough my wifes great grandad was a Methodist minister in Plymouth, The world is small place whihj is why I don't like the politics of hate from any side.
  21. Lol, my parents wedding was in the forties, mine was in 74, I think they have mellowed since then lol. I photographed a few of them too , even if the bride and groom are the same faith they still go on longer than most other faiths. Don't blame you for going for a drink , up here we were always invited to the reception, not just for the cutting of the cake either .
  22. I hate to tell you this, I’ve photographed a fair number of catholic/protestant weddings here in the UK. All that is included in the service is that the congregation prays that either the bride or groom adopts the faith. The last catholic/protestant wedding I photographed the service lasted 3½ hours, I nipped out to the local pub several times. BTW I’m a Methodist (read in to that what you will.)
  23. might not be much to you, but in the same way as you can probably tell a lot more about a server by looking at a pic of it then we could, we can tell a lot by a photo of wiring than you can. but hey, dont bother. its not as if were all here giving free advice and you cant even be bothered to help with providing some useful info...
  24. No I'm away at the moment got in late last night didn't get a chance. Just becaus someone isn't online 24/7 doesn't mean anything. i won't be back until sat morning. even still I don't see how a picture of a consumer unit confirms anything! I have never opened a consumer unit in my life, and never intend to. And there is no reason for me to lie on here it's not like I'm asking you guys to fix it for me. I've got what I came here for. Basically just confirmation my suspicions were correct. im gonna make sure everything is done and watch the guy and tell him everything this time and get a couple in for quotes.
  25. maybe he will do the work for free too?
  26. If you want free advice I would suggest you consult the “guy in the pub.”
  27. Bloody hell,! Just how good would xubuntu be on an i5 with 8G and an SSD,!!!? You'd have to chain it down,,,, I have Ubuntu on my lads PC, an i3 with 8G and normal 1TB HDD and it is blisteringly fast,
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