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  2. FACT, since the tory idiots have been in power, despite all their pidgeon-poop, they have DOUBLED the national debt. They have spent more money that they never had than labour ever have... Now, if you think that is not true, you show me figures to prove otherwise... You cannot, end of... john...
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  4. How many times can labour spend the same money, they are making a lot of promises and expect to spend the money they raise many times over
  5. I saw a woman multi tasking on the motorway one day skirt over the top of her stockings fiddling with something between her legs, she was driving at 50mph in lane 2 at the time not sure whether she was coming or going somewhere Another day on the motorway traffic was a bit heavy and a car came alongside in lane 2 it was unusual as it was a left hand drive more unusual was the head in the drivers lap bobbing up and down yes the male driver was getting a BJ so he was obviously multi tasking, I must admit there are days when that sort of stress relief would help
  6. Thanks for that BD,I just wanted to make sure I was not falling foul of any authorities.
  7. DIY is not ilegal, the extent to what counts as DIY is only governed by what's available in the sheds, basically everything! The only problem is when you come to selling and legal bods will waste hours over it, sending letters back and fourth until the end of time because it's not been notified to the LABC. new circuits are notifiable and must comply with current regulation (17.3). If you are not selling and you have the correct equipment to test the circuit, I don't see why not?? it's not as if the part P police are coming!
  8. Sometimes I want to go to Afghanistan, things at home can be so tough sometimes I wonder how hard can it be? I wonder what happened to @Bacon ??
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  10. Driving down the motorway one day in my Landrover, radio on listening to traffic reports and talking to the wife while she gazes out of the window at the fields beyond the hard shoulder, we're in lane 2 doing about 60 mph. I pull into lane 1, switch on my beacons and pull onto the hardshoulder, "have we broken down?" asks the wife, I put on my HiViz and walk 50 yards back up the HS and retrieve a very expensive light unit from the grass. I climb back into my motor placing it on the back seat, and with that we drive away, "how did you know that was there?" she asked, "easy I saw it back there as we were driving along" I replied, now that's multi tasking. lol
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  12. Pink Minx can do the washing up, clean the kitchen, etc, while at the same time giving me earache. I on the other hand can only cook and make a mess in the kitchen in sequential order.
  13. It's a slang term, also spelt as CULCHIE, meaning an uncouth person or country bumpkin. and before you ask, a jackeen is a person from Dublin
  14. OK, I’m now officially confused, what or who is a culshie?
  15. I'm a culshie, and proud
  16. better a culshie than a jackeen
  17. MAAAAAA,!!!!!!!! Themuns is calling me,!!!!!!
  18. She was obviously a culshie
  19. Is that Theresa May' s next budget slogan? Young Irish girl I worked with kept saying this. none of the other Irish guys I was working with at the time had ever heard the saying, We all thought she was a bit mad.
  20. Yep I suppose you can do that if you want . Speaking for myself I do as little beggering about with paperwork as I can, so as I say ......Cert to the bloke who ordered the work ..tick a few boxes online and thats it ....Phart Pee satisfied.
  21. Edited that for you... as for ordered the work .... make sure a copy of the certificate is given to the homeowner...
  22. Champagne ideas on fish and chip money.
  23. So as a family we are sat round the dining table having a chat over tea, all done eating Mrs 107 says "you can clear the table & put the dishes in the dishwasher", our son fell back on the "but us blokes according to you females can't multitask so I will put them on the side somebody else can fill the washer" At this point our eldest daughter (17) who has just completed a residential works experience with the army forgets the mum filter & pipes up with "courgette off you blokes sleep and fart at the same time... fill the dishwasher" Only a week with them and the language is site standard already.
  24. Yes once you are a scheme member you can sign off your own work . You register on the ELECSA website , you will have a membership number , when you've completed a notifiable job , say a rewire , you do all your tests etc , make out a Domestic Installation Certificate Top copy you give to whoever ordered the work ( Householder , builder, Landlord etc) . Then go online , enter the ELECSA site, select " Notify new work " or whatever it says ...fill it in , not much to do , Post code of job , tick a few boxes , ELECSA then notify Local Building Control and thats it ! Your name is now on the job !! If anyone adds any wiring to whatever you're doing , put it on the certificate , what happens after you've gone is not your concern. Read your welcome pack & make sure you cover all the bases or it just delay your entry , they've had your cheque now so you're halfway there. Have all your paperwork out ready , Insurance , test meter calibrations , Electricity at Work Regs 1989 etc etc . They ask a few questions, basically to see if you have an understanding of the trade in general , so he might ask what you think of the metal CU's perhaps . If building inspector wants a paper copy of the cert he can ask the client to photocopy your original ...all that is their problem , all you do is issue a certificate and notify ELECSA. Again as Murdo said , don't worry about fans , in my opinion we are electricians NOT the Ventilation Police , if the customer doesn't want to pay for a fan you're not fitting one for free, its not your problem . As said , Smoke Alarms ...we are advised to fit them as part of a major electrical job ....Building Control will insist on them as & where they deem it required , Loft conversions with sleeping accommodation etc but all that comes under Fire Doors , Fire rated ceilings etc etc .. not our business to go around insisting on Smoke Alarms etc .... . If you're unsure of anything just post it , theres some good guys here who will help you out .
  25. There is nothing to stop YOU issuing MWC is there? I don't think that is what you are asking about though.
  26. Yes steptoe spot on. I worked in industry for 40 years the last 15 of those as company electrical manager. Part "P" was just coming in when I retired so never had the need to get registered. I don't have any problem with doing the job its just the certification, and what I need to do to keep on the straight and narrows. I did have an electrician round to let me have a quote but not heard back yet.
  27. The two posts that resurrected this thread have been removed (offensive) so it’s not easy to follow what’s going on.
  28. Is it ok to dig up posts that are 5+ years old? just saying asking
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