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  2. This would be a better location!
  3. When I say, "shaver", I think that it was a toothbrush charger. Well, here is a picture of the offending article. Why would anyone use a borrowed neutral in a regular lighting circuit? i guess that I can disconnect it and see what happens to the lights. I am guessing that they will go out?
  4. They can’t be short of a bob or two, I’ve just looked at the rents in the metal box factory.
  5. UKPN are on the case
  6. I was just reading a fact sheet from this organisation, and noticed their address is Unit 331, Metal Box Factory 30 Great Guildford Street London SE1 0HS
  7. Didn't Top Gear come up with the perfect self charging electric car a while back,?
  8. Well the answer is put a charging device within the vehicle when it's being driven, something like an......................engine!!!
  9. We all know how difficult it can be getting a parking space at certain times or in busy locations, what chance would you stand getting a charging point in hurry in such a place? and what about all those people with no off road parking? Electric cars at the moment are still just a feel good play thing for the more well off. Doc H.
  10. If you think if it really catches on the amount of cars that need will charging away from the home with their limited range the charging points in towns and cities will be as numerous as parking meters . Our local hospital have put in around six It is the same cars using them every time , so not much chance for the visitors to get a charging point. It is a flawed concept the way our infastructure is just now.
  11. The other week a friend said he was buying an electric car, apparently it will charge in about an hour, that's going to be pulling some current, I thought. Anyway I started to think about how the DNO calculate their loading when planning supplies, for a normal house they work on around 4KW load, this is based on a massive chunk of diversity on the network, lets be honest, not everyone is going to shower at the same time, not everyone is going to use their electric cooker at the same time. However the network has become strained with an increase in things like induction hobs and people having more than one electric shower in their homes, as many people are now having en suite bathrooms. I could see this becoming a real issue, people coming home from work and putting their car on charge before they settle down for the evening. Sure enough a couple of days later there's an article on the news from the networks people saying that the increased use of electric vehicles is having an effect already, and that it cannot carry on as it is going, if the number of vehicles increase. Quite simply the network will not cope! they were saying that manufacturers will have to put a load sensing device in the chargers, to limit the number of chargers operating at one time.Personally I can't see this being a practical option, it will be far too complex, what I can see happening is something like the Economy 7 system, certain areas will have their charging points energised between certain hours, thereby limiting the load, naturally this will I predict incur a higher charge for the electricity, remember many years ago, electricity was charged at different tariffs, depending on what you used it for. Another thing that may happen is the DNO could prohibit the connection of electric vehicle charging points when there are a large number in an area, this would also limit the load, however imagine the consequences of that happening.When you buy a property there are many things that affect it's price, local amenities, potential developments in the area, even the fact a home has a septic tank can put people off buying what is otherwise their perfect home,imagine then if you will, what would happen if it was written somewhere that you were not permitted to connect an EV charging point, what kind of effect would that have on a property price?
  12. well, maybe not so much that bit, but the rest.
  13. WHAT! short tempered and grumpy, you Andy? Well I'd never have thought that, I always thought you were a calm placid, tolerant bloke, Just like Tony.
  14. Induced voltages can have an adverse effect on many things, as you say, lamps being one of them, there is actually a diagram in the OSG for a way to wire 2 way lighting so as to eliminate the effect on induction loops for the hard of hearing, caused by induced voltages. Induced's are having to be taken more and more seriously as technology changes, the same with harmonics, once they were regarded as almost a curiosity, now they have become a real problem.As you say Doc, they're a bit more than a complex theory.
  15. i think that describes most of us
  16. Dear Sir. This is to introduce, Phil, he has worked for us for a number of years and we have always found him to be prompt and punctual he carries out his work to a very good standard, and is very knowledgeable. He is able to turn his hand to most things and can be a real asset. However he's inclined to be short tempered with fools, hates Mondays, and can be quite grumpy, if he starts to growl then leave him alone, best suited to being given a task and left to get on with it, works better without supervision. Now that's an introduction, ok I'll be truthful, it's basically what one of my old bosses wrote about me in a review, I must admit I had to admire his honesty.
  17. Mcb

    I think we all did,who'd have thought that lying on damp grass would cause so many people to have bad backs and knees? I'm surprised the government haven't banned it lol
  18. its to be expected form Mr. Grumpy
  19. Mcb

    You did everything years ago!
  20. Yesterday
  21. Welcome to the forum, when I first glanced at the title of this thread I though it said "I hate wiring instructions". I was expecting a moan about connecting up an appliance that a customer had bought cheap off E-bay from China. Doc H
  22. Thank you for the reply never the less.
  23. Induced voltages are not a complex theory, they are basic electrical principals and they can cause various low energy lamps to glow whilst turned off. Including CFL, (compact fluorescent lamps), not just LED's. Reflected light may be a cause in a minority of cases but the majority that I have seen are induced voltages, that have been cured with either snubber's or altering the wiring orientation. If it were reflected light neither snubber nor wiring alterations would work. Doc H.
  24. Mcb

    You certainly do Sprock...I did that joke years ago .
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