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  2. Here's an example https://uk.rs-online.com/web/p/rcbos/2027050/
  3. Hi all, My house is almost 27 years old. It's my grandfather's home. There are many plumbing issues here. I think it is time to do a renovation. So we finally decided to renovate our entire bathroom plumbing works. Does anyone know about any plumbing services in Burlington? My friend suggested 1stRooter plumbing. Have you heard of them before? Please comment below.
  4. Yesterday

    2 gang 2 lights problem.

    Have you trapped or pierced the insulation on one of the wire while screwing the the switch back onto the wall box? as that would put a dead short between Live & Earth which would trip the power. But that is unlikely to trip anything at the CU, unless there are two different circuits off different RCD's that you are bridging.
  6. I believe they are although I think I remember reading somewhere that the mfrs were producing a combined AFDD with MCB/RCBO ??
  7. AFDD’s, are they an up front device that will trip everything, just like RCDs did when they were fitted up front? Genuinely interested, never fitted one before.
  8. Great info as always, Sidey, stay strong my friend.
  9. An AFDD is designed to trip at the last possible moment to minimise nuisance trips. It constantly analyses the current and voltage waveforms to identify arcing and if this is identified it will trip. The way this is done involves high speed signal processing, FFT's and look up tables. The arc has to be sustained and repeated. The exact way each device operates is down to the OEM, they just need to perform in accordance with the standard. In the event of a L>E arc, it is likely that the RCD would trip first. In the event of a L>N arc the AFDD should detect this before the MCB. In the event of a L>L arc or a N>N arc the it is only the AFDD that will detect this. L>L or N>N are series arcs in the same conductor caused by damage. This is typically in flexes such as abused extension leads, etc. I don’t have the product standard printed out here to quote from in hospital. You need a copy of BS EN 62606, £350 from BSI for the perfrmance requirements.
  10. Sharpend

    Van Recommendation.

    If you were to have a CPC arrangement then you’ll need to check mileage allowance or additional ppm charge, either way it will increase what you pay. A loan is usually better on APR rate but then if over five years for example will you be needing to replace before or after the term of Loan? high mileage vehicle well looked after is no worries at all, my last van I sold on at 205000 miles and it is still going to day and that was 2017. If you know your way around a vehicle and can keep maintenance costs down by doing yourself then that’s the bonus. personally I’d be asking why the company I work for isn’t providing a van? What sort of mileage are you doing for them?
  11. Murdoch

    Upload a photo

    or send a photo from your iPhone to your email and your email will give you options for resizing the image .....
  12. Fly Moose

    Upload a photo

    You can use a great paint package to shrink your photo. Its called - Paint.net (and its free to use) Press on image drop down menu - then use the resize then select a suitable page size. Top of the info page gives you KB or MB in size Good luck
  13. so whats the actual specification of how they operate? i.e a fuse / MCB will operate at x seconds at x current, an RCD is to operate in x ms at x current... AFDD 'it may or may not trip if it detects an arc of a very specific type, whilst exactly 7.12a is flowing through a radial, not a ring, and it must be on the 2nd tuesday of the month'
  14. Take another picture of the wiring you have done. Make sure the same cable is on the left or right. Silly, but does happen.
  15. Fly Moose

    Van Recommendation.

    The Budget would be in the region of 6500+Vat or about 130-145 a month.
  16. What trips? MCB or RCD? Have you done ANYTHING else other than change this light switch? and I do mean ANYTHING.
  17. Geoff1946

    Van Recommendation.

    My son has had two Vitos through the last ten years. Both were bought high mileage and proved reliable. The first died of a failed clutch which wasn't worth repair but the body hadn't rusted away. There is also a Sprinter in the family bought high mileage and converted to a motorhome, must be 20 years old now but totally reliable though it's had a few bits of welding. I've driven them all and they were nice to drive. If I wanted a van I would definitely look for a Merc.
  18. binky

    2 X 600W

    No reason why not. MCS registration was only ever required to claim the FiT. However, you will need to notify your DNO you have a solar system, your inverter must be 'grid tied'. You will need to send the DNO a schemeatic diagram, and you might as well put a few more panels on the roof to get something worth having. Pables can be bought for as little as £90 or less if you by second hand.
  19. so what trips first, an AFDD or 30mA RCD?
  20. Murdoch

    Van Recommendation.

    Budget ? the loan will depend on the lowest APR you are offered
  21. Fly Moose

    Van Recommendation.

    The problem I am having is what year is best before you should question the Van from dropping to bits. I understand a 100,000 miles on a van say, 2 years old just means its travelled the country. Are these Still worth looking at and has anybody had any reason to avoid.? The size of van I am looking at is maybe in the region of a Partner Pro van, Ford Connect, Citroen Belingo Enterprise. Looking for good MPG in a van. Is there any other problems you could maybe advise on or guide me to best price online Van sales? I may be asking a lot here as it is sometimes hit and miss, but any help is most welcome. I wont or don't think I can get vat back as I'm an employee to a company and only claim my Petrol back via self assessment. Last question to add to this is it best for a loan via a bank or using their sales finance?
  22. I rest my case your honour my decision not to install AFDDs is justified
  23. Hi I have just tried this method. But it appears one of the switches trip when turned on but the other works fine. I tried switching it to L2 and it's fine while on but trips when it's turned off
  24. It is current dependent, it depends on how much current is flowing.
  25. so even more reason for manufacturers to produce sub standard kits ... so low current devices like fridges probably won’t activate a AFDD
  26. You have two cables there. Each cable has a red and a black (sleeved brown) core. One cable for one switch the other cable for the other switch. Red to COM black to L1 on each switch.
  27. Yes it will, if the current is adequate.
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