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  2. Best prepayment meter option?

    I had this problem with a house my cousin owned , two flats , up & down. He would have had to purchase a load of swipe cards , then sell them to the tenants as & when ....he didn't want that . The only cards the tenant can buy at local shops are the ones that work for the major utilities . I ended up with some half decent cash meters which I shall now try to find details of ....watch this space. Edit : I cannot find data on the ones I fitted .....typical You could try :- Universal meters . or Westwood Meters & Timers www.electricmeters.co.uk
  3. Radial circuit

    No just altering an existing radial by shortening the run by 5 mtrs, it is now circa 12mtrs total length. The original circuit was about 17 mtrs and was feeding to 2 x 1500 watt wall mounted fan heaters via a 16amp cartridge fuse which is intended to be used.
  4. Yesterday

    No not like that . When you say A/C unit are we talking about an Air conditioning unit ? What is this pump for ? What ever you are switching would be Incoming L & N to L1 & L2 ....outgoing L & N to T1 & T2 ( Pump) You then need to apply a voltage to the coil to make the contactor switch in & out ...that will be , as Andy says , a L & N onto A1 & A2 . Where that comes from I have no idea as we don't know what you are doing .
  6. Radial circuit

    Conflicting opinions, care to elaborate? Doc H.

    From your second link there is a tab that says "wiring diagrams" if you click on that you get; https://kentstore.com/wiring-diagrams/ Possibly if you do not understand these, then skint or no skint, I would suggest you employ some help. Doc H.

    so many questions what type of pump what are you pumping voltage of pump current of pump control voltage and What are you trying to do?
  9. Danlers do one https://www.danlers.co.uk/outdoor-security-switches/26-products/outdoor/outdoor-security-switches/109-copd-compact-person-detector
  10. Best prepayment meter option?

    I did think about those....but he is miles away and they would have to have a good stock of them in I think he is better sticking with coins really
  11. On the old 2 gang switch was the 2 way for upstairs light and the 1 way for downstairs light? And are you replacing it with a 1 gang 1way? You may have 2 different circuits on different sides of rcd's and by connecting them together it will trip the rcd
  12. Best prepayment meter option?

    you can get prepayment where they have to buy the cards from him. apart from that little bit of info, i know nothing else about them
  13. Tryed vlc player and no doesn't play I think it something to do with super player the one off the Dvr dosnt work but someone gave me another link same thing but that worked .
  14. Van Vault

    you could always try the old fashioned way, like look under the van to see whats there
  15. Van Vault

    Haha - ok, I see your points. Was thinking the screws would stop it shifting about but if some wanted it they'd be happy dragging the whole thing down the road. They're not supplied with fitting instructions as "each van is different" so I'm a bit hesitant to start popping holes through in case I hit something expensive underneat. Anyone got a fitting video? Cheers
  16. I have a customer who has some flats ...all on coin meters. he lived in one flat BUT is now moving away and renting out his old flat, so he wants it metering. is he better sticking with the old style coin meter...or going more modern? i cannot see pre paid cards being any good as how does the tenant get more cards? someone is going to have to empty the coin boxes ( he may come back to do that as he is only 2 hours away) is there anything else else out there you can recommend that will fit the bill? before anyone suggests it I am not getting involved in collecting the money or being the 'card dealer', all I will be doing is fitting the meter and walking away
  17. Van Vault

    I would be bolting it through and sticking a bit of weld on each bolt!
  18. Van Vault

    That depends on how quick you want it nicked? If I was paying that sort of money to buy it for security I’d my tools then I’d want it as secure to the van as possible. Bolt it through.
  19. Van Vault

    not fitted one, but do you really think fitting a few screws into a bit of ply would help?
  20. Van Vault

    I bought a van vault slider yesterday https://www.wickedtools.co.uk/products/van-vault-slim-slider-s10327 has any one got experience fitting one of these in a vito? Do I need to it to the bolt it to the floor or can i get away with screwing it into plywood? Cheers Douglas
  21. looking for practical experience

    To say that replacing lost certs is a bugger it is the understatement of the year. I can back up your comments wholeheartedly.
  22. You could utilise what you have put together and do some dead tests for a bit of practice. Add some resistors to your ring circuit, put one in series on each conductor on the circuit, power resistors will be better because you could insulation resistance test the circuit and eventually move onto live testing. When you have put the resistors in ( I suggest 1ohm) you will be able to take accurate readings, follow GN3 and complete the 3 step test and see if your results compare with it. You should have 1ohm end to end and 0.50 ohm on steps 2 and 3 at each socket outlet, see if you can work out why.
  23. Radial circuit

    So a new circuit - with sockets, so Part P and RCD's?
  24. Radial circuit

    Hi Murdoch, It’s inside. thanks for responding. It works out that it’s running circa 49% of it’s maximum capacity, is that right since there is a lot of conflicting opinions regarding radial circuits?
  25. Memlite Lamp restoration

    Be careful if it's French......it may completely "give in" part way through the restoration
  26. I have an old steinel on the side of my place, been there nearly 10 years no problemos. Only IP54 but good quality: https://www.fastlec.co.uk/is140-2-steinel-is140-2-outdoor-pir-sensor.html
  27. Evening all from Leeds.

    No, things have moved on and changed over the last few years. Get the latest GN3 and download the free GS38. Study them and get your head around basic electrical theories like OHMS law, and insulation resistance theory and you wont go far wrong. Murdoch, most will opt for 2391-52 and this will be what employees ask for, and is also the must have for QS positions. The -50 and -51 will be top ups for those who have either 2394 or 2395 and need to fill the gap.
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