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  2. If you bought an AVO8 Mk3 your bank balance took a knock. The company bought me one 25+ years ago, with the case, just shy of £1000.
  3. Evans Electric

    Overkill bonding

    I just remembered a more silly example which I've posted before ............ earth jumpers on that flimsy Baco foil covering you see in boiler room pipe insulation . Had to just push a self tapper into it with a lug & some 2.5 mm .
  4. Evans Electric

    Now the proud owner of the much revered ...............

    I'd have to take another look ...its the big square one that I remember from the 60's . I'm sure it said "Universal AVO " I'll take a photo later . Andy the Sand Dancer will be really jealous There was always at least one everywhere I worked . The only meters we had in our kit on the tools , were meggers ( Seem to be called Insulation testers these days , no idea why) From the wind ups to the super duper press button ones Ohms & MegOhms , Edgecombe I think . Does my electrical status rise if its a 7 or 8 ?
  5. ProDave

    Now the proud owner of the much revered ...............

    Are we talking "proper" Avo as in model 7 or 8?
  6. the rise of jobsworths and middlemen I think is more to do with de-regulation and limitation of the state leaving a vacuum into which any interfering arse can step and create an empire on BS. Bit like Libya, we got rid of Gaddafi and now the country is split into god knows how many warring factions fighting for control...with the ordinary people stuck in the middle suffering. A lot gets blamed on the EU (some of it deservedly) but I really think the issue is deeper than that.
  7. ............AVO meter !!!! Customer paid me for a small job yesterday followed by " Is this any good to you ?" Gave the volts a quick try as I was parking up , seemed to work fine , leads a bit worse for wear but looking at it , the whole thing indicates quality build .
  8. Evans Electric

    Too many people on Too many gray trains. thats the problem.

    Personally I think its a disgrace & a rip off. Didn't the Sidewinder say that they HAVE to review the Regs every couple of years , under EU conditions ? They're all electricians mate ..... arriving in the country before the Brexit borders are closed !!
  9. parmageddon

    Automatic Gates cable question

    Best quote so far was £2,600, that was with a videx GSM intercom.
  10. Dave Taylor

    Horseman centaur 7

    Thanks for the above. When I originally looked at the wiring diagram for the new one, 1 and 3 (of 4) seemed to be the equivalent of 1 and Y1 on the old one (Y2 was not used). I will have to get hold of the new diagram again and try 1 and 2. But currently, I am in England and the thermostat is fitted in France! i'll get back to you. regards
  11. Oh heck! Bit more than I expected there. Thank you, and I'll have a browse later.
  12. that as well, but looking at some of the changes, its just swapping a few words around / rewording a reg. nothing has actually changed
  13. Andy™

    Overkill bonding

    imagine having to do that these days. 'sorry, cant change that broken socket until i run an earth to the door stop'
  14. Yesterday
  15. Evans Electric

    Overkill bonding

    I mentioned this a few times in bonding threads , thought I'd sketch it out . We used to have photograph of this ... on a city council job . Along with the metal window frames ...this was the best ever ......unless you know better !!!
  16. Evans Electric

    Too many people on Too many gray trains. thats the problem.

    No , manufacturers launching new production lines in Arc Detectors . Something none of us thought we would ever need but suddenly we do .
  17. you mean similar to those who write 7671, making changes just to justify flogging a new book
  18. lol yes mate I can work that bit out. thanks
  19. Andy™

    Automatic Gates cable question

    probably a bit far... itll cost you a few hundred £££ for me just to turn up
  20. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/surveillance-camera-code-of-practice
  21. Where are these rules defined please? I have a couple of cameras on my driveway which also "see" neighbours. Actually no-one here is likely to complain, but it would be nice to know if I'm legal or not.
  22. True. We seem to have become masters at creating virtual industries out of very little. Health and Safety management is surely the most obvious. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for careing for peoples welfare at work and elsewhere, but does it really need the number of people who seem to make it their full time task now? I believe that the OTT restrictions we see so often are the result of "Risk Assessors" trying to justify their existence by changing something, anything even! Another example that strikes me is driving licences. When I passed my test on a car I could also drive anything up to a 7.5 ton goods vehicle, a minibus, tow any road legal caravan. These things are now extra license groups with attendant extra tests. There is a DVLA centre a few miles away and I commonly see special driving schools teaching trailer towing, etc. As I say a whole industry which didn't previously exist. I'm sure there must be many other examples. I don't blame the EU either. These things are home grown. (Well that's my Victor Meldrew session for today)
  23. Providing its not pointing directly in the direction of his property then all’s well.
  24. As far as i am aware, yes you can & without having to put up warning notices. Its different if its a commercial property.
  25. Hi, I have a open plan shared drive between my bungalow and next doors bungalow. I want to put a cctv camera on my garage wall to view the drive as my neighbour has caused damage to my cars parked on my side of the drive. The camera would not be pointed directly at his property but i would be able to view the drive to see if any damage is caused by him in the future. Can i leagally do this without invading his privacy ?
  26. This once great country is built on gravy. Nothing really exists anymore but middlemen and middlemen of middlemen. And highwaymans...
  27. Nope...... they are at the back pushing when they should actually be at work, earning and providing for their families
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