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  2. To the shame of our profession this is the only one I've ever seen .
  3. Two cannibals

    Two cannibals kill and eat a clown . After one says to the other .." Did that taste funny to you ?"
  4. Vehicle charging outlets

    So what are we looking at ? Whats with the MCB ...Type C is it ? Whats with the earthing ? You connect an earth cable I presume . Oh don't tell me !!! It 's got to have a rod ? What would be the difference between me installing that Fork lift truck charger and installing an electric car charger . Truck job was a 32 TP C breaker , a run of SWA . an isolator , a battery charger (supplied) . Should I have taken an NICEIC course ?
  5. Vehicle charging outlets

    As I say we looked at this when it first came about, what we found is that most of the car manufacturers already had deals in place with - wait for it ------ British Gas for the installation of the charge point at buyers property certainly Nissan group. There was already a firm/manufacturer Pod Point I think they were who had sown up pretty much most of the market and had all the necessary structure to deal with the grants etc. So there didn't seem much hope in the smaller electrical contractors getting my much of a look in.
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  7. Problem with electrician Can anyone help

    Just to give another electricians perspective on things.... 1/ Yes a competent electrician should be doing correct testing and certifying his/her work on a document that matches the standard model forms in the back of the wiring regs... BUT 2/ It is also very common for a job to involve a first-fix stage prior to plastering, then a second fix stage after the plasterers have been and done their stuff...... SO 3/ If the electrician genuinely thought that some plastering was needed before he returned to complete the works..... Then NO certificates would have been issued at this point.
  8. Vehicle charging outlets

    That statement is true of 99% of electrical accessories...... From Electric showers to Recessed down lights, or Garden pond supplies to Cooker extractor hood...... etc.. etc... I am sure we have all seen some right ropey installation work in all areas of electrical installation....... especially by... Kitchen fitters, Builders, Bathroom fitters, Conservatory fitters, Fitted wardrobe installers.... etc...
  9. Vehicle charging outlets

    I looked into this afew years ago, it appears to be not much more than a posh outdoor socket! What put me off is the paperwork for the availble grants that subsidses costs of installation, not worth the hassle.
  10. 13amp Plug & Play hot tub

    All you have mentioned so far is MCB's, Mini Consumer unit and connected to house with MCB......... No actual detail of cable sizes, protective device ratings, or what rating the RCD is? Without a few more facts and numbers its a bit like asking do you reckon me and my mates will be alright to get a Christmas meal at the pub down the road....? With no mention of dates or numbers of guests, its all quite hit and miss ?? Don't think anyone could offer much more guidance without some specifications and numbers to crunch..
  11. Vehicle charging outlets

    They are not rocket science, but so many do not install them to the guidance's. Some are very dangerous. As others have suggested - earthing systems or selection of RCD's are the main issues. The usual problems with installers lashing off board's that require attention as well. I attended a C&G course a couple of years ago which was required as part of a contract at the time. To be honest, it was a waste of time other than having another qualification and CPD but I would recommend reading the IET Code of Practice for Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment Installation back to front and that tells you most things you need to know.
  12. FLAT twin and earth

    Only if you put it into shear, or the start of shear.
  13. Vehicle charging outlets

    Well they have to make money somehow. Have you seen the price of BDSM gear nowadays!
  14. Vehicle charging outlets

    It's their best seller!!
  15. Vehicle charging outlets

    Cripes - 3 days on accessory Replacement - that must be so tedious - 3 days ffs.
  16. no,I'll give it a go,i know its for nobo heating systems but ive asked nobo but they dont have any info on it :? thanks sharpend Thanks Hefferl, that must be it!!! different product name but exactly the same bit of kit by the look of it.Thank you very much , top man!!!
  17. FLAT twin and earth

    not if you squash it hard enough
  18. Vehicle charging outlets

    The issues are earthing & correct selection of RCD type mainly.
  19. Vehicle charging outlets

    fitted one the other year, twin 16a charger. 32a supply (ideally wanted 32a each but stuck with 32a max available for it),inside it splits into 2, each with an RCD, controller and contactor. thats about it
  20. Vehicle charging outlets

    Surprised there isn't a re-lamping for dummies...
  21. having seen how an immaculate rental property can deteriorate in 5 years due to tennants, 5 years is quite reasonable in my opinion. I don't recommend replacement of 16th edition boards, afaic, they are perfectly adequate for rental purposes
  22. Train 1.5hrs with walk at either end. Much happier and only a few quid!!! Why do people in London have vehicle?
  23. Oh dear Oh dear ! ..why oh why do I do it ...why oh why ...

    Thats it Ducky, 5 hours to cross London to the HS2 terminal ....1 hour up to Brum........ then a further 2 hours to cross Brum to your destination .
  24. Vehicle charging outlets

    £60 A few weeks back I wired a new charger for a fork lift truck , it was actually a 2 ph one . Why do I need to pay the NIC for a course or pay the IET £60 for a COD I ask . Will there soon be a course for lamp changing ?
  25. Oh dear Oh dear ! ..why oh why do I do it ...why oh why ...

    Or those Duck Tours boats? http://metro.co.uk/2017/08/30/london-duck-tours-will-no-longer-go-on-the-river-thames-6889880/ Might be going cheep, better be quack.
  26. OUCH! Buy a hovercraft! How did you get on today?
  27. FLAT twin and earth

    Was the N clipped to the neutral axis of the joist? 😁
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