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  2. kerching

    Pre Xmas musings

    4/12 Michael Macintyre .......bobble headed floppy haired twonk Jonathon Woss White bread....even if it has been crafted by an Artisan unruly/scruffy beards management speak "Engineers" and "Technicians"..........not the proper ones BUT the ones who use it as a job title e.g. Nail Technician, Central,Heating Engineer pigeons Michael Gove.....chinless spoodle Economy Energy poorly signed Road Diversions the new spate of little single seater black and yellow cars .....it's similar to driving over a cats eye in the road football manufacturers/retailers jumping on bandwagons....just seen a advert for Gluten Free Shampoo cyclists jumping traffic lights/ignoring them/cutting them out using the pavement
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  4. Sharpend

    Boiler tripping

    Concur with the doc. What testing have you done prior to or after the cu change?
  5. Sharpend

    Can I swap

    Was it for an old storage heater? Is there a voltage on the supplycable ?
  6. Ok, now i am no expert at this,, and i am not an electrician anyway [so what would i know] but once with a "scheme" [so you are working] can you not just do an NVQ3 with the local college?? This is, as far as i know, assessed on the job so would be perfect for you.. Not sure what written exams would have to be passed though.. Anyone out there done an NVQ?? john..
  7. Great post. And I completely understand that. And you have put the point across without being completely condescending like a few other people on this thread. Anyway. Have changed the socket over and have had a qualified electrician round to confirm all is good. Thanks to the few people who have been helpful.
  8. A multimeter is not the preferred test instrument as the wrong range or function could be selected. The way round that is by proving the meter against a known voltage source, test the item you are working on to prove it dead, then retest your meter against the known voltage source. The known voltage source a sparky would use is a source about the size of a cigarette packet that is low current and so a safe source with no shock risk. Your problem would be safely checking your meter against said voltage source. The forum is a helpful forum please don't get down on us we are only trying to watch out for your safety, we do have to be careful with the advice we give out to stop people doing silly things and hopefully guide them to do the job properly, if they are going to do it. Hope this helps.
  9. Why is a multimeter not suitable for checking whether a circuit is dead? Please explain. Again what a lovely bunch you two are. Condescending remarks seem all you can do. And at no point have I said any one can be an electrician but go for it make quotes up if it makes you feel more like a man. What a terrible forum. A simple question cannot be answered without ridicule. Thankfully I know not all electricians are like you two!
  10. well it is better than the table lamp or kettle i was expecting...
  11. NICE!!! and neither are suitable for checking if something is dead... For gods sake do not use the non contact thing for checking dead... If you have nothing else, use one of them "neon" screw driver things that light up when you stick them on something live.. Just out of interest, explain to us the procedure for checking if something is dead... [Since you think anyone can be an electrician] Still fair play to you for coming on here and asking and not just having a guess.. john..
  12. Hefferl

    First TT installation

    Its an existing farm labourer's semi detached cottage - probably 60/70 years old . No obvious sign of any existing rod - I suspect earth is currently via water service (about 56 ohms) - but I haven't been able to get in and have a proper root around yet...
  13. Good morning sir I am writing to you with regards to the possibility of giving me a bit of casual work experience, I am 50 years old currently retraining to become an electrician. I am studying level 2 electrical installations at Grimsby college., I just need on-site experience I am fit and hard-working and very keen. I have enclosed my CV for your consideration. Regards . Charles lill.mr charles lill cv dox june 18.docxmr charles lill cv dox june 18.docx
  14. Tony S

    First TT installation

    It would help to know what type of building it is. If it’s a new build @Sidney‘s suggestion of a copper tape makes life easier as it can go alongside drains. It’s the method I used for my first house, finding 600ft of redundant gas pipe made it even better.
  15. Sidney

    First TT installation

    CAT scan to find any buried services. SDS Max set to hammer only with a rod driver. 5/8 rods, surface area is the key. Place the rod a good distance away from any foundations to avoid rubble and cavities that will give you poor readings. If you need to add a second rod location make sure it's placed 3x the distance away then the depth of the existing rod to avoid encroaching on the rods sphere of influence. For example if you have 1m depth go 3m away, 3m depth go 9m away. In very poor ground conditions consider using tape in a trench, conductive concrete etc to get more stable results.
  16. Julius, rather than learning the questions, learn the subject matter, it will garner you more knowledge in time. Andy
  17. Andy™

    First TT installation

    depends on your area & ground conditions. around here you can easily get <50 ohms on a single metre rod even partially in. other areas need multiple extendale rods to get any reasonable reading
  18. Doc Hudson

    Boiler tripping

    I am unclear how have you energised other circuits with no bonding in place to Gas/Water. Or how you have done satisfactory insulation resistance tests on these other circuits also without bonding connected. What are your IR test readings for this boiler circuit? Doc H.
  19. Hefferl

    First TT installation

    As per title I will be doing my first rod install in the near future. I'm looking for recommendations as to what kit people prefer - rod sizes , brands, inspection pits etc and general tips and methods/advise regarding the installation itself. All help much appreciated. Many thanks.
  20. I have both a multimeter and a non contact Voltage tester. Thank you Ardet, much appreciated
  21. Hi. Can I swap a fuse switch which isn’t going to anything to a standerd on off switch to plug my freezer in. I have taken the back off and there is a feed going in but nothing going out
  22. Ardet R

    Boiler tripping

    I would agree with the above but, just in case it is a fault from line to central heating pipes, have you checked the voltage between the water/central heating pipes and earth as if the water pipes are not currently connected to earth they could become live in this case. If it is a neutral to earth fault then the pd should be minimal. A good one for this sort of fault is a damaged cable in a wet environment by the pipes.
  23. Hi everyone, I am about to do the (initial verification 2391-50 and peruodic inspection and testing 2391-51 exams) l have searched on line for any online exam simulators to practice but l havent found anything good, l did find the electa course, but it was rubbish l think there were in total about 100 to 150 questions in the bank and very easy to recognise every time when you would practice if any one knows or has any idea where to find the above online course simulators please let me know, Thank you
  24. If you have a fused spur on the socket circuit then to change this to a single socket is straightforward. I would reiterate the safety aspects of ensuring the power is off prior to starting work. Make sure the spur is high enough from the floor to be able to plug in. The wiring would be matching the supply terminals, L,N,E to the L,N,E terminals on the socket. Similar to changing a socket over but the terminals may be in very different places and often are too short to reach.
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