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  2. Used one of Dave's boards last week on a favour job for my Brother in Law, he forced me out of retirement for a couple of days He was needing electrics sorting out in his new hobby workshop. I fitted one of Dave's 6 way boards, nice board to work on, robust, and I liked the DP RCBO's. Sorry never got much in the way of pics, might pop by in a couple of weeks and take some.
  3. Hi ya matey, if you're ever passing through Nottingham, call in and see Tony, he loves visitors, now if you brought some bongo's with you it would really make his day.
  4. Depends what type it was, PMR 446 and any make will talk to any other make, Professional ones like my Motorola's can be programmed, otherwise it's lots of walkie and not much talkie. lol
  5. Oh yes, I spent a good while working away, got fed up in the end though. It's funny because I was watching Auf Wiedersehen Pet recently, and as I'm sure you know, you didn't have to work abroad to have some great times, only trouble was a lot of what was earned was spent on beer in my case. Happy days lol
  6. Just been over to see my mate, took a couple of beers with me and he's feeling a lot happier about his sprained ankle, it has certain advantages, he very rarely gets a chance to drink as he's always driving somewhere. However he decided he'd have a beer as he can't drive with his ankle strapped up, the weather has took a turn for the worst and it's cold and windy, "you know something" he said staring out of the window, "it's a pity it's not sunny, it'd be great sitting in the garden and downing a few cans". As he said "I can't drive so I may as well have a drink", I don't think he'll be rushing back to work, do you?
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  8. I still use a set of Drummond test lamps, prefer them to anything else oddly enough
  9. Those test lamps bring back memories because we all made our own , 240V was just a lampholder & two wires with prods made from Biro cases. Unfused of course. 440V were two lampholders in series usually taped together , 15W pygmey lamps . The prods on the tester look like two screws ground to a point . Love it !!! That style Megger I remember well , very similar with winding handle for MOhms , if it wasn't a Megger it would have been Edgcombe I think was the make. We graduated to the Drummond mains testers , I still have a set somewhere. Andy , I'd love to hand those in on Calibration day at Denmans.
  10. for that price they better have a calibration cert
  11. And so to bed .
  12. I've never had many issues working away, But I suppose its an ingrained thing perhaps, I've worked away almost constantly up until 10 years ago , from the age of 17. Had a few adventures along the way too,
  13. I was offered a few jobs on the Millenium Dome when they were building that. All sounded tempting but I didn't really want to go and stay in London for weeks on end and hadn't worked away much before that. Eventually started hearing stories like yours so decided not to bother. The stories got worse and worse after that, I think if I would have gone I would have preferred sitting at home doing nothing earning nothing. Luckily I already had local work so wasn't mad keen to rush straight down.
  14. As far as I'm concerned, they are all liars and only in it for lining their own pockets! I'm sick of them all playing the blame game, "we've inherited this mess from the last opposition government" is the much used phrase. Now hold on a minute, there was some Tory guy spouting this the other day and I thought to myself, "now hold on, maybe you did inherit something you didn't like from the previous government, but after all these years in power I'd have thought you'd have made some headway in sorting it out" I'd like to see some form of legally binding contract, they all say things and don't deliver, now lets say we have a party who says, "vote for us and we'll clamp down on immigration" , if after a year of being in power they haven't got a real grip on it then out they go! All these parties promise what they think people want to get the vote, then when they get in power they do a U turn quicker than a stunt driver. Someone once said "there are 3 types of lies, lies ,damned lies, and political lies" and believe me I've never heard a politician make a statement and actually deliver the goods.
  15. The regs were from 1940 I believe, anyway there's no mention of loop testing or RCD's, only a mention that the resistance of the earth path, be it cable, conduit or lead sheath, should be no greater than 1 ohm measured between the point of origin and any point on the installation. Oh happy uncomplicated times. lol
  16. There's always been scams surrounding jobs, especially when work is tight, I remember when they were building the Channel Tunnel, there was adverts offering mega bucks for sparks to go and work on it. A mate and myself were working for a firm and tbh the future didn't look all that secure so we began to think about jumping ship and heading for the tunnel. They were advertising jobs paying something like 4 or 5 times what we were getting up here, and they found you accommodation too, anyway we were in a pub and got talking to another bloke, turned out he was a spark too. We mentioned our plans and he told us not to bother, apparently he'd tried it, lets say they were offering £60 an hour, when you got down there they were actually offering more like £15 an hour, "well you've packed a job in to come here so you've nothing if you go back home have you? you may as well take what we're offering" . I ended up doing agency work down south but got fed up with being messed about, some of them promised loads and delivered very little, A site I was sent to realised they didn't actually need another spark, but they were contracted to take me for a week, I ended up sweeping a 30 mtr length of corridor constantly for 3 days, it was so clean you could eat your dinner off the floor! One sent me to a site telling me they needed 2 electricians and when we landed it was actually 2 labourers they needed! I did a week at about £10 an hour then decided I'd had enough and was coming home. On my last day the transformer feeding the site got damaged and everything stopped, I offered to get it back up and running and the site agent said he'd sort me out if I could do it, there was about a hundred men sat around due to the lack of power. Anyway I got it going and he paid me 3 hours at £35 an hour (it only took an hour to fix) it turned out that agency sparkies were getting about £15 an hour but the agency was charging £35 an hour, I told him I was going home that weekend and he said if I came back he'd take me on direct, as a spark and pay me £20 an hour, but I'd had enough, everyone promised good earnings and decent jobs, the reality sadly was often very different.
  17. There was a guy in the pub the other afternoon, doing his nut over his new I phone, not as clever as it thought it was, the final straw came when he wanted to put a "thumbs up" at the end of a text message. After much swearing and cursing he informed me that after all the problems he'd had with it, the final straw came when it asked him what colour of "thumbs up" he wanted? Apparently it had yellow, maybe for Chinese people? Brown, Asians? Black, n e g r o 's and finally a White one. That's all we effing need he exploded, a phone that's frightened of being accused of racism.
  18. My mate's been building a large aviary in his garden, it's even having a pond in it, anyway he's a great guy always ready to help anyone, last week I needed to re felt my shed and he came over at the drop of a hat to help me. So when he said he wanted some electrics in the aviary I said I'd sort it for him, I did some of the work during the week and decided to finish it yesterday, nothing too taxing and it was sunny so all in all quite a relaxing day was planned, needless to say it didn't happen. The plan was to sort his electrics in the morning, then go and visit some of the lads from the dog section of my local force, they train near me and I've not seen them for a bit so I was planning to pop down with some special chew sticks for my mates, and coffee and donuts for the handlers. On my way back from the car boot sale I found a burst water main on the motorway slip road so called it in to the highways agency, a little way down the road I spotted a couple of the highways lads, so I flagged them down and sent them to the area where the leak was, so far so good. My mate had been at a party the night before so I drove him back to collect his car, then started working on the aviary, it was all going well until about an hour later, he stumbled into a hole and ended up doing his ankle in! There are four other drivers in his family, but they were all still over the limit from the previous nights party, after administering first aid I decided that his ankle, if not broken was at least very severely sprained, so it was off to the hospital with him. I arrived back from dropping him at A&E to find his family had thoughtfully packed all my tools away, I got them all out again, finished work on the aviary, and replaced 2 outside lights, his wife was in flap mode, she'd packed him an overnight bag and was planning on taking it to him at visiting time, she really thought they'd keep him in. Anyway by the time I got finished it was to late too go and see the lads on the dog section, I packed my gear away, put his car back on the drive and drove home. I only live across the road but to save carrying loads of kit across, I took my motor, anyway I 'd just sat down to my dinner, it was about half four, and the phone rang, my mate had been discharged from hospital and needed bringing home. I went to the hospital to collect him, it was only a severe sprain, a weeks rest and he'll be fine fortunately, I took him home, got him settled in, had a drink and a smoke with him then finally went home, so much for a quiet day helping a mate! I think I'll plan a busy one for next Sunday, it might work out quieter.
  19. I'm fed up with the lot of them, and I don't just mean travellers!, there's quite a few living near me, some on official sites, some in houses, and some who've bought 2 pieces of land and set up their own camps, apparently they don't need planning permission! Well I know they ain't got any and the council haven't been rushing round to fine them. Sunday is my day for wandering round my local car boot sale, it's my only form of relaxation, not any more, yesterday there were more eastern Europeans than English, wandering round. They all speak their own language, they're bloody rude.,and generally a pita. For the first time since I finished my therapy for PTSD, I really felt like hurting someone, the final straw came when one made a grab for something my wife was looking at, he suddenly changed his mind though, it would seem a growling snarling bloke means the same in any language! we left shortly after with me effing and blinding about how there's too many off them and they ought to start speaking English.
  20. Bought myself some new test lamps yesterday from the car boot sale, tbh I couldn't resist them. The guy wanted 15 quid but I haggled him down to 8, they use 2 filament lamps and are good for 415V, and yes the leads are fused although I'm not sure they comply with GS38 due to the length of exposed tip, no problem getting them into terminals though. Just got to get some new leads for my meter and I'm good to go. My meter came with a copy of the latest IEE wiring regs so I've swotted up on that as well.
  21. Yesterday
  22. Bet he'll be hot to trot to get back
  23. I bet you were in your element when you found that
  24. it is a bit like that, need more bank holidays in Autumn, but it still seems strange not to have a bank holiday for our national saint.
  25. Checking an Immersion Heater last week ... tripping RCD after board change .... poor readings to earth ... I'm thinking I don't mess with these any more , get a plumber . Then ...I'll just double check with wiring disconnected although its a DP switch . Element readings are now fine ....... at the switch on the landing ..what I saw as the earth wire at the heater end was PME'd into the neutral at the switch and no incoming earth feeding the switch . The old story ....never assume anything in this game. So back to rewire it .
  26. Have to agree with that comment as "common sense " seems to have "Left the building " . Sometimes ,as I've said before , all these rules & regulations pile up until some guys are scared to open their toolbox without taking legal advice. There was someone on here a while back looking for guidance on a shower install ...I was somewhat taken aback to see he was looking at a 16mm cable due to various factors . When "common sense" is applied to shower jobs the thing to bear in mind is a domestic shower only works for , say , 10 mins , but there we all are worrying about how deep the lagging is it clipped to a joist etc. What is different when appying the common sense rule would be if the same load was for a sub-main ...or ... (something I realised last year) electric shower in a dog grooming parlour which was in use all day long . I remember something from years ago , I changed from general contracting ( BS 7671 etc) to working on overhead cranes . Theres this humungous hoist motor that we would be wiring in 16mm say ...they only used 6mm which seemed crazy to me . But , the hoist only runs for about 10 - 15 seconds problem.
  27. Thanks guys , most appreciated
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