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  2. Tony S

    UPS , Shutters connection

    Talk to your local fire prevention officer. A UPS is fallible, I’ve had a couple fail on critical systems. In each case they had been sat there for years and never had to kick in until needed, then they fell flat on their face. All we lost was data, you’re talking about life.
  3. Evans Electric

    Anyone in London ...Blue Duck ??

    See I knew I was descended from the gentry .
  4. kerching

    Exit Poll

    Yeah but she was good in the Krankies.........however I believe there was ( Krankies based, not the ginger than ginger dwarfette) an issue exposed in the News of the World regarding slightly dodgy nocturnal preferences and delectation ..
  5. Geoff1946

    I won't name and shame them yet .........

    Depends if the prize is donated or purchased. Donated you can't lose! A small charity group I work with buy prizes costing say £12, so there is a small gamble that we may not sell £12 of tickets. We have made occasional losses when the weather has been against us though usually we do OK.
  6. Evans Electric

    Motorbility scheme

    Thank s Noz .
  7. Last week
  8. Murdoch

    Anyone fancy a board change?

    Yet to happen!
  9. Sounds like the panel needs to be factory reset again and reprogrammed, do you know why he wanted factory reset it? Depending on the age of the panel it may also need a new battery and the wireless detectors will probably / possibly need new batteries as well The problem you may have if you haven't got all the manuals is that Pyronix tech support normally will only speak to installers
  10. So I’m guessing it needs to be programmed from panel I’ve red it had 4 phases which I thought was onboard ,is there any other sounder like the fire cryer which is built in ?thanks
  11. Evans Electric

    Ex Army looking for work in Kent

    Hi Conner , welcome to the Forum . Are there any large projects going on in Kent where you could find out who the electrical contractors are ? Any internment camps for all the millions who think this country is the benefits capital of the world ?
  12. Evans Electric

    Door Entry buzzing

    Possibly a mains cable has been installed parallel to the low volt stuff . :C
  13. Tony S

    Electric power more sustainable than...

    I can just imagine the screw up the DWP would make of this. It would equate to a secondary currency with an even more incompetent treasury.
  14. Murdoch

    Is this really necessary....

    I noticed recently that if I listen to my local station on dab, they scroll local news across the touchscreen in the van.... Which I think some people will find distracting
  15. kerching

    Armeg Christmas Competition

    I didn't actually beg, bribe, or threat....well not in so many words M'lud
  16. kerching


    AXIOM Is the new name for CED stuff just informing
  17. roys

    Fxxxxxg polystyrene walls

    Just rereading your problem, think I would use a 67mm and 70mm holesaws and some 3” timber and make up some wooden cores rawlplugged on the brick, 67mm holesaw into your strange wall and cores made with the 70mm holesaw.
  18. I suppose it depends on the level you go to with testing. I suppose if you did something like the following. :- Ze at board : - Isolate, link live to neutral, IR to earth (at 250v, at least inititally) :- Ring continuity at socket outlets :-Back on and have a quick look at whats on each circuit : - Quick look in a couple of lighting points/switches for earth : - Wander lead test from earth picked off plugtop to any metallic fittings :- Nosey behind stairway switchs for the borrowed neutral situation :- run eyeball over everything for sign of DIY works. Should give a pretty good idea on whether board change whill go smoothly, without being too much of a pain to do
  19. RECC has agreed to work closely with MCS on a new offer for installers of solar PV, battery storage and wind. From 1 January 2020 these installers will no longer have to pay an upfront RECC Membership Fee. Instead, RECC will benefit from part of the MCS 'per installation' fee which installers pay when they register an installation on the MCS Installation Database. By bringing RECC and MCS membership together in this way, we aim to simplify the renewal process for our members and ensure that consumer protection remains a central element of MCS certification. Ian Rippin, CEO of MCS, said today: "In recognition of the changing policy and subsidy landscape, we are keen to provide installers with good value for money. This offer combines the benefits of RECC and MCS membership, and puts consumer protection at its core. "MCS Certificates will offer a route to access the Smart Export Guarantee from January 2020, and are required by many lenders and insurance providers as evidence of compliant installations." Virginia Graham, CEO of RECC, said today: "We are delighted that this partnership will further strengthen our relationship with MCS as we work together to give consumers the confidence to invest in home-grown energy." Solar Trade Association Chief Executive, Chris Hewett said: “The STA warmly welcomes this partnership between MCS and RECC as a way to ensure a robust and enforceable installation standards, alongside solid consumer protection. The margins for small solar businesses have invariably shrunk following the end of the FiT, so it is good to see these key industry organisations reducing costs for all those reputable installers who abide by good principles.” RECC and MCS will pilot this new arrangement with installers who only work with electricity-generating technologies. It will not apply to those who also work with heat-generating technologies in the first instance. View the full article
  20. Evans Electric

    Anyone use "Fuel Cards"?

    Oh dear I'm being carried back to when I started driving , no not the man with the red flag walking in front , that was Kerch . A gallon ( not a litre ! ) was 4/6d old money , converted is about 25p per gallon so a litre would have been around 5.5 p . But of course although we earned £5 week you could feed & clothe 50 people for a week on that . 20 fags about 12p , pint of mild about 15p, the latest 45 RPM vinyl record 7/6d about 40p , a computer about £2 trillion , a cell phone ..Eh!
  21. Testing conditions Accelerated testing Humidity Polymers Flexible materials Cellular materials Hydrolysis Polyolefins Ageing (materials) Ageing tests Thermoplastic polymers View the full article
  22. Management Total quality management Quality management Information technology View the full article
  23. Rights of way Geography Dictionaries Postal addresses United Kingdom Maps Reference point determination Charts Roads Databases Local law Data Geographic and political divisions Data layout View the full article
  24. I've fitted a few Fusebox consumer units - I only now fit full RCBO with SPD... they seem to be well made I get them from a local wholesaler or here https://thomaselectricaldistributors.co.uk/ there's a 10% discount available with a code
  25. Welcome to the forum Kennyd147, This thread dates back from not long after the forum was originally started. (also, there was a problem with the link not working back in 2009 if you browse some of the comments). However since then the forum has had a change of ownership and was moved to different hosting provider, and has had the forum software updated or changed a few times along the way. So it is quite possible some links have gone AWOL in over 10 years since the thread was opened. Sorry its not working. There are quite a few other more recent threads by numerous members asking about various aspects of running your own business, you could try the forum search function, or start a new topic with specific questions you are trying to resolve. (go to the General Chat or Questions & Answers area and just start a topic on anything you want advice on). Doc H. I think it best to lock this particular thread now as it is a bit dated, and it would probably encourage newer posts to be started, which should then get better up-to-date answers about the various obligations and regulations around starting your own business
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