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  2. Sharpend

    A few questions on wiring practices

    Ok so we have established that you have the relevant qualifications in electronics and I will not challenge you on your abilities to do this, providing you are prepared to accept that you will not challenge us on ours? whilst not rocket science there are requirements to be met with regardless. Have you the test equipment to confirm your installation is safe? Disconnection times met etc? Suitable Earthing as some older properties suffer with deteriorating earth connection? whether the installation was designed originally to 18th edition is irrelevant however with you requiring fundamental characteristic changes then you may well need to ensure it is. so with the greatest of respect putting in a box and making it work doesn’t cut it in real terms I’m sure you understand as it’s probably the same with putting in additional or alternative electronic components in a system, just because it works doesn’t mean it’s compliant nor correct. so what you will need is design load both for your tail sizing and for the supply company for their calculations to start with.
  3. HenryLee

    Roller Shutter Door Safety Cutouts?

    If you are searching for Security Shutters London at a discount rate, Euro shopfronts would be the best shop for you. Euro shopfronts is a famous name in design and install security shutter and shopfront. Our designed shutter and shopfronts are within your financial budgets and comfortable to move. Our security shutter gives a new look to your shop.
  4. Ha ! We went out for some wallpaper once ...came back with a 1600 cc Ford Escort
  5. Today
  6. Thanks binky, how many do a hybrid inverter that does both DC to AC and then AC to DC for charging batteries from grid rather than have to have an inverter and a charger. I've joined up with Octopus so hoping when I get smart meter will be able to make use of low cost electricity at night to top up and maybe eventually charge a small EV.
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  8. Evans Electric

    3 red, 3 black, 1 earth - advice

    When you say its a fan / light ...is it one of those chinese looking things with three large paddles thrashing round and a light in the centre. ? These often have a pull switch hanging off them to work the fan , but the light is switched from the wall in usual way . This means there should be four terminals so ...... permanent Lives ( Your 3 reds) / Switch wire ( Your black marked red ) / Neutral ( your 2 blacks) / Earth .
  9. I'd also say texecom or galaxy hard wired every time don't choose wireless at all imho
  10. Yes indded i must confess to "falling back" on Dr Sussanah Lipscombe and also rekindled my interest in Mexican weather forecasting with Yanette Garcia for a few months
  11. Last week
  12. Doodles

    Heger SFT changeover switch anyone?

    It’s all been going so well until now!!!
  13. Sharpend

    chocboxes ?

    Always and forever... there’s a song in there somewhere?
  14. Sharpend

    G'day sparkies new and old

    Welcome Doodles, you sound a breath of fresh air compared to many newbies! Let’s see where we can take you.
  15. Please see attached video for the sound my cooker hood is making. I think the motor will need replacing as I have taken it out and cleaned the conveyor outer connection and the impellor. The fan is working on speed 1 but not on 2,3 and 4 after cleaning it. Whilst looking through the parts list, I came across the cooker hood noise absorption and wondering if this will also need replacing or not? AEG - DK4490-M PNC: 942 122 595 03 Serial: 51700230 Please can you advise on which parts you would recommend I order?
  16. kerching

    signal generator 0-10vdc

    Minimum of 5 3 given away 1 lost forever 1 not found yet So,according to professor of Applied Maffematics Diane Abbottttttttt eleventy twelth
  17. revjames

    Scared of 5G? you need this

    I tried it but cant help feeling a bit let down
  18. Deano93

    Needing some advice to get started

    OK thanks for your help ! Hopefully my next post in coming months will be to say I've got a job ! Take care Dean
  19. kerching

    Citroen relay - French wiring problem.

    Present wife has an 09 relay custom converted to a Horse box, bedroom, sink, cooker etc when the wine drinking, cheese-munching surrender monkeys designed the Relay they put the battery under the passengers feet. The method of connection is a tad weird negative terminal is connected via and over centre lever-cam positive side is is via a plastic plate held onto the top of the battery by a piece of Brie it is worth checking these connections also if removing the battery get someone to help you as it is a biatch to shift and a tad heavy
  20. I've definitely installed these systems where the instructions for the LED driver states a maximum length on the load side ......
  21. Personally I would earth one side of the output. Then if the leakage gets too high it would trip an RCD. Agreed the "transformer" does sound to be of poor design.
  22. Onoff

    nice adaptor

    Probably comes with an uninsulated screwdriver with a handle made from boiled sweets to stick in the earth.

    CV19 Self Employed grant almost ready

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-52850371 According to the above, The first phase of payments & applications, (80% of 3 months profits), is still open until 13July.... This new proposed second phase, (70% of 3 months profits), will not open to applications until August... As it is still May at the moment, (just about)….. During June & July.. no further assistance coming in... So.…. We had better just hope they do not open up airports and foreign travel before September..... OTHERWISE... we will all be out of the county, sunning ourselves on beaches on the Costa-Del-Something-or-other!... and miss the deadline for August applications!..
  24. poni

    Recommendations for Solar PIR Flood

    Advice from the people that should know, is to forget PIR and go for low level( as in low LUX and not low to the floor) lighting all round, that is on during the hours of darkness, as people are too used to the PIR lights coming on that they ignore them and blame, cats, dogs, foxes, and other animals depending on where you live can set them off, I just got 4 for £30 and if I need to change them every year so be it , cheap at half the price. if someone up to no-good is looking at you house and its all lit up and the house next door is in darkness where is he going to go?
  25. Tony S

    Not really noticed this before .

    I got lumbered with a job to correct / update the drawings for an old plant following a near nasty accident. The electrician isolated a section following the drawing, fortunately he tested before touching anything and it was still live. It was due to a crossed dual feeder and I was asked to sort things out, I’d opened a can of worms. Found: A 16mm² SWA fed by 800A fuses. Several crossed dual feeders. Main distribution switches he-man couldn’t shift, I used a scaffold pole and still struggled. I eventually resorted to switch off and wait to find out who shouted the loudest.
  26. kerching

    Bear in mind ........................

    I did mention this to the NICCY man a few years ago...his reply? thats marketing for you!
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  28. Geoff1946

    Adding batteries in series

    Yes, you've summarised it OK. Whilst what you suggest with two unmatched batteries works in theory there are so many variables that there is a VERY high risk of it all going wrong. I had assumed they were lithium ion types, hence my warning about fire, etc. The same principle (of early failure}, would equally apply with other battery types. The only batteries I would advocate using in series would be identical ones, of the same manufacturer and same age.
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