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  3. Sharpend

    Boiler tripping

    Concur with the doc. What testing have you done prior to or after the cu change?
  4. Sharpend

    Can I swap

    Was it for an old storage heater? Is there a voltage on the supplycable ?
  5. Great post. And I completely understand that. And you have put the point across without being completely condescending like a few other people on this thread. Anyway. Have changed the socket over and have had a qualified electrician round to confirm all is good. Thanks to the few people who have been helpful.
  6. Hefferl

    First TT installation

    Its an existing farm labourer's semi detached cottage - probably 60/70 years old . No obvious sign of any existing rod - I suspect earth is currently via water service (about 56 ohms) - but I haven't been able to get in and have a proper root around yet...
  7. Good morning sir I am writing to you with regards to the possibility of giving me a bit of casual work experience, I am 50 years old currently retraining to become an electrician. I am studying level 2 electrical installations at Grimsby college., I just need on-site experience I am fit and hard-working and very keen. I have enclosed my CV for your consideration. Regards . Charles lill.mr charles lill cv dox june 18.docxmr charles lill cv dox june 18.docx
  8. Julius, rather than learning the questions, learn the subject matter, it will garner you more knowledge in time. Andy
  9. Yesterday
  10. Good afternoon folks, We have what I suppose is a small consumer unit in our garage (with RCD breaker) on its own feed from the main consumer unit in the house (by which I mean it has its own switch on the board). This in turn feeds supply to a couple of sockets, garage door mechanism, lights. I want to run a new supply out to a garden room nearby, and I propose to run a length of 6 mm² SWA 3 core armoured cable to the garden room, directly into a double 13A socket (well I'll probably do into a junction box and take internal 3-core off that) with a 6A fused spur leading off to supply a single light and switch. Can I get away with that or do I need anything else? I'm assuming I don't need another fused spur before the socket for example? Kind regards Bob
  11. Tony S

    An ending:

    He ain't coming back. The letter taped to the door is from the court.
  12. Geoff1946

    Hi All

    As suggested, the MCB itself may have given up. I still think the inrush from 12 LED drivers could be damaging. I'm assuming you are sufficiently knowledgeable / competent to undertake fault finding! Remove the output wire from the MCB and see if it will reset now. If it does, it's probably OK. If it trips when re-connected, but with the light switch OFF then you have a short somewhere in the control circuit, ie the contactor, photocell or switch itself. - it can't be the lamps or their wiring if they are controlled via the contactor.
  13. Evans Electric

    Anyone got 7671:2004

    Just realised you're asking about the 16th edition Brown , which was right in front of me . Confirm what Sharpie says in 601-09-02 ...asking for RCD protection .
  14. phil d

    The new scam?

    I despise ANYTHING to do with this save the planet garbage, as far as I know it only benefits the wealthy, Take the car thing a few years ago giving several thousand pounds to people to replace their car, the people with the really old cars couldn't afford a new one, the people who did benefit were those with cars only a few years old, who would have replaced their cars anyway, but getting the few grand just made it cheaper for them. Global warming is a cyclical event, it's going to happen whatever we do, there are just a lot of people making a lot of money out of scaremongering!, Be honest, by the time it all comes to an end, none of us are going to be around, so the one's who've made good coin out of the scaremongering in our time will have had a good life anyway, at the expense of others. The sun is a finite thing, it is also something which is vital to the continuation of life on this planet, no sun=no life, yet it is merely a large ball of gas that will eventually run out! If something is going to happen then it will, and there's nothing me, you, or anyone else can do to prevent it, yes, we may delay the inevitable, but it will only be a delay, it's still going to happen. One thing nobody wants to do is to die, but we all will, now, suppose I made you an offer, if you gave me £10 a week, then I will give you a tablet and it will guarantee you immortality. Suppose you pay me this tenner for the next 20 or 30 years, then one day you die. Exactly what are you going to do about it?, nothing, because you are dead! You have faithfully paid me every week for the last 20 or 30 years, but you are still dead and there's absolutely nothing you can do about it! A few years ago the EU managed to rewrite the laws of physics, trust me, they did, they must have, because otherwise how was the idea of reduced wattages on appliances expected to work? They reduced the power of things such as hoovers, kettles and toasters, all this did was waste time and money, an old toaster say using 3Kw of electric was hot, it quickly browned the outside of the bread, leaving a soft centre, delicious.The new lower wattage toaster browns slower, hardening the bread and you end up with horrible toast. Water has a specific heat capacity of 4.2 joules per gram, this means that to raise the temperature of pure water by 1 degree requires 4.2 joules of energy, end of. So if it takes a 3Kw kettle 3 minutes to boil then the same kettle, with a 1500 watt element will take 6 minutes to boil, it''s basic physics, so where's the energy saving, there isn't one. Yet when an eminent physicist pointed this out to the idiots at the EU, they simply said he was wrong! A lower wattage hoover generally has weaker suction, so it takes longer to clean up than with a bigger one, so you still use the same or perhaps even more energy using a lower wattage. There are ways of saving energy, double glazing, wall insulation, thicker loft insulation for example, but as far as I'm concerned, there's a lot of money being made by a relatively small group of people creating fear among a relatively large group.
  15. Armeg UK

    Screwdriver bit research

    Hi Phil, I'm going to DM you about the Wood Beaver issue so as not to deviate too much from the original subject of the thread. Hope that's OK. You're right in the fact that it could be a problem to make products that last TOO long but that's not in our remit as a quality tool manufacturer. You only have to look at the longevity of our LDX , Acceler8 and even our PTC diamond tools to see that we do have products that have an incredibly long life. Regarding instructions, yes it is a source of frustration when people have problems caused by misuse that could have been avoided if they'd read the instructions. Particularly for me personally as I have a big hand in writing them! 🤣 Phil.
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