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  2. FACT, since the tory idiots have been in power, despite all their pidgeon-poop, they have DOUBLED the national debt. They have spent more money that they never had than labour ever have... Now, if you think that is not true, you show me figures to prove otherwise... You cannot, end of... john...
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  4. I saw a woman multi tasking on the motorway one day skirt over the top of her stockings fiddling with something between her legs, she was driving at 50mph in lane 2 at the time not sure whether she was coming or going somewhere Another day on the motorway traffic was a bit heavy and a car came alongside in lane 2 it was unusual as it was a left hand drive more unusual was the head in the drivers lap bobbing up and down yes the male driver was getting a BJ so he was obviously multi tasking, I must admit there are days when that sort of stress relief would help
  5. Thanks for that BD,I just wanted to make sure I was not falling foul of any authorities.
  6. Sometimes I want to go to Afghanistan, things at home can be so tough sometimes I wonder how hard can it be? I wonder what happened to @Bacon ??
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  9. Yep I suppose you can do that if you want . Speaking for myself I do as little beggering about with paperwork as I can, so as I say ......Cert to the bloke who ordered the work ..tick a few boxes online and thats it ....Phart Pee satisfied.
  10. BATTERIES,? That’s better, I can hear you now.
  11. The certificate should auto-renew but it appears not to be working. It will be fixed today, thankyou.
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  13. Thanks Roy for your order and your comments. Look forward to the photos. I have just done a DB for a new customer, feauturing my Stand Off Frame and back knockouts. They makevthe job easier, neater and safer.
  14. Asked wholesalers for a price on the Powerstar earlier ....obsolete item ....try the internet . Scarey how much gear I've fitted is already obsolete . I think we fitted that Crabtree panelboard about 5 years ago...client had paid us to date but went bust before I could fit the extra MCCB .
  15. Hi ya matey, if you're ever passing through Nottingham, call in and see Tony, he loves visitors, now if you brought some bongo's with you it would really make his day.
  16. Just been over to see my mate, took a couple of beers with me and he's feeling a lot happier about his sprained ankle, it has certain advantages, he very rarely gets a chance to drink as he's always driving somewhere. However he decided he'd have a beer as he can't drive with his ankle strapped up, the weather has took a turn for the worst and it's cold and windy, "you know something" he said staring out of the window, "it's a pity it's not sunny, it'd be great sitting in the garden and downing a few cans". As he said "I can't drive so I may as well have a drink", I don't think he'll be rushing back to work, do you?
  17. I still use a set of Drummond test lamps, prefer them to anything else oddly enough
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  19. There was a guy in the pub the other afternoon, doing his nut over his new I phone, not as clever as it thought it was, the final straw came when he wanted to put a "thumbs up" at the end of a text message. After much swearing and cursing he informed me that after all the problems he'd had with it, the final straw came when it asked him what colour of "thumbs up" he wanted? Apparently it had yellow, maybe for Chinese people? Brown, Asians? Black, n e g r o 's and finally a White one. That's all we effing need he exploded, a phone that's frightened of being accused of racism.
  20. I'm fed up with the lot of them, and I don't just mean travellers!, there's quite a few living near me, some on official sites, some in houses, and some who've bought 2 pieces of land and set up their own camps, apparently they don't need planning permission! Well I know they ain't got any and the council haven't been rushing round to fine them. Sunday is my day for wandering round my local car boot sale, it's my only form of relaxation, not any more, yesterday there were more eastern Europeans than English, wandering round. They all speak their own language, they're bloody rude.,and generally a pita. For the first time since I finished my therapy for PTSD, I really felt like hurting someone, the final straw came when one made a grab for something my wife was looking at, he suddenly changed his mind though, it would seem a growling snarling bloke means the same in any language! we left shortly after with me effing and blinding about how there's too many off them and they ought to start speaking English.
  21. Bet he'll be hot to trot to get back
  22. Have to agree with that comment as "common sense " seems to have "Left the building " . Sometimes ,as I've said before , all these rules & regulations pile up until some guys are scared to open their toolbox without taking legal advice. There was someone on here a while back looking for guidance on a shower install ...I was somewhat taken aback to see he was looking at a 16mm cable due to various factors . When "common sense" is applied to shower jobs the thing to bear in mind is a domestic shower only works for , say , 10 mins , but there we all are worrying about how deep the lagging is it clipped to a joist etc. What is different when appying the common sense rule would be if the same load was for a sub-main ...or ... (something I realised last year) electric shower in a dog grooming parlour which was in use all day long . I remember something from years ago , I changed from general contracting ( BS 7671 etc) to working on overhead cranes . Theres this humungous hoist motor that we would be wiring in 16mm say ...they only used 6mm which seemed crazy to me . But , the hoist only runs for about 10 - 15 seconds problem.
  23. Amazon have taken to selling two versions of many of their products. When I bought my latest kindle there was a cheap one that came with embedded advertising and a more expensive version with exactly the same specs that had no advertising built into it. Edit They're a bunch of underhanded courgettes though, they don't make it clear you're getting an advertising infested version, they say it 'includes special offers' inferring you're getting something beneficial bundled with it when in fact you're getting a device that regularly stops its primary function in order to force you to see a whole bunch of lettuce you have no interest in.
  24. Thanks Marvo, The fans both run. I removed the ice maker as the defrost timer/switch is in that assembly, I shorted a pair of cables and the compressor came on briefly. No error codes showing at all and I can not get the compressor to come on again with the short. I can get a S/H complete unit for £29 - is there anywhere where I can see a full drawing or at least a schematic? BTW, I took the compressor relay off the board and tested it and its fine so put it back.
  25. Ignoring the old Thread Alert because 100A Sw/Fuse is still for sale .
  26. Was at a job the other day (doing nothing to do with the electrics as it happens) and someone had clipped a load of 2.5's up the skirting, keeping it nice and flat... but then at the ends it was twisted tighter than I have ever seen a cable be twisted. What is wrong with just pulling it off the drum nice and flat, especially if you know you will be clipping it on the surface?
  27. Oh yes. I once drove about 3 hours to a job, with a small but very important part in my jacket pocket, only to arrive and find it wasn't in there, spent about 2 hours sourcing one "locally" and eventually arrived home half demented, my partner at the time could see I was annoyed the moment I entered the house. "had a bad day love? " she asked, "flaming terrible, drove 3 hours to fix a machine, then when I got there the damned part wasn't in my pocket where I left it" I moaned "then I spent nearly 2 hours finding another one". I poured myself a beer and sat down, "oh this you mean" she said, producing the part, "yes that's it what are you doing with it" I almost screamed, "well I was moving your coat and it fell out of the pocket, so I put it on the shelf" she replied matter of factly , I let out an exasperated scream, downed my beer and stormed off to bed!
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    Hi mate, I'm not sure why you are saying that I'm a ''spam account'' ? Yes, I've posted my business website on a thread called 'useful links', but that doesn't make me a 'spam account'. I hope you have a great day.
  29. Ideally the logical solution would be to fit a decent boiler. If the person that comes out to look at it says this isn't worth repairing then I'd agree with them, just so you know.
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