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  2. If you bought an AVO8 Mk3 your bank balance took a knock. The company bought me one 25+ years ago, with the case, just shy of £1000.
  3. Evans Electric

    Overkill bonding

    I just remembered a more silly example which I've posted before ............ earth jumpers on that flimsy Baco foil covering you see in boiler room pipe insulation . Had to just push a self tapper into it with a lug & some 2.5 mm .
  4. the rise of jobsworths and middlemen I think is more to do with de-regulation and limitation of the state leaving a vacuum into which any interfering arse can step and create an empire on BS. Bit like Libya, we got rid of Gaddafi and now the country is split into god knows how many warring factions fighting for control...with the ordinary people stuck in the middle suffering. A lot gets blamed on the EU (some of it deservedly) but I really think the issue is deeper than that.
  5. parmageddon

    Automatic Gates cable question

    Best quote so far was £2,600, that was with a videx GSM intercom.
  6. Dave Taylor

    Horseman centaur 7

    Thanks for the above. When I originally looked at the wiring diagram for the new one, 1 and 3 (of 4) seemed to be the equivalent of 1 and Y1 on the old one (Y2 was not used). I will have to get hold of the new diagram again and try 1 and 2. But currently, I am in England and the thermostat is fitted in France! i'll get back to you. regards
  7. Oh heck! Bit more than I expected there. Thank you, and I'll have a browse later.
  8. Yesterday
  9. lol yes mate I can work that bit out. thanks
  10. As I said, change the sounder. 99.9% of external sounders will work on any panel.
  11. With five employees, a collection of stunning South Coast beauty spots and a dog called Herbie, Marshall-Tufflex’s brilliant new short film promoting its commitment to protecting the environment. The business taking part in activities they are passionate about in the outdoor environment, from dog walking to surfing, fishing to running, all set against gorgeous East Sussex locations including the Seven Sisters Country Park and Hastings Country Park. The aim of the film is two-fold; to inform the market that Marshall-Tufflex products are made from an average of 80% recycled material across their PVC-U ranges and to give an insight into the environmentally responsible philosophy and manufacturing process of the cable management market-leader. Supporting the film launch is a series of press advertisements featuring each member of staff. “The film perfectly captures the passion and commitment we have for the environment,” said Marshall-Tufflex Marketing Manager Katie Barnes. “It showcases the beauty of our locality brilliantly, which only serves to reinforce our desire to do all in our power to protect the environment. We’re very proud to be using our staff in the campaign; Hannah, Craig, Dave, Rob, Debbie and Herbie the dog, who star in the film, really enjoyed being part of this project and helping to tell Marshall-Tufflex’s great environmental story.” The manufacturer sources the majority of its recycled plastic from the window industry – hence the campaign theme ‘A Window into Cable Management’. This top-grade PVC-U comprises waste material from manufacturing and fabrication activities and is stronger and more durable than extrusion grade virgin material. “We’ve been using recycled plastic in our PVC-U products for more than 20 years,” added Katie. “Nothing has changed in terms of quality, strength, colour, finish or price and we divert thousands of tonnes of waste plastic from landfill each year. We’d like the rest of the industry to join us and commit to using recycled materials in their products by 2028.” Creative Director Toby Hamilton said: “By featuring members of the Marshall-Tufflex team in the campaign we were able to communicate their shared and common values in a really engaging and genuine way. We believe the end result is a powerful and emotive campaign that we sincerely hope will help Marshall-Tufflex achieve its environmental aims and bring about real change in their industry.” More info on Marshall-Tufflex Brand: MARSHALL-TUFFLEX LTD Topic: Cables Wiring and Wiring Accessories Thumbnail image: Teaser: The short film was produced by the Drummer Agency, in Heathfield, East Sussex. Type: Manufacturer News Main image(s): Date of publication: 18/10/2018 Target group: Voltimum View the full article
  12. Megger Jase

    ISSWWW Updates & Offers

    Hello All As I mentioned last week, we would like to present to you below a new collaboration between ourselves and our friends at Chauvin Arnoux, both of us being major sponsors of the TEF forum. The aim is to bring you a genuine quality offer with real savings on a regular basis. All you have to do is take the link to ISSWWW to find out more, but trust us it's well worth the visit (if you're looking for what's on offer of course). This particular offer runs through to the end of the year, so they'll be something new for the new year. We've tested the mechanics of the checkout process should you wish to purchase, but in the event you do find something not working then please shout here and I'll sort it quickly for you. Please click here to go to the ISSSWWW forum members area and get your unique forum members coupon code which you will need at the checkout to get your BIG 30% discount and place your order. Thanks everyone.
  13. Electrical contractors can now access Rexel products on the move using its brand new app – launched this month (October). The leading electrical distributor is making life much easier for its customers by offering everything available on its webshop via the app, which is optimised for use on handheld devices. The Rexel app is available to download on the App Store on on Google Play. The new app also has the ability to build a basket which can be shared with colleagues, and the account functionality allows customers to limit spend capacity on an account, store invoice history and store their own pricing. And stock visibility is also improved as online customers can check for specific products and order online into branch or for delivery. Existing customers with a Rexel trade account that order their products before 12 noon located within certain postcodes will be eligible for same day delivery – something offered by Rexel only this year. Other features that are available via the app and on the Rexel webshop include the ability for new customers to register online for a Rexel trade account, with a decision made in just 10 seconds concerning eligibility. Shopping lists can also be saved as job lists, so for similar jobs you can simply refer to your previous product requirements, saving valuable time. Brand: No Brand Topic: Testing Tools and Equipment Internet of Things Thumbnail image: Teaser: A new feature not available before allows app users to scan the barcodes of products they are running low on and re-order via their account, making the whole process quicker and easier than ever before. Type: Manufacturer News Main image(s): Date of publication: 18/10/2018 Target group: Voltimum View the full article
  14. From January 2019 every event will need to be compliant with BS 7671:2018; having pre-built equipment that you can easily re-use is fine, until it needs changing. So what changes are likely to affect the industry? The IET asked some of the Association of British Theatre Technicians (ABTT) companies for comment on the 18th Edition, and how it might affect their businesses. Chapter 41 Chapter 41, which covers protection for electric shock, sees quite a few changes. Currently Table 41.1 requires circuits under 32 A to have a disconnection time of 0.4 seconds, whereas this is being increased to 63 A going forwards. This is not a problem if you use miniature circuit breakers for protection, as the operating time is the same between 0.1 and 5 seconds. However, as Mark White, EU Sales Manager for the international stage lighting manufacturer ETC notes: “Many theatres still have legacy equipment with re-wireable fuses in them; they won’t pass muster anymore. It could have financial implications for some.” Regulation 411.3.3 Regulation 411.3.3 requires the use of 30 mA RCDs to provide additional protection against the risk of electric shock. It has been revised and now applies to socket-outlets with a rated current not exceeding 32 A indoors. In events, both single and three-phase 32 A circuits are often used for distribution, powering other units with appropriate RCD protection on final circuits. There is of course the problem of ensuring appropriate selectivity (formerly referred to as ‘discrimination’) between devices, and ensuring that unwanted operation of RCDs does not occur given the normal leakage currents from equipment. Richard Bunn, Senior Consultant for Venues with Consultancy Arup, Bunn says: “The rise of LED based luminaires with smaller loads and deliberate leakage currents associated with EMC filtering is presenting a significant challenge for distribution strategies. The limiting factor on the number of luminaires that may be connected to a circuit has once again become avoidance of unwanted tripping of the RCD rather than total load on the circuit. This will impact the design of new connection panels for temporary equipment.” AFDDs For the first time in a while, a new type of protective device makes a debut in this Edition - the Arc Fault Disconnection Device (AFDD). These devices can identify arcing in a circuit and will provide protection for insidious faults like cable damage or equipment failure where there may not be enough current flowing to operate other protection such as circuit breakers, but enough to start a fire. Currently they are recommended in final circuits where there’s a heightened risk of fire or the effects thereof i.e. sleeping accommodation, locations storing flammable substances or installations at risk of fire such as old wooden buildings for example. This is where they could come in particularly useful; many old theatres are full of old timbers in stages and roof structures for example. They usually contain lots of old wiring and equipment too – as such retrofitting AFDDs could provide significant benefits. Regulation 521.10.202 Another change is the need to protect cables against premature collapse in the event of a fire. Regulation 521.10.202 has been updated and now requires cables to be adequately supported against their premature collapse in the event of a fire. This now applies throughout the installation and not just in escape routes. SPDs Surge Protection Devices (SPDs) are not a new introduction to BS 7671, but the relevant Section in BS 7671 has been substantially revised. That requirement has now changed and protection against transient overvoltages has to be provided where the consequence caused by overvoltage (Regulation 443.4): (a) Results in serious injury to, or loss of, human life, or (b) Results in interruption of public services/or damage to and cultural heritage, or (c) Results in interruption of commercial or industrial activity, or (d) Affects a large number of co-located individuals. To read the full article, please visit Wiring Matters. Thumbnail image: Teaser: By: James Eade Type: Technical Articles Main image(s): Date of publication: 18/10/2018 Target group: Voltimum View the full article
  15. Thanks Ardet, I thought it might not be that simple. Will get someone in to have a look for me. Cheers Geoff for your idea, will have a think about it. Greatly appreciate your advice.
  16. Pete10001

    Unconventional termination of SWA

    No CU change required, gland the SWA into the enclosure as normal, use a Piranha lock nut and earth the Armour via a suitable size lead from the nut to the earth bar, as you normally would
  17. Pete10001

    Identify rccd tripper

    Turn the Clock Radio and C.H off before you go to bed, if the RCD doesn't trip in the morning, then that would probably rule those two items out, if it's possible to do the same with the two Fridges, you could eliminate the faulty item, or get the appliances tested.
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  20. Dimensions Quality assurance Labelling (process) Pressure Locking rings Surface treatment Roughness (surface) Tolerances (measurement) Designations Packaging Pipe fittings Pipe couplings Marking Installation Locking and locating devices Aircraft components Surface texture Mass View the full article
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  24. Linear density Breaking load Tex Polyethylene Man-made fibre ropes Braided cords Marking Strands Polyolefin fibres Ropes Fibre ropes Designations View the full article
  25. Transport Safety Telephone systems Computerized telephone systems Telephone networks View the full article
  26. Radiographic testing Wires Photographic images Dimensions Quality Image distortion Dimensional tolerances Non-destructive testing Marking Radiography View the full article
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