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  2. To the shame of our profession this is the only one I've ever seen .
  3. Two cannibals

    Two cannibals kill and eat a clown . After one says to the other .." Did that taste funny to you ?"
  4. Vehicle charging outlets

    So what are we looking at ? Whats with the MCB ...Type C is it ? Whats with the earthing ? You connect an earth cable I presume . Oh don't tell me !!! It 's got to have a rod ? What would be the difference between me installing that Fork lift truck charger and installing an electric car charger . Truck job was a 32 TP C breaker , a run of SWA . an isolator , a battery charger (supplied) . Should I have taken an NICEIC course ?
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  6. Problem with electrician Can anyone help

    Just to give another electricians perspective on things.... 1/ Yes a competent electrician should be doing correct testing and certifying his/her work on a document that matches the standard model forms in the back of the wiring regs... BUT 2/ It is also very common for a job to involve a first-fix stage prior to plastering, then a second fix stage after the plasterers have been and done their stuff...... SO 3/ If the electrician genuinely thought that some plastering was needed before he returned to complete the works..... Then NO certificates would have been issued at this point.
  7. 13amp Plug & Play hot tub

    All you have mentioned so far is MCB's, Mini Consumer unit and connected to house with MCB......... No actual detail of cable sizes, protective device ratings, or what rating the RCD is? Without a few more facts and numbers its a bit like asking do you reckon me and my mates will be alright to get a Christmas meal at the pub down the road....? With no mention of dates or numbers of guests, its all quite hit and miss ?? Don't think anyone could offer much more guidance without some specifications and numbers to crunch..
  8. FLAT twin and earth

    Only if you put it into shear, or the start of shear.
  9. no,I'll give it a go,i know its for nobo heating systems but ive asked nobo but they dont have any info on it :? thanks sharpend Thanks Hefferl, that must be it!!! different product name but exactly the same bit of kit by the look of it.Thank you very much , top man!!!
  10. having seen how an immaculate rental property can deteriorate in 5 years due to tennants, 5 years is quite reasonable in my opinion. I don't recommend replacement of 16th edition boards, afaic, they are perfectly adequate for rental purposes
  11. Train 1.5hrs with walk at either end. Much happier and only a few quid!!! Why do people in London have vehicle?
  12. ISSWWW Updates & Offers

    Hi All LIMITED TIME ON EXCLUSIVE BLACK FRIDAY OFFERS! Reduced Prices On Best Sellers Only While Stocks Last! Hurry! Ends 26th November www.isswww.co.uk
  13. The measurement, understanding, and reporting of power quality in distribution systems requires capturing large amounts of data and then spending hours to analyse and report. With powerful software that automates setup, analysis, and reporting, the Fluke 1740 Series Power Quality Loggers simplify the collecting and reporting of critical utility power quality trends. The compact Fluke 1740 Series Power Quality Loggers are used for studying and monitoring utility power quality and demand to industry standards. They offer advanced data aggregation and analysis that saves time, reduces manpower, and eliminates errors associated with traditional data collection and reporting. The Fluke 1740 series loggers are fully compliant with the international power quality standard IEC 61000-4-30 and meet Class A requirements. They are capable of simultaneously logging more than 500 parameters for each averaging period, allowing technicians to analyse power quality in detail and to correlate intermittent events with detailed waveform data to identify the root cause of disturbances. The included software makes it quick and easy to setup the logger, and automates the complex task of analysing and reporting the data. The software features: Easy setup in the field or workshop with PC application software: connect using Wi-Fi, wired Ethernet connection, or USB cable to setup the instrument, download logged data or download directly to USB memory stick. Energy Analyze Plus application software: download, analyse and report every measured detail of energy consumption and power quality state-of-health with automated reporting. One touch reporting: create standardised reports according to commonly used standards like EN 50160, IEEE 519, GOST 33073, or export data in PQDIF or NeQual compatible format for use with third-party software. Advanced analysis: choose any available logged parameter to create a highly-customised view of logged measurements for advanced correlation of data. An optimised user interface, flexible current probes, and an intelligent measurement verification function that allows technicians to digitally verify and correct connections makes setup easy and reduces measurement uncertainty. Connection errors are automatically indicated via an amber light on the unit’s power button which turns green once corrected. Because measurement and logged data can be viewed using a wireless Wi-Fi connection, the 1740 Series minimises technicians’ time in potentially hazardous environments and reduces the hassle of suiting up in personal protective equipment. The loggers are rated 600V CAT IV/ 1000V CAT III for use at the service entrance and downstream. Fluke is the market leader in portable power quality instrumentation solutions and the Fluke 1740 is the latest product in a range of products that includes the Fluke 430-II series analysers. Information about all Fluke products can be obtained via the Fluke web site at www.fluke.co.uk. Brand: Fluke Topic: Testing Tools and Equipment Electrical Test Equipment Thumbnail image: Teaser: Fluke 1740 Series Three-Phase Power Quality Loggers simplify collecting and reporting of critical utility PQ data. Type: Manufacturer News Main image(s): Links Power Quality: Measuring the relevant parameters This CPD-accredited webinar, delivered by Fluke, will cover what power quality is and what it looks in real situations. Fluke introduces the 438-II Power Quality and Motor Analyser The 438-II from Fluke analyses electrical and mechanical performance on operational motors to extend system lifespan, without mechanical sensors Measure voltage and current without test leads Fluke T6 Electrical Testers with FieldSense Technology allow electricians to measure — not just detect — voltage and current without test leads Date of publication: 23/11/2017 Target group: Voltimum View the full article
  14. According to PE Magazine ....................

    Google shows them as an online electrical wholesaler Murdo.
  15. Social integrator

    As I recall SI is a BOT.
  16. The milestone project, involving installing more than 14,000 Philips connected LED streetlights in the City of Cardiff, supports safety and security in the Welsh capital and will help reduce the city’s carbon footprint through massive energy savings and increased operational efficiencies. The network of street lights, monitored and controlled remotely by Philips CityTouch, provides Cardiff with a scalable digital infrastructure that may be upgraded to provide additional smart city services. · City of Cardiff takes major step to become a smart city and reduce its carbon footprint by installing more than 14,000 connected LED streetlights · System to reduce electricity for lighting by 60%, saving more than GBP 750,000 per year while supporting safety and security of citizens · Project follows public consultation and offers digital infrastructure for future smart city services The Cardiff project marks the 1,000th implementation of Philips CityTouch, just five years after its launch in 2012. The management system is now in use in 37 countries with Cardiff joining cities such as Amsterdam, Buenos Aires, Jakarta, Los Angeles and Toronto. Connected lighting infrastructure The first stage of the Cardiff project, the installation of more than 14,000 energy-efficient Philips Luma LED street lights, is nearing completion. Contractor Centregreat is undertaking the installation which will be completed in about half the time originally allotted by the Council. Each light point is being connected wirelessly to Philips CityTouch, which is used to monitor, control and manage the entire lighting network. This enables lighting managers to dim or increase the brightness of street lights to meet the needs of the city at any given moment. For example, brightness levels can be increased near busy crossings or to help emergency services. Philips CityTouch also offers a powerful lighting asset management capability. Through a web browser, the lighting manager has multiple screens and a map-based view of the city’s lighting assets and workflows. He or she can monitor network performance in near real time, pin-point faults and dispatch crews to precise locations, eliminating the need for night crews to drive around looking for faulty lights. Switching to connected LED lighting is expected to reduce electricity used for lighting by 60% with estimated savings for the Council of more than GBP 750,000 per year. This efficiency will contribute to the UK’s goal to lower CO2 emissions by 34% by 2021 and Cardiff’s aspiration to be a one planet city by 2050. Enhancing quality of life Cardiff has approximately 360,000 residents and 20 million visitors a year[1]. To determine the impact of lighting on the lives of its citizens, Philips Lighting and Cardiff City Council, along with consultancy firm Jacobs Ltd, researched public views on the city’s current street lighting to assess potential options. The findings were instrumental to Cardiff selecting luminaires giving 3,000 Kelvin warm white light. The research also involved consultation with people with visual and hearing impairment. Philips CityTouch gives the Council the ability to remotely adjust the level of light for partially-sighted citizens who may want brighter lighting outside their home. “We looked at a broad range of factors when selecting our new connected lighting system. Our top priorities were to ensure maximum benefit for our citizens and capitalize on potential cost and energy savings. Philips Lighting has given us an infrastructure that will grow with our needs and provide quality light to make our citizens feel safer. With continual monitoring, we can now respond instantly – such as increasing light levels at peak times outside schools and hospitals,” said Chris Jones, Lead Electrical Officer at Cardiff City Council. “Our connected street lighting will contribute to a safer environment for the citizens of Cardiff and will enable the city to achieve savings in energy and enjoy operational efficiencies. It provides a scalable and flexible digital infrastructure which gives the city options for the future, such as inputting data into smart city dashboards or adding sensors that could, for example, monitor noise or traffic,” said Jacques Letzelter, Head of Public Lighting for Philips Lighting. “It’s fitting that Cardiff represents the 1,000th project to use our Philips CityTouch street lighting management system: a city and a technology shaping the future.” Flexible management system Philips CityTouch is a highly scalable and flexible management system, used to manage lighting in small towns to megacities around the globe. The software system is used to manage Philips luminaires as well as those from other vendors. Cardiff joins successful installations in the UK including in Warrington, Trafford, Isle of Wight, Hounslow, Croydon and Lewisham. Please click here for more information on smart city lighting. Brand: Philips Lighting Topic: Lighting External Applications Synchronization sites: www.voltimum.ie Thumbnail image: Teaser: Philips Lighting, the world leader in street lighting, today announced that it has delivered its 1,000th project using its Philips CityTouch streetlight management system. Type: Manufacturer News Keywords: street lighting Main image(s): Date of publication: 23/11/2017 Target group: Voltimum View the full article
  17. The Wiha magazine bit holder LiftUp 26one® has now garnered four design awards. In October 2017, both the German Brand Award 2018 and the Focus Open Silver 2017 went to the Black Forest hand tool manufacturer for this product innovation. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/coDfUwxIHwU" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> Combining 26 different screw fastening types in a single tool, it conveniently provides the user with thirteen easy-to-remove double bits in its handle and bit holder. Its design offers a variety of advantages for users in trade and industry: this multitool not only helps users to save space and lighten loads when transporting tools, but also saves considerable time otherwise spent changing or searching for tools. Bits can be selected, removed and returned at the press of a button, bringing a true benefit in terms of increased efficiency and ergonomics. This Wiha innovation had already won the if DESIGN Award 2017 and red dot Award 2017 early this year. The German Design Award is one of the world's most respected design competitions and imposes exacting standards when it comes to selecting award winners. Only those products and communication design services which clearly stand out from rivals due to their design quality are invited to enter the competition during the comprehensive nomination process. All jury members are renowned experts in their fields. The award ceremony will take place in February 2018. Presented by the jury at the Design Center Baden Württemberg, the Focus Open Silver 2017 award provides an equally valid confirmation of product quality. The expert jury evaluates all the international entries based on criteria such as design quality, appeal, functionality, innovation content, ergonomics, interface design, usability and sustainability. "We regard this award and the declared aim of this competition – highlighting tendencies in design and uncovering totally new solutions – as a very clear recognition of our design and development work," says a pleased Ronny Lindskog, Marketing and Sales Director at Wiha Werkzeuge GmbH. Brand: Wiha Topic: Hand Tools Thumbnail image: Teaser: The German manufacturer takes home the German Brand Award 2018 & Focus Open Silver Award 2017 Type: Manufacturer News Main image(s): Links Wiha launches 115-piece electrician's tool case German hand tool manufacturer, Wiha, has unveiled its new, second-generation Electrician's Competence XXL tool case. TriCut Pliers: Three functions in one hand tool The TriCut pliers tackle the three working steps "cutting to length, stripping, and skinning" all at once. In addition, an angled head enables ergonomic work, even in hard-to-reach areas, such as distribution boxes. The new Wiha Stubby VDE screwdriver The new Wiha Stubby VDE screwdriver with a bit holder for slimBits measures just 105 mm and offers full protective insulation Date of publication: 23/11/2017 Target group: Voltimum View the full article
  18. Available as an optional accessory, this new unit allows three-phase transformers to be conveniently tested without the need to reconfigure the test lead connections for each phase. The added benefit is that switching between phases is controlled manually from the test set without the need for additional climbing. Also newly introduced is the TDX accessory unit, which facilitates the use of TRAX test sets to perform tan delta and capacitance measurements. The TRAX/TDX combination can also be used to measure the excitation current of transformer windings and, with an optional test capacitor, to perform automatic tip-up tests and HV turns-ratio testing. Megger’s TRAX test sets have been specifically designed to offer a convenient and comprehensive solution for transformer and general substation testing. They are capable of performing more than 20 different test functions, including measurement of winding resistance, turns ratio, excitation current, short-circuit impedance, tan delta, capacitance, frequency response of stray losses, CT and VT testing, and circuit breaker timing and motion analysis. Despite the wide range of functions offered by these novel instruments, they are exceptionally light and compact. The TRAX220, which has a maximum AC current capability of 200 A, is the lightest test set of its type, weighing just 32 kg in its transport case, which means that it can be transported by air as check-in luggage. All TRAX test sets have an intuitive user interface that offers full manual control or guided testing using the built-in TRAX apps. Each of these apps implements a specific test function – for example, turns ratio measurement or winding resistance measurement – and automatically configures the instrument for the selected test. All unnecessary information is removed from the display, with only information relevant to the test in hand remaining. This app-based approach makes TRAX test sets easy to work with and eliminates the need for extensive user training. These innovative test sets can generate and measure a wide range of currents and voltages with high precision. The TRAX220 has a maximum AC current output capability of 200 A, while the TRAX280 extends this to 800 A. For both units this can be further extended to 2000 A with an optional current booster. Other key features of Megger’s new and innovative TRAX test sets include state-of-the-art transformer winding resistance measurements with test currents up to 100 A true DC at up to 50 V compliance voltage; dynamic on-load tap changer (OLTC) measurements; exceptional interference suppression to secure accurate readings even in high noise switchyards. A wide operating frequency range of 5 to 500 Hz (1 to 500 Hz for tan delta measurements); individual temperature correction of tan delta measurements using Megger’s patented technology; and automatic voltage dependence detection, which is another unique feature covered by Megger patents. Brand: Megger Topic: Testing Tools and Equipment Electrical Test Equipment Thumbnail image: Teaser: Megger has further increased the versatility of its groundbreaking TRAX substation test system by introducing the TSX300 three-phase switchbox. Type: Manufacturer News Keywords: Three-phase support Main image(s): Date of publication: 23/11/2017 Target group: Voltimum View the full article
  19. Currently, in the UK 16 million people are experiencing mental health issues, and according to the recent Government-commissioned report, 300,000 people with a long-term mental health problem lose their job every year. Time to Change’s ‘State of Stigma’ survey also revealed that 90% of people with mental health problems are still experiencing some form of stigma, whether from friends and family or at work. The same report also stated that 60% of people in the UK wait over a year to tell those closest to them about their mental health problems. The Electrical Industries Charity’s latest records show that in the electrical sector only 5% of people share their problems with their partner. To address these concerning statistics and to end the stigma of mental health problems, while helping people with mental health problems, the Electrical Industries Charity has launched the Employee Assistance Programme. With its Employee Assistance Programme, the Charity has helped many people who are faced with mental health problems. Danny is one of many examples and his story highlights how the right level of support can help someone to change their way of life. Danny's Story Danny was a qualified electrician and for many years had his own successful business. Unfortunately, it started to lose money rapidly which caused a decline in his physical and mental health and not long after losing his business, his marriage also broke down. Danny suffered a complete mental breakdown, and when he was released from the hospital, he was put on a high level of medication which left him unable to work due to the residual anxiety and depression. Danny was renting a two-bedroom house so that he could have his daughter stay with him on alternate weekends, however, his discretionary extra housing benefit was stopped, which left him with a £400 per month shortfall. It was at this point that Danny contacted the Charity who immediately offered him one to one counselling. The Charity also provided financial support for his rent and through its partnership with NAPIT helped him to register with a work scheme – covering his registration fees and providing him with all of the necessary tools that were needed to help him to continue with his career as a successful electrician. Danny was able to access support when he needed it and is now on the journey to recovery. But there are others like Danny who still need our support. In 2017 the Electrical Industries Charity saw their biggest increase in individuals accessing counselling services, with 1 in 3 cases encompassing mental health issues, including stress and depression. The Charity’s records show that men respond best to telephone counselling with a female counsellor and that under 21’s respond well to online counselling services. The right level of support can make a huge difference for those who are faced with mental health problems. Show your support for people who are dealing with mental health problems by joining the Charity’s Employee Assistance Programme and help to end the stigma of mental health. For more information, please contact Vicky Gray: vicky.gray@electricalcharity.org www.electricalcharity.org Brand: Electrical Industries Charity Topic: Data & Networking Synchronization sites: www.voltimum.ie Thumbnail image: Teaser: In the past few months, mental health issues have been more openly discussed in the public domain. Many of you may be aware that 1 in 4 of us will experience mental health problems in our lifetime. Type: Industry News Keywords: mental health Main image(s): Date of publication: 23/11/2017 Target group: Voltimum View the full article
  20. Hi Guys How do i wire an NEST thermostat into an Glow warm flexicom cx boiler? https://www.glow-worm.co.uk/glow-worm/flexicom-cx-157167.pdf - Manuals https://www.google.co.uk/search?tbm=isch&sa=1&ei=TDEWWpDoAqzBgAawooqQAQ&q=nest+wiring+uk&oq=nest+wiring+uk&gs_l=psy-ab.3..0i30k1j0i8i30k1l4.3775.4279.0.4492. Thanks Any help would be great!
  21. Last week
  22. Apollo Lighting

    http://www.apollolighting.co.uk/about-us/ According to their "about us" page they started in 1989 primarily as low energy lighting for the health-care sector. Possibly anyone who has worked in hospitals etc may have more hands on experience of their products? Also a relatively young company at under 30yrs old. Doc H.
  23. strange one

    That's what I like about you Rev, a very humble person who doesn't like to blow his own trumpet
  24. Happy Steve saying hello

    Welcome to the forum Steve! The "friendliest electrical forum" is to be taken with a pinch of salt; sometimes I wonder if it's meant to be ironic.
  25. This builds on the agreement, announced in July, which allowed customers of both organisations to benefit from mutual expertise and specialisms, thus finally provided a truly joined up approach in offering services to the industry. The BSI Kitemark™ was one of the first quality marks in the world and is over 110 years old and is one of the most recognised symbols of quality and safety throughout the world today with recognition of greater than 82% amongst the UK population. This ground-breaking scheme will give the industry a truly world-leading third-party verification scheme, which includes product performance as well as safety, meaning where you see the certification you will be able to not only trust the safety of the product but also the manufacturer's performance claims. As part of the new joined-up approach, the testing and auditing of products can be performed at the LIA’s laboratory in Telford. As Europe's largest independent test laboratory dedicated to lighting and the leading provider for testing and certification within the industry, you can be confident your products are in the best of hands. The combined approach in bringing this scheme to market will be fundamental in the future development of the lighting industry, helping it to face new challenges in terms of quality, safety and providing trusted market assurance. For more information check out www.thelia.org.uk/laboratory. Brand: LIA Topic: Regulations and Legislation Lighting Thumbnail image: Teaser: The Lighting Industry Association (LIA) and the BSI Group (British Standards Institution) can now announce the intention to bring the lighting industry a new Product Verification Scheme that will carry the BSI Kitemark. Type: Industry News Main image(s): Links LIA continues to develop the lighting community’s future Lighting Industry Academy continues to develop the lighting community’s bright and exciting future. Since its launch last year, over 600 students have passed through the Academy’s doors. Unmetered supplies user group and the LIA laboratory Is your equipment used within the UMSO system to calculate volumes of electricity consumed? One Industry One Voice - WEEE Regulations 'Open Scope' Join the LIA, Defra And Environmental Agency To Discuss The Government’s WEEE Consultation and Open Scope Date of publication: 22/11/2017 Target group: Voltimum View the full article
  26. A major stumbling block for the growth of IoT ecosystems is the issue of security. At a smart home level, people are concerned about someone hacking into their lighting or security devices. Move up to a smart city level, where we are talking about traffic lights, transit and sewage systems, then the stakes get even higher. If trust in IoT is to grow, then all stakeholders need to be confident that the infrastructure behind it is secure. Enter blockchain. Blockchain is the technology behind secure cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. In this context, it acts as a shared ledger that records transactions and creates trustworthy and transparent processes. In a typical blockchain network, all involved in a process can see (and validate) the information that applies to them digitally, reducing the need for duplication of effort and intermediaries. It runs on a consensus model where validity must be agreed by all. Assets need to be traceable and all transactions, even incorrect ones, are recorded. The ledger is distributed across multiple computers and access is controlled via cryptography so all participants are verified as legitimate. Further cryptographic techniques can be applied to ensure privacy, with data partitioning techniques used to ensure certain pieces of information are seen only by those who have permission to see them. Essentially, with everything decentralised, it makes the ledger harder to access without authorisation or for data to be tampered with as it is less reliant on the integrity of one central server. Every participant in the blockchain will have the ability to identify and authenticate one another reliably. Applications in the IoT As applications of the IoT in the home start involving autonomous transactions (Refrigerators ordering groceries etc.) and expand into smart cities, the IoT ecosystem starts growing to levels that traditional centralised networks can’t efficiently, or securely, support. By incorporating blockchain, devices and ‘things’ can form a mesh network and authenticate interaction automatically using the unique identity of each ‘thing’ in the network. So, is blockchain the answer? Well, it is definitely an answer. Blockchain is a technology that has proven its worth in cryptocurrency and, in theory, looks well suited to the demands of future IoT infrastructures. It is more scalable than traditional security methods and ensures data remains legitimate and reliable. Manufacturers are already at looking at ways they can use mesh networks, alongside access and identification biometrics, to provide quick verification and prevent compromised devices having an influence over networks. We are still only scratching the surface of blockchain’s potential, and the technology still has a way to go before it is ready to cater for the smart cities of the future. Still, the adoption of blockchain will at least offer IoT sceptics some assurance that, as connected technologies are evolving, so too are the methods of reliably securing them. Brand: Voltimum Topic: Internet of Things Smart Homes & Building Automation Thumbnail image: Teaser: Data and network security is still a major talking point when discussing the future of the IoT. As we start seeing the crucial systems in our buildings and across our cities becoming increasingly connected and dependent on one another, the need to guard these ‘things’ against malicious attacks becomes imperative. One way of doing this is to incorporate Blockchain. Type: Technical Articles Main image(s): Links Research suggests Brits are still unsure about smart homes Smart home technology looks set to reduce energy bills and the cost of home insurance but research from MoneySuperMarket reveals that many are sceptical of the potential risks. Cable vs Wireless: The smart choice? Easy install, wireless solutions can certainly make a home smarter, but a fully integrated “smart home” requires a more sophisticated approach. Here’s why you should add structured wiring installation to your skillset. Giving smart homes a voice Voice control has captured the public’s imagination by showing the possibilities of connected living. Here we look at why this is good news for electricians and installers working in the smart homes market. Date of publication: 22/11/2017 Target group: Voltimum View the full article
  27. Schneider Electric, the global specialist in energy management and automation, today announced the latest group of EcoXpert™ partners to achieve Master Level status in Critical Power. These companies represent the most innovative Schneider Electric partners who leverage the latest in IoT-enabled technology to deliver improved power availability, safety and operational efficiency to their customers. The award-winning EcoXpert Partner Program is a worldwide network of Schneider Electric trained and certified partners who specialise in power management, building optimisation and energy efficiency. Its 3,000 members hail from 40 countries and represent the world’s leading system integrators, application providers and technology companies. Partners who achieve Master Level status represent the top percentile of companies that are trained and certified by Schneider Electric as leaders in their field of expertise, including Critical Power, Building Automation, Lighting & Room Control and Data Connectivity. “We congratulate the 2018 Critical Power EcoXpert Masters for their innovative approach to take power distribution to the next level,” said Laurent Bataille, executive vice president, EcoBuilding Division, Schneider Electric. “These partners have proven to be trusted experts capable of turning electrical data into informed business decisions. We are proud to partner with our network of Critical Power EcoXperts to pioneer the future of electrical distribution, leveraging the EcoStruxure™ Power platform to enable enhanced connectivity, real-time operations and smart analytics in facilities all over the world.” The 2018 EcoXpert Master Level Partners in Critical Power are: Abampere – Argentina AF Switchgear – United Kingdom Alianza Energetica del Baijo – Mexico Applied Power Technologies (APT) – United States Azzo – Australia E&I Engineering – Ireland EMR – Portugal Energy Insights – South Africa Endoks – Turkey Global Power Technologies (GPT) – United States Hongsheng Control Technology (吉林弘昇) – China Indexel Engineering – India Mardix – United Kingdom Metrum – Brazil PowerPeg – Hong Kong Powertech System Integrators (PTSI) – South Africa Quasar – New Zealand SAM-A Techno Solutions – Korea Seace Electric (杭州赛辰) – China Vortmann – Germany Master Level EcoXpert partners are nominated annually by Schneider Electric EcoXpert channel managers. All EcoXpert partners receive a number of benefits including professional development, continuous coaching on the latest technologies and solutions from Schneider Electric, co-branding opportunities and access to the global EcoXpert community to drive new opportunities and expand project scopes. EcoXpert Critical Power companies are trained and accredited by Schneider Electric on EcoStruxure Power, an IoT-enabled digital architecture and platform for power distribution and management in buildings. EcoStruxure Power improves power availability and safety by continually monitoring an entire facility network and improving protection against shock, fire and explosion. It monitors power quality and asset status and automates maintenance operations to quickly apply corrective action in case of an outage. To learn more and join the Schneider Electric EcoXpert Partner Program, visit https://www.schneider-electric.com/en/partners/ecoxpert/ or contact your local Schneider Electric representative. About Schneider Electric Schneider Electric is leading the Digital Transformation of Energy Management and Automation in Homes, Buildings, Data Centers, Infrastructure and Industries. With global presence in over 100 countries, Schneider Electric is the undisputable leader in Power Management – Medium Voltage, Low Voltage and Secure Power, and in Automation Systems. We provide integrated efficiency solutions, combining energy, automation and software. In our global Ecosystem, we collaborate with the largest Partner, Integrator and Developer Community on our Open Platform to deliver real-time control and operational efficiency. We believe that great people and partners make Schneider Electric a great company and that our commitment to Innovation, Diversity and Sustainability ensures that Life Is On everywhere, for everyone and at every moment. Brand: Schneider Electric Topic: Smart Homes & Building Automation Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Thumbnail image: Teaser: Partners demonstrate leadership in implementing innovative power management solutions Type: Manufacturer News Main image(s): Date of publication: 22/11/2017 Target group: Voltimum View the full article
  28. Lately, many of us have been talking about connected technology and smart buildings under the umbrella of the eventual ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT). However, one term often negated during these conversations is Building Management Systems (BMS). Does this mean they are not considered in this sphere or could we be ignoring the potential of an existing platform which may help make our building smart? One could argue that an IoT solution performs the same functions as a BMS one. For instance, they both have the ability to control heating and air conditioning, they can both turn the lights on or off, have the ability to interface with other systems such as fire, security and audio visual and even the outside world. But it’s not until you start to look at what connected technology or indeed what the eventual IoT can do beyond BMS that we begin to understand the true makings of a smart building and the potential benefits it presents. Without doubt, most automated buildings would start with BMS. The idea of controlling and monitoring building services, out of sight, out of mind, in order to maintain a comfortable environment at the correct temperature with an abundance of clean air and sufficient lighting is often never considered by the occupants – until it goes wrong. And ‘going wrong’ often occurs because a BMS requires human input to function. The designer and commissioning engineer ultimately decides on its parameters. Often they will predict user experience and consider a number of variables such as occupancy rate, outside temperature, air quality external light sources and even the differences in individual behaviours. Achieving an optimal building environment in this manner is difficult if not near impossible. In addition, when integrating building services, we continue to be hampered by silo working. Systems are all individually designed, installed and commissioned independently using different protocols and gateways. The level of complexity of each of these systems would be variable and to some extent dependent on how the space was initially going to be used and relying on the BMS – as another potential stand-alone network – to bring these all together. However connected technology goes beyond simple pre-programmed settings and creates buildings that are actually aware of changing variables and learns behaviour which allows buildings to be intuitive and cost-conscious without human interaction. But to make a truly intuitive, interactive building its will always be dependent on a reliable infrastructure with operating systems which allow interoperability, simplified programming and automation. Where BMS does exist, connected technology has the potential to make it better. With an installed BMS, a building will already have many of the necessary features such as sensors and devices in place necessary for the connected technology to work. This technology can often sit on top the existing infrastructure and control these devices according to the behaviour of the building. With the right infrastructure, BMS and IoT can co-exist delivering what is needed to achieve a truly smart, connected building. ECA Head of Technical, Steve Martin, looks at Building Mangement Systems (BMS) and where they fit into an increasingly connected world 22/11/2017 Links NOW YOU CAN ADD CONNECTIVITY TO MINIATURE CIRCUIT BREAKERS Schneider Electric's PowerTag provides a simple and cost-effective solution to the very complex challenge of adding wireless connectivity to miniature circuit breakers and enabling real-time energy measurement and asset management at a more granular level UNDERSTANDING POWER: CONNECTING ELECTRICAL DISTRIBUTION ABB’s Atif Saleri explains how operators can reap benefits from connecting electrical distribution data to the cloud. View the full article
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