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  2. Hi all, As the subject implies I'm looking for advice on installation of an air con unit in my home workshop. Its a SIP panel construction workshop I built myself. I wired it myself including the armoured cable then had an electrician come in and connect all the ends, certify, etc. All cable internally runs through simple ducting. Although toasty in the winter I've been struggling to work during the days with the heat we've been having this summer so decided to buy a split air conditioner. It's 9000btu and is possible to run off a plug using a 13 amp fuse. I have a spare space in my consumer unit though so thought the more sensible option would be to run a 2.5mm cable from there with a 16a mcb. Just wanted to check with the experts and see if this really is the best thing to do. Thanks for any advice.
  3. ProDave

    Mysterious banging

    Bit if you are selling it and the buyer has a survey then every alarm bell will be ringing and the buyer will pull out or ask for a reduction in price. Better to get it fixed now. If the wall is plasterboard (not plaster straight on the brick) remove enough of it to see what is going on, it's cheap to replace.
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  5. Well you are going to have to show us how far you have got so far and where you are struggling , then we can give you some direction
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  7. Evans Electric

    SWA sub main

    No you havn't missed anything Jock , I got it wrong as regards TT installations .....there is now a move to insulate & Sheath tails within a metal board with a TT supply ...where the tails are before any RCDs . Sorry for the confusion . ...they keep moving the goalposts.
  8. ProDave

    Today's special offer .............

    Best time to buy them is in the spring. Worst time to buy them is in the winter. So says the man who went to buy a chainsaw 3 days after the storm, and the only one in Inverness was McCulloch.
  9. root

    New here

    It is something I have always wanted to do, we have a few properties but always have to rely on getting a sparky in for various work. Eventually I would like to be able to that work myself.
  10. but just like a wet paint sign, someone will touch it just to confirm
  11. Sharpend

    Midsomer Mysteries Birmingham

    Well you’ll just have to tell them he’s come back and apologised so you’ve given him the bike back, then sell it at the local boot sale!
  12. Last week
  13. To be honest couldn't ask for better customer isn't a penny pincher just wants to go for best solution I think. Will send him details of Phillips and Quinetic and see what he thinks is most suitable
  14. kerching

    Anyone else hit by this hot , stuffy weather ?

    I can see why! it would suit Prince. Andrew though ( spelled that incorrectly and it suggested Proper Nonce )
  15. Murdoch

    Conflict of interest?

    No It was a lady buying a part from the wholesaler and the chap behind the counter was arranging to come and fit it at the weekend ............
  16. New reports show consumers continue to be sent unsolicited letters from Evo Energy Solutions Ltd, company number 11946449. The letters claim that the company's records indicate that the consumer has missed their 'free solar PV and system check'. These letters incorrectly suggest that the company holds information about the consumer's solar PV system when this is not the case. It is not clear where Evo Energy Solutions has drawn the consumer data from for the direct mail out but it is likely to have been bought from a sales lead organisation. If you have concerns over the use of your data, we advise that you notify the ICO. Similar letters were sent by this company in 2019 falsely warning consumers that their 'solar panel warranty' was due to expire. The new letters have stark similarities to others sent by the ‘British Trading Solar Association’ (BTSA) and ESE Consultants Ltd. All these companies are linked with ESE Services Ltd, and its director Gary Fredson, which was found to be in breach of RECC when it was a member. Evo Energy Solutions Ltd is not a member of RECC and is not an MCS certified installer. Linked to this, The Daily Mirror newspaper conducted their own investigation of the letters sent by BTSA, warning consumers of junk mail that could trick you into making unnecessary payments. If you receive unsolicited letters from companies offering services for your solar panels, we advise you to either ignore the letter completely or, if you are concerned, to contact your original installer. If you contact another installer, you should check to make sure they are a member of RECC and MCS certified for the technology you have installed. You can search for a RECC member here. You can search for an MCS certified installer here. Should you (or your customers) receive a letter like this, please let us know. We are working closely with Trading Standards on this case and will pass any information to their investigations team. Please note that EVO Energy Solutions Ltd should NOT be confused with EvoEnergy Ltd, a RECC member (00017975) and MCS certified Installer (NIC2071). View the full article
  17. RECC has today published the 2019 Annual Report! The report summarises and explains the huge body of work that RECC carried out during the year. Virginia Graham, RECC CEO said: "My thanks go to our members who have supported us throughout the year. We couldn't have done any of it without you! My thanks also go to the RECC team members who have worked tirelessly throughout.." Among many notable achievements during the year, RECC: sponsored the Installer of the Year Award at the British Renewable Energy Awards, won by Mole Energy Ltd implemented a ground-breaking partnership with MCS to provide a more streamlined approach for solar PV installers achieved certification of REAL’s Quality Management System to the ISO 9001:2015 standard worked with MCS to develop an installer standard for domestic battery storage systems launched a new consumer guide on installing EV chargepoints in the home worked with Government and Ofgem to approve investors for the Assignment of Rights within the Domestic RHI scheme attended, exhibited and presented at major industry shows including Futurebuild in March and Solar and Storage Live in September gave evidence in a case brought by Trading Standards in which 5 individuals, who previously worked in the sector, have been charged with fraud provided six witness statements for different ongoing Trading Standards investigations concerning mis-selling and/ or fraud in the sector. You can read the full report here. View the full article
  18. Justin Thyme

    Induction hob choice

    Thanks to you all for your time and advice
  19. kerching

    Non, je ne regrette rien

    Long story short look at job for letting agent bloke bought flat as investement lives 250 miles away got a piR met him, looked at it quoted 1400 plus VAT rang me 4 weeks later got someone to do it for £800 cash,BUT wanted me to do it AND for £800 materials £700 plus vat so £840... work for a week and loses £40!,,,,, two months later original spark has done a runner so he wants me to finish it for £400! told him it was now £4000 everytime he bid me it went up £250 got to £6,500 then he told ME that WE have a problem then it got funny
  20. Sharpend

    A new high .............

    don’t worry you are not alone, I got 3/4’s to the van this morning and someone decided I needed another shower, only this was heavy and full of bass and lights!! And it lasted longer than my normal shower at an hour. Still the heating was soon put on afterwards to dry me out!
  21. Don't know about the website, it may be playing up a bit as all things computer do! Q Cells are nice panels, German cell design which they used to sell on to panle assemblers. They were bought out by the Koreans a few years ago to assemble complete panels. Buils quality is superior to Chinese and performance seems reliable/ good without resorting to expensive stuff - lot of 'bang for your buck'. LOcate shed in shade of panel array of you can, and I suspect a few eaves vents top and bottom will work fine.
  22. Sharpend

    The Electric Police are onto me .

    woah! Too much intimacy Nooooo. Yuk.
  23. Sharpend

    Tripping mcb

    I presume it didn’t trip? it may be a combination to the way the shed circuit is fed from existing circuit and your saw motor is perhaps wearing that you find the issues that you have. As pointed out by Geoff, the fault will be a low resistance or high current pull Likely from within the saw. How old is the saw, has it ever been serviced?
  24. Phoenix

    Shower in a petrol station?

    What is the main RCD, as we are perhaps talking about a slightly smaller setup than I was thinking, I'm guessing we are taking 61008 time delay, at either 100mA or 300mA? At least with that the main trip will provide the 0.2 disconnection times for the final circuits (even a time delay RCD till trip within 200ms at 2XIn*) This is from 61008, I'm never sure why we dont need to test it at 2xIn *shrugs* ...follwing on from this one would expect if the required current to acheive disconnection time is 2x RCD rating, that the max zs for the cirucits should be stated as 50v over 2x In on the paperwork (rather than 50v over In) , however I've never seen that in any text book, its just what makes logical sense to me Anyway, a bit moot as you need 30mA additional protection for the shower, while normal practice is to use DP RCBOs, the designer might accept a lack of descrimination in terms of N-E faults by arguing: a) there is none on any of the other rcbo circuits, and the cirucits on MCBs will take the main trip out on faults anyway b) N - E fault on the shower is unlikely and if it does occur, the user could easily isolate it at DP switch and reset, unlike say an outside lighting circuit c) the services that would be lost are maybe not that critical in a smaller station, loosing the fuel console and the card reader is still a pain when folk have just filled up and want to get off though, but I'm guessing there won't be servers or anything else like that Not sure if hager do DP RCBOs for their boards, some other makes do, they take up two spaces, so if the cirucit is on 1L1, it'll also occupy 1L2, but where the second busbar terminal would normally be on a 2 pole device, there is a void space for the tab to slip into and no connection to be made, and a flying neutral comes out somewhere as per a standard RCBO. The output terminals are much easier to connect to than a single module RCBO as they are not stacked on top of each other To summise, I wouldn't design a new installation with the N-E discrimination problem, but I'm not sure I'd worry about adding one circuit to an installation so designed,.
  25. Darcy


    Hi All by way of introduction I’m recently retired following spinal surgery and looking to stay active and renovate a property in the South East. I have a basic understanding of construction but lacking awareness of specific regulations and I’m weakest in the areas of heating and all things electrical: Specifically looking for guidance and steers to help me do what I can learn and also to understand what I need to leave for others.
  26. Bruspark

    Wall switch with red lights above it

    Possibly some sort of programmable security light timer ?
  27. Sharpend

    An Acceptable EICR?

    they’re not your average cowboys, oh no they are the Wild West type where you have to get out of town!!
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