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  2. Murdoch

    Solar Panels

    Thanks Off out now for the rest of the day , will pm you tomorrow - really interested in getting a good idea of costs - interested in an install in Woking?
  3. Yesterday
  4. From my experience of many electric showers, they tend to have a small mesh filter at the water inlet connection. (This is to stop debris coming up the pipe and damaging the internals of the shower). Have you actually removed the inlet connection pipe to (1) check the filter is clean, (2) measure the inlet water pressure. (Triton tend to quote between 1 & 10 bar IIRC). Random spraying of WD40 is probably as much use as washing and "Turtle-Waxing" a car to get it though an MOT. Basic rules of any fault finding are (a) Check all relevant elements are within manufactures specifications. (b) Assume nothing. (c) Verify everything. I have known water authority work out in the street to allow some grit and debris to flow along the incoming rising main and limit or restrict flow to taps and showers. Doc H.
  5. Murdoch

    The strange workings of the human brain .

    Re the lottery, I have used the same numbers since the 2nd week the lottery ran... had my fair share of 3 and 4 number winnings. that said I don’t smoke and don’t drink much so a a couple of quid a week and about 50 % of that going to good causes is ok for me fingers crossed, tomorrow it could be me
  6. have to say, I've gone off QVIS, their Viper range seems good, but I fitted 4 of their 'own brand' cameras earlier this year, 2 have misted up internally, and 1 failed altogether after about 4 months. Don't need non-sense like that.
  7. Murdoch

    VAT reverse payments

    I guess using that scenario the answer is yes ......... but the customer has also paid the builders mark up on the sparks bill too ! More and more people I deal with contract the builder, spark and plumbers directly to "avoid" VAT and mark up
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