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  2. Hi Everyone I work in a building in Hammersmith in London which has several circuits in it where each circuit has its own trip switch in the fuse box. Approximately three or four times a month, we get a sub-second power outage which only effects some of the circuits in the building and it does not cause any of the switches in the fuse box to trip. This causes our server and another computer on the same circuit to restart but the other computers in the building and the lights remain switched on. Does anyone here know what could be causing these sub-second power outages and what can be done to stop them? Thank you very much.
  3. Yesterday
  4. boltonsparky

    Fuse Box Replacement

    If you can post some pictures on here members should be able to asses the IP rating problem. Interesting your original guy says it's ok but the EICR says it isn't. You shouldn't really have IP issues on a metal CU, unless the cable entry knock outs haven't been done right. For reference the top surface should be IP4X (no gaps larger than 1mm) anywhere else should be IP2X (no gaps larger than 12.5mm).
  5. We lived in a static caravan while doing our self build. It had a 10kW instant gas water heater that ran the shower but to be frank the flow rate at a decent temperature was pretty poor, allowing for efficiency of the gas boiler it was probably only about 7kw of actual heat, so equivalent to the very smallest of electric showers which would have a similarly poor flow rate.
  6. depends who you buy them from Payback on batteries has vastly imroved over the last few years. You can post links to a picture hositng site, or directly on here after 10 posts - it's a feature to stop spam!
  7. Last week
  8. Agreed... but I can understand some situations where it could be beneficial... If you had a commercial system and you want to prevent a disgruntled / incompetent employee from messing it up... Or.. If you are providing a maintenance contract to keep a system working... Or. If you are a landlord and want to ensure that DIY-Bob, Google-is-your-guide, tenant, hasn't been playing around to reset a system... Then it can be useful having a secure code that cannot be overridden or disabled, so you know you can get back into a system. BUT... for the vast majority of domestic alarms where a homeowner has paid for a system, they should have full access to all aspects of that alarm... So they can choose to either manage the system themselves or seek professional help if they prefer.. And NOT be tied to the installing company for certain functions... With domestic alarms I install, the homeowner is given all access codes and booklets/guides etc.. It's their choice if they want to come back to me... or seek alternative assistance for later maintenance.. I look at it a bit like anyone who has bought a car can choose where they get it serviced.. or do it themselves! (They should not be tied to going back to the place they bought the car).
  9. I fear the OP's knowledge of electrics is not sufficient to do this properly and safely. I will start by asking do you want to "loop at light" or "loop at switch"?
  10. HI, Thanks for that, I saw the mention of heating, is this a likely cause. I will probably looking at a heat pump but it would not be installed in the studio area. Thans for the guidance so far.
  11. Murdoch

    Critique my EICR testing process

    AFAIR there is no mandatory requirement to note the number of accessories on an EICR and I rarely do it , but my sketch of the property will show where they all are, and on which circuit they are on. EICR's are a very contentious subject - just make sure your PI insurance is up to date
  12. kerching

    Air Rifles

    Yep....mainly for working on it but also so I can lock it solid for zeroing the scope and working out the MiL dot hold over/under for different distances. Just been playing with it at 25 metres, shooting at a cardboard box....bit noisy as it was going through the cardboard and hitting some Ali steps behind. So filled box with a cushion, no difference as the pellets went through that as well..so hung an old car floor mat behind, that worked!
  13. I've had to leave the house now (we've not actually moved in yet!). However looking at my photos again the brown core in terminal 5 seems to actually be connected to the black cable.. bit tricky to see 100% as the orange cable is in front of it so that's my mistake. Will double check when I'm next there and then give it all a try. Feel like I owe you a beer, I've sent you a PM.
  14. there's a high chance the switch drop goes to one of the downlighters where a permanet live will be present - just depends on how the lights were wired.
  15. Geoff1946

    3D Printer Enclosure

    You have more chance of a lottery win in my opinion. Good old fashioned mains transformers you can usually find a substitute, but inverter psu types I think are individual design. If anyone knows otherwise, please tell.

    caught my eye?

    The basic problem is there are not enough deaths to warrant changing any rules or regulations... Although we all see bucket loads of rubbish work during our regular daily work schedule... IF no-one has actually died.. then no-one gives a flying fig.. AND.. there is no incentive to amend/change any legislation as it all costs money... Making DIY electrical work illegal... combined with a high profile advertising campaign over a 12month+ period to illustrate the dangers of electricity... would go some way to educating joe-public to only use competent tradespersons!
  17. Sharpend

    Megger MFT1721 FUS indication

    Nice one.
  18. Phoenix

    Coil Maths help

    Look at what you have, you might be going the other way initially.....
  19. Sharpend

    qualifications query

    You would be better looking for a qualified electrician who does handyman work as well. Most electricians make good handymen it a trade thing. but please do ask to see their qualifications or JIB card (as these list the qualifications).
  20. Here we go again with Sun Direct out of date, cut and paste info. Time to bin them. Reported
  21. kerching

    Latest "save Energy" scam.

    I have something that is guaranteed ( lifetime guarantee ) to,save money on electric, cannot fail! its called the "switching off finger", works every time . Unfortunately isn't suitable for the under 21s
  22. mandc

    jcc lights stop working

    Thanks Murdoch , how did i miss that!!! thanks again all regards
  23. tomatina

    Submersible wire for 12v lights

    Thank you, I need the wire to be about 8 meter long so i need to custom made them. I was lucky and finally found flexible wire for this specific situation from another electrician.
  24. kerching

    Todays impossible job

    In my case I save and reuse the tins ..........must be a recycling pan eeeeeeyyyyyyy thaaaaaaannnnnnnnkkkkk yowwwwwwwwwwwwwww
  25. binky

    Hi and a solar controller question

    You could probably wire it in with the exising panels, just remember panels in series, voltage increases, amps stay the same, panels conncted in parallel, voltage stays the same, ampage increases. eg panel that outputs 30V and 8 amps, 2 panels in series gives 60V and 8 Amps, 3 in series gives 90V and 8 Amps, 2 in parallel gives 30V and 16 Amps, 3 in parallel gives 30V and 24 Amps. Check the spec of the current battery charge controller.
  26. Earlier

    Lighting circuit breaker trips after removing lights

    As Andy said.... The problem should be simple to diagnose for any person familiar with the concept of a Supply to multiple Switch & Load arrangements.. either looped at switch, or at load... and/or with any mixture of new/old cable colours... There are multiple combinations of how it could have originally being wired.. I would guess you have shorted something out somewhere.. But without testing the individual cables with a suitable meter it is almost impossible for anyone to diagnose remotely what you have done.. The quickest and safest solution would be to get someone to come and diagnose exactly what you have and how it needs to be reconnected.
  28. Murdoch

    Double outlet socket advise

    simple guidance is that you can't replace, on a ring final circuit protected by a 30A or 32A breaker a standard 13A socket with a 20A DP switch .... If you have an economy 7 outlet available , use that for the off peak AND plug in the 24 x 7 supply to the heater . Another option may be to change the economy 7 outlet to a 24 x 7 but that is much more involved and unless you are a competent spark I would recommend you get a local spark involved. BTW, always leave both switches on or the Quantum won't know what to do Hope this helps
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