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  2. Ardet R

    Help please

    Because the supplied connection is a power supply with an integrated UK plug then the easiest solution would be to install, safely and in accordance with the wiring regulations, a light switch to supply and control a 30mA RCD protected socket outlet labelled to indicate the use only for the decking lights. To cut off the power supply and hard wire the lights would require a 230V to 12V LED driver, but the specification of the driver (ac, dc, constant current, constant voltage) would be down to the specification of the decking lights. Whether you need the 3A fused spur or not would depend on the rating of the circuit from which you were supplying the power.
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  4. An East Lothian-based sole trader was today fined after a self-employed furniture maker was injured on their premises. View the full article
  5. Tom, Just for clarity. If you check, I didn't mention any BS's, I quoted the RRFSO, then there is CDM to consider, both of which are law. If the layout of the building and the design of the fire alarm system increases the danger to persons, then it's likely a breach of law, regardless of what any BS says. Then there are building regulations, which again are law, and they also, as it happens, guide readers for advice on compliance to the BS's. As HSE do with their HSR25 document guiding readers to BS 7671 for guidance on meeting the requirements of EAWR. So, whilst not law, I agree, the BS's would after the breach of law has been established, likely used as an assistant document to add weight to the prosecution, to illustrate how the duty holder failed in their legal responsibilities, and to illustrate that if they had followed the guidance then the situation likely would not have occurred. So again, until now, I have not mentioned any British Standards, if you look at my first post I cite RRFSO. I will repeat what I said earlier though. The normalisation of deviance is not acceptable, and must be challenged to save lives, prevent injury to persons and damage to property. Just because it's the norm, does not make it right. Eventually the rules will change. Just an example, the requirement for resistance of premature collapse of wiring systems has been a requirement since CDM first became law in 2007, however, it won't be fully implemented into BS 7671 until January 1st 2019. It's only had to be brought into BS 7671 because it was being ignored, and it killed people.
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  7. Solar mark

    Rising then decreasing pv output power cycles

    Just picked up the last feedback, thanks for that. i must admit when I got the call letting me know their was a problem, I was a bit cynical there was a problem as I had told him the advantage of having a monitoring device when his inverter is tucked away I the lift, in order to at least see everything is working ok. Anyway when I went round after finishing that days work it was about 5pm and the PV System is east facing and the irradiance level from the sun was going down as when I checke it was only about 200 wm and when I checked the inverter and the input from the panels the voltage was so steady, but I must admit I didn’t check the current and I could have swooped the strings over to see if the fault followed the string arrangement. The only thing was it wasn’t a planned visit and I had another one to go to. As far as the MC4 connections go, we were really careful pushing the mc4’s back together when we found the faulty connection, as we had the meter connected each time we re-connected each cable to check the connections we’re good, as you said just because you push the connectors in doesn’t mean you’ve got a good connection. Plus the Canadian Sokar MC4 convectors didnt make a clicking sound or feeling when you pushed them together. So I’ll call round tomorrow if the clients in and swop the strings over and spend a bit more time with my ammeter and see how we get on with it TTFN
  8. you have a fault somewhere that needs fixed
  9. rapparee

    Brexit discussion anyone ??

    Well you could But the beer would be flat
  10. Evans Electric

    110V Site Transformer for sale .

    Think I'll give it to my mate the chippie opposite ( Pat without the Hat ) .
  11. kerching

    Has anyone got .................

    Or put one into storage and use the 2 prismatic of mine in a 'discrete location' or tell them to stop being so faddy, suck it up buttercup, and swap ALL for LEDs!.....that should focus their minds
  12. rapparee

    Wish.com - bargain or not?

    Absolutely correct We make Dimplex and Creda heaters, the only difference is the price and the sticker on the front. Exactly the same product. Same components made on the same production line made by the same people.
  13. Ha you tried unplugging the garage door and leaving it disconnected while you see if the RCS trips when ground floor sockets trip is reset
  14. Last week
  15. Geoff1946

    Mercury arc rectifier

    Out of interest, what are you planning to do with them? Do you have a museum or somewhere to display them?
  16. Hi everyone.. I'm looking to start my level 2 and then level 3 2365 city and guilds electrician course. I just wanted to ask that after I complete the diploma will I be qualified to work domestically as an electrician? Or what option are available for me .
  17. Sidewinder

    Overloaded cable, or not ?

    Remember that profit is much more important than safety or quality.
  18. Quality Installation Military equipment Military engineering Weapons Air transport engineering Process control Production Space technology Planning Quality assurance Quality management Design Aircraft components Records (documents) Space technology components Documents Quality assurance systems View the full article
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  26. Jono Pashley

    Renault TRAFIC van

    While your carrotted off at Reno you best look into arma plates for the back door since its a piece of piss for our thieving "friends" to get into otherwise.
  27. Sidewinder

    Home EV charge point installers needed

    They have to be installed in compliance with the Electricity at Work Regulations. Domestic or not. With “contracts” like those on offer here the OP seems to want a fixed price for the job regardless of location & condition of the existing installation. Following BS 7671 in full is a HSE recognised method for compliance with EAWR. This is supplemented with the IET guidance which includes the CoP for vehicle charging installations. The crux is that because the DNO's are allowed to breach ESQCR so they can mximise profit for their foriegn owners to syphon off via tax loopholes to their own countries to bolster their profit there and subsidise their home countries network at the expense of the UK, a vehicle charging point must be TT, basically. No allowance for things like asbestos being found during the works, it has to be done as cheap as possible with no regard to safety. The thing is the installer is the one HSE will target if there is a death. An issue often overlooked is that the charger is in the vehicle & the mains earth is common to the vehicle body. Thus failure of the CNE conductor in the distribution network could be fatalif the supply to the point is TN. Also, So the cost for ensuring that the job is safe is passed back to the householder/installer, to allow for the failings of the multi £M profit making DNO.
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