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  2. Here's an example https://uk.rs-online.com/web/p/rcbos/2027050/
  3. Hi all, My house is almost 27 years old. It's my grandfather's home. There are many plumbing issues here. I think it is time to do a renovation. So we finally decided to renovate our entire bathroom plumbing works. Does anyone know about any plumbing services in Burlington? My friend suggested 1stRooter plumbing. Have you heard of them before? Please comment below.
  4. Yesterday

    2 gang 2 lights problem.

    Have you trapped or pierced the insulation on one of the wire while screwing the the switch back onto the wall box? as that would put a dead short between Live & Earth which would trip the power. But that is unlikely to trip anything at the CU, unless there are two different circuits off different RCD's that you are bridging.
  6. Sharpend

    Van Recommendation.

    If you were to have a CPC arrangement then you’ll need to check mileage allowance or additional ppm charge, either way it will increase what you pay. A loan is usually better on APR rate but then if over five years for example will you be needing to replace before or after the term of Loan? high mileage vehicle well looked after is no worries at all, my last van I sold on at 205000 miles and it is still going to day and that was 2017. If you know your way around a vehicle and can keep maintenance costs down by doing yourself then that’s the bonus. personally I’d be asking why the company I work for isn’t providing a van? What sort of mileage are you doing for them?
  7. Murdoch

    Upload a photo

    or send a photo from your iPhone to your email and your email will give you options for resizing the image .....
  8. binky

    2 X 600W

    No reason why not. MCS registration was only ever required to claim the FiT. However, you will need to notify your DNO you have a solar system, your inverter must be 'grid tied'. You will need to send the DNO a schemeatic diagram, and you might as well put a few more panels on the roof to get something worth having. Pables can be bought for as little as £90 or less if you by second hand.
  9. binky

    Wow, wow, wow

    People are just used to sockets with a switch, so unswitched sockets just confuses them For freezers / fridges and the like, I woud totally agree an unswitched socket is preferrable, and still legal.
  10. With regards to the frequency of an EICR in rental properties I know that most if not all large social landlords, housing associations, councils, etc do an EICR at every change of tenancy. I used to do EICR's for a chap I knew who rented a number of properties and I used to do his at every change of tenant, and a lot of the time it was a good job I did. The only one I never charged him for, and it was one of those loss leaders, I suppose you'd call it was when I'd inspected a property and the new tenant moced in, only to move out again a month later. I know landlords may not like paying for what they see as unneccesary paperwork (having these tests done) but they have no idea of knowing the installation is safe when the previous tenant moves out, can they be sure they haven't messed with the wiring? no they can't, The chap I used to work for ended up putting something in his tenancy agreement that only his electrician (me) was allowed to do any work on the properties, recently another friend of mine began to rent out a property, I did the EICR on it and after a year the tenant moved out, I went back and retested, everything was in good order, the tenant hadn't messed with anything. However after they advertised it again a prospective tenant came to view the property and loved it, they did however have one request, if they rented it they'd like to replace the existing light fittings with their own, would this be possible? My mate didn't really want to do this, but said it could be done at their expense, provided it was me who carried out the work, they declined this, they were more than capable of swapping a few light fittings! Needless to say they didn't end up renting the property, he didn't want them messing about with the wiring and I don't blame him, back in the day before Covid closed all the pubs it was amazing how many plumbers, electricians, joiners, etc could be found in even the smallest pub on an evening, or at least that's what they said they were, lol The bottom line is it's up to the landlord to be able to prove that the gas and electrical systems in their rental properties are maintained to a safe standard, and I think if someone was to move into a rental and then get hurt as a result of something the previous tenant had done the landlord would be on a very sticky wicket indeed.
  11. Last week
  12. binky

    Extend wire, how?

    There is usually a siwtch to turn the immersion n and off in close proximity. Perhaps the better option is to replace switch with a Fused connection unit with 'flex outlet' and connecting immersion with Heat Resistant flex direct from switch.
  13. Hi, I was wondering if there is anyone who is able to help us, we have set up the alarm panel and can’t seem to get the siren to program. I’ve been in contact with the Risco technical but I get one reply then get ignored. I have attached images of the panel, module and siren as not sure on their part numbers. The module seems to flash red and green all the time, no matter what we do. With the module flashing and the panel set for programming, we connect the battery to the siren and press the tamper switch. Nothing happens apart from the siren goes off continuously. I have also attached the instructions sheet Risco sent to me and even when doing what it says on the sheet, the siren just goes off and doesn’t program. not sure if it’s to do with a setting on the panel or the module flashing green and red. sorry for that bad description and explanation but if anyone could offer help would be great!
  14. Fly Moose

    Hi From, Fly Moose

    That is a good question. The answer is less forgiving.
  15. Bruspark

    NICEIC assessment

    Only thing I'd add is don't bury it too close to the fence posts. Firstly they will then blow over more easily due to the disturbed soil/sand and the fence guys who come to brace or replace them (probably at your expense) will then stick their drill/spade through the cable to completely make your day . . For extra points predict the stance of all concerned over who should pay for what . . .
  16. +1 technical department are second to NONE........call them other an issue and they know the answer straight away and give the impression that they are actually interested
  17. @calltronics, I will let this go, but, I am unhappy about it because this is fundamentally advertising and you are no longer a forum sponsor which is unfair on those who are , plus it robs the forum of much needed funding for it to continue.
  18. Sidewinder

    Survey permissions

    @Roger_Dunn, I would class this as advertising and thus, no I will not allow it. Sorry.
  19. binky

    Construction during lockdown

    The primary school I do work for has had 4 outbreaks of the virus - little covid carriers!
  20. Thank you will take a look in the morning. Why wouldn't the leaks happen the morning?
  21. Fly Moose

    Wonder how much this set up cost??????

    I would not like to put my tongue on that battery. I couldn't see my tongue reach the pins.. I agree about the Smart meter rubbish. They still charge by the quarters not what you use. Well British Gas anyway. Makes no sense to add new tech if they still do it via the quarter pay scheme only as someone said benefits them.
  22. Good plan. Heating system leaks can be very hard to spot. Whilst it's hot the leakage evaporates rapidly.
  23. boltonsparky

    Fire sealing a consumer unit.

    Yeah you're right, I've even worked on a schneider one, had forgotten about that, the whole front on those is a bottom hinged lid with a magnet to keep it closed but like you say nothing to stop it being left open.
  24. standardised sales blurb you mean
  25. Thank you for the reply Andy. I have seen a functional conductor on a telecommunications system and I have obviously seen a protective conductor. But I am struggling to find any information on where I could find it combined. How would it work with the colouring of the conductors if they are combined?
  26. NozSpark

    Adiabatic minimum csa

    you use your calculated (or measured) current, then get the operating time (that relates to that current) from the appropriate chart
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