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  2. ProDave

    Anyone fancy a change of career?

    That's just a "buzz word generator" Tell me in plain English what do these mean? Develop a people experience strategy Partner closely with key stakeholders across the HR function to diagnose strengths and opportunities across the employee lifecycle impacting employee experience Lead the development of the employer brand and EVP to creatively and genuinely enhance BBC as an employer of choice, Sorry, I would die of boredom if I was asked to do that.
  3. That's a big difference Maybe the higher reading was line to neutral
  4. Today
  5. Probably the LED's. Best of luck fixing that. Why they are not made to be easy to replace beats me. I have done a couple and usually you have to very carefully dismantle the actual LED panel which is a very delicate operation and risk of damaging the screen very high. The larger the screen, the more delicate job it is. My success rate has been about 50% I would only attempt it on the basis the customer accepts the risk and if the screen breaks that is just too bad. BUT before you try a repair, if it's only 2 years old they should try a claim on the supplier under the sale of goods act I think that generally expects something to work for 3 years.
  6. revjames

    ranting rant

    up a ladder in an awkward position so not concentrating. Schoolboy error I know. I was more angry about the carp junior though.
  7. ProDave

    The Good Old days eh ! I think not .

    I remember once climbing a 160ft radio tower. We had all our tools on string for that, because if you dropped one, you would probably never find it, if it hit someone it would kill them, and it was a long way down to get another tool.
  8. Phil.cc

    Convector heater motor cuts out.

    I now realise that when the three speed switch blew (I don't know why, it might be down to condensation) I bypassed it, but didn't thing that each of the three wires went to a different winding
  9. ProDave


    I thought a key part of an EICR was that you remove a certain percentage of accessories to inspect the wiring, here you are looking for things like loose connections, missing earth sleeve etc. Depending what you find on the first few that you remove determines just how many you choose to inspect and that is a judgement call. I wonder how many loose connections he found in this case? and did he fix them?
  10. Evans Electric

    How many faults can you spot here?

    Its a disgrace !!!! No sleeving on that earth wire !!!!
  11. Geoff1946

    Metering query

    Although you will few on this forum who will recommend them, one way out of your dilemma is to have a smart meter installed. When the fitter comes you can ask him to remove any redundant gear, though he should do that anyway.
  12. Yesterday

    EICR C2 Query

    To put things into perspective for you.. If the property was rewired approx 5 years ago... This socket circuit will be using 2.5mm Twin & Earth cable that has a CPC (Earth wire) with a 1.5mm csa copper cable.. The Live & Neutral will both be 2.5mm csa. There are tables in BS7671, (wiring regulations), that give the resistance values per meter for all of the standard sizes of copper cables used... From these tables you can work out approximate cable lengths... r1 (Live) tested at 0.48 suggests 64.8m of cable rn (Neutral) tested at 0.45 suggests 60.7m of cable [ so far less than 5m measured difference between 2 of the 3 conductors in the same cable, maybe just poor connection on test meter? } BUT... r2 (Earth AKA cpc) tested at 1.05 suggests 86.8m of cable... Which implies it is either 20+m longer than the other wires in the same cable... Or there is a poor connection at a termination.. (probably in the back of a socket).... somewhere round the circuit that should be identified, Hope that helps put some of your numbers into context... The hourly charges look perfectly reasonable to me.. And I am in the Midlands, but on the other side of Birmingham from you.. (I guess maybe 35 - 40 miles away max).. So I would be giving you a bill for a similar amount for an EICR and the hourly rate for further investigation... P.S. ALL bonding connections, (e.g. gas, water), should be accessible for inspection & testing.. So they should NOT be hidden in cavities, behind kitchen units, boxed in with pipes in the down-stairs loo.. etc... etc...
  14. Murdoch

    Wonder whats going on here?

    switched love oer
  15. two 20 amp radial was initially my thought but I have habit of second guessing myself, so when I do anything new i probably look to much into it (Google ) n seen some problems where they had tripped mcb when they first came on
  16. tomsw18

    Cable trays

    Sad but true.
  17. Evans Electric

    Garden Lighting

    I think this is your best option too .
  18. Sun Direct Heater

    New style panel radiators ...ceramic..... any experience ?

    There are several distinct types of heater for example old-style, portable, and regular-panel heaters. Heaters are considered to produce heat through emission and convection. Flat Panel radiators are a brilliant addition to any home. They are often made of stainless steel and fit well with all types of home décor. This design can come in any colour imaginable. This type of radiator is loved all year round. It also has no single bar as well as the old designs. This technique of heating the room is well-organized and supports to safeguard a sharing of heat throughout. Other types such as standard steel radiators do not have fins to radiate the heat evenly which can lead to parts of the room being hotter or colder than others. Electric panel heaters use electricity to heat a large surface and they can be a permanent fixture or portable depending on your preferences. The worthy thing about panel heaters is that they are cheap and affordable and still manage to offer decent heating in your space.
  19. Last week
  20. Evie


    Ooops meant 50 in the hall .150 in the living room.I dont need to use the boost which is what the othe flex /switch controls. It can be used manually if needed but wont come on automatically .If it did the electric bill would shoot up. I have turned the temp down to 18c and the fan has gone off. That is what it says on the screen too so it must be maintaining the temp.Its never stone cold . Will keep an eye on it
  21. Has anyone else experienced this problem? The first device I paired with AirPods Pro was the iPhone 11 Pro. Now when I try to connect to my MacBook Pro, if my iPhone is nearby (with Bluetooth enabled) my AirPods Pro will connect to my laptop in a few seconds, I can get started to play music / etc. then they will hang up and connect to my iphone. The only protection I've found so far is disabling Bluetooth on my phone ... not perfect. I am using the latest Catalina beta and iOS 14.0. I will submit a bug report through my iPhone.
  22. tomsw18

    Generic power lead

    It's called a C7 Power Cable. Have a look here
  23. tomsw18

    Voltage drop. Would you be concerned?

    I know, but I was still surprised.
  24. rpanchal82


  25. You need to consider the maximum current carrying capacity of the cable so assuming it is a 2 core x 1.5mm cable clipped direct, this is 27A, so your protection device in the Consumer Unit would need to be below this to protect the cable hence why @Evans Electric said to use a 16A MCB or RCBO. If you wanted more, you could look at a 20A device or replace the cable to 2.5mm.
  26. Great info, thank you Phoenix! I was leaning toward the spade connector being the issue!
  27. Jcx964


    Thanks guys this is a great help, it's so confusing with all the different qualifications and didn't want to be covering courses I don't need or have already done as part of my apprenticeship
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