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  2. This would be a better location!
  3. When I say, "shaver", I think that it was a toothbrush charger. Well, here is a picture of the offending article. Why would anyone use a borrowed neutral in a regular lighting circuit? i guess that I can disconnect it and see what happens to the lights. I am guessing that they will go out?
  4. UKPN are on the case
  5. well, maybe not so much that bit, but the rest.
  6. Induced voltages can have an adverse effect on many things, as you say, lamps being one of them, there is actually a diagram in the OSG for a way to wire 2 way lighting so as to eliminate the effect on induction loops for the hard of hearing, caused by induced voltages. Induced's are having to be taken more and more seriously as technology changes, the same with harmonics, once they were regarded as almost a curiosity, now they have become a real problem.As you say Doc, they're a bit more than a complex theory.
  7. Mcb

    I think we all did,who'd have thought that lying on damp grass would cause so many people to have bad backs and knees? I'm surprised the government haven't banned it lol
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  9. Welcome to the forum, where are you from? That's an interesting line of work. What sort of robots did you work on.
  10. Glad they're being put to good use, nothing worse than a quality tool sat in a toolbox (or C.K Magma bag ) doing nothing!
  11. I met a guy from Envirograf at an event recently, he showed me the device in question and said they were not very expensive, however another product they were pushing was a metal box to fit over a plastic CU, these were a daft price, over £200, for basically a metal box that screws to the wall to cover the cu.for a lot less than that you could pick up something else.
  12. Just checked my emails this morning. Couldn't believe my luck an email from CK-Tools. Saying i was the winner really perked me up and put a smile on my face massive thanks.
  13. tell them they are construction workers, since they keep going to building sites
  14. Last week
  15. HS2

    at least you may have a train track that isn't affected by a few waves.....
  16. indeed, well I am much wiser now and back then had a lot of other stuff going on and my head simply burnt out. Mind you saying that, I'm hoping to do my I & T and Design and Verification courses soon.
  17. I doubt the weather will be around long enough for it to become a problem.
  18. The lads are right James,you sound as though your boss is the typical tightwad, wants to do everything on the cheap, bet he doesn't let people live there cheaply. As has been mentioned already, you are in EAWR, territory here, and the people that enforce that carry big sticks, and they'll use them at a moments notice! Many years ago I was involved in an incident that should never have happened, the HSE became involved, as did just about anyone else who had an axe to grind! My boss suddenly went into ass covering mode, "it's your baby, you deal with it", it was me that had to go to site and deal with what was lucky not to become a fatal incident, it was me who was interrogated by all and sundry, it was me that was having visions of cell doors slamming shut! At the end of the day, the near miss was found to have been caused by someone who knew nothing, messing with something they shouldn't have messed with. Fortunately the work I had done was fully compliant with the relevant regulations, and I was beyond criticism, it was still a very worrying time for me, and not something I'd like to go through again. Just because you may know how to gland off a cable,and connect a few wires, doesn't make you an electrician, do you have the correct test gear, do you have up to date copies of the relevant regulations? I can weld, good enough to make brackets etc, but if someone asked me to weld a pipe on a pressure vessel, then the answer would be no!, just because I can weld doesn't make me a welder. If your boss pushes the issue, then ask him to buy you some kit, a copy of BS7671, plus a copy of the ON SITE guide, plus GN3, should only cost about £150, that will give you an idea of what the regs are and how to comply with them, then you'll need the test kit, a decent MFT, with calibration cert should only set him back about £800, then you can test your wiring before you put it into use, oh and a current clamp meter wouldn't go amiss either, again they're not dear,£150 should get you a fair one. As you see, the stuff I've listed above is only part of the kit that we electricians own, we own it because we need it, just think how much beer you could buy for what it costs to buy what are the basics of test gear.Even if you did know fully how to do what you are being asked to do, without the kit to test it with, you'd still be leaving yourself open to a prosecution if something went wrong. You'll get good advice on her, I'm a decent spark believe me, however there are people on her who could make me look like a novice, please take on board what you are being advised, otherwise you could end up having a long holiday yourself, and it won't be in a caravan.
  19. Enhance your knowledge and debate current issues with a panel of inspiring speakers who will look at occupational health challenges. It is aimed specifically at those who work in the public, health and social care, education, environmental and waste management sectors. Keynote speakers include HSE’s Peter Brown, Head of HSE Health and Work Programme. View the full article
  20. Organised by the National Association for Safety and Health in Care Services, speakers for this event include Alan Craddock, Head of Public Services HSE, UNISON, Universities of York, Sheffield the CQC and a range of technical experts. View the full article
  21. This conference run by North West Regional Association, targets learning from mistakes after an accident and will cover Accident Investigation, Learning lessons the hard way, Electrical safety, Cultural Safety, Human Factors. View the full article
  22. Hi Andy, thanks for the reply. Regards to the intense course it did move at a very fast pace. The paperwork side of things I didn't struggle with at all. I defiantly need more testing experienceas I still find myself sometimes struggling to remember the sequences as I am not doing electrical work everyday. I've recently got hold of the martindale e4000 mft so I try to test as much as I can using that in one of the empty studios we have at the time. As well as carrying out accessory changes where things may have been damaged. The only thing I'm finding is its a little different to the megger units I trained with but as they say practice makes perfect. I 100% agree that experience helps a hell of a lot alongside the correct knowledge. That said i have since doing the course completed a full rewire on my Mrs house which I will more than likely use to get NIC qualified (Domestic installer) after completing my final eal course in august. So I feel I am moving in the right direction
  23. don't hear much of the 'twinning' program these days. Such trips were more about local councillors than the councils themselves, but there certainly isn't any budgets for such things these days. Councils do also have some impetus to try and improve trade / promote business, such as the lighting projects I posted on here 2 years ago. If a project can be shown to be self financing, within 5 years, they can borrow money at 0% from central government. Trouble with the self-financing of councils by 2020 is that this will hit poorest areas hardest, along with countryside councils. Areas with reasonable economies and high population densities ie lots of people to pay council tax should fair OKish, but still with a 50% cut in funding, guess who's going to fill the financial hole????? I don't feel sorry for the countryside as they keep voting Tory
  24. Hmm, that's not the manual I read. Think I might have picked up the EC manual originally.
  25. I remember some years ago when the HMRC turned their spotlight on the construction industry. Obviously with no understanding of how the building trade functions they were demanding that builders/main contractors should be directly employing all these workers on the site , not understanding that they all have different functions are not required for the whole operation. We were not approached but another nearby contractor was challenged about having permanent subbies . Over a period of a year , we swapped "our" subbies with theirs as they came available and we heard no more . Also we had "Quotes" from our guys this particular job he would do , labour only , for say £900.00 .
  26. Thanks, both - I think I'm en route to resolving this after a day of negotiation! Appreciate you taking the time to help. J
  27. On the subject of TD RCDs, I built a small CU for a customer, which encapsulates most of the bespoke features I offer. Although it is only an 8-mod board, I have provided a back knockout, Stand Off Frame, an MCB next to the Incomer and the Incomer is a TD RCD. All spare live busbar pins were insulated and I fitted blanks where needed. Ready to fit onto the wall!! SBS Dave
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