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  2. ProDave

    In the wrong job!!

    If I was earning £200 per hour in the week then there is no way I would give um my weekends for overtime. I am obviously not "the right sort" In a previous employment when offered an annual bonus, I tried to negotiate with my employer for a pro rata increase in holiday allowance rather than a cash bonus. No luck, I got my bonus and the tax man took 40% of it.
  3. also worth checking the socket - in particlular look for wire trapped by socket front screws.
  4. something large enough that doesnt melt when its under load of 600a
  5. Paul Hayden

    Heat Shrink Colours

    HI NozSpark, Yes, thats definitely what should have been used. Given the nature of the error and other reservations I have decided to walk away from then job. Its not worth exposing myself. Thanks for everyones comments. I will try to be an active member. P
  6. mecheng46

    Single Phase motor wiring question

    i will try you suggestions Dave, thanks. What size capacitor shall i try with this motor?
  7. Today
  8. However that is normally only single pole isolation .......... so not ideal.
  9. BarneyN

    Two-way wiring

    Thanks - so like the first diagram in http://www.lightwiring.co.uk/tag/2-way-switch-wiring-diagram/ - except that the Neutral does not go back through the switches as shown, but runs with the strappers.
  10. Geoff1946

    Bathroom extractor fan recommendations

    A lot of cheap modern doors have very little wood framing. I trimmed a bit off one of mine to fit a carpet and finished up with a cavity. Easy enough to make and fit a new "insert", provided the facilities are to hand but could be a pain if its someone else's door and the means to fix it not available..
  11. Yesterday
  12. binky

    Wylex rcd button not working

    check PSCC/ PFC - look for faulty incoming neutral, anything weird is usually a neutral!
  13. Evans Electric

    New member

    Welcome Mecheng , your name suggests you are a Mechanical Engineer ...or ...a builder of Neolithic Earthworks ?
  14. Last week
  15. Tony S

    Sanity Check Required

    Large water tanks gently heated over a long period. Our plant’s bath house had two 500 gallon tanks, even then the hot water would run out.
  16. Tony S

    Priceline extractor fan

    Call the "maintenance man" back.
  17. kieronious

    Office Lighting Levels

    Take a look at Cibse lighting guides, they have guides for all different environments with recommendations. Glare is the biggest factor in office lighting so look at luminaires that can achieve a ugr <19. Also look at Bs 12464:1 for lighting levels. (I came off the tools 4 years ago and went into consultantancy as an electrical design engineer finishing my degree last year. Still work weekends on the tools mind!)
  18. Tony S

    Operating aged switchgear problems

    Replacement parts are unavailable (discontinued 1997) so you’re going to have to be gentle. Try putting a bit of tension on the rotary handle with an adjustable spanner and hitting the pivot point with a hammer, it should shock the switch open. Clean the switch blades and apply a small amount of Vaseline. A word of warning, some old switch grease is carcinogenic, wear gloves.
  19. Murdoch

    Things that reading the Junk-Mail can promt you to do.....

    Many years ago these clowns regularly called me "we can get you more enquiries and work" ............. to which my reply was "I've got too much work already" - took them a long time to stop calling. I guess if you are starting out, then these may seem a good idea, but I sense that more customers have realised that the feedback isn't 100% true and try and find tradespeople from local recommendation
  20. Andy™

    EICR coding.....go easy

    long time ago but i did find some home made T&E. 3x singles in parcel tape
  21. ProDave

    Over estimating a job .

    Well why we make a balls up of HS2, in other news the Chinese have started building a new hospital to cope with the Corona Virus, and it will be open a week on Monday.
  22. Evans Electric


    Welcome to the Forum Paul .
  23. Geoff1946

    Faulty Mini hifi system

    Hi Apo. You aren't really on the right forum here, as it's mostly about electrical installation, though who knows what may come out? For my part, I used to repair electronics, but these days I find its rarely feasible given the design and construction of gear like mini-hi-fi. Technical data is seldom available and circuit designs are complex. If you have some electronic knowledge I suggest examine the power supply area for any burned looking resistors or diodes, look closely at electrolytic capacitors for swelling or leakage, and look for any poor soldering, especially if any larger metalwork is soldered to a pcb. Beyond that you have to consider if sending it to the manufacturers service depot (if there is one) is economic. Around here at least the independent repairers have all disappeared.
  24. Zeespark

    New Person Joining

    I am still learning after a few bleeding years, though I have had a few few medical issues to sort, I am off work from a new one now. Andy
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