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  1. Yesterday
  2. Doc Hudson

    OK I'm getting lost .

    The two page PDF information sheet from the bottom of that link is quite good IMHO. (I have saved and printed a copy to keep with my own 'useful notes folder'). http://images.cloud.hager.com/Web/HAGERELECTRO/{6ca9c50a-bcd1-46d4-97e3-e63bd264b752}_UK_RCD_Types_web_friendly.pdf Doc H.
  3. Doc Hudson

    H&S in latest NICEIC magazine

    I have always thought that could be cured with copious amounts of intoxicating alcoholic beverages, in any quantities or flavours that you can acquire, with no limits on mixing or overdosing and you do not need a doctors prescription to administer the cure, or get repeat prescriptions. The whining just appears to vanish almost immediately if using the stronger medication, or worst case within 45 mins if the medication strength is a bit weaker. (common problem easily curried IMHO). Doc H.
  4. NozSpark

    Two ways of analysing "business" puzzle me

    His insurance (Tesco) have paid him out, but as it wasn't his fault the other parties insurance (Aviva) should have reimbursed Tesco for those payments.... so as it stands it's not fully sorted so he has the accident against him if he goes for a quote with any other insurer ----- Tesco's are not holding it against him, but he can't shop around!! A funny thing with this accident was that his black box company had rung the emergency services before he managed to!!! ..... his car was totally burn't out
  5. Murdoch

    extractor Fan for Bathroom

    Insufficient heating plays a large part too
  6. Murdoch

    Old style fuse box?

    ^^ in leafy Surrey some agents do tell landlords that there are no needs for electrical tests what so ever ....and as for smoke alarms ...
  7. I suspect given the presence of a 3 core cable, that this is a 2 gang switch, controlling 2 lights, but ONE of those lights is also controlled from another switch somewhere else, so one light is wired 1 way, and the other light is wired 2 way. Question to @Thonas Is this a new installation? Or is it an existing installation that has previously worked correctly and someone !! has messed it up perhaps by trying to change the switch without noting how it was wired originally? It helps to know exactly what the qeustion is.
  8. Last week
  9. Evans Electric

    Stroma Notifications ......

    No idea Murdo . Thought you were going to say " We have now joined NAPPIT and have lost your details " Or similar .
  10. AIman1

    SolarEdge with battery storage retrofit

    GoodWe is nice choice but I am getting no support from anyone on this yet. I am wondering if there are other similar choices, perhaps matching with 4kw panels not just limited to 2.5kw max.
  11. Following an investigation by the MCS Compliance Team, MCS has removed several HERO ground source heat pumps (GSHP) from its certified products directory. Whilst MCS allows previously certified products to be installed up to 6 months after their removal from the scheme, these products will not be eligible for the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI). The following products are affected by this and are no longer MCS certified: HERO CLASSIC H 3-15 HERO CLASSIC H 5-25 HERO CLASSIC HC 3-15 HERO CLASSIC HC 5-25 HERO ELITE H 3-15 HERO ELITE H 5-25 HERO ELITE HC 3-15 HERO ELITE HC 5-25 If you are a consumer looking to have a renewable heat technology installed, in order to be eligible for the RHI, you must have an MCS certified product installed by an MCS certified installer. Before entering a contract, always look for the RECC logo, and check that the product offered is MCS certified here and that your chosen installer is MCS certified to install that technology here. For advice on what to check before your sign a contract please see the Consumer Advice section of our website or call us on 0207 981 0850. MCS' press release confirming the removal can be found here: https://mcscertified.com/product-removal-alert/ View the full article
  12. Well I personally have no direct knowledge or experience of this particular product, but from their website, I am guessing your sounder is one of these: https://www.pyronix.com/uk/products/category/sounders-bells which possibly needs one of these batteries, https://www.pyronix.com/uk/products/deltabell-we-batteries-batt-es1-battcr34615d But I get the impression you may not be able to purchase on yourself unless you are a registered installed on their database. Also you may need an engineers code after opening up any covers, others may be able to clarify better. Doc H.
  13. Safety measures Ionizing radiation Hazards Electric current Fire risks Risk assessment Particulate materials Fire safety Design Flame traps Protected electrical equipment Lightning Flames Marking Ignition Explosive atmospheres Dust Electromagnetic radiation High frequencies Instructions for use Ignitability Control equipment Surfaces Ventilation Hazardous areas classification (for electrical equipment) Electric sparks Electrostatics Classification systems Chemical hazards Ultrasonics Electrical safety Gases Explosions Hand tools View the full article
  14. Measurement Atom physics Physics Ionizing radiation Units of measurement SI system (metric) Conversion (units of measurement) Particle physics Definitions Symbols Quantity Formulae (mathematics) Nuclear reactions Standardized parameters Nuclear physics Mathematical symbols View the full article
  15. binky

    Noob alert

    went off really hot chilli stuff years ago after a mate made me a curry with fresh spices he ground himself. Whilst I used to think a curry was lettuced unless it required 4 pints of lager and a head-sweat, I realised you can't taste amything other than chilli and was missing out on so much more flavour. Still like a bit of heat, Vindaloo max!
  16. Tony S

    Credit cards

    The Nasty West introduced charges for cheques 45 years back. They found themselves with no customers. I moved my business and personal accounts elsewhere. I now get better interest on my current account than my savings account….?
  17. Rob.

    Finance ...interest rate down again .

    Already have to pay for most bank accounts here in the USA
  18. Evans Electric

    Has YouTube gone down ?

    No porn Doc , some flatpicking and a touch of Lester Flatt though . Have you tried access via Google ? I can't figure why the shortcut fails to open . And its not very often the BT hub goes down these days.
  19. Translations Documentation Information processing Information Information compatibility View the full article
  20. Solvents Varnishes Coatings Vocabulary Paints View the full article
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