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  2. Tell it like it is Doc. I’ve got to admit this thread has been one of the more convoluted than the usual “my electrician” cons.
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  4. This is the first Double Decker I have done, with the new LiVE Metal Box. The 10mm links from top to bottom DIN rails don't look too neat, but I already have an idea for a better arrangement .
  5. I knew a lad that hit a 132Kv cable with a spade once, he was very lucky, he'd caught it a glancing blow and it started to "bleed", fortunately he wrapped Denso tape around it to stop it and rang the networks people. It was right outside a filling station and caused chaos, they closed the road and evacuated the filling station, as there could have been a nasty explosion. It turned out that the digging prints he'd been given had been copied the wrong way around, mirror image, and the pipe they were looking for was actually on the other side of the road, they'd used a CAT but for some reason it, hadn't picked it up. they'd dug the hole and not found the pipe, so they were squaring it off by hand thinking it may have been on the edge of the excavation when they hit the cable, it was one of the main feeders into town and they ended up replacing a long length of it, I can't remember the cost but it was into many many thousands of pounds, something to do with the oil that had bled out of the cable, apparently under little or no load it's normally a thick grease but when it gets warm it melts and helps cool the cable.
  6. Mum's a Catholic, Dad's a Protestant. Mum was disowned by her family when she went back to Limerick and told them she was getting married in the 50's. Took 20+ years for the wounds to heal. Somehow my brother managed to visit Limerick in the 70's when not long out of the British Army and come back unscathed. I reckon they only welcomed him and looked after him for fear Mum would stop sending the bloody great care packages she used to send! I spent my childhood being dragged round jumble sales with her saying "Try this on, you're the same size as John!" Or "That'll fit Dolores/Bernie/Theresa....". Left me and my brother to make up our own minds on religion. (I still haven't). The Gurkhas I work with have it right I reckon, celebrate everything from Divali to Guy Fawkes as long as they can make an excuse for a beer and barbie.
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  8. maybe he will do the work for free too?
  9. Bloody hell,! Just how good would xubuntu be on an i5 with 8G and an SSD,!!!? You'd have to chain it down,,,, I have Ubuntu on my lads PC, an i3 with 8G and normal 1TB HDD and it is blisteringly fast,
  10. Sorry all was in a bit of a panick coz was having a practical and somehow things started getting mixed up in my had b4 the exam,lukily when i did yhe exam,it had cleared.thanks anyways
  11. When we were about 14 or 15, my mate wanted a motorbike and his mum wouldn't let him have one, she was disabled and very rarely went upstairs, anyway somebody had a Triumph 750, in bits and they gave it to him. The daft sod smuggled it into his bedroom and rebuilt it, trouble was it went in ok in bits, but getting a full bike out wasn't going to happen, his mum found out and went mental!
  12. That is like me. I have somehow assumed responsibility for purchase order numbers. I was signing off £2080 for one particular supplier every month, after a few months I decided to find out what exactly it was, it turns out it is a compressor. You learn something new everyday lol.
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  14. Sounds like you've made your mind up Young'un its four yes's from me , go for it !! Do you have a wife / 5 kids & a mortgage to support ? If not do what I said earlier ,,,, get a van ..get it signwritten .... have a look if theres a local domestic help website such as "Nextdoor" in your area and push your self on that foe bread & butter work . So its:- Get van. Join Niceic/ ELECSA./ or STROMA so you can sign off your own jobs . Get business cards printed Get to know local builders Notify Nat.Ins and HMRC Hand in notice . Take out Liability Insurance . Begin new life as your own boss . Come back on here for further advice GO FOR IT!!!!!!!
  15. Do you not think that whoever gets voted in are a bunch of "floaters" anyway 💩👜💼💩
  16. What I don't need is more C50s're not palming your leftovers onto me Cannylad
  17. At Voltimum we are putting together a focus group to get feedback on some lighting products. We will give you free lighting products to use on jobs and all we ask is for honest feedback at our focus group event on 25th July 2017. If you would like to be involved please drop me an email Thanks Eddie
  18. Hi Everyone I'm pleased to announce that we have recently sponsored TEF and to celebrate i'd like to offer all forum users FREE tickets to our upcoming seminar on smart automation. Just click here to get your free tickets - My name is Eddie and i'm the MD of Voltimum ( This seminar is designed to offer ALL electricians and installers an insight in to the business opportunities that new technology presents. We're working with the biggest manufacturers and the leading associations in the industry - Schneider, ABB, Legrand, ECA, NICEIC, and CEDIA. Would appreciate any thoughts or comments that might help us improve our offering. Thanks Eddie
  19. I believe so, otherwise any evidence presented isn't legal. I've been meaning to put up some 'Covert CCTV' signs at the back of my house wkithout any actual system - keep the buggers guessing
  20. i dont understand how it can be anything but measured? I put the cable up to a measured point. Someone plasterboards it. I drill a hole to the measured point i put the cable at Unless you plan to stab holes through while someone boards it, which has to be harder then measurement.
  21. It started on Sunday. I can give my guy there a call tomorrow to find out the work situation
  22. Because he is a very down to earth fellow !
  23. Ward Leonard DC control: The crane and the face shovel have one thing in common, Ward Leonard motor control. The face shovel has three generators driven by a single 3.3kV 300HP squirrel cage motor. This as you can probably imagine is a fairly hefty lump of machinery, the motor generator set forms a part of the shovels rear counter weight. The three control exciters are driven by a separate motor and the constant voltage exciter has a motor all to itself. Starting the main set was by an autotransformer oil switch, all the ancillary drives started all at once via a DOL starter. The cranes only have one DC motor for the main hoist, the auxiliary hoists were AC. The motor generator is on the overhung platform. On this set the motor, generator, control exciter and constant voltage exciter shared a common bedplate. The drive was started DOL. This is a very much simplified animation. I’ve missed out the delightfully named “suicide shunt”. Basically this momentarily reverses the control exciter field to kill any residual magnetism. Without this a small current would be allowed to flow in the generator field causing the motor to creep. A favorite trick of both the crane and shovel drivers was to “accidentally” start two MG sets at the same time causing the feeder breakers to open. No power equals a longer meal break. View full knowledgebase
  24. Had enough.
  25. Don’t worry, his Russian mates will be in charge of the red button.
  26. not quite, the RCD at the inverter will not see an imbalance on the submain - leccy will just be off. But the inverter has a delay before auto-tripping out in the event of a power loss, anything up to 2.5seconds, so the inverter could possibly be still backfeeding the faulty submain and killing anyone connected to it.
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