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  2. Light won’t turn off

    It was probably wired as a permanent supply as you originally specified a slight with a sensor. So it is no surprise that the light is on all the time as you have fitted one without a sensor. You need an additional switch. I am guessing the existing switch is 1 or 2 gang? You probably need to change the switch to one with one more gang, and rewire it. It should not take long hopefully and won't cost much.
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  4. Auto electronics

    I can only guess that the charger is lacking in any radio interference filtering . I presume it is very close to your radio ? Is it a cheapo jobby from the market ?
  5. Spaghetti Junction as was.

    Befores & afters fascinate me , I see those two bay windows have been extended to roof level . And in the top one I remember being able to park a bike at the curb like that & it was still there when you came back .
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  7. Revenge on dog owners?

    Where I lived once, a regular walker let their god carp anywhere it wanted and never cleared it up. Often on my neighbours font lawn. One day the lady came by with the dog, also pulling her shopping trolley. The dog did it's business on the neghours lawn. The neighbour got a shovel, scoped it up, caught up with the lady and said to her "excuse me, I believe this is yours" as he tipped the dog's mess into her shopping trolley. I believe that solved the issue and the dog mess was never left om his lawn again.
  8. Late to this discussion. So you have checked the heaters themselves so they re okay. R1, R2 and Rn on the circuit is okay so no wiring fault The bit that baffles me is "the light on the switch comes on when the E7 is on, so the time switch is also okay. So one of those tests must be wrong, otherwise it would work? The only other thing is send the spark round very late ant night or very early in the morning when the E7 is on to trace it through properly.
  9. Can we afford them I ask ?

    How can you tell ?
  10. Last week
  11. Boge S10 doesnt start

    thanks, manuals / wiring diagrams can often be awkward to get hold of
  12. Some good info there @Lurch Cheers bud.
  13. Todays cooker install

    I know the feeling, I've just worked a 14hr day and 45mins travel, and now I'm reading about electric, how sad am I.
  14. College Or Training Course

    Cheers Doc, Funnily enough it's the electrical science side of it I'll enjoy studying for.
  15. £70 Inverter Welder From Aldi

    I have a rockworth inverter tig/ arc set, I paid about a hundred quid for it a few years ago, it's quite handy, doesn't get used that often but when it does it earns it's money, plus it only weighs a few pounds not like my old heavy arc welder. They don't like massive runs of thin cable though, I have a 2.5 lead for mine, always use that size on a welder.
  16. Girlfriend

    After 5 years with my girlfriend, I decided it was time to tie the knot. Hopefully the gag stays on too and I can finally get some peace.
  17. Handyman minor works

    Best place to start is to find out if your nearest college does C&G electrical installation courses. Any reputable college should do part-time evening courses, as well as the full time day courses, to allow those already in full time employment access to further training when daytime classes are not a practical option. A college environment with real lecturers and other students asking questions can often open up topics and solutions to problems you may not have thought about on your own. This is an aspect the cannot be replicated on any home/distance learning program. Are you an 'employee handyman' or are you a 'self employed handyman'? If you are an employee ask if your employers are willing to assist with the training costs. Doc H.
  18. Timer Switch

    Ha, now that's what I'm talking about! Brilliant, thanks very much for the link,;I reckon they'll be very interested in this option. Cheers Doc, Much appreciated John.
  19. A "blonde" moment

    can't remember and I'm not there at the minute, will have a look when I go up tomorrow. but on the spec sheet it said something like 3.5A however when I clamped it it was almost 4A.
  20. Motivator stair lift

    Good point! Last year I went to a house, as a favour for someone, as I generally try and avoid domestic, anyway the electrics kept tripping, it turned out a lot of the place was still wired in the old VIR! They had a stairlift, fed from a fused spur on the landing, the feed to spur went into the loft in mini trunking, the pvc twin and earth was attached to the ring main via a joint box, the ring main was brittle old VIR. At which point was connecting this either, A) compliant with regs B) good practice or was it more like C) lash it in, take the money and leg it! I think the competency bit is the issue here, earlier this year, my wife decided to redecorate the lounge, I was out at the time. She want's to remove a socket to wallpaper, so, she gets the toolbox out, plugs a socket tester into the socket and it's live, she then goes to the CU and locates the breaker for that circuit and isolates it, checks socket is now dead and removes it. After wallpapering she refits socket, resets breaker and tests socket with tester, all good, job done. Now she was in the house alone, and nobody was going to come in, but I did wind her up by telling her she should have used a lockout and warning notice, lol.However she'd done the job perfectly fine, so technically you could argue that she's competent to replace a socket front, however would I trust her doing it at work? no! To me this competency thing is all to often used as a way of saving money with little thought for safety.
  21. Supply to care home

    They always ask this, it's to prevent overloading of their system, for all they know you could have say a 60 amp single phase supply at the moment and be wanting a 100 amp 3 phase, which obviously would add a significant load to their equipment.
  22. Non,je ne regrette rien

    Until I retied you could add me to the industrial side. There is no way I could survive in the domestic / commercial market, I would strangle someone. What I do regret is not going in to chemical engineering when I had the chance.
  23. Yeah, it's a good job joe public don't try and follow them, they'd be well confused.lol
  24. Hi Paul, Sorry for delay in replying! I've sent the lettuced ones back and changed for Bakelite holders now. Much better. Thanks for your interest. Cheers, John.
  25. Spot light help

    I had similar from a friend who had just recently purchased a new house. I don't do domestic electrical work an he knows it. However one weekend whilst setting up at his for a bbq that evening, he tells me one socket in his bedroom wasn't working. I had my tools in the boot of my car and seen as how he was going to be supplying a few beers and food later, I figured it was rude not to just have a quick look for him. Turns out it was one of those novelty mini safes. Nothing inside it unfortunately.
  26. gmail ?

    I use Yahoo mail, and G mail, I have them both direct access on my phone, if you are getting a lot of spam then do what I do. I have 3 or 4 accounts on the G mail, you can delete them fairly easily, I have my main one that I use for day to day, then the others are purely sacrificial, use them for thing where I may get junk mails, e.g, you give your details at an event because you are interested in a certain product, then they send you info on all kinds, when it becomes silly, simply delete the account and move on.
  27. A Guide To the New AM2

    go pick up your dummy and get on with it. moaning on a forum wont help, other than people will be less likely to want to help you int he first place as for what test method AM2 wants, i dont know. its all changed since i done mine, but if you follow the guidance in OSG & GN3 then you cant really get it wrong
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