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  2. That will be only a very small amount of movement and is definitely in the realms of fine tuning. you should get a signal regardless of that dine tuning, To be honest the present generation of satellites are a lot more powerful than they used to be so i rarely make those fine tuning adjustments.
  3. A healthy element should be higher than you can read on a general purpose multi-meter. An acceptable one, above 3 or 4 Meg ohms. As someone else pointed out the resistance can drop as they heat up. (Though without an RCD you will not know). My theory is that moisture in the insulation is driven towards the ends as the element heats; its concentration in a smaller volume of the insulation creates a leakage path.
  4. roys

    There is a God.....

    Even that bit where Freddy rolled the hearse? Must admit I am watching Top Gear again as I do like the new line up.
  5. binky

    Surge protection for a Solar iBoost

    not heard of any issues with these units, which would suggest the installation may be poor, or something else is going on.
  6. Geoff1946

    Ebay automatic paypal login..

    I doubt it. From experience Paypal is very quick to ask for my password if I try to change anything. Changing my e-mail seemed a nightmare and I'm still not sure its right if I want to sell. Then again perhaps its just me that's bad at that sort of thing.
  7. Evans Electric

    Checking in from Norfolk

    So do we .....at the moment ...welcome to the Forum .
  8. Yesterday
  9. rapparee

    Anyone else had a weird illness??

    Sounds like pneumonia
  10. kerching

    13 Minutes to the moon

    Present wife knows her place... she is presently ( weekdays) keeping local school open for key workers kids and the vulnerable ones stay safe and ( unlike the FRICKING outside broadcast TV reporters ) STAY HOME
  11. If there is a manual override button on receiver kill stat by taking batteries out hit override if it all works ok then it's the prog or the pairing if not it isn't
  12. binky

    LED Bulb Installation

    dimmers and LED are 2 things that don't work togther - I would loe the dimmer if you don't use it much. If you use it a lot, then don't convert to LED.
  13. Blue Duck

    Covid19 profiteering....boils my urine

    I felt like it was some kind of hard reset of the economy.? Who is going to buy all these government bonds created by supporting the entire country financially? We'll know more in a few months but for now I can guarantee someone out there is making a ton of money ( other than Jeff Bezos ) .
  14. Last week
  15. ProDave

    Eye ball the ISS

    Missed last nights pass as it was cloudy, but tonight was clear and it gave a good show.
  16. RECC is pleased to confirm that its virtual office is up and running. This means that RECC Team members are available to help our members, consumers and stakeholders as usual. Virginia Graham, RECC CEO said today: "Our thoughts are with the directors and staff of our many member organisations who face a time of great uncertainty over the next few months. I would like to assure them that we are here to help in any way that we can. So please do telephone or email us with any queries or suggstions you have. We will do everything we can to respond." Graham went on to explain: "It's been a vrey busy week for RECC: first we had to move our physical office to new premises, and then we had to switch completely from working in the office to working remotely. I'm pleased to say we have accomplished this, and we are now operating 100% remotely with no changes to the service we offer. "All this has been achieved against a backdrop of increasing restrictions on movement, culminating in the lockdown announced earlier this week. RECC Team members have complied with the lockdown restrictions throughout and we will all continue to play our part in any way we can." RECC's email addresses and telephone numbers remain unchanged. RECC's new office address is: Brettenham House, 2 - 19 Lancaster Place, London WC2E 7EN. Arrangements are in place to receive post on a weekly basis. View the full article
  17. apprentice87

    Chancellors statement 26th Mar @ 5pm

    Thanks all!! I will give it a miss, all they care about is getting their hot tub working... Makes you wonder though, they have got a 6 month old baby too, corona virus will do it a power of good.. Think they are a bit keen to get me to do it as i heard them saying something about they asked electricians adn got told that it would take two of them all day and cost £600 They asked why it took two people all day!!!! I swear people think it is like putting a 13A plug on, and VERY few people can even do that properly.. Mind you, at least they listen and when you tell them what is needed they just go out and buy it.. john.. I went to collect something the other day and i was like that. I turned round and went home, i do not want to be near ANYONE in a shop or elsewhere.. john..
  18. kerching

    TV Reports

    of the lot of them Bunch of W️s
  19. kerching


    No....but they won't be emailing me again as a result of the email I sent to them
  20. Murdoch

    Spare earth

    Just please don’t cut it off as the next person fitting a light might need it.
  21. Evans Electric

    self employed or PAYE?

    Ah yes it became an employment law did it not ? I'd forgotten TBH
  22. Thanks Dave for confirming difficulty getting immersion timer that can set different times on different days. Does seem like wants to go to a whole load of ag just to control lower rate night heating. Well spotted Murdoch. Something going on defo needs proper look at. If getting a permanent boost no wonder why he would feel has more than adequate hot water overnight. Have some other works he wants done so said will check this out at time....If ever people start letting me back in their houses lol
  23. UNG

    Thinking outside of the box

    The term cullet originates from France where it was dug up in it's natural state You need some cullet to make new glass in fact all glass produced has recycled glass ( cullet ) in it. When they open a new glass plant it is quite normal to have a couple of guys with sledgehammers smashing the sheet glass at the end of the lear during the first few weeks of production to create cullet so they can ramp up the production without trucking in massive amounts of cullet
  24. Geoff1946

    Just opened a window to hear what that deafening noise is

    They are nesting. There will be plenty soon.
  25. Murdoch

    How long can we carry on?

    "elecsa are after as much money as possible... membership expired, i told them i wasnt renewing but they still continue witht their begging letters... and from todays email Quote · Voluntary suspension is an option if you are experiencing a lull in work availability (£60.00 charge)" They are extracting the urine. So you've got little or no work, and to suspend your membership they think that a charge of £60 is a reasonable idea I think NOT
  26. Whilst in Australia https://www.pv-magazine.com/2020/03/19/forget-toilet-paper-australians-are-panic-buying-pv/
  27. ^^ thanks brummydave for the post and the link to the updated government guidance. After reading this I may well embark on some work in empty properties and gardens ..... this income won’t feed the family but may well cover my overheads ....
  28. It's a pleasure to try to help. Let us know how you get on. If you find you can post pictures pop up a picture of the car.
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