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  2. Doc Hudson

    New member

    Showing your age there. Early 1980's. So it's very probable that anyone under 35 hasn't got a clue what you are on about! Those of us who are older will be just chuckling away in the background. They did the first "Red-Nose-Day" single with 'Sir Cliff' (Living Doll) which was brilliant IMHO! Doc H.
  3. Doesn’t matter the colour, one is the live and the other is the switched live, all that is missing is the bit of brown sleaving or tape round the blue, but it’s function is its function no matter the colour. if it was live and neutral connected across the switch when you switched it to the on position it would be a dead short tripping the mcb and possibly damaging the switch.
  4. https://www.texe.com/uk/uploads/INS045-13_(Veritas_R8+_Install)_2.pdf
  5. Doc Hudson

    New member looking to re-train

    The best solution as I see it is to keep your existing job, plus its income to pay the bills for as long as is possible, while getting as many qualifications as evening courses as possible, (as far as I know, C&G qualifications are the widest recognised within the industry), Plus seeing if you can get your name know around local potential electrical employers, possibly getting some unpaid weekend work in to get a bit of hands on if at all possible. Doc H.
  6. Doc Hudson

    Ford focus electrical issue

    Hello Luke, welcome to the forum. Unfortunately you may not get much help here, as this forum is mainly relating to Industrial / Commercial / Domestic AC mains electrical supplies. The are a few members who have some involvement with lower voltage DC auto-electrics. But you would probably get a better response from a more specific Car-Electrics type forum or even a Ford Focus owners type forum. Pop back in a few days, just in case someone does have some inspiration, But if no-one else does reply, its not that we are ignoring you. Hope you get your problem sorted. Doc H.
  7. Sidney

    Label printer?

    In telecoms wrap around cable labels are normally required by customers, most popular is Brady as they do hard wearing labels in numerous sizes and styles. Sadly they normally retail for around £850+VAT new. Mate of mine bought one and was moaning about the price, I then informed him I picked up brand new one on Facebook marketplace for £150, brand new from a house clearance. It still had the bread bag ties on the cables...
  8. OK. I assume there are no markings on the dead lamps? So first work out what voltage they are. Check how many go out when one is removed and divide 24 by the number. e.g. if you take out one and three others go out there must be a chain of four in series. Hence each is 6 volt. Next issue is to identify the base type. The smallest common type I've met is called LES - Lilliput Edison screw. These are about 5mm diameter and were popular on Christmas lights about 20 or 30 years ago when they were largely replaced by push in "wedge" types. Googling miniature lamps may help the identification. Just spotted your posting of similar items. Those are what I call push in wedge types. The bad news is that sizes vary slightly. The good news is that you can pull the lamp our of the wedge bit and insert a new one, so don't lose the plastic wedge bit.
  9. Sharpend

    Intermediate switch wiring

    So you have a ‘normal’ switch at the downstairs, you then should have two intermediates, then a ‘normal’ switch at the bathroom. Are you happy to drop the switches and get some pics of the cables and terminations, we’d have a better idea of what you’ve got.
  10. binky

    Tribute Bands ........

    seen the ozzy Pink Floyd several times, and the real ones once.
  11. Murdoch


    Who is taking responsibility for the electrical changes and sign off?
  12. Murdoch

    EICR before new works/ minor works

    Well ............ I talk to the client about unexpected issues and the cost implications before I send an estimate With fuseboard changes , I include the following caveat: "NB: If problems are detected during the fuseboard change additional work may be required. Such issues and associated costs will be discussed with you, prior to being implemented" Never been challenged on it and on the rare occasions I find a fault ............. I talk about the cost implications and update the customer by email to confirm when I get home. Got one ATM - sent an estimate for a CU change and a few extras - to find a plumber has been sparking .......... been rectifying his work too - so the customer saving is a big fat zero. Then there is an issue that probably dates back to when the house was built in 1980 ..not sure how to fix that! Its all about communication Back to EICR's - there are some properties where I do insist on an EICR before I will even do an estimate for a CU change ...
  13. Evans Electric

    Replacement Crabtree consumer unit cover

    Doubt you'll get anything to fit that Pieman , I suggest you make one from a piece of steel or plastic .
  14. I need to get my post count up too! Nearly there!
  15. binky


    I really don't see how they will stop it spreading, it's clearly highly infectious and easily tansmitted.
  16. binky

    SolarEdge with battery storage retrofit

    Yes, they need to be notiifed as they regard it as a second soucre of energy that could feed back into the grid. Personally I think this is redicuous, but I don't make the rules.
  17. binky

    On the subject of EV's ...........

    F1 tech does filter through, but obviously in a more basic form. Hybrid cars use regenrative braking, not sure if F1 did it first or not.
  18. Last week
  19. Sharpend

    SD1 & Alarm

    Disconnect any batteries and switch off power it’ll shut up then. what do you have in the garage a pir? When you say checked the garage for spiders was that inside the pir?
  20. Sharpend


    Howdy peter, I guess you don’t mean a new human so what’s the background?
  21. NozSpark

    Tool insurance?

    Plus the insurance won't be "new for old" so you'll never get anywhere near the amount you'd need to replace them
  22. That suggests a max use age of 3680w so would imply that all your proposed load will be ok. This is a foreign extension so no fuse. Are you using it over here or elsewhere? If over here then the adapter you plug into should have a 13a fuse in it. If over elsewhere then no fuse and protection will be afforded by the fuse/mcb rating At the consumer unit. What power supply do you have over there?
  23. Do I have to type all that stuff out to take a look ? No I'll go with what Kerch says .
  24. Evans Electric

    Thought this might be of interest .

    I'm going to have a go at Birmingham Council on a slightly connected matter .......they are replacing sodium street lighting with LED which seems a good idea ( for once) BUT the usual modus operandi is to dig , plant a new column next to the existing , disconnect existing pole , re-connect new pole , remove old pole , make good pavement . BUT the new poles are the SAME height as the old ones , I'm sure they are expensive , so why not just fit the new lamp head to the old pole . ? I understand that certain areas have very tall poles with the new lights , which I presume is to do light spread etc .
  25. Evans Electric

    Chanderlier in Conservatory

    As Geoff says there is often a central meeting place for the ceiling purlins . There is often a plate or I've fitted a wooden one in the past , plastic can be unclipped and wiring run behind it . If it looks like a nightmare fit wall lights .
  26. Debbie_21

    New member!

    , thank you. I posted here if you wanna help.
  27. UNG

    Electrical trace Test

    While you are comparing your bills to your competitors are they on similar tariffs to you. A better indication would be comparing the actual Kw usage with your competitors it could be that they are more energy efficient than you Wondering what the half hourly reading you refer to actually is, is this a smart meter reading or are you on a maximum demand tariff While putting a temporary check meter in would give you an overall usage comparison it might be better with a power logger to give a detailed analysis of the power consumption over a 24 / 48 hour period and highlight where savings may be made
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