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  2. Who should we send ... that’s easy. Any member of JPEL/64
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  4. Murdoch

    On the subject of EV's ...........

    That's all well and good - but shouldn't they have told us the cost per mile too? My "take away" is like all cars don't believe the performance / range!
  5. Evans Electric

    TT Earthing issue

    Have a read in the Regs for the requirements for TT supplies . I found , generally , if its a TT theres a reason in urban areas , usually a problem with the network . We get it a lot in parts of Sutton Coldfield.
  6. Murdoch

    Shed/Out house supply

    Top bit of advice If you are determined to do this work just make 100% sure that you state on your quote that the maximum design load for the spur will be 13A .....................and that this is on your invoice and certificate too. Customers can have selective memories in my experience and a few words written down can CYA big time
  7. Evans Electric

    Help urgently required!

    Well as long as it gets one somewhere.
  8. Yesterday
  9. Nice job Rev, why usb to glove box? Mine is located in pidgin hole below at end of centre console thus allowing phone to be attached for charging on a longer lead to place on top of dash if signal is too weak lower down. the tailgate camera going under carpets to boot? What did you run in Top liner?
  10. Sharpend

    Travel time/costs

    The thing I give with travel is that it is a variable game dependant upon the number of players. If the company you are subbing to have a team heading the same direction then an arrangement could be made whereby you agree to meet up and take turns in driving so alternating through the weeks, thus no one vehicle is constantly used which lowers wear and tear mileage on your vehicle. This may however mean enduring silly o clock starts. if on the other hand you are a lone worker with a specific skill set then I see travelling time is something that can in part be attributed to be done within working hours. You say for example that you’ll give an hour or so of your time towards travelling but beyond that you will do any remaining travel in their time.
  11. NozSpark

    New switch

    They often have very slight differences
  12. I have a StecaGrid 2010+ Solar PV system consisting of one master and slave unit. This was installed around 2011. Unknown to me when It was first installed there is an option to add a Ethernet network interface card; to allow PC monitoring of the energy generated by the system. I tried to buy the network card direct from Steca but it is no longer in production. But I have managed to get hold of one, via eBay. I have installed the card using the StecaGrid manual and it configures OK, and responds to network PINGs from PCs on my local LAN. I have also downloaded the StecaGrid Connect User software from their web site. According to the documentation both web browsing and the software can be used to access the system and view its data in graphical form. However, neither function works. TCP/IP ports 21, 80 and 4101 are configured and open according to a network port scanner I have used. Both methods require a user name and password to signon. The documention is unclear as to what user name should be used. As the network interface comes from a de-commissioned system the card may still have the old user name and password which is not known. There is no documentation on how to reset the network card, but the card itself has dip switches, one of which is marked "DEF PWD"; which I assume means default password. The documenation says the initial password is the MAC address of the network card, but what the default user name should be. I have set the switch but have still not been able to signon by web browser or via their software. The network cards EJ45 connection is a Digi Connect ME. Any help anyone can give would be much appreciated.
  13. CW33514

    Windows 7

    You should be able to upgrade a desktop or laptop PC running Windows 7 to Windows 10. The upgrade should detect both hardware and software incompatibilites, if there are any. You may have to buy a Windows 10 licence, for the existing desktop. But I would try it, before spending your money. Firstly, Windows 10 can be downloaded, without a licence and you then have 30 days to activate it. Secondly, I have upgraded a Windows 7 PC recently, and did NOT have to buy a new licence for Windows 10, despite what Microsoft says. Have a read of the following:- https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/software-download/windows10 Note the comments about USB / DVD / ISO. The tool does a huge download and writes it to a ISO image file that can be copied to a DVD or USB drive. Personally I use one of those little SD cards used by the likes of a Nextbase Dashcam and put the SD card in a USB adapter from StarTech.com. A 8GB SD card is large enough for the biggest download I have got from Microsoft recently. Depending on which download option you take some downloads will be bigger than the capacity of a DVD (4.7GB) Doing the download will do no harm, it is only when you start to use it to try to upgrade do things get scary. Whatever you do, make sure you have a full back up of the desktop PC before you try to upgrade; not just your data. You should only need to spend money, if after the move to Windows 10, you decide to, for instance upgrade from Windows Home to Windows Pro. Even so, it is still a lot cheaper than buying Windows 10 brand new.
  14. 100% agree or in the case of downlights swap units to 230v units then the customer can change the bulbs there after ....
  15. Last week
  16. Risteard

    Visual inspection ???

    I'm not sure what your point is. I was responding to the claim that observations require electrical testing. Patently they don't. Many things would only be identifiable through inspection.
  17. Risteard

    C2 or C3

    Agreed, and I genuinely don't believe that any other conclusion is tenable or credible - particularly where the conditional rating of 16kA is relied upon. And if NAPIT decided that C3 was appropriate without knowledge of the components etc. involved then they have been very foolish in my opinion.
  18. Strictly speaking there should only be ONE cable per gland unless the gland is designed for two cables. Also the rubber seal inside the glands should have OVAL holes not round ones. Just saying
  19. Evans Electric

    Elizabeth tower & additional costs to repair

    This sums up what does actually go on in this country . Its something that seems to have built up over some years , possibly local politicians who cannot reach decisions . Going back to our other entity again , in the '90s and the 2000s it became very apparent that the name of the game in management was to have endless meetings , as if their function in life was to have meetings every day . One in the mornings ...followed by a long lunch ...another meeting for the afternoon & so to bed. Meanwhile no real work was done , problems sorted , cheques no signed ( That used to be a good one ..."Sorry I'm waiting for the cheques to be signed before I can send them out " How difficult is it to sign a cheque FFS . I remember going to see the electrical consultant for a job were doing , to collect some revised drawings , on his desk I could see our last invoice , issued three weeks before , still on his bloody desk awaiting his approval . No wonder our cash flow was starting to freeze.
  20. Markaaregan

    Do I have 3 phase?

    Thanks Dave, tested and all 3 lit up like a Christmas tree! Now to fight with GTC to get my meter upgrade cost refunded as would have went 3 phase from the start if they told me the right thing to begin with!
  21. suliman gauda

    A few quick tips and advice to new members.

    hi thank you for your welcome
  22. Sharpend

    OV-G confirmation

    I believe that it may be an electrician. It will be classed as a fixed radial supply.
  23. Evans Electric

    New Minimum requirement for electrical QS s

    You didn't mention the Kerching branded work clothes , boots , baseball caps etc.
  24. Breville

    DNO/energy supplier

    Update: My supplier came and made an emergency appointment because I was off supply. They fitted the fuse in too.
  25. Doc Hudson

    Sawdust as insulation

    If it is just normal sawdust I would have been just as worried about any damp and moisture being absorbed by it. A dripping pipe joint could accumulate a very damp patch of sawdust surrounding it. Bet the mice love it for making nests in. Doc H.
  26. Sharpend

    Apprentice Wages

    Not necessarily see links.
  27. Evans Electric

    Newbie in here.

    Just ask away Stevo , add a reminder that you are not "trade" when you post . Theres no reason for anyone to start shouting at you , thats for "other" forums.
  28. if you hold on for a few weeks then the new A1 will be incorporated to online exam.
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