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  2. Let me know what you're thinking then and I'll give it some thought.
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  4. You don't want to buy 18 replacements .... and get stuck with them . Suggest you do one first , or just open one up , check the connections against what Andy said . Or contact say Texacom , if you use their bell boxes to confirm compatibility
  5. Evans Electric

    Two of the most useful items in my kit .

    Some tools I don't seem to use anymore . Anyone , other than Kerch , know what the strange Mole wrench is for ? Also shown is the universal Pyro stripper. The universal Pyro dressing hammer. Locknut spanner Bush spanner Hack knife for lead sheath SWA . And as discussed on other thread ...the mighty Rawlplugging Tool
  6. Evans Electric

    6mm main earth

    I think you're right .
  7. With two connections I consider it's unlikely to be anything more than a pair of switch contacts, but at best part of £50 a shot I understand your reluctance to gamble. What I can't make sense of is that the two wires from the device appear to go to the two right hand terminals, BUT the other wire from each of those seems to go to the third terminal which would short out the device! Perhaps that's an illusion in the photo? Can you not get technical advice from the spares supplier you bought it off? Give it a bit longer and someone else may be along here with a more enlightening answer. It's not however a group which deals much with appliance repair so you may be wise to search elsewhere.
  8. tomsw18

    Joining a part p scheme

    You could be right. I've seen somewhere that it is 'recommended' to include at least one new circuit. Me and the neighbours are in a new build and there's no spare ways in the 20 way consumer units so that rules that out! It really is a chicken and egg situation isn't it. Who is going to let someone new loose on their premises in order to get certified. The whole point of the new legislation is to encourage only using competent workers, but it kind of restricts that at the beginning. I know a few factories well where I could definitely go and install a new circuit, but they're not within the 30 min distance the assessors require. 30 mins inside the South Circular in London is about a mile during the day.
  9. Yes - it does everything I need it to do - I use my laptop at home so no trying to use my phone or ipad
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  11. Rutts35

    Can someone ID this cable please?

    It is indeed Hi Tuf. I'll be honest I've never heard of it and it's the first time I've ever come across it. Thanks all.
  12. I think they include nonsense like AFDD's to distract us from the other nonsense they are adding to the regs .............. Apart from EV's (and didn't the IET make a balls up of that) there has been little to change in the regs so quite how the IET et al think they can justify updates very 3 years is beyond me ....... 5 years would be pushing matters, 7 is probably right now
  13. Thanks for that Binky did not think of looking in the tables have got the yellow edition for 17th edition (table 4d4) and have calculated for 55m for the DC run at 10 A it is 1.1% voltage drop and .8% with 10 mm cable. So as concluded earlier not much point going down the 10 mm route. The 15 M from the inverter to the CU at 26 A 230 V comes out at 1.2%. Had in my head that DC needed higher spec cable don't know where it came from. In my teens once worked on fairground rides and remember being told to keep away from the big DC motors that powered the rides as DC more dangerous than AC and I could get "fried". Perhaps came from that time. Got everything spec' d now just need to have the panels as promised and order inverter and battery. My gut tells me could have issue of getting them as promised as not getting my chasing messages returned. Many thanks for your much valued guidance in steering me through this Maze. Much appreciated.
  14. Alex238

    Extension lead for AC adapter

    Got it, thank you for your advice guys!
  15. Evans Electric

    Newbie seeking advice

    You are on a better road than most in your position to be honest . There are very few school leaver apprenticeships & even less ...lets say , mature apprenticeships . You can't beat learning on the job . Its a long haul with a family to support but plug away at the exams if possible . Make sure you are doing the correct ones , we can tell on here .....some are a waste of time that you don't need. The only way to gain commercial , industrial experience is work with someone in the field , you may be best off where you are . Getting practical experience is hard to come by these days so stick with your domestic guy . Discuss anything on here you are not sure about .
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  17. Like the Hitachi Magic Wand?
  18. I’m surprised that so little emphasis is put on professional indemnity. For my photography business I had £2M for PI and £1m for PL, I suppose the cost of re-staging an event if I bogged up would be far higher than for someone tripping over my camera. Be sure you get both PI & PL from the same company along with equipment, vehicle, etc.
  19. UK spec inverters look for DC issues, so we havn't fitted DC string fuses for a very long time - just not needed. I suspect your inveter will work in the same way.
  20. I had the opportunity of the 10/12 week evening course run by Jon Elliot I think it was. Name was/is in the front of the regs. Too damn expensive at the time.
  21. I would suggest a short real-time message to booking.com, raise the issue with them, they are pretty quick responders. They will intervene with host to resolve.
  22. Have you recently had the system topped up? Does it have a detachable filling loop? have you had a look with a torch and dry paper towel? best to wipe it all dry then sit, watch and wait, you should be able to trace it back to its origin.
  23. Geoff1946

    Careful with those old TV's

    Actually it would be a really interesting exercise to go around the house with a spectrum analyser. Unfortunately I no longer have access to such things. However I don't subscribe to the wild theories which blame every ailment on RF fields. I knew a guy who had been in the merchant navy in the early days of radar and he related tales of standing in the beam to warm up and of using it to warm meat pies. He seemed to have survived ok.
  24. So I am registered with BSI but can not see anything other than front page? It says I don’t have permission apparently? any suggestions?
  25. Had my EICR done yesterday by the letting agent's favoured sparks (NICEIC AC). Didn't know him from Adam. Seemed over the Moon when the wife spoke to him that I'd left the previous EICR in a pocket next to the cu. I went through everything beforehand mind. Satisfactory with just a C3 ref the insulated ("combustable" ) cu and a comment noting a new cu fitted 7 years ago to the 17th.
  26. binky

    EICR - RCD requirement

    In my humble opinion, as log as you have RCD protection for sockets then your electrical system is suitable for rental. As for plastic boards, the decent makes were fire-retardent, which is the actual requirement rather than being metal - as long as they are checked over for any signs of thermal damage, again no issue in my opinion. One pint that is missed by many landlords and ladies is the location of the board itself may require fire protection. EG in the hallway at the bottom of the stairs should have the board enclosed in a fire retardent structure. I'm not sure f the exact details of the requirements as it keeps changing dependent on how many floors the building is, HMO status, other fire escape routes, and I haven't looked at this for a long time.
  27. R1K


    Understood. Thank you both much appreciated.
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