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  2. I wasn't aware they'd fade on their own if connected to the correct circuit. I know an auto electrician that would do the work. I'll see if he's up for it
  3. Go on e-bay and search for "LED strip control". You'll be spoilt for choice. I don't know why they don't fade with your car interior lights though, if you wired them correctly. I've swapped my incandescent car interior lights for LED lamps and that works fine. Should amount to the same thing. Just mind you don't overload the car circuit or it might prove expensive.
  4. Totally agree I also do this on existing installations too confirm neutral continuity too ... Many don't and don't understand the importance of this test
  5. I have some LED strips (they have a red and black wire coming out of them) that I want to mount in my Peugeot 308 (2012)'s footwells. I intend to get them hooked up (I wouldn't know how to do it) to the interior light, so that when the car door opens, the LED strips come on with it. However, all of the lights inside the cabin fade on and off. The strip does not fade. Is there a method (is it a box I'd buy online?) that would make the LED strips fade on and off?
  6. Andy™

    Agricultural installations

    could be split phse, L1, L2, N? how many 11kv lines go into the transformer?
  7. Yesterday
  8. NozSpark

    Agricultural installations

    TX is on the next pole (out of picture)...
  9. NozSpark

    Agricultural installations

    This is what makes me think that it's TNS..... I've also priced for it being TT, just to cover the bases
  10. I laughed when I saw this. Do the JPEL/64 clowns actually think about the ridiculous monster they care continuing to create? As far as I can tell the 18th edition is scrapping the bottle for changes and some of those included have nothing but "revenue" and "profit" written all over them .................................. I'm assuming you mean dead tests? I do the same on all work I do with builders involved!
  11. binky

    Agricultural installations

    last one I encountered was pole mount TX close to property.
  12. binky

    Lighting in garage

    so 2 lights equi-spaced should give good illumination without overkillig it.
  13. I do N-E loops, but many don't as it's not taught or on the test certs
  14. cjonesguitar

    Lighting in garage

    I'll need to look, thanks Binky. Just out of interest, the other thing I am doing is having two doors at the front that open outwards. This give an option to leave one permanently closed, with more storage space behind that door.
  15. You mean you don't? Anyone who works with me does, how else can we confirm the L-N circuit is sound? My site test sheets have always had this on them. The global, I always estimate "on paper", because as Specs says it is better to have the individual values. Also, remember that my quoted abstracts are for IV, not periodic. For a periodic a global live:earth is fine, that is all lives together to earth, so single phase link L&N then IR to earth, as long as you don't have surge, any filters or similar L or N to earth connections, you'll get a valid reading. If you get a low value then it's time to break down the circuits & do individual. I'll mention to the guys on JPEL64 @ Elex Ally Pally if you want a global IR box on the certs... I would guess that it might be a bit late now for Amd1, but Amd2 will be looked after 1 is out in a couple of years, so it might be able to go in.
  16. Sidewinder

    Agricultural installations

    Normally I suspect as mine was with a dedicated pole mount can Tx which is close to the property. Think spheres of influence, it might be a hot site transformer to simplify things, or it might be a cold site with the LV rod close to the property.
  17. binky

    Lighting in garage

    Fair enough, use plastic or PVC back box, just don't leave large cable entries to keep insects out. My prefernce is PVC back box with a TRS gland - the PVC boxes are designed for use with conduit, so have 20mm cicular knockout for the TRS gland (you could just fill any gap with silicone). Small spiders and woodlice are very god at living in the back of sockets and can occsionally trip electrics out. 2 - gives better spread of light if arranged equally spaced along centre of garage if you are thinking of renting out as a potential workshop.
  18. binky

    Agricultural installations

    don't see it very often, but defo some in the SW.
  19. as you said before Specs, given the amount of LED drivers and the like on ccts these days getting good test results is rather difficult even when using LN-E for IR at 250V. I also think we should be doing N-E loop tests. Anyway, Risteard is clearly correct, although I can't think of a single electrician that does the global calc, apart from Risteard that is . I certainly don't remember ever being taughtt this requirement, but then my training was quite afew years ago. As such, then IMHO a box should be added to test certs reflecting this requirement. It will also alter my Inspection testing going forward - I've always regarded global IR as a short cut, but if that is the ultimate goal, then I shall be using it more going forward.
  20. Tony S

    Agricultural installations

    You can usually recognise OH TN-S by the number of conductors but watch out for street lighting supplies. Another one to watch out for is neutral being at the top, the NE has home office approval for this.
  21. cjonesguitar

    Lighting in garage

    Cobwebs etc... no water tight.
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