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  3. That sounds like Andy after five pints of Newcastle Brown
  4. Neither am I TBH but there seems to be shortage of such suppliers in this area , I'll look closer at that . Their rival was Comet who went bust leaving Currys & PC World ,same company. They have youngsters on commission roving the floor , patronising , jumped up tossers with pony tails & designer stubble . I went to buy a DAB radio , I imagine having little commission attached , the tosser said just take one thats boxed to the till ...I said I want to hear it , we don't do that , he says , so another lost sale . They see a paid up member of The Old Pharts Club wandering round and generally ignore you . Taking that on board Sharpie . £800 ish ..... size ..... I've seen some that overpower a room ...another neighbour had one as big as his front windows , asked me round to watch the England match once , it was all encompassing ... they put me on as a sub in the second half !!!! We were moving our heads L & R like watching tennis . So I need to measure the existing one , possibly go up two sizes ...I might even knock a frame up & place it in the room .
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  6. Our main TV is a reasonable.. not very smart Samsung... (got another dumb Samsung & two smaller TV's which TBH aren't used much as a fair bit is watched via PC/tablet) we also have a BluRay player that has wired internet connection that can do you tube iplayer etc... Both are getting on a bit now but work OK with decent sound & picture... However.. as the kids were getting bored with less viewing options when visiting at Christmas etc... They more recently bought us a FireStick, inc Netflix and just at the start of lock down, one of my daughters who's currently living back with us, purchased Disney+... giving even mores options of what to watch... So as ProDave suggest a decent Dumb TV with a Firestick, (providing your wireless signal is OK near your TV), is an option worth considering. I think some of our "brand loyalty" to the Samsung's was just because the controllers are identical.... So if you've mislaid the one remote you just go and nick the other till you find it!! Nothing to do with any features or quality over other brands!
  7. https://marantz-uk.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/7095/~/internet-radio-service-by-vtuner
  8. It is the company that provides the service to Marantz, and I assume that I am not able to update/change the firmware to use a different service then they have you over the barrel with your arse out!
  9. Who is trying to charge you this subscription? I have a Raspbery Pi Music box that I use to stream internet radio without any subscriptions whatsoever.
  10. Just a word of warning, don’t know if it’s relevant to TVs or not but we paid £800 for an all singing all dancing marantz stereo 24 months ago and this year I have lost all my internet radio stations as now we apparently have to pay a subscription to have access!! So it’s only any good for playing discs or Bluetooth to phone for music. So modern Smart devices may set you up for a future fall, I suspect it’s more to do with a guaranteed replacement down the line by the mfrs? Or a regular subscription? as for TVs we have an old Panasonic Plasma which is still going strong. Nothing overly fancy but reliable all the same and we have sky/netflix/ occasionally prime to watch what we want. we just bought a new flatscreen Panasonic for the bedroom which is a smart tv, ideal as I like to watch a fair few YouTube offerings. personally I would stick with a Panasonic or Sony for reliability.
  11. Sound, ALL tv's have carp sound. The physics of trying to get "speakers" into a box no larger than the screen and as thin as possible mean you will not get decent speakers in there. Buy a sound bar or better still a surround sound system, and treat the visual and audio bits as separate items. It will transform your viewing having decent sound. The "smart" bit of tv's always seems to be criticised, it either does not work well or does not get updated so stops working after a while. Best to just buy a good dumb tv and a fire stick. the fire stick is cheap (I paid £20 for mine when on offer a couple of months ago) and is far more likely to get updated or just buy a new one if it gives up. I will stick to my now 10 year old Plasma sets until they become unrepairable, or someone gives me something more modern to fix.
  12. I upgraded to a Smart Samsung about 5 years ago and I'm very happy with it. I found when searching that ALL sets (at that time ) had the speakers on the back which I considered a retrograde step relative to my old set, especially as we have it in a corner. I therefore added a soundbar from the outset, rather than expecting disappointment. I also find the "air mouse" which came with the Samsung hard to use, and I'm told newer sets have an improved conventional hand control instead. The 3D glasses which came with it are in a drawer where they went the day after trying them. I'm not keen on the supplier you mention following poor experience with them. We have a Richer Sounds branch in Preston, who I found helpful with advice, not talking to me as though I am stupid, and with a good range of sets at decent prices. I'm not sure if there is one near you.
  13. We have two LG and one small BUSH dining rm LG about 6 years old. It's a THICK TV but we made it SMART with addition of a Talk Talk box. So you get Netflix, Catch-up,etc hardwired to network. Also connected to a DVD player that gives us surround sound lounge SMART TV wireless about 4 years old Also,connected to a BlueRay Samsung which has a hard drive for recording bedroom. Smart wireless all,work fine apart from the lounge one randomly switches off for no known reason. Comes back to life on its own after 10 seconds
  14. Hmmm there always seems to be an air of quality around Sony . I've been told many times that TV screens come from only two manufacturers , don't know the truth of that .
  15. We have 3 Sony TV's in the house - 9 years old, 6 years old and 4 years old. Not the cheapest but we like them - you get what you pay for - our newest is an "android" TV so has the apps for things like Amazon and Netflix and catch up channels etc All 3 are connected to our house CAT5 set up .......
  16. I am also similar to OnOff in that I am prone to try repairing everything that malfunctions . However we may be looking at a new TV as our ancient LG flat screen from the "Jurassic range" seems to be having off days where it comes on fairly dark & takes ages to brighten up . Seems to have improved a bit by switching to the "Sport" mode . Probably 20+ yrs old like OnOff's . Looking around Curry's , some DO seem to have a better picture than others ...some are bigger than our house . One thing is the sound quality , which on some sets is worse than a 1960's transistor radio . OK we can play the sound through the DVD player but some films have a wonderful sounding music track with the speech muffled . My neighbour has a "Smart" telly ...which naturally is the best in the world .. they connect to the internet I presume as he gets Youtube on it . I quite fancy that . Thing is ....is there much difference in the makes these days ? This LG has been trouble free . I'm drawn towards the known brands , Sharp ...Hitachi ...LG... Samsung.... Panasonic ...Sony..Toshiba ...... Philips
  17. I've fitted a few sets of Pylon and 1 set of BYD batteries - Chinese but seem fine. The charge controller is more critical than the battery I think. BYD make most of the worlds car batteries, the electric bus Boris stood in ront of a little while ago was BYD powered. Fronius do a charge unit that works with BYD.
  18. Evans Electric

    3 red, 3 black, 1 earth - advice

    When you say its a fan / light ...is it one of those chinese looking things with three large paddles thrashing round and a light in the centre. ? These often have a pull switch hanging off them to work the fan , but the light is switched from the wall in usual way . This means there should be four terminals so ...... permanent Lives ( Your 3 reds) / Switch wire ( Your black marked red ) / Neutral ( your 2 blacks) / Earth .
  19. ProDave

    3 red, 3 black, 1 earth - advice

    Pull the earth sleeve off. Is that just one solid wire, or 3 twisted together?
  20. Murdoch

    3 red, 3 black, 1 earth - advice

    Houses of that age were often built without an earth on the lighting circuit - even though you appear to have an earth connection there is no guarantee that its connected back to the fuseboard. As your new light / fan requires an earth I can only suggest you get this checked by a local electrician Hope this helps
  21. Jbh1488

    3 red, 3 black, 1 earth - advice

    It has a green/yellow sleeve on it. I think the home is at least 1960/70s
  22. Murdoch

    3 red, 3 black, 1 earth - advice

    Are you 100% sure there is only 1 earth cable? This sounds wrong - how old is the home?
  23. Hi, Any help would be appreciated with this. I am wanting to fit a new ceiling fan light. The wiring is 3 blacks, 3 reds and 1 earth. The live switch black wire obviously hasn't been marked with a red sleeve. What route do i take with this? The ceiling fan light fitting has 3 terminals, a live, a neutral and one for the earth i assume. Any advice would be appreciated.
  24. Thanks Binky, Will have a look at the SMA / LG offerings. I concluded a while ago after consulting this forum that DC underground was not a good idea particularly when I saw one installation where the installer had used SY cable underground to carry DC. As have built an insulated weather proof housing next to proposed array need to stick to all the gear being in there also don't have enough room in the house anyway. Looking at what Zhyphen can offer at moment. Seems though that most battery packs have components made in China. I also want something my installer will be happy with as want him to do the job as being very local and being in a rural area important to put the business his way as his lads are also local. Has also been very helpful when I have had queries.
  25. I'd also say texecom or galaxy hard wired every time don't choose wireless at all imho
  26. id go with texecom elite. not fitted risco but ive not heard anything bad about them, they do seem decent enough. not used simplisafe because its not graded like proper alarms are
  27. Yes indded i must confess to "falling back" on Dr Sussanah Lipscombe and also rekindled my interest in Mexican weather forecasting with Yanette Garcia for a few months
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