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  2. Doc Hudson

    Help Needed: Horstmann H37XL Controller Wiring

    There would appear to be nothing wrong with that wiring in my opinion. Traditional Y-plan heating circuits need a live-Neutral & Earth supply to the controller. And the controller only needs to give three Live outputs; (Heat On - Water On - Water Off). These are needed to position the valve correctly to heat up either water or radiators or both. The wiring has quite correctly being done with 1x 3-core cable to the controller and 1x 5-core cable providing an earth and the three live outputs. (the neutral on the 5-core flex is not needed). So I would swap your controller if you have already bought it, but I would also add faulty symptoms may be related to a sticking valve. Heating valves have an electrical contact to output a supply to fire the boiler. A trigger signal from your controller should make the valve operate, move into position, then fire the boiler. (You don't want the boiler firing if the valve is closed!) So if the valve sticks or the switch does not work, a perfectly good controller will not be able to operate the boiler. Doc H.
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  4. Sharpend

    Help Needed: Horstmann H37XL Controller Wiring

    Thanks for pic Geoff clears my theory!
  5. Geoff1946

    Help Needed: Horstmann H37XL Controller Wiring

    Yes. I'll post it below. (I hope; I don't often post pictures)
  6. It should be full of water from your central heating system, so that's where the problem lies. If you have a pressurised system it needs filling and pressurising, usually via a top-up loop near the boiler. If you have the older type "open" heating system there must be no water in the header tank which is usually in the loft. This is often caused by a stuck ball valve. Don't forget to put your towel rail back together before rectifying either of the above, then bleed it of air, just like a radiator.
  7. rapparee

    Is it just PC gone mad ?

    Black Joan of arc anyone?
  8. Evans Electric

    Is it just PC gone mad ?

    The trouble is , if you mess the status quo you end up with the USA television / Hollywood situation where every "strong " character ...judge , chief inspector at the police station , etc is now a black guy . The next step will be insisting that James Bond becomes not only female but black & gay . The way is not to change all the characters but create new ones . I think Superman should be a Brummie Should "Fools & Horses " be remade with Del Girl living with her sister & auntie . Just let things change naturally , I remember when there were no black footballers ...let things change in their own time & now we have black players AND women players .
  9. Hi, I have a duel-fuel heated towel rail, and now that our central heating has been switched off for summer, it is only getting hot in one small part. I tried bleeding it and removing the caps at the top and I can't see any liquid in there, so I wonder if the problem is that there is not enough fluid to circulate and warm it up. Would it be a mistake just to pour some water in (e.g. up to 90% so that it can expand) or is this a job that needs a professional plumber / electrictian? Many thanks in advance for any suggestions, Sam
  10. Evans Electric

    Oven tripping RCD

    When you say the oven is OFF do you mean it's OFF at the wall isolator or you are just not cooking ? Could be a fault on the oven supply cable or the control / timer electronics , or a neutral to earth fault on an element .
  11. kerching


    Well Simmtronic is a lighting control company in Bredbury.......sooooo its either no connection at all OR someone looking for a free bit of advertising! unless it's a request for multiple redundancies? who knows? who cares?
  12. Sharpend

    Help Needed: Horstmann H37XL Controller Wiring

    Before you go taking it off, have a look to see if this neutral has broken, so you may see two pieces of copper in neutral terminal rather than just the one, I can’t see the picture so can’t say myself. ?? @Geoff1946 can you see from pic at all??
  13. Geoff1946

    Help Needed: Horstmann H37XL Controller Wiring

    Well the end hasn't been stripped, so its not fallen out. That suggests it is just a spare. It isn't possible to see exactly how the circuit is wired without seeing where the two cables go. If it worked before, and the timer became faulty then just replacing it with an identical new one should be fine.
  14. Sorry if this is a silly question but I'm not an electrician ... I have a faulty Horstman H37XL controller and, having done some basic research, thought it would be easy enough to replace like for like. Having taken the old controller off the wall, I saw that one of the neutral cables wasn't connected! To a non-electrician like me, that doesn't seem right. To which terminal should it be connected or is it OK left just as it is? https://1drv.ms/u/s!ApgSEIQipJnDjsx61HDxO8XgEy4r0w Thanks for any help. Pete
  15. binky

    Oven tripping RCD

    that's pretty unusual, how do you know it's the oven?
  16. Dear Sirs My 7 year old De Dietrich double oven has started tripping my RCD even when the oven is not turned on. The electrician I called out said the fuse board and all cabling are correct and it is a problem with the oven. Any suggestions what I could do to narrow down the issue? What are likely cost ranges if I call out service engineer? Based in London. Kind regards. John
  17. binky

    Is it just PC gone mad ?

    the point is to represent women in strong roles, despite being half the population women get few leading roles - can't see it working with a Bond role?
  18. rapparee

    Is it just PC gone mad ?

    I'd love a biopic of Martin Luther King to be made Maybe a remake of the Black Panther And I'd cast Bradley Cooper or Leonardo DiCaprio as the lead I wonder what sort of a backlash that would bring about.
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  20. brummydave

    PDF Certs

    Can you share a link to them? As the only ones I can find are 17th.... I've been using pdf certs for a while, tried napit's desktop which is nice but not flexible enough for me! thanks for your work!
  21. It all depends on what the pipe does,,, but you can weld stainless.... I'm guessing that it's A4?
  22. Evans Electric


    Hi Ben1 What does this actually mean ?
  23. DarkInferno

    Required Qualifications

    2382 is Regs.. perhaps a typo? In my view for a spark you start with 2365, 2382 and 2391 (all lvl 3). Add a couple of years and you should be good to go. They cover Craft/Theory, Regs and Test and Inspect.
  24. The Hive transmitter fits onto a standard Honeywell timeclock backplate. The Single Channel (combi) wiring is : N | L | Common | Heating Off(NC) | Heating On(NO) | Unused The Duel Channel (conventional) wiring is : N | L | Hot Water Off(NC) | Heating Off(NC) | Hot Water On(NO) | Heating On(NO)
  25. Evans Electric

    Is it just PC gone mad ?

    What is the point of creating a female James Bond , same with Dr. Who I suppose . The upshot would be to change everything . Anyone read Little Men by Louisa May Allcott? Anyone for Harriet Potter ? Our great war prime minister Winifred Churchill?
  26. I do love the sales bull ' smart heating system' - it's a progammble thermostat that replaces a standard thermostat . Now I've never fitted a HIve, but if you have a thermostat the existing cable is probably sufficient, failing that a 1mm flex 2 or 3 core is probably sufficient - should have info in the intsructions.
  27. it can be done, but it's not for amatuers. Probaby better off with silver solder or braze - don't see brazing much these days.
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