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Ask The Vet & Plumbing and Heating Forums:

Post your question(s) in the appropriate forum and receive helpful advice from the experts.


  1. Ask The Vet - Forum : FREE Help and Advice...

    Have any questions regarding your pets/animals? Ask our resident vet 'Apache' who will be happy to discuss any problems or queries with you. Please Read his Disclaimer FIRST.

  2. Plumbing & Central Heating - Forum: FREE Help and Advice...

    Any questions regarding Plumbing or Central Heating controls? Our electricians/plumbers will be happy to discuss any problems or queries about Thermostats, Valves, Pumps, Programmers etc with you. A special Thank you to a great man - the late, JL-Heating, For everything he did in making the Plumbing forum the huge success it is today. Thank you John, RIP.


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