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  2. Thanks very much. That makes sense. I will see how I get on with the questions. I will probably have some questions.
  3. Do you get any problems with lights dimming when you turn the kettle on etc? Also if you could put up a picture of the main incoming electrical supply to the building it would be handy.
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  5. mattydubster

    RCCB tripping - help needed..

    Sorted! Ok, so I did a ramp test with everything disconnected and it popped out at 25mA then added the circuits one by one and got a leak of only about 3 or 4 mA, that's with all appliances etc connected. Until.... I turned on the final circuit which is an old immersion heater circuit that supplies a lift -then I could barely get the trip to stay on and couldn't get a ramp test reading either. Switched off the isolation switch at the lift end and everything was perfect again. So I switched everything off and did IR on the lift circuit with the lift isolator switched on.....L/E & N/E were perfect. I then did a ramp test with just the lift on and it tripped at 19mA. Did the only thing I could do - put the Lift on a separate RCBO and then everything was completely fine! Thanks for your help people
  6. A dishwasher will be heating the water most of the time during the wash cycle so the maximum load would be drawn at most times when it is in operation. Therefore the design current is 32A. Since you have been given that figure it should not be necessary to use any other value. In other circumstances where you only have the power (in watts) then you would use P/V = I, using the design voltage of 230V.
  7. I will give the Light a go as I think I have all the information. Would that be correct in saying that 32A for the Dishwasher is the Design Current? As that is what the piece of equipment is drawing. As the Calculation, I have been shown is Power divided by Voltage to get Amps. But as I am already given the Amps I would assume that its correct?
  8. I agree, these places only want your money. I think they essentially want you to just do all the work. Or they will just send me some screens and say the information can be found in there.
  9. Sidewinder

    2365 L3 Design Project

    ok, but that's unfair on you, design, is really important.
  10. They only briefly went over it. I think I am okay doing it. For example, I know the Dishwasher is rated at 32A, so that would be my Design Current. I just intend on working through the questions. Hopefully, it will be okay, just finding the information in the regs and OSG.
  11. binky

    Smart Meter survey .

    it is not obligatory to have a SM fitted, and I believe you can request it's 'disconnection' if you have one fitted.
  12. Evans Electric

    Rip off Britain

    Well theres lovely is'nt it ! I was once present in a basement when a full chemical toilet was tipped over ....that was a little pungent to say the least.
  13. kerching

    Rip off Britain

    Go to Egypt ...most of the bogs have a bin next to them for used waddage. It can become ripe on an inclement day
  14. Evans Electric

    Rip off Britain

    AAAAaaaaagggghhhh!! Not even I would consider this as an option .
  15. ProDave

    Rip off Britain

    This is the phenomena known as "shrinkflation"
  16. kerching

    Rip off Britain

    And the tube inside the bog roll is getting bigger! always seems a waste when you only use one side of the paper
  17. Evans Electric

    Rip off Britain

    Just adding to the growing throng at the supermarket . My missus who usually shushes me & says stop being silly has noted that "Shades " toilet paper has thinner sheets & is not as long . The proof being that the roll was so fat it hardly fitted on our holder between spindle & wall ..... this week it just falls on . Unfortunately we don't have the older one . Oh and the black pudding is now smaller in size but price is the same . Wars have been started for less .
  18. Evans Electric

    Smart Meter survey .

    Same here.
  19. Evans Electric

    Neighbours building work blowing fuse in our property

    I can't help thinking theres a link between your electrics and his . The builder has been installing a light , he probably isolated the lighting circuit but could still cut through a cable , short out N & E which would trip out HIS RCD but not YOURS , which drags me back to a link which shouldn't be there. Inside left , you're on 9 posts now , reach 10 & you can post photos on here . Might help if we could see your CU layout etc. . If its a standard 1930s house with floorboards ...your neighbour or his builder will have access to ..at least ...your lighting wiring . Builder would probably not know the difference between them .
  20. Question: Do fire alarm mains isolators need to be double pole? Is a standard unswitched spur suitable to use? Answer: Dan Jackson FIET, The fire alarm mains isolators do not have to be double pole. In the latest edition of BS5839 Part 1, the recommendation to provide double pole isolation has been replaced with the recommendation to provide ‘local safe isolation’. Section 25.2 notes that safe isolation is required under the terms of the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 [10]. Therefore, any isolator used must have the capacity to provide safe isolation. Every isolator should be labelled with “FIRE ALARM” or “FIRE ALARM. DO NOT SWITCH OFF”. The isolator should also be sited in a position inaccessible to unauthorized persons or can only be switched using a special tool that wouldn’t normally be carried by a member of public. A slot-headed screwdriver is not deemed a special tool. Brand: Voltimum Topic: Fire Safety and Security Synchronization sites: www.voltimum.ie Thumbnail image: Teaser: Should fire alarm mains isolators be double pole? This Q & A is one of the thousands posted in our Technical Expertise area and answered by our Voltimum Experts. Type: Q&A of the Day Main image(s): Date of publication: 22/05/2019 Target group: Voltimum View the full article
  21. Sidewinder

    2365 L3 Design Project

    TS4U should have covered all this in class for you.
  22. inside left

    Neighbours building work blowing fuse in our property

    Thanks. No, we have separate CUs. What's the best way to get to the bottom of what's happening? If I get an electrician in will he be able to clarify what's causing the issue with just access to the CU and wiring on my property? And be able to tell if I'm being charged for any electricity in my neighbour's property? My neighbour really is an idiot. Thanks again for all the help.
  23. Successful candidates so far are: Northern Ireland heat: 1st Place: Scott Barr, SERC Downpatrick 2nd Place: Calvin McDonagh, SWC Omagh 3rd Place: Sean Bradley, NWRC Greystone Oxford heat: 1st Place: Alex Rendall, Bridgwater & Taunton College 2nd Place: Ben Kidner, Rogers Restorations 3rd Place: Katie Harvey, JTL / Darke & Taylor Photos from both events can be found on the SkillELECTRIC Flickr site The remaining heats will take place across the following dates and venues: Coleg Cambria, 8th May Stoke-on-Trent College, 21st May Brompton Barracks, 8th June Dundee College, 12th June Brand: SkillELECTRIC Topic: Training & Education Synchronization sites: www.voltimum.ie Thumbnail image: Teaser: The SkillELECTRIC 2019 regional events have got off to a flying start with the first two competitions demonstrating some excellent skills from electrical apprentices. Type: Industry News Main image(s): Date of publication: 01/05/2019 Target group: Voltimum View the full article
  24. Okay. I have checked the question and we don't have to do diversity and maximum demand till the next question. https://ufile.io/0ztu58hi I am doing my course at Trade Skills 4 U.
  25. This is what was on the design spec. It stated that this cable was used for the dishwasher.
  26. How are the two flats being charged for their supply? Do you share a common consumer unit? If you have separate CUs, one for each flat, it's pretty worrying one is affecting the other. If they're billed separately, from what I read here, if he ever gets whatever he is wiring in to work. You will be charged for it in your electric bill.
  27. The Firefly range now includes clips suitable for use on Marshall-Tufflex Maxi, Mono, Twin165, Twin Plus, Sterling Profile, Sterling Curve and Odyssey trunking systems. The clips fix to walls or ceilings and with a spring-loaded design are quick and easy to install. The Firefly fire clips are fire resistant above 1000°C for up to 120 minutes and feature rounded ends to prevent damage to cables and injury to installers, and the design optimises the usable space within the trunking. The range includes both internal versions that are fitted within the trunking prior to cable installation and externally fitted variants for a fast and simple retrofit. The previous IET Wiring Regulations required that all wiring on escape routes be protected from premature collapse during a fire. The 18th Edition of the regulations published in 2018 extends this requirement to the entire installation. Nick Hayler, Technical and Product QA Manager at Marshall-Tufflex has worked extensively with BEAMA on fire safety including chairing a committee on the issue of premature collapse. The committee aims to clarify the definition of ‘premature collapse’ and is in the process of drafting guidance for specifiers and installers to help achieve compliance. “Falling or hanging cables present a serious risk in the event of a fire, not only during the evacuation of building occupants but also for the fire service crew entering the building,” Nick explained. “Due to the severely reduced visibility within a building, Firefighters will commonly use the walls to guide them when sweeping the building. As such it is vitally important that cables are suitably protected from collapse and spill. “The new additions to the Firefly range make it easier for contractors to comply with the updated regulations and minimise the risk to life in the event of a fire.” To find out more about Marshall-Tufflex’s extensive range of solutions, including Firefly fire clips visit www.marshall-tufflex.com. Brand: MARSHALL-TUFFLEX LTD Topic: Cables Wiring and Wiring Accessories Thumbnail image: Teaser: To help meet the requirements of the updated BS 7671 IET Wiring Regulations, Marshall-Tufflex has extended its range of Firefly fire clips. In the event of a fire the clips are designed to prevent cables falling and creating a hazard – providing a safer evacuation and allowing easy access for fire service crews. Type: Manufacturer News Main image(s): Date of publication: 22/05/2019 Target group: Voltimum View the full article
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