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    For the purpose of nocturnal micturation I have a PIR in the ceiling. This switches 1 LED mini spot mounted in the wall at low level adjacent to the bog. This also has the advantage that when the grandchildren visit they are not searching for a switch, they just go in and on comes the light. Simples. Saves them having to remember to switch it off afterwards as well
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    Ah! i thought you were referring to the metal 1 way unit and MCb and NOT the Plastic one, sorry in my defence I was left unsupervised and alone with a bottle,of Mandarin and Chilli gin
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    Naw! You'd have to take it up with a Legal Eagle !!!!!
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    Then take my advice and wear a respirator ' We serve an apprenticeship , we attend colleges to attain about 500 different qualifications , we pay for CSCS cards , if self employed we pay enlist in competent persons schemes , we keep paying for latest regs books , we are more qualified than 80% of white collar workers and 90% of fellow construction workers , most of us are intelligent guys who work responsibly with electricity etc ................and how do we spend our day ? Chasing conduit drops & boxes in brick walls ...not good enough in my humble opinion .
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    Ruddy eagles, just as bad as teenagers
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    That "emergency stop" unit is just some pushbuttons in a box. To make it work it needs to be connected to a properly designed emergency stop system that will have some relays, contactors or even a safety relay of some sort, depending on what it is stopping and what your risk assesment says are the requirements of the stop system.
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    install the fuse as close to the meter as possible then tails to where ever they need to be. just be carseful its is DI tails as you wont be able to install them in a wall <50mm or anywhere thatll need additional protection by RCD, so you may need to use SWA or similar
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    Join the NIC each renewal,comes with tube of KY jelly tube of Anusol tube of Canestan , because after all they are a shower of irritating ?????
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    Get a 6 way board bin the busbar connect one of each in series if it goes moody then one of them will trip simples it's marketed as a WTAF board
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    or to reinstate a fire barrier between fire compartments in flats.... however a standard house is a single fore compartment (unless it has an integrated garage), so wouldn't require it
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    PM the coordinates and combination.........
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    Thats how I did the alteration at my own house . Theres a 60A HRC fuse & a 100A DP switch in the enclosure but they still insist upon the usual isolator .
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    Far too much stuff nowadays is overcomplicated tech that makes a previously simple task far more longwinded.. even if it is linked to an "App" on your phone!!! Did anyone else see that article in the press recently about people nicking these new fancy video, phone, linked doorbells?? You pay buckets loads for a device that could still work reliably with just a Friedland transformer + chime + bell-push + a bit of simple wire..... Whereas, a balaclava, sunglasses, hoodie and a bit of gaffa tape over the lens will soon render the high-tech-security-doorbell, completely useless!
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    I have to say I would tend to agree with the above evaluation. Doc H.
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    I thought sockets now have to be RCD protected, in the old days of the 17th you could have them without RCD providing you signed your name to say its all your fault.
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    My gut feeling is, if these are modern type PC's.. they could well have NO earth connection anyway... Just a double insulated, (plastic earth pin) power supply. Hager do a useful quick reference guide to RCD types.. https://www.hager.co.uk/news-exhibitions-case-studies/18th-edition/selection-of-type-of-rcd/90066.htm
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    Yes existing fan that is on the wall. What dont you understand?
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    I don't think Denmans would have those TBH ...I don't know the name . But that looks like my screwdriver underneath !!! I'll check the Crown Jewels tomorrow.
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    I have 3 rentals.....1 shop, 2 flats above I was well,ahead of the ball when we refurbed it 12 years ago full interlinked smokes and heats in each unit....only linked within the units house system with Break Glasses in escape routes, flats and shop, heats behind each front door EICR every time tenant changes and it's still not a requirement here....other HMOS
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    not seen anything about smoke! I have seen some boards on new build flats where the rear entry has been sealed, but I think the requiremnt is more to do with the structure of the building, plus, many architects do not understand regs so over spec many things.
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    Theres has been a lot of noise about smart-energy grids - part of the reason for smart meters being installed. Next year it i s planned to roll out the Guranteed export scheme, whereby you can charge up a battery and be paid to release energy during peak times. Figures bandied around vary from 5.5p to 10p per kWh sent back to the grid. Some of the battery manufacturers are talking about charging for very low rate / free, from solar and other green tech. So lets assume you can net 10p per kwH sent back to the grid. 10p x battery capacity x charge cycles is the max you can benefit, so lets say your battery is 10kW usuable capacity and can be fully charged/discharged 8000 times (which is about average at the moment) 10p x 10 x 8000 = £ 8, 000 max earnings so roughly at about £6k for the battery a possible £2k saving (not allowing for inflation) Now 8000 cycles assuming fully discharged once a day = 22 years and roughly 16 years to pay for itself - you would be better off spending money on insulation and other energy saving measures in my opinion. If you have to pay anything for the energy used to charge the battery, then it becomes untennable Lets say you pay 15p per kWh and battery is charged up from solar panels, so kind of free. That equals £12k total so double your money on a £6k install. roughly 11 years to pay back. Bit more interesting? If you can charge and discharge the battery several times a day, then that improves a lot! But you still have to buy the solar panels.... Neither of these rough calculations allows for energy inflation which does improve all the numbers. Currently this is forecast to run at about 6% per annum. but who knows????


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