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    The frustration is not borne from the perpetual regulation change it’s more from the seemingly lowering standards that are achieved year on year. Whilst the IET have a job to do to keep up with ever changing technologies/standards, their work is being disregarded by the scams, the training providers and ultimately those being churned out via large companies as so called apprentice trained -when in reality the apprentice has been taught nothing but learned to repetitively do the same thing. I see so many young apprentices and fresh sparks that believe they know what they are doing but know nothing other than what they have done for three years. They don’t ask questions, are not interested in learning just doing. Add to this the training providers churned out muppets then the whole purpose of what the IET does is in vain? There is a core of conscientious sparks-we see them on here- that try to adhere to the regs but feel they are penalised for doing so as so often many don’t adhere to regs as Murdochs pictures demonstrate. this will only change when the top realised that they haven’t got the reins on the industry they think they have, so I for one really do hope that the IET have woken up to this. we don’t need the scams to tell us what to do, we have the regs for that. we don’t need manufacturers writing the regs, we have the IET for that. The manufacturers are supposed to manufacture to comply with regs? we don’t need scam training providers to do training, we have colleges for that. we don’t need inappropriate qualifications, we have the tried and tested C&G to provide the appropriate courses. so they needs to be a major shake up from top down.
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    I am doing my best to participate, when I am well enough. Wales is in lockdown, but not much change for me as I am pretty housebound at the moment.
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    9/ NEVER assume the mcb labelled "gents hand dryer" will actually turn off the gents hand dryer. Last time I made that optimistic assumption, I turned off an office full of computers.
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    Pales in comaprison to farm electrics though.....
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    Governments could easily legislate against gas guzzling cars, but don’t . They could make buses and trains cheaper, but don’t they could make building standards for insulation in homes better but dont they could use thermal cameras in the winter to target poorly insulated homes but don’t they could legislate against throw away items but don’t the global could start a discussion about slowing the growth of the world population but don’t apple could make each model last longer but don’t makes you wonder why sure there are things we as individuals can do but some joined up thinking at a global level is required before the shortage of drinking water on the planet becomes a huge issue
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    There's agood reason why I argue with people on here, and that is simly becuase I want the world to improve - seem to be losing the battle, but at least I will have tried Nothing will really change until it becomes a disaster, or so clear a disaster is looming that even the money men can't ignore it as they might find their holiday home beach house will get washed away... We seem to be at the point where only arseholes like Trump ignore the science and most people accept life must change, but it's still progressing too slowly. I'm just glad to see young people still fighting for change, as all young people should do.
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    So you cant comply with BS5839-6 with Nest then. Not that many electricians bother issuing the right paperwork for fire alarm installs.
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    Apart from the two world wars, it’s not far away from that, I have quite a few of them. At least 1 of each main edition, back to about the 4th, and scans of at least one version of each edition. Why do you make such stupid statements for someone who claims to be an intelligent person?
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    “Policing” this is not the realm of the IET, it is down to the “scams”, & Building Control. The rules/law actually prohibits the IET from being allowed to control this.
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    Get an engineering firm to bend you a piece of steel tube to fit then put tails inside. think the neighbour might be extremely desperate for electricity if they’d take the wall down from inside to get too the tails?
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    it its a blade thing in a motorised housing either on a wall or mounted in a ceiling dependant on the type of install required for the location which creates a vetilation system to expell either waste moisture or fumes from the environment
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    you could, but wh would you? customer got it wrong, they can pay to put it right. see how much its really saved them trying to do it cheap
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    This is another area I cant get my head round.... All this talk about banning Gas boilers!!!! How on earth is the supply network going to cope? If loads of houses have electric boilers.. and a couple of electric cars to charge up. what size cables will we all need into the average home?
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    Given that it takes about 3 x the lecky compared with gas I hardly think its better for the environment. Its certainly better for your electricity suppliers profits Please let us know when you see the winters monthly lecky bills
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    Nah the Knights Templar took it to an island off Nova Scotia so that some dumb moose hunters could waste millions trying to find it 500 years later
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    & electric boilers......... I was called out to a 10 - 12kw one that wasn't working this week.... it had a 45A DP switch as an isolator... I would have taken a photo of it if there was anything left of the mechanism to take one of
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    A thing for excrement to hit?
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    For Combination boilers the heating controls are very modest. The hot water is not programed - it is immediately generated as soon as a tap is released. Typically there is only a programmer and a room thermostat, or a room thermostat with a programmer built into it. For conventional and system boilers there are 3 forms of heating controls, gravity fed, 'Y' plan and 'S' plan. Gravity fed systems is normally a pump that only pushes heat from the boiler around the radiator circuit when the room thermostat is demanding heat. The boiler must be 'on' for hot water on the programmer for this to occur. The cylinder is heated up by the gravity rise & fall of the boiler output, without the pump. New installations are not allowable to have this method and must be 'fully pumped' for both hot water and central heating. 'Y' plan systems consist of a 3 port valve (often referred to as a diverter valve) which switches hot water created in the boiler to either the indirect loop of the cylinder or the radiators, or when in 'mid position' it supplies both. 'S' plan systems consist of 2 or more 2 port valves (often called 'zone' valves) that let water to pass through them when the thermostat controlling them is requesting heat as well as the progammer being in the 'on' position. Current part L building guidelines needs thermostatic radiator valves to be installed in the bedroom areas as a minimum necessity, and the system must have an auto bypass valve.
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    well, that's a different question. Persoanlly I probably wouldn't have taken the job on in the first place as I can't stand customers who pee about buying things like cable.
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    to be fair, thats probably questionable when you look at some of them...
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    The drawing you post is ok, I’ll only add that the two RCD’s in series will cause you issues unless discrimination is accounted for.
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    I just enter 'not verified' with a full explanation in the additional comments box.


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