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    Just a hallo and thank you. It was a stretch but after seeking out several sockets where the neutral wasn't stuck miles away - it is done - what a result. I feel nervous of using the socket but it looks well cool. Just above the new shelf ledge (which actually is a version of a no more nails wood frame thing now.) Worked ... so far a treat... We will see... if it blows then I guess it will be a candle few days or if the shelf goes then it will be a oh **** moment. I like this forum and will no doubt be back when I screw up again! Thank you.
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    In addition to all of the above comments, Due to the potential dangers of this DIY alteration, I have added comment to the opening post. As well as the parties directly involved with posting and answering this question, it does need be abundantly clear to any casual browsers of the forum that breaking open a functional ring circuit in this manner will "appear to work" when the power is restored but all of the overload protection has now been compromised. The following note was added to the OP; ** MODERATORS COMMENT ** Assuming this supplied from a standard 32amp ring circuit, then this method of removing a double socket outlet and fitting two single sockets is a significant danger to the integrity and safety of the whole circuit. There will now be incorrect overload protection to the whole circuit leaving risk of damage to the cables, overheating, or electrical fire in the event of a fault. It shows a direct breach of wiring regulation 612.2.2 as the ring continuity has clearly not been checked following the alteration. It fails to follow the guidance of numerous other wiring regulation or the standard circuit arrangements illustrated in Appendix 15 of BS7671 wiring regulations. This wiring method could be considered as dangerous as removing a good set of tyres off a car and fitting tyres with little or no tread. The car will work, but in an emergency it will probably not stop you quick enough. Doc H.
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    A giant Dick looking over America ....that could never happen ....could it ??
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    On the 31st October 1994 at 4 PM I meet my little Pink Minx. Pink Minx was just 17 while I was 40, the 23 years between us has never got in the way of out love for each other. The champagne is on ice.
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    Please do come back and let us know what happens. So many don't and we never know if they have toasted themselves, fixed it with our advice, blown it up with our advice ( NOBODY is perfect, not even Electricians: but we are close) and i apologise for any any negative comments that may have been given...it is not the way of most of us. Even though on occasions I can sometimes stop being a soft fluffy kitten like cutie and come across a tad terse , some may even say intolerant
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    Hello, Sorry for my loooong delay. Attached is the PDF I managed to "scan" by phone. Hope this helps you at least how it helped me. PS: I only managed to get the file on cloud because its 11 Mb and cant upload it directly here. https://wetransfer.com/downloads/abcc768a739a5e0a2031e94f4d9392fc20171115195337/74f5a9398fd0ffd3ec167f584d73c43720171115195337/035bf1?utm_campaign=WT_email_tracking&utm_content=general&utm_medium=download_button&utm_source=notify_recipient_email
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    With the suspect pipe cut, I used a multimeter to buzz it out, thankfully it is the correct pipe (I was quite nervous during this process, If I had the wrong pipe cut... I think that may have broken me) Yes I think I will, cleaner has been in there for 24 hours now, still a firm block when prodded with 3mm electric draw tape. With the cut pipe, I used a bunch of compression fittings and from the manifold I've temporarily piped it up over ground using some 15mm copper pipe and some tap connectors. Boiler on full whack, heating on 40degC, all rads piping hot (including replaced rad!) Result! Now that I've isolated the faulty pipe, I'm going to try give it plenty of cleaner fluid and poke it with steel wire. I'm also going to borrow a pressure washer and try flush it from the manifold end, it's 3.5m of 8mm pipe, encased in plastic, it should take a good amount of pressure, provided it isn't kinked or bent too harshly. I'd much rather try repair/clear the existing pipe than worry about how to pipe it up again. Thanks for all your help so far!
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    Scottish Power now been. Have now got this.
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    Thing is Specs , the Regs tie you up . The two lighting circuits , now you are associated with them , cannot be flush in walls without an RCD . I'd say , if you asked the Electric Police they'd say you have to throw the perfectly good Starbreaker ?? board in the bin and as you say , fit an industrial metal board . However if it were me doing it and the customer didn't want to pay for a new board and if it was a Crabtree Starbreaker , one of the best boards made , I'd just shift it . Can't make them pay for a metal board !! Nothing has changed , its just on another wall ...big deal ...under the 15th and 16th editions of the Regs it was the bee's knees . And at the end of the day , who's to know . Does the Starbreaker present a fire risk ? I fitted hundreds of them and none of those did . As Shakespeare once said after rewiring Ann Hathaway's cottage ...."Ah! To notify or not to notify...that is the question , whether 'tis nobler in the mind to bear the stings and arrows of the Electric Police or to screw one's loaf and just do it ...for we are free thinking Englishmen and should stand proud together on this , St. Crispian's Day...and lesser men who still abed will rue the day they did not stride forward ..to fight for ...ENGLAND !!!!! and St. George ! " AH Sorry ...bit carried away there .
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    Voted to leave and getting fed up with all the "difficulties" - having seen the priority of EU negotiators, i want to leave even more and preferably with no deal and no more money to the EU gravy train.
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    Fill in the Chunnel and give people incentives to grow their own veg. Bring back corner shops. Ban all chain fast food restaurants and coffee shops...and Facebook... Money earnt here stays here... Ban those car wash feckers in Sainsburys. Let's face it they live 15 to a bed in shed and send what pittance they get back home after the Gangmaster had taken his cut! Tell Google, Apple et al to FO As you tell very little thought has gone into my manifesto... I'm in the curry house btw...
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    emptied 3 already?
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    On the down side....now you don't have anything to stop you biting your nails
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    Hi Sum1989 , Doing those courses is one part of becoming an electrician ( Forget the PAT testing , thats basically pressing the button on a tester ) The difficult part is that you need a qualification that is only achieved by working with an approved contractor , possibly for 2 yrs , not sure on that , ( Someone will know) If I was in your place , ie:- Going into the property market ...I would try to build up my building trade skills to save on outgoings . Scenario :- You have purchased a house that needs a deal of improvement , you need to do it up for sale or rental. The bulk of the work you need to tackle could be ... a lot of labouring , filling a skip , dumping old furniture, stripping wallpaper, Some re-plastering , replacing rotten floor trusses & boards , removing old plumbing , toilet , bath , strip out old kitchen , fit new kitchen , new tiling , painting , replacing windows . A tradesman who is an All Rounder could do all that easily , as you may be able to , but the specialist trades , Gas/ Heating / Electrics are best done by the experts . You need to prepare yourself for some hard , dirty work and I think you'd be wasting a lot money on electrical courses . Say if it took you 3 months to do a property up .....the electrical bit would be 2 weeks at the most . This is why an experienced building trade all rounder is the ideal guy to this sort of work .
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    As someone who runs a one man operation, the costs i have to do what i do, only work out for me as i do it all the time. If i was only going to rewire 1 house a year and spend the rest of the time been a builder, im not sure it would justify the costs of been an electrician. Spending all the time and money to be registered and up to date only works for me as i do it all the time. Then if you do become an electrician and can charge your services out at £200+ a day, why would you do donkey work in a house when you can pay someone less then what you earn. I would make sure you want to be an electrician, and become one and manage your property referb on the side. If you just want to be an Electrician to work on your one project a year, it might work out more expensive then just paying soemone to do it.
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    In any case I 'heard' standing the socket on a folded tinfoil rectangle aligned North South in the geometric centre of the room is enough to provide 92 - 101% of the promised sound improvements . .
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    Corbyn! My JC's a star though he does keep bringing me stuff he finds on site that "might come in useful one day" as I have the space. Well after 35 years of being mates I no longer have the space! Movember - Grow your facial hair for charity. I loved Page 3! Grew up with a healthy appreciation of the female form and it didn't turn me into Harvey Weinstein! My ideal paper would be The Times...with Page 3 for the jubblies! Encouraging beards and women to keep covered up, sorry but you don't have to be a genius to see the agenda here.
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    Imho you should always conduct the IR test with the cpc connected to the cu ....
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    pipe blocked somewhere. have you looked in any of the manholes? id guess either the outlet from a manhole is blocked, or the soil stack and the drain share a pipe going to manhole which is blocked
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    Thanks It was installed about two years ago and I supplied the equipment based on the sparks recommendation, I wanted some advice before I called him and I suppose I was hoping someone might say something like "definitely the LED lights as this is a classic sign of LED failure" or something similar, as I would then take it up with the light supplier and hopefully have two new units replaced under the two year warranty here for him when he arrives. Unfortunately the GJD & PSU are out of warranty.
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    thats about as wrong as you can get and is potentially dangerous. best check your smoke detectors are working. both browns, both blues and both earths MUST be connected to each other as they would have been in the other socket you removed best option would be go buy a better socket, not seen that design before but its lettuced
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    Evening, I don't have any 35mm2 cable to hand aside from welder cables that I don't want to touch. I want to ditch then rewind the secondaries with the big csa cable, just a couple of loops to get low V / high A out. If I'm careful as to the lay is there any reason I can't just use 16mm2 in parallel and put the doubled ends into one crimp? OK, not the same as 35mm2 I know but not aiming for exact science here! Cheers
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    OK, the ONLY requirement for a non-combustible consumer unit is within a domestic dwelling, or attached outbuilding whereby it is reasonable for a fire to propagate to the main building. If the client is willing to have the existing board replaced, then fine. It is still legal to fit plastic boards in domestic dwellings, BS7671 is NOT LAW. The nearest thing to law apart from H&S legislation is Part P. This does not require the fitting of a non-combustible consumer unit. Neither in England nor Wales. Therefore you are not breaking the law by fitting a plastic consumer unit. I don't know what Scottish regulations require. The only thing that you could be pulled on is not following industry best practice, however, you could argue back that you were complying with Building Regulations requirements. Once again BS7671 is not aligned with building regulations. The same as it is not for fire compartmentalisation.
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    It seems to be buried in screed, I daren't pull up the hallway flooring to see if it covers the entire floor though. Plastic I assume covers it all the way through the ground, atleast it starts a good foot before going in, I assume it's covered end to end, but can't verify that at the rad end. I went one step further, I borrowed an air compressor. Jury rigged that to the rad end of the isolated 8mm blocked pipe, manifold end of pipe I clipped my drainage hose. Air compressor on about 2/3rds (~150PSI), a sharp fizz, I hear the gargling of water down the drain pipe, air is getting through!! Magnificent, I gave it a couple of minutes shooting air down, although I feared my makeshift connection to the pipe was failing me before I swapped the air compressor for some mains water pressure. Re-checked my connections and gave it full mains pressure, a brief holdup, a tense moment, before the sound of gushing water (in the hose) and the rush of drain water gave me the satisfaction I've been waiting all week for. The blockage had given way! Or at least in part. Huzzah! I would put that down to the cleaner going in for a good 48hours and a large amount of air pressure, something that couldn't be achieved without the pipe being isolated, at that point I didn't care much for the pipe it was dead to me, I was just trying anything to clear it before I potentially had to dig it up or bypass it completely. Here's where the fun starts. Determined not to drain the system, I decided that my level of plumbing is now far past amateur, and that I could easily reconnect the existing pipe to rad and manifold (I still have the temporary line in between manifold and rad at this time). So I place my sauce pan, tap off the rad, disconnect the temporary flow line and end cap it before it gets everywhere... so far so good, a slight leak, a little bit of gaffa tape and leave it in the sauce pan. Right. Now it's time to disconnect the manifold end from my temporary line and reconnect the existing (now cleared) 8mm pipe (using 8mm compression). Trying to be quick and hot swap, I just about manage it, only covered myself with the water, phew! Only to hear "Luke stop, Luke STOP! STOP!!", "What?", "There's water everywhere!"... **** I quickly hot swap back to the temporary pipe and get to the living room. I only left the valve off the 8mm pipe, connected to the rad and not the pipe! Idiot! Luckily it was largely caught by the plastic sheeting I'd put down a week ago and the water was largely clean, PHEW! I refit the valve to the pipe and the rad then head back to the manifold, last step, get it swapped over and tightened up before I flood the hallway, again, fortunately I only manage to cover myself in water. I re-evaluated my skill in plumbing and shot myself down to Cowboy. I tightened everything up, made sure everything was dry and not leaking and put the heating on. I'm happy to report that the boiler is on full, the heating is on max and the house is baking hot - door is still off its hinges and it looks like the aftermath of the Somme but that's not important right now. I drained half a rad and added a bottle of cleaner which I'll leave in for a good week, I'll flush it and probably add another bottle before eventually adding inhibitor and I'll fit the TRVs once I've got the cleaner out. That's been one hell of an adventure. I've learned a lot and I wouldn't have managed it without your help!
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    If you are considering self employment then you must have the capability to generate your own work and new leads. Because... promised jobs, or hoped for projects can disappear over night. You must have other sources of work, so an ability to promote, advertise and market yourself and the services you offer is essential. It is a sad fact that a rubbish electrician who is good at marketing and promotion can be more busy than a more competent and qualified electrician who is bad at marketing. If people don't know who you are, where you are or what you have got to offer, they will not be calling you for work. A large amount of small business start off with the owners already doing the work as a side project or hobby..... So the higher success rate is from... The work is there so I will start a business... NOT... I will start a business and hope that the work is there. While you are employed there is nothing stopping you doing other small jobs during you time off, (weekends evenings), to start building a customer base. If you can get through the first 5 years then from general statistics you are probably doing something right and have a good Chance of long term success. And as Binky says you MUST have a back up for when work is quiet.. General guidance is bare minimum 3 months finance sitting in reserve. Preferable 6 months finance in reserve.
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    good to know it wasnt just me who thought that
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    Wait up!! We're surrounded by a moat already we're just missing the crocs!
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    Thing is that the dno may make provision for the earth but I doubt they will connect it and test it.
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    Do NOT get a smart meter .............. they are not mandatory and there are different ones for each suppliers .............. go figure ...............
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    Well I will wager that the transformer experiment will be completed weeks before the bathroom or Capri are finished. Doc H.
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    Rob should be banned indefinitely for that joke
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    Yes but what shade of blue Murdo , we need to discuss this at great length. I have a 15th edition in a nice blue but don't want to be getting them mixed up ...I'm not paying another £80 just to have the same colour as the 15th .
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    It is in fact required by the Regulations that it is connected to the means of Earthing.
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    its already built, but knowing how much they like to charge, it may still be cheaper to demolish and rebuild closer
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    REVO I think we sold them to the water board to unfreeze their pipes
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    That's so nice . All my best wishes to both of you.
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    Congratulations Tony .
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    Are you thinking about Ufer earthing? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ufer_ground
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    The IR tests described in 612.3.1 first appeared in 17th 2008, Red book. But that was also when parts 6 & 7 were swapped over. So it would have been somewhere in the 713-xx's if it had been in 16th. Doc H.
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    If the circuit cable is not connected to earth then any testing to earth will not detect any fault to earth potentially. Yes, I have actually had this exact scenario.
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    Therapy recommendation: do not switch on TV, put some music on in its place -you'll feel the benefits in no time
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    Youve missed the B in storm terms we've just had Brian! Guess it'll keep till next year
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    We still provide a bond for gas, usually at the meter itself, besides the gas bods get upset if they can't see the nice piece of yellow and green cable at the meter!!
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    notify insurance? come on, we all know plumbers are failed sparks, so if they can sort it, then im sure you can
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    between the power stations and your socket there are hundreds of miles of wiring and hundreds of connections. do you really think replacing a socket is going to make much difference?
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    hmmm, to coin a phrase, you've been sold a pup. Worse than that you now have a broken ring main. If you want to improve the stereo you would be better off with a plug in gadget that smooths the supply, but I doubt you would ever notice the difference in audio quality either way as decent gear has that sort of stuff built in. I've not looked at audio gear for some years, but one thing that clearly hasn't changed is flogging gadgets that don't work for big money
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    you paid £170 for that piece of ****e? have a read through this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ring_circuit it does not work and is not safe, your testing is seriously flawed and this does not comply with wiring regulations


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