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    I know it's a bit late but we too had the wait. However, we were in Florida and my daughter had to get up at 2:30am US time in case she didn't get what she needed and had to to do clearing. It all turned out good as she got the course she wanted and the results she needed.
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    so you are a sole trader then?
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    Have you ever struggled getting tiles to stick to a wall? ( no?, me neither!) anyway my mate has bought a new house and the previous owner must have struggled getting these little beauties to stick Not really to my taste, anyway look a little closer at the centre dot.... Can you tell what it is yet? yep....A SCREW! I You not!!! most of the tiles have been centre drilled, and screwed back here is a wall after tile removal I've seen some But this beats it by a long way
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    Combine those with the barrels and you can shoot your loa..............
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    Because it's dangerous and grossly non-compliant with the Wiring Regulations as you have been repeatedly informed both here and elsewhere.
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    Have the Regs been changed then ? As far as I know , all appliances require local isolation .
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    Basic rules of life you need to be aware of; 1/ Plumbers are normally good at keeping liquid in pipes and making toilet waste flow downhill to a big drain. 2/ Occasionally plumbers can connect a permanent supply 'Live-Neutral-Earth' onto a component providing it is clearly labelled up. e.g. "terminal 1=Live(brown), 2=Earth(green/yellow0, 3=Neutral(blue)" 3/ Any items activated by timers, thermostats, motorised valves, I-phone Apps, economy-7, etc. involving switched-live control wires will more often than not completely confuse 95%+ of plumbers. 4/ Fault finding done by plumbers on any electrical control problem, on an existing installation will typically be "keep randomly replacing bits till it works". (Diagnostics and testing are a concept plumbers very rarely grasp) I would get the whole of your system tested by a suitably qualified and competent electrician, as I would never trust ANY electrical diagnosis done by a plumber. [This is based upon many years of first-hand experience seeing how the majority of plumbers approach electrical problems]. Doc H.
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    If it helps any, I am the wrong side of 63 BUT still feel/think I'm in my 20s.....my back and knees sometimes have other ideas though! be careful out there....nobody told me I would get this old this quickly! 16 18 21 married children 40 50 grandchildren 60 And then it was 63....WTAF happened there then??
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    I had the dubious pleasure of having new graduates put on my shift when they joined our company. Brilliant in theory, practicality was questionable. The point of the exercise was to get them to know the process, the layout of the plant and practical fault finding. I complained like hell about this imposition, in honesty I enjoyed it
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    No, my wife told me I wasn't allowed to bring them home any more
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    attitudes are wrong, you don't go to uni for a degree, you invest in yourself to better your career ideally with a career based degree course, and not some ****e like golf course management. If the course isn't vocational, don't spend the money! I never went to Uni ( I should have) but later in life did an MSc with the OU - hard work, full time job and studying ! I didn't do much with that MSc in the end, because of industry moving out to China, so I got fed up with being made redundant and retrained as a sparky. So many people commented that I was over qualified, but you can't move houses to China, and that has kind of worked for me.,although I feel I never really achieved what I could of??? My son is currently at Uni studying maths and doing very well, now the important thing isn't so much the degree itself, but having got a years work with a large corporation, he's got the confidence to make it work and has the work ethic to go far in life. In my opinion you need to teach your kids self confidence to aid them to realise thier full potential - NB I am not on about teaching your child to be a tango'd princess with an over inflated ego . We also taught him a work ethic - you want money, earn it, and he has, anything from helping me with solar panels to working in the cornershop. Now need less to say we have helped and encouraged him along the way. He's now 22, thoroughly enjoying his year out in industry, got plans for the future, and told us what wonderful parents we were compared to his mates, who all seem to suffer 'mental health issues' (think we called it 'growing pains in our day). So feeling quite chuffed we did something right somewhere along the line
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    You would think so, however the IET tech gurus advised me that You are testing the RCD therefore it should be tested without circuits attached as they may prevent it from tripping, this the rcd isn’t at fault but the fault lies within the circuit.
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    interesting video. JA 280W panels are bit low spec these days but a good panel none the less. As for the inverter, I'm not a fan of Solaredge where you don't have shading issues, it costs more than 1-2% higher output is worth on non-shaded roofs. I will now try to explain the inverter under sizing. 8 years ago, when I first started installing solar systems, many inverters were still transformer types. The efficiency of these could drop to as low as 70%, so to compromise for loss of performance in lower light level weather conditions, it was advised on all the training courses, to under-size the inverter by up to 20%. You lose some of the perfect weather performance but gain at all other times to give a higher annual yireld. However, since then inverters have improved an awful lot, and the current Transformerless designs maintain efficiencies as high as around 94%. This makes the advice previously given a non-sense, but most companies still do it, because smaller inverters are cheaper, and I don't think anyone has changed the training courses? I now prefer to size inverters on a like for like basis, ie 6 kW for 6 Kw of panels, or perhaps slightly larger, say a 6kW inverter on a 5.8kW set of panels. The panels are +ve tolerance, so in reality they can output up to 3% more than expected anyway, and I've also found Japanese panels will go higher than the max tolerance stated. Panel outputs are interesting, German do exactly what they say they will, Chinese do what they should, just, Japanese outperform the stated figures. It's a cultural thing, the **** would rather you be happy with a better than expected output so slightly understate the performance.
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    Should have used mirror screws, with the little chrome covers. Would have looked great then.
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    not talking about Brexit fiasco, just that cheaper finished goods are easier to sell - it's not rocket science. Trouble is we don't make much anymore...
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    Sterling will devalue further due to markets not liking chaos - never have! Oddly enough this may well be good for the UK econonmy, some things will rise in price, like imported food, but our exports will be cheaper.
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    The manufacturers of RCD's considered it necessary to reduce the number of what they consider to be false warranty claims due to devices that failed field testing under BS 7671. So it was not, change for change's sake. It was change to increase manufacturers profits. There was nothing that the rest of JPEL/64 could or would do to go against the majority. If greater evidence could have been gathered this would not have happened and the full suite of testing and recording of information would still be required. However, a few people tried to gather evidence, and the response from the trade was somewhat pathetic, so the manufacturers won and got it reduced. Their next aim is to remove it all together and rely on the device test button.
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    nope. 0.003 meg is 3000 ohms... about 0.08 amps...
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    An overhead line will be high enough that it is safe for a road legal vehicle to drive underneath, so think double decker bus. Your shipping container won't be that tall. BUT and it is a BIG BUT any crane or hiab used to lift it WILL come very close to the power lines. No crane driver worth his salt would even attempt it. You might be able to get it there with a large fork lift and not lifting it very high?
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    it certainly is, panels fitted vary from 180W to the newer 330W we have fitted over the years, so there is a typo 4,000 panels or there abouts. I used to have 5 staff, biggest job we fitted was 100 kW, something like 400 panels in it's own right. We did a few large school jobs, whic is what bumps uo the numbers. Anyway, my carbon footprint is well covered!
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    Seriously, 1,000MW. That’s a major power stations output. You’re far more powerful than I thought. I assume it’s a typo
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    Keep us posted with your progression. I’ve come to realise that it’s not that I’m a superstar more just an experience old phart that is willing to help others.


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