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    42 Has ALWAYS been the answer IMHO!... Are you just quoting University grades?
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    Just put my tin hat firmly on! If you go back 30 years, there was serious racism in this country, but now I'm not so sure , BUT what there is now , are large numbers of people who want to "change" the UK to be like somewhere else - I think we've been too accommodating. Look at the Police for example, they bend over backwards to try and recruit a more diverse cross section - but there are groups that won't join ........ Over the weekend, it was reported that golf was "racist" - I play on a public course and you see very few, if anybody other than white people - I've no idea why as I would have thought that Tiger Woods immense success would have introduced golf to a wider audience decades ago' I've got kids and do fear for their future
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    Have you asked your scheme technical line? i wouldn’t be moving the cu without adding protection for the tails AND I wouldn’t be concealing a box of connections behind plasterboard where nobody in the future will know where they are that my thoughts
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    there black. racist if you do anything
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    The bible is a poor document for it has been re-written many times. There was somthing like 70 gospels originally, hence the differnt forms of Christianity that exist such as the Coptic Christians. The currentt bible was re-written by King Charles with an emphasis on his dvinity ie he was given the right to rule by god - pure propoganda, and a point I like to throw at anyone who claims the bible is the 'truth'. All nations colour history teaching to suite their needs. The Vikings is a good example as pointed out by Sweedy. Another little known fact is that the British army has lost more battles than it has ever won. Most of our history teaching suites Empirical behavious we would now regard as genocide, theft and murder. This shoule be taught, along with a greater emphasis on how international relations affected technology, trade and many other things.
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    ^^ solar can continue outputting 230 for up to 5 seconds AFTER the RCD trips so somewhat defeats the point of the RCD hence why you shouldn’t connect solar to a rcd shared with other circuit’s
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    Just out of interest as I didn’t grow up in the UK, do they teach much about the slave trade? History is such an interesting thing, as it’s almost always from the perspective of ”the winner”. I mean, I learnt about the vikings being great explorers who sailed to faraway places. You learnt about them raiding, pillaging, raping bastards who stole both treasure and people.
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    Might have missed something here, to what disgraceful incident in the US do you refer Or is it the George Floyd incident where a career criminal resisted arrest and unfortunately died while doing so. Really getting fed up of a section of society that thinks it is above the law just because of skin colour and any and every incident involving them is depicted as racism when a white person tries to apply the law
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    The forerunner to the Mini , the Morris Minor 1000, produces half the carbon emissions as the modern Mini in it's lifetime . Just saying .
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    just been to see somebody about a job - I talked through the options, new board, bonding etc (1980 built all origin) Her reply "I was looking for somebody who didn't care about the regs and would take cash" My reply "you're talking to the wrong person
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    I agree with what you are saying, remember 'love thy neighbour'? Well you had the white bloke taking the mick out of the black fella, calling him Sambo, or Nig nog, but when you looked at it it was always the black fella who had the last laugh, same with 'in sickness and in health', Alf Garnett, he was always having a go at that black fella, his wife's carer, not only for being black, but also for being a pouff, but it always backfired on him. Now to me that sort of thing was anti racist, it was like 'look you think the blacks are stupid, but they're actually quite clever' and yet still people complain it's racist, but then again that was how it was back then, times have moved on a lot of stuff has changed, you can't alter the past, only pick out the bad bits and learn to never repeat them. I knew a copper she was tasked to deal with 'black on black' crime, shootings, stabbings etc, so she's in a majority black area stopping young black males late at night, she explains to them why she's stopping them, because of all the blacks stabbing or shooting each other and the next thing someone complains that she's being racist! FFS she's investigating black on black crime, there'd be bugger all point stopping Chinese blokes would there! Integration has to be a 2 way street and unfortunately a lot of the younger blacks won't have it, we have to accept their ways and habits, but they won't accept ours, like others on here I really do fear for our future.
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    When I last checked the regs there is no absolute requirement for domestic boards to be metal There is no problem with multiple rods as long as they are properly distanced to gain the maximum benefit, quite often see co-located rods that are haphazardly nailed into the ground through clear ignorance that means they are not providing the optimum benefit for the cost
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    I am only allowed to award one "Scoob" to Sharpie's post unfortunately. I too am tired of black folk complaining they don't get opportunities here ....I'd say , there were plenty of opportunities here but if you don't qualify you don't get them , which is the same for white folk . Black folk get on and are respected here , Sir Trevor McDoughnut for instance , my late brother in later life was ordained as an Anglican priest ......by the Archbishop of York no less , who just happens to be black . My MP is black . Half B,ham council are black . 98% of our doctors are black ... 80% of sparks at my wholesalers are black /Asian ...... and there are no opportunities !!! Lets face it , any young guy in a working class area ,driving round in the latest Beamer / Audi / Merc/ WILL get pulled by the police WHATEVER his colour !!! Strange that when there were hardly any black folk here , the police would take one look at us lot , hanging out on street corners , motor bikes , black leather jackets , blue jeans , Elvis hair cuts etc and would pull over to find out what was going down .
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    Racism only lives in the minds of people, which comes out in their attitudes, I would say that maybe 30yrs ago racism was about, but today in this country not a chance, we’ve had to many politicians wanting a multicultural society to be deemed a racist country. The real problem is that the ‘blacks’ read as Africans don’t want to let it go because if they did they’d have nothing to argue about. There have been many a successful ‘black’ person in many different sectors of life so how can they argue that they don’t get the same opportunities as the white folk? Also ask yourself this, What has the African man ever achieved? Their as they call it home countries are classified as third world, their houses are a basic shell, their technological development is next to nothing so I don’t think it is a race issue more perhaps let’s take a look at ourselves issue and see what we contribute to the world? I have had first hand experience of the black African attitudes, as anyone who lives in many areas of London has, They do not come across as very nice people- I will say that that doesn’t count for all but the majority that I have experienced. I don’t think that we will ever abolish racism, not for the white mans want of trying but because the ‘black’ community will not move forward. I remember back in the 80’s we were not allowed to use the n word but they still can, we were not allowed to call them coloured, but they still reference themselves as coloured, we were told we can not call them black as they are not black but they still call themselves black, so for all our listening and adapting it changes nothing for them? I know of first hand experiences that in Africa the whites built houses with running water, toilets etc and the blacks destroyed them because that’s not how they live so the question is what more can we do? Until they change their attitudes then we are fighting a losing battle. but to pick up on Johns post, I agree I am bored of people coming here from other cultures and wanting us to change and adapt to suit their believes of how a country should be, if their country’s ways are so good then why leave? It is time for all to accept that we are one race on one planet.
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    A tale if how different tradesman "operate" A few years back I did an unusual CU change over on the West coast, a 2 hour journey for me, because he could not find anyone local to do it. Because of some unusual loads, mainly a 50A electric boiler, I fitted an SBS CU. So that guy phones me. He now has a heating problem, the boiler is not working. He has tried to solve it with the local heating "engineer" who has spectacularly failed to get it working so now he wanted me to have a look. Well I did solve it, all by 2 telephone calls and looking at some pictures he sent me by email. Here is what happened: One day the heating stopped working. The electric boiler has a "call for heat" light that was no longer coming on. The "heating engineer" replaced the time clock. That did not fix it. So he "diagnosed" the boiler was faulty. £1000 later and he had fitted a new boiler and lo and behold it still did not work. For some strange reason the customer paid the £1000 and still had a non working heating system and a new boiler replacing the old one that was almost certainly not broken. From the photographs he sent me, there is a relay installed next to the boiler. It's purpose is to inhibit the boiler from operating when the shower is on to prevent overloading the supply. It did not take long to determine that was stuck "on" so permanently inhibiting the boiler from operating. Which comes to part 2,, "what other work have you had done recently" Yes he had a local guy change the isolating switch for the shower, but he got it wrong, and the pair of wires to the relay are now connected to the feed side of the shower switch not the output side of the shower switch hence the relay permanently on inhibiting the boiler. If only the customer had phoned me first. But again why don't they join the dots, the heating stopped working as soon as the shower switch was replaced. Not rocket science, though I suppose most would not think the two were in any way linked. But how does the guy who unnecessarily replaced the boiler sleep at night. I would be VERY embarrassed to make such a big miss diagnosis,
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    I've heard that many times , it comes from working on the bigger commercial type jobs where the length of cable runs and numbers of light fittings precludes the use of 1.00mm . Nothing wrong with 1.00mm in the domestic field . Some old sparks would carry certain misconceptions with them , one or two I remember would not accept PVC conduit for instance . One I worked with would net accept the use of a runner ( Running thread ) when installing steel conduit . If you had a great big , awkward giant set you'd have to try to wind it onto the thread , which took forever , probably two men , much swearing and gnashing of teeth ....when the answer was to make a runner.
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    Put your fused spur into the ring with a 3amp fuse in it and then your 1.5mm on outgoing side.
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    To be fair the old moggie was capable of 40+ mpg , and the Mini even more. And they were not scrapped like the modern all singing all dancing new stuff are scrapped because they are beyond economic repair when their fancy electronics and overpriced parts fail.
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    The Moggy is pretty much self recycling. Park it in a field and most of it will just rust away and self recycle. The modern car has far too many plastic bits and electronic bits that will never degrade and will just sit there leaching heavy metals into the environment.
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    What's the point? It looks like a lot of work for little gain.
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    my view is that when customers want things done that are against the regs I tend to point out what should be done, quote accordingly and leave the customer to ponder. a few months ago I was 1 of 4 sparks asked to quote for a kitchen refit electrics job - which included changing a single light to downlights - I was the only spark to tell the the customer they would need rcd protection - making the job more expensive . I got the job on the basis I was honest about the regs changes
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    I thought they limited road cars to 150MPH, Take it they must remap the settings on the ECU?
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    the Police didn’t know about this until members of the public told them about the YouTube footage .... a life time ban for people like this never works, because they drive without a licence and don’t care if they get caught
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    keep quiet... best option. as above, you were busy with a job that took longer than planned
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    Paying about £20 - £30 per kilo roll. of filament. You can pay <£10 a roll but I've heard the cheap stuff can contain all the "lettuced" inc bits of metal etc. Have used Anycubic, RS Pro, Flash Forge & Steadytech filaments so far. That's all you have to buy unless components like belts and bearings wear. Printer here is an Anycubic i3 Mega S from here: https://www.anycubic.com/ It's basically a clone of the famous Prusa i3 It's an FDM printer. Fusion Deposit Modelling. The other common type is a "resin" printer. Resin printers are generally more accurate but can't print as big as FDM printers. The scene and technology is changing overnight of course! Some stuff done here: Adapters to use Makita batteries on an Einhell chainsaw: Adapters to use Makita batteries on no name 18V stuff: Fridge handles:


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