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    I use to have a proper high pitched constant whine in my house, then I got divorced and it strangely stopped, result!😀
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    This was great quote I see recently. While they were calling Trump a warmonger, a homophobe, and a racist, Donald Trump ended the Korean War, appointed the first gay ambassador to Germany, and got endorsed by Kanye all the same week
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    F/ Appropriate PPE Failing that...
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    have you tried shooting it?
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    G./ Wear a flea collar 😀
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    You mean you are not interested in the unusual situations that engineers can come across while installing electrical installing . ? You should be yourself ashamed of in the unusual situations when coming across an interesting engineer installing electrical installing installations .
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    Hi, everyone! I thought of creating this new thread where we can light-heartedly discuss about the little furries in our lives, none other than our household pets. Mine is a fiddly little fella named Shakey, a Siamese cat. She chills out in the living room, scratches up the furniture, and sleeps beside me and my wife in the evening. When I'm not at home, I set her in her kittywalk, so she may still play outdoors without ending up on the neighbor's lawn, or worst, on the road. Aside from the usual cat food, she also likes tuna casserole and sardines. How about you guys? Who are your furry companions?
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    Exactly my point, he has no regard for what the political people think or call him, he will just get on with whatever he needs too. Shame ours don’t take a leaf out of his book.
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    I usually change immersion heaters, unless the tank looks like it is on it's last legs. I's a grey area. In an ideal world a plumber would change the element and an electrician would connect it. Do you trust an electrician to change the heater without damaging the tank? or do you trust a plumber to make a good electrical connection to the new heater. The reality is some plumbers and some electricians can do both, but perhaps not all?
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    mine arent as shiney as those, thinking about it, they may have came from toolstation, or CPC, but, they certainly werent expensive, about a fiver iirc tbh, if you are doing tray etc, its not as if they will get a load of abuse anyway, even if in an impact
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    Not quite what you are after but would it do what you want? https://www.cromwell.co.uk/shop/hand-tools/screwdriver-insert-bits-hexagon/6pc-hexagon-magnetic-nut-setter-1-4inch-dr-set/p/KEN5738950K
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    Something will have gone horribly wrong if not. Oh, an I fit that consumer unit the other week! Needed to so I could let the house.
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    If it's an EICR then they have failed and need reporting on accordingly.
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    On a link from the link you posted: SMTP server If you’re using a @virginmedia.com, @blueyonder.co.uk, @ntlworld.com, or @virgin.net email address but sending using a non-Virgin Media SMTP server, then your mail could potentially be seen as SPAM and either delivered to the recipients SPAM folder or rejected completely. To prevent this occurring, please configure your email client to the Virgin Media servers settings. If you have followed the instructions on your link you will have the following settings for your email account now set SMTP server Name: smtp.virginmedia.com, Connection security: SSL/TLS, Authentication method: Normal password, User Name: Your full email address, Port: 465 The SMTP server would appear to be the key point of failure causing the error message you get, so ensure that the SMTP server name is smtp.virginmedia.com.
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    and my bet it'll be the non voters moaning about the outcome...........
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    Remember to disconnect that pesky little thin white wire.
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    As I said before, I had this once. The connection was properly made with high temperature flex. When I was called back for the second time to fix it, I did some more investigating. I re made the connection and turned the heater on and waited. In about 30 minutes, the neutral terminal was too hot to touch and you could feel the insulation softening. It was NOT a bad connection. I concluded it was either a poor connection inside the element getting hot, or perhaps the actual heating part of the element extended too far towards the terminal. Without cutting it apart you would never know. Replacing the element was the only fix. I suggest your electrician does the same test. The current consumed was correct for the power of the heater.
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    i got some cheapish ones from screwfix. mostly the 3/8 one thats used in the small impact (1/2 goes in the 1/2 drive impact). works well, does the job
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    Surge protection device Next year you’ll have an AFDD - A F***King Dumb Device I think Tony described it as?
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    Sometimes, 25mm will only fit if you have a clean cut end without all the strands splayed out. Personally I never use a 2 pole Henley, I much prefer 2 single poles side by side. I have seen one where the web separating the two blocks was cracked with a danger the 2 poles could touch. Bad design imho.
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    Don’t go by the wirenuts table, it is wrong. E54 used to go loopy about the table and so provided the correct values which agree with this. https://www.dungannonelectrical.co.uk/dun1-shop/pdf/cable/SWA.pdf
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    bloody 'ell even if I didnt mean the Honda C90 class, although it is very variable Aintree is fairly easy, Darley Moor not so much so, and cadwell seemed to change on a daily basis in general though, I'd say circuits are much harder on tyres than roads
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    I remember having a conversation with a senior networks engineer about the "harmonisation" a few years ago, he assured me that it would never happen over here in a long while, there'd be huge chunks of the network that would have to be replaced,and the cost would be prohibitive. I was reading some networks literature recently that said that certain types/voltages of transformer were no longer to be installed, and if replacement were needed they were to be replaced with another type. However this was due to reducing costs incurred by carrying a larger variety of transformers, rather than leaning toward harmonisation. One thing that does concern me about harmonisation is if you look at spec plates on a lot of equipment these days, particularly electronic stuff, tv's etc, the plate reads a maximum of 230V. Now given that most UK homes run a fair bit higher than this then it has to shorten the life of the equipment.


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