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    Firstly this is not a "Boiler" programmer you want, that is a very different thing. You want an Immersion heater timer, Your options are limited as all you can really do is fit a boost timer in place of the switch in the kitchen, something like this https://www.toolstation.com/search?q=boost timer What is the "problem" you are trying to solve? The switches next to the tank should be left on all the time, they are only there as a service isolation point should you need to change an immersion heater. Then the bottom heater will only be powered at night and heat the full tank at the cheap rate. The switch in the kitchen is only there to be turned on IF you run out of hot water in the evening as a boost to heat the top part of the tank. that should NOT be left on all the time. Fitting a timer like the one above will ensure it can't accidentally be left on all the time.
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    What Dr Rachel says is exactly correct.. Yes, a lot of people WILL be seriously ill, but you need to keep things in proportion. Yes, a lot of people have died from this thing, but about 50,000 people a DAY die of cardiovascular problems and cancer... The situation in italy sounds terrible though.. Of one thing you can be CERTAIN.. The NHS staff are the finest you will EVER meet. The amount of behind the scenes planning that has been going on in the trust where i work is amazing.. The NHS and all the staff are simply brilliant, and i just hope that Boris does not forget that we would be sunk without them.. john
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    ?? Clear message here. If it helps people worry less. Dr. Rachel Tenant. Consultant in acute and respiratory medicine at Northwick Park hospital in north London has passed on this. Hi everyone Just want to say – I’ve seen quite a few people with Covid 19 since Sunday. The vast majority are fine. They seem to have one week of fever, a few days of dry cough and then sometimes breathlessness on day 8 or 9. Most people are fine to stay at home and recover in about 10 days. If it is going to be bad it is around day 9 or 10 and the breathlessness gets rapidly worse at that point. We have had five patients who needed ITU but they all have heart or lung disease, and are quite elderly. Thankfully children seem to be invincible. I’ve never known anything like this – but we’re planning for huge numbers of people needing intensive care and working out how to cope. We’ve managed to segregate our whole hospital into unknown (in single rooms), positive and negative areas. We’ve moved a whole intensive care unit and 4 other wards in 3 days flat – this sort of change usually takes at least 6 months to get agreed! I think we need to worry about our elderly relatives but not our age group or our kids. It seems pretty clear that a large proportion of the UK will get this, hopefully spread out over months rather than all at once like Italy. Once enough people have had it then herd immunity will mean it dies out. So if the frail elderly can hibernate for a few months hopefully we can keep mortality down. Anyway, if you have any Covid-19 questions, I know an awful lot more about it now than I did 2 weeks ago, so feel free to ask! BW Rachel Dr Rachel Tennant Consultant in Respiratory & Acute Medicine Clinical Director for Acute Medicine.
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    Scolmore do 10A DP minigrid switches I often use them for outside lights to isolate possible RCD trip issues if there is a fault
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    The amount of LED lamps and drivers that are going into the skip at a tiny fraction of their supposed lives leads me to question both the cost savings and the environmental benefits they were supposed to bring.
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    Rang NIC....put my fees on monthly instead of yearly, theybare looking into,other avenues, possibly freezing or discounted/deferred payments RAC cover is due for renewal soon....that's the next call
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    I didn’t envy the registrar’s task, draining 11kg of infected abdominal fluid out of me. I’ve got to go back for round two next month. At the end of the day I’ve no option other than attend hospital.
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    A LOT of people are saying things like "Only 20 dead out of the whole country, what's the problem" and trying to carry on. They are the ones that don't understand EXPONENTIAL GROWTH. and how that 20 very quickly becomes 200, then 2000, then 20,000, then 200,000 then 20,000,000 etc if we don't do something. The news are trying to educate them, but just get branded as "scare mongering" I think the last few years have "taught" the public not to trust a word that a politician says, and now, when you really really need to believe them, they think they are still telling lies.
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    I've got wipes in the car and I'm cleaning trolley handles before using them. Snag is they are not alcohol types but still better than nothing, (I hope).
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    My builder mate opposite said that this morning , jobs cancelled , three for elderly people whose children asked him to defer the work , just in case . He reckoned the car plants are cutting down on production & shedding staff. There were many calls to local radio today from SE , guest houses , taxi driver with a £800 /month mortgage and no calls this week . Plus an 91 yr old lady who can't get out , run out of food & has no one . Typical of this area , Radio WM's phones blocked with offers , in 15 mins she was sorted . Amongst all the gloom & the greedy buggers stock piling ...a nice story .
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    Double pole switches for the lights in the two rooms. It will have to be a 20A DP switch (as they don't make them smaller) so may not be identical to the other light switches in the house but not far off if you choose the right make.
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    There used to some phrases such as: "There is no such thing as a free lunch" or "You don't get something for nothing" or "If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is!". Modern day translation could be "You cannot learn a new trade in a couple of months when historically it used to take years". Best of luck if you think you can be competent, qualified, experienced with less than 12months of training / on-site-work. Doc H.
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    No chance.... they will need all your money to bail out the airlines.. buy all these private hospital beds... And pay all the SSP for all the real workers who are having 14days isolation 'off work'... Oh.. and don't forget some poor sods are still trying to sort out the aftermath of flood damage.... (we don't seem to hear much about that now do we....? But its was headline news every day a few weeks ago???) Wonder what's happening with the money promised to improve flood defences...? Give it a couple of week and we will have to bail all all football clubs who aren't in the Premiership.. as they have no gate revenues coming in...
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    I tend to think of a nice bottle of red is appropriate in such circumstances.
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    You've not met my neighbours! they would be charged twice solicitors/doctors/architects/estate agents rates which is already twice the normal rate the only thing they contribute freely is carbon dioxide
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    Now interestingly this ACT is like others Law, and the law says that a qualified competent person must undertake the I&T, law does not require you to be registered to any scheme, in fact I’ve not read anything that suggests a scheme? therefore as a suitably qualified electrician with I&T qualification I am legally qualified to undertake such I&T and as such legally do not need to be a member of a scheme and can not be forced to be so
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    Standard metal backbox fitted into the panel, stripwood around the internal projection, the back covered with thin ply or similar, all finished to match the cabinet interior.
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    the partition isnt 'an extension of the trunking' its merely a wall which happens to have something electrical installed on it if the trunking is installed correctly and earthed, then where exactly is any voltage that could make the wall live going to come from, and what benefit would bonding it be? for the cable supports, the issue isnt people running through it as such, its the fire men / women who have to go in to resuse people / put the fire out. although if its really bad than i doubt they would be going in just to put the fire out, unless they knew someone was still inside
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    Re the 5 day issue, I’ve been to collect our daughter from university. I took disposable gloves with me and wore them all the time I was in the student accommodation . Another dad saw me and did the same. please help me with the rs cleaner !
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    That can work well for you if you do general domestic work . It takes a bit of time but once you've done a job for someone who is pleased with the result, found that you were a friendly , obliging guy & your prices were reasonable , a couple of things can happen : - 1) You can find you have inherited the extended family & neighbours of your customer. 2) They post a recommendation for your services . Slowly you local business should grow , don't try ripping anyone off , with local media you will live to regret it . Again if you are concentrating on a local service ....get your van sign written .
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    Saw Madness in Dec 18 in B/ham... They were good! There are certain bands/artists with such a comprehensive back-catalogue that they can fill a whole concert with a continual playlist of classic songs that defined the era from when they were released. even so..... I still don't think I could justify paying silly money for a single evening out! Maybe because also have 5 children... Just had one wedding last month.. Another one is in the organising stages ready for December... Plus grandchild due next month... So... I would have my bank cards seized, cut-up and internet access banned by the Boss.. if big money was spent of re-living concerts from my teenage music heros!!! CD's & Beer will have to accommodate!
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    Singles in steel trunking is the normal way , the whole thing sounds fine to me , obviously the trunking will need to be earthed but thats about it for me ...stop digging .
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    Site share was never the top of mobile phone companies priorities 15 - 20 years ago and they put a lot of effort into discouraging it. Spent 3 months negotiating a site share with one company before finding an alternative solution. The company had a mast on top of a college building, the college had 2 sites and wanted to link the networks at both sites via a 38GHz 155Mbps radio link having done the line of sight survey the mast on the building was a convenient point to mount the antenna at one end. Close to 200 pages of H&S information was faxed to them with quite a lot of duplication of pages as they requested different document sets that overlapped Even the big mast sites push away site share requests by making it prohibitively expensive citing the need for mast strengthening at telephone number costs to support the addition of one antenna on their mast


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