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    A noisy fan to a veg Balti pie ?in 10 moves! forum record
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    @Onoff Right, had a look at this a bit more, the third connection on the battery seems to retain its voltage even when the battery is too flat for a makita tool to run, even though some people report it disappearing after running a tool till the battery is flat, so perhaps it is only a +ve temperature output. With that in mind we really should at least try and protect the batteries from being discharged too much, as this is bad for Li-ion batteries. Came up with the following, which through a quick trial appears to have a reasonable approximation, connected it up, ran the heat gun untill it went off, now it does allow you to release the trigger and start it again, but it wont go for more than a few seconds before turning off again. Took the battery in this state and put it in the makita impact driver and after winding a scew in and out on my bench a few times, I picked up a 4" bit of scrap and a long screw and it impacted it in about 2" before it stopped, so it seems to cut off a tiny bit in advance of what a makita tool would which is about what we want. It is very simplistic and based a bit on trial and error, and I wouldn't say its perfect. but hopefully it should help stop batteries being accidentally over discharged R1 and R2 form a voltage divider and the volt drop across both is equal to the battery voltage, the volt drop across R2 is 1/23rd of the total (the remainder being across R1). That means that if the battery is at 18v, the voltage at the mid point is 18/23=0.78v above negative which allows the transistor to turn on, when the voltage is less than 0.6v it will turn off, that equates to a battery voltage of 0.6*23=13.8v. The battery voltage does sag under loead due to its internal resistance, so the sensed voltage does drop below the 0.6v mark, meaning the tool turns off, the voltage then goes back up to above it, meaning it will turn on briefly again if trigger is released and re-pressed and will run for a few seconds before doing the same again
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    My car is made of metal but if I set it alight the flames would find a way out of any opening so not convinced by the argument myself.
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    This'll make @ProDave one of your biggest fans...
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    It's a cx10 take rim off remove 3/4 screws face comes off bit behind ceiling is circular BUT has 2 flats on it and is designed to come out through the hole simples
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    Well that worked well. Went to my "private 60m indoor range" today ( son's warehouse ) set rifle up in the 'rig' zeroed scope ranged at 25 metres
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    Despite what the regs say, if you're sticking in a metal consumer unit you might as well make it as much of a fireproof box as you can, the regs are a minimum standard, nothing wrong with exceeding them.
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    No they are not... Several manufactures have MCB covers that are hinged at the bottom not the top.. and they are supplied with little bits of plastic to cover the blank slots..!! e.g. have a look at some Schneider & BG units... There is nothing stopping the front cover from being left open, completely negating any argument that they must contain fire..
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    You approve the use of silicone.
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    probably a loose connection somewhere
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    basically, the 'installer' can hold the customer to ransom by programing a code that no one else can change therefore making their own equipment useless unless you go to them. its a feature i never did like or agree with much
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    AFAIR there is no mandatory requirement to note the number of accessories on an EICR and I rarely do it , but my sketch of the property will show where they all are, and on which circuit they are on. EICR's are a very contentious subject - just make sure your PI insurance is up to date
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    I forgot to add....it's a partition wall, stud/plasterboard. We're covering all bases and having the fire risk assessement shortly as well as input from BC for level 7 guest house. I think I'm getting the general feeling a permanent live can be taken from the switch, up the cavity and along to the lights where the unit will sit but we'll get input from an electrician. I can appreciate without looking that it's a hard call but I suppose the query boiled down to ability to use exisitng wiring to the led and just feed in a live or due to regs having to install a brand new wiring circuit (if you follow)...never seen a single core live before, its always been two or t&e. Obviously just routing a single core live wire would not be tooo bad.
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    Well, I’m using the old one for jobs on the go and the new one on new jobs so swapping between them. noticed some good and some not so good, when comparing with the old one - that said I haven’t had time to properly read the manual ill do a thread about it when I’ve got some spare time
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    See you’re getting wiser already
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    Thanks Fleeting. Cheers Sharpend. Have made mind up.....walking
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    I wouldn't add a cooker direct to a RFC which isn't protected by a 13A fuse Bad design and implementation - and if the NIC suggest its OK - then they need educating! What is the combined load of the 2 ovens when taking diversity into account and if they are going to be near each other could you use a dual outlet plate?
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    I have something that is guaranteed ( lifetime guarantee ) to,save money on electric, cannot fail! its called the "switching off finger", works every time . Unfortunately isn't suitable for the under 21s
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    Thanks Murdoch , how did i miss that!!! thanks again all regards
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    Right, I've managed to get it going off the makita batteries. The third pin appears to need to be pulled low through a resistance (I had 10k in there, but not sure what the significance of it is), I tried bridging it without the resistance and didn't get anything. Its clearly for battery protetcion because if you have it pulled low and run it, then disconnect the resister, it'll stop, but won't start again again if you reconnect untill you press the trigger again. Looking on the net, the makita batteries work in sort of the opposite way, the third pin is held high until the battery voltage has dropped too low then it either goes low or floating, it shouldn't be too difficult to map this across with an NPN transistor and a couple of resisters, I'll have a bit more of a play later on, but I'm guessing if you are able to have a look at printing an adapater that has a small amount of space in the middle? The power connections can be solid rails, but you'd need a point at which you could tap off with a small CSA wire to the space in the middle. If its possible it might be worth while doing it as a separtae adapater, rather than a screwed conversion, as should then be able to be used with any of the parkside tools
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    And the uneducated EICR numpties will be ripping them out too .....
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    Yeah but a UrineTube pretty boy wannabe Spark would give it a C1
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    In England , subject to age, Sub 12 ft lbs are legal with no ticket anything greater than 12 ft lbs is a section 1 ( Fire Arms Certificate) totally different to a section 2 (shotgun cert) never bothered with airguns since my GAt in early 70s however, I bought a Umarex Beretta 9mm last September for garden plinking/target shooting (10m) and stuff now decided I need a Air Rifle and am looking at a used S410 Carbine 10 shot, (mag feed) tomorrow its a PCP ( pre charged pneumatic ) so it fires with compressed air in an onboard cylinder. My beretta is CO2 powered ( sparklets soda siphon gun) getting it for a bit of target shooting and pest control in my lads warehouse .......also has advantage of one building being 65m long so me and my mate ( already has an s410) can set some targets up. Another mate has a farm and some fields so we are good to go, hopefully its all new to me so I'm hammering Internet at moment for info and reviews
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    No videos just 2 big white spaces
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    As with all good pics they have been omitted for clarity!!


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