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    I just came upon this in the office ...A FAX !!!... but dated 2002 and in the approved Kerching style of complaining to suppliers . Written before encountering the aformentioned on here but in the true tradition !
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    I bought a pallet of 25 250W panels from ebay and split that with a friend, I kept 18 and he had 7. The 18 that I kept cost just over £1K. These were 4 year old second hand according to the seller from a solar farm that was being upgraded. I got a new 4KW Tranergy Inverter for £255 from ebay. the rest of the cost was timber, unistrut and nuts and bolts to make a ground mounting frame for them (too many trees and too much shading for them to work on the house roof) Another £200 on top of that turned the space under the panels into a shed.
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    Ok so situation after tonight’s vote we now get another vote tomorrow for a No Deal Brexit , which will be rejected. then comes another vote to extend/delay brexit, which is all well and good but the decision isn’t theirs to make, that belongs to the EU and without good reason it’s unlikely to agree an extension, however they don’t really want us to leave without a deal - so now comes the real problem, they can’t be seen to be weak in changing their stance on the deal arrangement as it will reflect badly on their image of a united EU and give others an opportunity to look at their position within the EU and possibility to leave. The UK can’t be seen to continually give in to the EU demands as it weakens the Brexit concept. So reality is, we should just leave without a deal and within 5 years (if that long)they will want to make trade agreements with us, why because reports have already come out of Germany showing the discontent of a no deal arrangement by the vehicle manufacturers et al. What amazes me is that business is all about making deals so why can’t these deals be done after Brexit regardless of the manor in which we leave? So tarriffs will be applied but they really are only going to be a gesture rather than a massive penalty.
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    I think the point Dave is trying to make is that back then we knew how to budget and sacrifice whereas today we live in a society which expects the best of everything immediately (like it’s owed to them) and budget is something they hear about from the government once a year.
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    Take them back to,YESSS they are meant to have a 3 or 5 year warranty they are YESSS own make no point talking to,Luxnar on the phone as they are thicker than mince! ask a technical question and you would be better off asking Diane Abbot
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    Do you even listen to yourself. Imagine if someone came on here and said oh I used to do abit if sparking and I'm getting a spark to sign it off anyway. You would think there a p******. The gas fitter letting you play around is a p******, the bloke who left a leak is a p****** and you're a p****** for being too blind to see why your actions are wrong.
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    I would suggest you keep your inkwell topped up, and a few spare quills, just in case you have an urgent message to deal with. These modern phones are far to clever for their own benefit! Doc H.
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    Lucky you lot don't work for this firm....
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    lucky you. plenty room in there. most these days assume the wiring is a bell wire and make the termianls sized to suit that...
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    ..........to speak of Brexit I think .
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    Disgusting! you would of thought they could have cut the edges on that corrugated cardboard a bit neater. There was a time when that would of been cut square with proper right-angle edges. Proves once again there is no pride or standards in any work nowadays. Doc H
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    ^^ this used to be a problem for people in Kent ........ a better signal from France and hey presto their bills got rather expensive
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    During a periodic inspection today come to testing a ring, L & N loop reading 0.56 & 0.57ohms... Thinking looking reasonable.. Then measure CPC.. readings bouncing around between 1000.0ohms and 1200.0 ohms.!!!! Mmmm, thinks bit of a dodgy joint problem somewhere here.. Ask customer if any recent work.... Reply comes: Not since they moved in a few years ago, but the kitchen had been redone not long before they moved in.. I am thinking could be a Kitchen fitter created problem.. But NO.. I was proved wrong... With all conductors disconnected at board, I wago together L-N-E at one end of ring. With my 13A plug to meter lead adaptor I go round measuring 'L'->'N' and 'L'->'E', continuities at every socket I can find.... From the L->N readings I can suss out the socket wiring order.. and the L->E readings have some sockets less than 0.22 ohms and all the rest greater than 250.0ohms.. From the established socket order notes I had made, I open up the last of the low L-E reading and the first of the high L-E readings.... And low, it was beholdent unto me, that one of the old original sockets in the dining room... (Outside wall)... Has mucho dampness issues AND, an interesting method of wiring CPCs... Please NOTE:- (Left Hand Cable) CPC onto socket E termination, (Right Hand Cable) CPC onto metal back box lug. Also with a twisted joint if you look close. So CPC continuity is via the socket to back box "corroded" fixing screws.... Me thinks the kitchen fitters should have noticed this whilst amending this same circuit in the kitchen??! As I am guessing this has been corroding for a few years now? P.S. Did a fix got my ring continuities back to:- L&N at 0.56ohms CPC at 0.91ohms
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    I came across earths only to the back box during a recent EICR. So not an isolated case. It is also surprising how often I find dripping wet or corroded sockets, it continues to shock me just how utterly carp a large amount of the UK housing stock is.
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    Spray copious amounts of WD40 on it.... That fixes EVERYTHING!!!!
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    BT now insist we use conductive concrete rather than rods for this very reason. Plus we get cracking readings.
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    I am with BT. Each renewal I point out to them that Plusnet will do it for £23.99 (or whatever it is today) and they match it. If one time they won't match it, I will change.
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    Thanks again much appreciated
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    Thing is Murdo, the IET drop it all on us to sort . So if I were called to your client's by the builder , I guess I'd be obliged to check the disconnection times for the 3036 circuits , fit some sort of RCD if the lighting wiring is buried , and install bonding to gas & water , raise a Risk Assessment to see if Anti Arcing devices are needed and another one to check on the number of lightening strikes in that area per year , then issue a certificate , then notify the job . Or I could do what normally happens , just wire some lights in, pocket the cash and down the road like a big dog .
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    Thats not an opening post ............more like a naval bombardment !
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    frequency isnt usually an issue, just make sure they are AC and not DC
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    That's what worries me Now the former resident idiot was removed people in the avenue have started talking to each other again. My last flat had a large garden where I built a barbecue. When we held a garden party all the people in the street would be invited. The police would usually show up at 22:30 to tell us to turn the sound down and "are there any burgers and salad going." A community is what the people want it to be.
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    pretty much sums up the problem. dash is lit, streetlights are on so driver too thick to turn on side / headlights because they can see, they dont realise that you need lights so you can be seen
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    208V is American and so rated for 60Hz. The change in frequency is the most likely cause of the motor heating up.


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