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    This is how it works in Britain , they nibble around the edge of these things and end up changing things in very small increments . Take a look at our side of things . As I remember we used to have Voltage Operated Circuit Breakers that didn't work too well , but we were happy. RCDs appeared and we were urged to fit them to external sockets . Then it was decided that fitting them to showers might be a good idea .. Then it was decided that half a consumer unit would be RCD controlled and the other half not . Then it was decided that all sockets (except those under competent control ) would be RCD protected . Then someone drilled through a buried cable and everything buried in walls became RCD protected . Then it was decided that electrical work should carried out by "Competent" people , there was a system in place called the JIB Grading System ...so we ignored that ...and invented Part P of the Building Regs which covers SOME electricians in England , ...no electricians in Scotland , different rules for Wales , and has created an additional structure level of control and a whole new infrastructure of registration etc that few people outside of the trade have heard of . On top of that we stop making stuff here and import a load of carp often with suspect standards applied and nearly always built to the lowest standard they can get away with . Edit: And as Sharpie says ...we have become the Instigators of our Own Demise , a small , no account island off the edge of Europe , that makes sod all , has an over inflated sense of it's own importance in the world and is in the process of walking out of the huge local trading market which supports it .
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    i find doing the work is the easy bit, Getting to quote for work, can be hard, get cards, sign on van, get talking to everyone, be nice, get known, get online (face book next door etc, use it as a portfolio reference for people. dont expect people to google electrician and get work from your website)if your any good you will get passed around. I have had plenty customers that had me install a light and then got me back for bigger projects and works costing 5 figures. Now i have too much work all within 3 miles. finding time - finding time to look at work is hard. im booked out mon-fri, half the evenings running kids to clubs. I rarely look at jobs more then 15 mins away, or i would have to take an hour or 2 to go look and come back + fuel, those ones i usually quote a price and hourly rate . People often have to phone me a couple times and wait a few weeks to get me to do anything. It weeds out the chaff and time wasters. Have had people request i look at a job on 15:00 on a wednesday, i explain unless they want to pay me for the afternoon that wont happen. Not going to make any money if you spend hours a week looking at jobs for free aand not earning anything. Paper work - takes up a lot of my time, quotes, confirmations, orders, invoices, certificates, recepts, accounts. I can spend an easy 1-2 hours a night a few nights a week. Often i do a days work, run kids around, get dinner late, get kids to bed and start paperwork 22:00-00:00, i keep going until i have done what i need to do, even if its 2:00-3:00 in the morning. Keep on top of the paperwork. Costs - work out your costs. i work out mine over 5 years, then per year. I go on 200 full working days a year i earn money, the rest are lost sorting it out. As a sole trader i came up with £22 per day for 200 days a year , including running van but not including fuel and van repayments. Pricing - Used to be my biggest problem. Now i have a formula that works for me, but basicly what everyone on here does. My hours + materials + costs = job price. I always make sure customer knows what options there is and what i plan to do, that they are happy, rough cost and how it would happen Organised - getting organised for the day. I am booked out for months in advance, i am getting parts ready for start date, parts that sometimes take a week or 2 to arrive. I usually get specificationa and logistics organised with customers via email, then we borh have a record of it. A recent one day job of preparing for a wall mounted TV resulted in 6 emails to offer options, choices and confirmation of what was going to happen. Doing the job - the easy bit, turn up when you say, be polite, clean, considerate, be helpful. If i have to stop to change the plan and offer different solutions, i do so. What matters to me is the finish of the job, not that i complete it in a day because i priced it so. Getting paid - can be an art. Its a small world - Its amazing how many customers pass me to friends. Its even more amazing how people i have never met before turn out to know some of my other customers or friends . As i am good people people tell everyone they know to use me when they need an electrician. Bite your tounge, take the bollox and make sure you have quoted enough to cover it.
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    Well, I have learnt a lot this year.. My mother, the fittest 84 year old you have ever met in your life, suddenly decided to be an alcoholic.. We are not talking a bit drunk, but hanging around with other drunken bums and spending getting on for £3000 a MONTH in pubs. Drunk to the extent that the police get called by members of the public, as she is collapsed in the street... Someone that worked for 44 years as a school teacher reduced to being a drunken bum.. This is everyday.... She has been offered all the help you can imagine, but tells them all to courgette off.. The council got her sheltered housing, she is due to be evicted, they are going to put her in a "home" soon, or so they claim, but i doubt they have the power to do this, thanks to something called the "mental capacity act" the daftest law ever passed.. She will be found dead in the street, it is just a matter of time... I have ZERO, absolute ZERO, sympathy for "addicts" of any sort. They are right at the top of the tree when it comes to "help", and resources to be squandered on them, but most simply refuse all offers of help. In other words, they WANT to be an "addict" Anyone care to dispute this??? Then why do they refuse the help?? It would be like if you were homeless and someone offered you the finest house money could buy and yet you told them to courgette off.. I save my sympathy for those that cannot help being ill.. [Which is why, despite not being very well myself, i do a lot of voluntary work in the local psychiatric hospital] Second lesson.. A short while ago some of our "ethnic" friends moved in across the road. Oh courgette i thought... Well, you know what, they sent me a christmas card, the ONLY neighbours ever to do that.. Meant a lot to me that did. lovely people.... And me???? Not a good year.. I will be spending most of tomorrow, christmas day, on the psychiatric ward... God bless the NHS and ALL those who work in it... I meet, and have daily dealings, with some of the most fantastic people you can ever imagine, people right at the top of the tree, extremely, extremely senior staff, that STILL see patients.. Their reason?? "we have never forgotten the reason why we are here and do this job" The NHS, and those that work in it, are the most precious thing that we have here in this country... john..
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    I would never accuse OnOff of being in control of a keyboard whilst under the influence of anything, But a wayward post has been re-repatriated with this thread after appearing in the working on cars changing lamps and Ford Capri appreciation society thread. (we may not always be quick at getting forum housekeeping done, but we do our best!) Doc H.
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    Well I've been to a disabled man and his wife who had a disabled bathroom and bedroom built on the back of their house and they were facing a Christmas without any power or shower or lights in the area as someone haden't been and dine the job so I went and saved the day at the last minute by changing the fuseboard installing the light switch and shower in the bath room and also wiring the sockets and light in the bedroom getting the power on for them the chaps face lit up like. Christmas tree he couldn't wait to jump into the new shower
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    ...................just read a story to your cat .
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    I do agree it was insane closing our coal mines and later closing our coal powered power stations without even attempting to clean them up or try out carbon capture on them. Closer t my heart is closing down our nuclear industry so we can't build our own now, if we want one we have to pay a foreign country to build it.
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    maybe i try to do things properly and think about what might happen with stuff in the future?
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    Was it near Burnt Oak? I bet the rest of the trees were petrified. Reverend Sparky in SA will be on the beech and Tony will be sycamore tree jokes.
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    The political elite are concerned, the general population has become too powerful, and they need to control us. No, I've not gone mad. Think about it. The level of education is being reduced, dumbed down, but social media is exploding. Their social experiment with reducing the level of education has backfired, because people (in general) are believing the lettuced on social media. Which is not what they want. Remember Hitler's philosophy, a poor unhealthy, uneducated population is easy to manipulate... However, back then there was no social media, what does social media require to function?
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    randomly holding a scope probe next to something doesnt make you an electrician. especially when you steal it from google whilst searching for 'rrb junior senior section engineer exam electronics engineering practice sets'
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    We closed our coal mines. We shut down most of our coal fired stations. Never really tried to clean them up with carbon capture first. We shut down our own nuclear industry so we no longer have the capability to design and build our own. But it's all right, we have some wind turbines. And we are all going to have electric cars soon. What can possibly go wrong?
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    How many times, when installing a new light fitting , do I have to discard the pathetic tiny little connector block and replace with "proper " connectors that will take 3 plate wiring . This action , I presume , invalidates all the CE and warranty stuff .
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    I've never been a fan of New Year, all that happens is a lot of hot air is spouted about how wonderful next year will be, then nothing really changes.....
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    I did similar this year , as time marches on the ones we love that are gone leave a hole that cannot be filled.
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    There was a time before PAT when we as humans were responsible and if something showed signs of looking a bit ropey or not working quite right we'd either fix it or replace it, of course take into account that stuff was generally made to a better quality so we are the instigators of our own demise.
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    Yes they did, but old age was considered mid 20's and death was almost certain before 30. Studies have also shown that a lot were malnourished and had bone issues. Edit: Independent studies, not the distorted ones trying to sell this fad of a palaeo diet. If you want to loose weight it's really quite simple. Calorie intake < Calories burned. I've just spent a couple of weeks working in Austria near Bludenz, beautiful place. Just go walking.
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    When did this theory about losing weight by being cold start? Do you know how cold it is in the Highlands, and we are living in a static caravan. It was down to -10 a week ago. I should be the slimest sparky in town.
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    Of course it is Andy ...its where Hadrian's Wall starts .....you know ...the one that stops the Welsh invading England Well thats what yer bum crack's for isn't it .
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    This is an ELO thread after all.
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    That is plenty of time to kill you. And this is NO joke. Electricity can kill a healthy adult in less than half a second. As has been mentioned, the correct solution is not just get this cable back in, but verify the security of all of the terminations. If the builders have left one lose there could be others. Builders are notoriously bad at doing any electrical work correctly. You may be able to do it and get the power working, but if you do it wrong, it may be the last thing you ever do. Doc H.
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    They can simply wait until the end of the agreement and then serve notice is my understanding ..... seen it done a few times to get rid of irrational tenants
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    Irrespective of who the sparky is a member of, the fact that he is related to the Landlord is far more important........ I suspect they will agree on everything 100% - so complain at your peril ................ he might serve notice on you All you can do is await the completion of said works and then commission your own EICR for your own piece of mind
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    Biggest change since I started work as a 16 year old apprentice straight from school..... (excluding health and safety, which now means half of our normal working practices would have been illeagal!!)... Is the general concept of Time, or lack of urgency around most jobs.... The idea of next day delivery for mundane everyday items was a non starter... Non-stock items that weren't off the shelf would probably have to wait for the next weeks delivery van run before you could get them... Jobs seemed to be either big or small, depending upon the number of guys working together on site.. Small job may be; One qualified bloke, one just out of his time nearly competent to work alone, plus a new apprentice just started.. Bigger job; may be half dozen qualified guys, and a bunch of newly qualified or apprentices, probably 10 or more working as a team... But the jobs didn't appear to be urgent or non-urgent... just a case of get on with it till its finished... If you ran out of something part way through a job, that just meant a longer tea break, while you went off to ring the office to order something else that you may then be able to collect in two or three days! Basically the work environment was more laid back and less stressed.... quite possibly not the most efficient... but more enjoyable and more conducive to teaching the younger lads new skills and giving them time to do hands on practice... While still having qualified assistance standing by should it be needed to take over. The modern work environment just doesn't have the manpower or the time to properly pass on skills and knowledge to anyone who is wanting to learn a trade. For some reason Time has become too expensive... And everything is urgent... Even non urgent jobs... people seem to want done tomorrow???? I have my regular customers primed and taught to understand realistic time scales... But you still get new customers ring up asking if you can come out that day or tomorrow to do a job.. If you say I can pop round in two weeks for some reason they sound aghast??? Yet two weeks is quite a short time, when compared to old days of mail order... You would post off an order and the delivery terms would say... "Allow 28 days for delivery". With all of our labour saving tools and devices, we should have more time not less.. But somehow Time itself doesn't appear to be working the same anymore? That is a BIG change!
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    I am no expert at all in these matters, but it seems to me that the root of all this was that courgettewit Thatcher. The attack on the miners [who were later proved entirely correct] was nothing but "class war" The courgettewit knew that she had to destroy the unions and turn people against each other, and was prepared to do just that at any cost. Meanwhile, joe public was allowed to go and buy up all the social housing at a fraction of what it cost. House prices went up, [as they would]. and half of these muppets took out further mortgages, and also turned their backs on the unions, as they had convinced themselves that they were now "middle class" and what did they want to be in a union for. Now they were up a creek without a paddle.. back in the union days, there was NO WAY that you were going to be allowed to work as an electrician unless you actually were one, and secondly, you had "job demarkation" I remember in the hospital years ago, i was going to change a light bulb, and once i was going to paint a wall. On both occasions i was told "NO WAY" as apparently the whole lot would have walked out on strike.. No though, anyone can call themselves an electrician, and, having destroyed their own unions and trapped themselves into great big mortgages, the average worker could not even afford to go on strike even if they wanted to. They undid EVERYTHING the labour movement had done to improve the lot of the working man. Now they wonder why people from Romania think they can do a 3 month course and turn up here and be an "electrician" Fact is, they CAN... They might not get a job in industry, but the average householder does not care, all they want is it works and it was cheap. Think the government will help?? Dream on. It suits them. NO WAY do they want the working man to regain any sort of organised group power, if you like. Divide and rule, and that is what they have done. You have all undermined yourselves... john..
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    If it's a new install I would have done it properly. 10mm feed for big induction hob (if you turn the max power down performance is rubbish and customer will be disappointed) and 6mm feed for oven. Each with own isolator switch and apropriately rated mcb at the CU For this oven you could get away with a 2.5 feed, but I like to install 6mm even for an oven to cover all options in the future.
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    And don't forget a label saying "LED tubes only". There's always a numpty somewhere following you
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    It does but when we need the power we can’t make the wind blow or the sun shine.
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    Must have been an Ash tree 😀
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    I just googled cp electrics and apart from a couple of sparky firms there is a lighting shop in Gateshead, your neck of the woods. So might just be a legit question, or rather questions. MET-main earthing terminal, where earthing and bonding cables are connected.
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    Keep it as an isolator. It is designed to make and break fault currents, no isolator you could buy nowadays will match it .
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    ideally replace with an isolator, but ive left them in before. earths disconnected and it shouldnt be able to trip unless it has an internal fault
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    well if youre in liverpool, then it can be very hard. especially when your short of water, whilst being next to a river on one side and a marina / docks on the other
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    Happy new year to one and all!!!! To be honest I generally get depressed instead of whooping & hollering ....too many memories , too many people not around anymore , some taken too young , ...... so sod the festivities ........ watched the wonderfully gentle humour of the "Detectorists" series on BBC Four ....no adverts ...no Big Ben ...no Scotsmen ....and no bloody Auld Lang Syne .
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    id expect them to be black regardless of colour before the shock
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    Dear forum members, We would like to let you know that we are offering our ElectricalOM Design Solution with a 10% discount to all talk.electricianforum.co.uk members To take advantage of this offer, use the promotional code electricianforum during checkout This offer is valid only for new license purchases Many thanks!
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    Just looking at my old Guide to the 15 edition pocket book and noting how much detail there and useful information is compared to the latest "Site Guide" . Heres a random page.
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    Best solution is open the switch up and see it there is an outgoing cable connected to it? It could be for anyone of a multitude of options.... Immersion heater. Gas hob ignition. Outside light Outside socket. Under cupboard unit lights. Extractor hood / Extractor fan. Spur to garden shed. Garden water feature pump. Old under-counter appliance. Anything else that uses a fixed connection to an electrical supply!??
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    Some relatives no longer with us ...some neighbours have moved on . Deaf Steve has gone into care , his house now changed But as always , cards from Will the Jeweller ... . and The cleanest Car in the World ... from Builder opposite ...and Gungadin ....and bottle of wine from 96 & a sad Christmas for them this year .... big bag of chocolate stuff from next door (Works at Cadburys) ....Mac & M'Bevlin ..... The Gumblies .... a cheery wave from Ma Paddy & The Dove of Peace.... a curt nod from Keys in Gob ( which I interpret as Merry Christmas) ....... a stony silence from Hyacynth..... a card from 144 and paid their bill .....card from 94 ...card from 95 . Mrs Deke bakes biscuits & Min Spies for a few .....they'll need to dunk the biscuits this year ...I'm saying nothing .
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    I think the issue here maybe in the wording 'same standard'. Or 'same quality' all,sockets will be to the same standard BUT the quality will vary wildly IF M2 is made in Redditch. CEF Own RPP which is Redditch Plastic Products and makes their sockets .......coincidence? personally I ( along with many others) would not touch any of CEFs own brand stuff with a sticky brown stick
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    Just wondering if anyone knows someone who could be described as, say, a business expert , who would care to post on here with some general advice to those amongst us who are just starting up , or have been going for a while but are struggling or can't quite see the right way to go . It made me think while watching Dragon's Den ...The Dragons are extremely knowledgeable in their field of how to market a product etc . As I have said & many others on here , we are NOT businessmen ...we are electricians who are in business . I know we have been through this before and that many have their own slant on how to go about it but new people join .. or existing members may be wondering about becoming self employed ...... its not for everyone . ... it scares some to change from....... turn up , put a shift in , go home , draw your wage, to wondering where next weeks money is coming from . Whether a Dragon could advise a Sparks or plumber I'm not sure ...probably could. Some advice from myself for what it's worth :- 1) If you are totally peed off with working for someone else and work has become a drudge ...go for it !!! ( You can always revert back ) 2) Identify your skills and stick with them . They're the ones that will earn your living . 3) Our trade functions, basically, on the right people knowing who you are , where you are , your contact details . My builder neighbour thinks small domestic jobs are a waste of time He thinks subbing is the way to go . I tell him hes wrong , hes already been ripped off three times . I tell him , a pleasant guy turns up at your house to hang one door , your a an excellent tradesman , you have now inherited the whole extended family of would be clients who may be wanting , a new kitchen , an extension , a patio, they're scared of cowboy builders but they know you . Does he listen ? No . Subbing is the way he says. Theres no future in it , you just earn the fortunes of others . Does he get his van liveried so everyone local gets to know who & what he is ? NO I'll stop there to give others a chance , but it would be good to see the advice from a "Dragon" if there are any around .
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    I'm just old . Yes I understand that subbing can work for some , and it sounds like you are in a good position yourself . The reason I put that in was the number of subbing disasters I've heard of lately . Seems to be too many in construction who think they can become a big shot by using subbies then ripping them off . Where was that ...Royston Vesey ? I'd like to hear what a business "expert " advised for the likes of one man bands , sparks , plumbers, chippies , etc. I've said this before ....at a site meeting some bloke is talking about investing or some such ... looks at me and says " You're in business , you know what I mean " I had to say "No idea what you're talking about TBH ... I'm an electrician who is in business ....I'm not a "businessman " in any sense of the word . "
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    Good to hear that some will still get their finger out for the customer .
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    Pm'd and thanks for all your efforts. Much appreciated.
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    That is where you are wrong, and is EXACTLY why they do what they want, because there are too many sparks like you who shout your mouth off but are not prepared to actually do anything about the state of the industry, and are just to apathetic to be bothered. If you don't vote, don't complain about who wins the election and forms the government.
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    That's a bad attitude. I have to get up at 5.30 am some mornings. No employer will ever take you on. You can't be serious. Photography, author, brain surgery and a bit of part time electrical work lol.


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