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    Not much difference to the current trend of automatic doorbells etc. that pick up all sorts of people in the road and pavement on the front of a property. Not to mention all the dash-cams picking up all sorts of third party activity. As Murdoch says you cannot pry or spy directly onto another person or their property. But if you are wanting to monitor your own fence adjoining public land, I would say you have as much right as anyone with a camera looking out onto their front drive & street. Strictly speaking I think you are supposed to have signage saying CCTV is in operation, but not sure if that relates more to businesses ref data protection or private homes as well? https://www.ifsecglobal.com/video-surveillance/watch-cctv-signage-protect-enormous-penalties-gdpr/ Doc H.
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    Love it . Some years ago I my cousin my electric typewriter had packed up and was I having a problem locating a new one . " Are you crazy" were his actual words , " You need a computer" ( He'd been on a course !!!!) So now I have a PC and yes they are excellent devices , bash my invoices out with Word but never mastered envelopes . Now they are mostly emailed . Things move on , sometimes we get left behind . When its "Celebrity Quiz Time " on TV I have to ask the missus who they are . Take my first van , see photo , not the actual van but same colour , everything . ( Except I painted the grille red , don't ask) Handbrake ........useless Foot brakes.........Useless Steering ...... ......non assisted . Seat belts ...........non existing . Direction indicators..... see trafficator arm in door pillar. ( Lean across , bash with fist to release. ) Seats ...........................pivoted at the front only . ( Emergency stop , seat tips forward ) Heater ......................... Eh! Radio ......................... nowhere to fit one . Security ........................ Hah! Lost keys...................... lift bonnet (not locked) two fuses by battery , short them across with silver paper to turn on ignition , press starter .
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    My late Dad was very old schools....he maintained that technology would never take off; went ballistic when I started us doing IT installs, said we'd never make money working out of town paris, Berlin, Amsterdam were frequent visits any way the tills at our shop,were wooden drawers with a till roll and bell that tinged.....one till for cash sales and one for account clients. All figures entered in biro Y2K some nonce in an accounts dept wanted to know what systems we had in place for the millennium conflagration my old man took umbrage at this insolence so he took a pic of the tills alongside a pic of a biro and a pencil. With an added hand written note..."rest assured sonny that if the biro breaks/runs out there is a William Hills across the road and we can get more..if they are shut OR out of stock we have a pencil and all our accounts staff are qualified to use it. Satisfied?"....this was then faxed to the enquirer no reply was received
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    My guess is that there was a spare 16A mcb in the board ....
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    Probably just me ( usually is ) but it seems to last a lot longer on a drum than loose!.......I always throw a load of short bits about 6" long (along with bits of blue and brown) into. bottom of tool box. Throw one long piece in, lose it and you've lost it all: lose one short bit?....not an issue
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    Yep thats why I always use smallest green sleeve possible....usuall 2mm as it fits everything up to and including 6mm T&E. also takes a lot less space...always remember to finish off with a quick tug though
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    While undoubtly true, I think for a small machine like this, it wont be as bad as it looks on paper. The lack of PEFC is going to be down to two reasons: a) the high impedance of the generator winding, as compared to the grid, we can, at least measure one with this with a loop tester, the saving grace with high proportion of the impedance in the source windings, is that under fault conditions the output voltage will collaspse down quite a lot. b)The ability of the machine to actually produce enough energy to feed into the fault, you can't generally measure this, and a loop test won't show any hint of it, unless you test with quite a high test current, it does again have its advantages that under a hard short the machine is likely to stall. So I would expect if the RCD providing fault protection was inoperative, then under a fault that wasn't sufficent to operate the OCPD then the volatage would likely dip down to whats probably a safe level, the machine would slow right down, it would try and ramp up to compensate, but that could just cause even more current to be drawn and it would soon stop. Probably wouldn't want to be holding a class 1 appliance at the time becuase you cant guarentee it'll be under 50v, but I don't think the fault would be able to persist for ages until it got someone, in quite the same manner that a fault on a TT system with a failed RCD / VOELCB can
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    This is what I came up with, purely ornamental My son says its too big and conspicuous and would only cause more problems...
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    All fixed appliances should have some form of local, accessible isolation. As 99.9% of appliance instructions typically say you should turn the power off, during routine maintenance & cleaning. Do you know who fitted the kitchen? As it is worth remembering that builders and kitchen fitters have a long history of leaving some very dubious wiring arrangements in kitchens that they claimed to be able to "Include doing the electrics in with the price". Although it appears to work to the homeowner, some wiring can be poor design and/or a bit inconvenient, whilst others are positively dangerous. Don't assume everything has been done correctly just because a kitchen has some nice new cupboards and worktops. Doc H.
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    Quite common for ovens to be fed of the ring circuit (sockets), usually you can get access to this socket, usually it is mounted onto the side of one of the kitchen base units behind lots of plates and bowls. It may also be behind a removal panel on the back of the base unit to get access to the socket, of course the kitchen fitter might not have cut this access panel into the pack of the unit. Or you might only gain access to the socket for the oven if you remove the oven, the last two are not ideal as you don’t have an easy means of isolation. Just thought of another option, there may be a socket under the kick plate in front of the oven, remove the kick plate and see if there is a socket on the floor.
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    Absolutely! If you monitor any of the various social media neighbourhood platforms, (facebook, nextdoor), or youtube etc, barely a day goes by where someone isn't posting a video of some suspicious activity around their property, or on their commute to/from work. And as you say the Police seem to have a standard message to post after all sorts of events along the lines of Anyone who may have witnessed the incident or who has CCTV or dashcam footage please contact 'xyz', quoting incident 'abc' . The statistic is often banded around that the UK has more cameras per population than most other countries and I think its the exception to the rule to actually not be in view of one or more cameras monitoring you. It would be interesting to know if anyone has been prosecuted over a domestic CCTV system? Doc H.
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    I see no problem with what you propose provided the camera only sees the back lane - I have just put 2 CCTV cameras on my neighbours garage after it was burgled.
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    If I remember correctly you can’t have a camera facing directly at a neighbours property in in your case I think you may need a warning sign, but I’d fit the system and see what happens
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    I was laughing when SWMBO was given it for No.1 son. Especially when it ran out!
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    There wouldn't be any radial. It would be a ring final circuit with an unused spur. Perfectly normal. This assumes that the unfused spur feeds only one socket-outlet. If not then the arrangement is not permitted.
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    I hope so. Love a pork pie but not the jelly. Ate one yesterday but can't say I noticed as was a few beers in. Watched a fascinating documentary the other month on how they make gala pie and achieve the "continuous" egg...I don't get out much.
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    It works both ways too. When I was employed in a major company the unions negotiated a Christmas/ New year shutdown for more than a week, BUT we had to "donate" three or four days of our annual leave entitlement. Some welcomed this, particularly those from North of the border, who seem to make Christmas last until mid-January, but many more, including myself, considered it a criminal waste of leave days which could be much better used in the summer. After all, what can you do at this time of year except eat, drink, and try to avoid too much exposure to the grandkids?
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    Nextdoor is reasonably active around here .... warnings of scumbags occur frequently. just recently, a disgruntled customer published the dialogue between himself and a rogue builder ..... the builder owed the customer about £2k and had decided he didn’t want to cough up ..... it didnt take too longer before the builder got wind of all the bad publicity he was getting and he paid up via bacs the thread was deleted later by the person who started it ...
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    Well done. Got to look after people that look after you.
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    Thank you to everyone being to helpful on here Merry Christmas x
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    This is exactly right Tony . Then as Geoff says ...I wonder why this bloke left ? , doesn't he fit in ? Wonder if they "advised " him to leave ? etc etc . Tony was it you who was looking at this a few months ago ...from Walsall was it . I remember you felt it was time to move on , try something new . Don't just leave , you'll end with sod all , watching daytime TV . Agency work eh! My views on that have been aired ad infinitum on here . How about being self employed ? You could sub to a local firm to get started like that .
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    I have just fastened wall units up in my kitchen. Consisted of 12mm plasterboard bonded onto 25mm insulation which is dot and dabbed onto thermalite, none known for their strength. I got a 35mm hole saw and drilled into some 40mm scrap timber, this gave me some 32mm wooden cores. I then 32mm holesawed through the plasterboard and insulation, then a 8mm hole into the thermalite, pumped some resin into the thermalite hole, bit of 6mm screwed rod into hole, fit wooden core into hole, screw rod sticking proud about 12mm past the core which is now flush with plasterboard. Rock solid fixing, worked a treat.
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    I suppose it depends on the level you go to with testing. I suppose if you did something like the following. :- Ze at board : - Isolate, link live to neutral, IR to earth (at 250v, at least inititally) :- Ring continuity at socket outlets :-Back on and have a quick look at whats on each circuit : - Quick look in a couple of lighting points/switches for earth : - Wander lead test from earth picked off plugtop to any metallic fittings :- Nosey behind stairway switchs for the borrowed neutral situation :- run eyeball over everything for sign of DIY works. Should give a pretty good idea on whether board change whill go smoothly, without being too much of a pain to do
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    Box one of two under construction for upstairs and downstairs lighting circuits. 4 way top loader Wago terminals with disconnector used. Using a spare terminal as a separator between live, earth, neutral and switch live. (I know I talk old money, but I'm retired )
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    Tony, I really am annoyed at you, these people rang you up and informed you that you were deceased, as you know these people are never wrong! Now will you please crawl into your coffin and stop causing trouble, according to them you have ceased to be, please accept this. lol


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