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    Could you imagine if after many years of designing an installation we got it wrong with so many mistakes followed by a rectification with mistakes our name would be mud, yet these incompetent persons are highly regarded as leaders?? ironic that they want to define ‘competent’ in our industry yet remain so incompetent. Perhaps they are leading by example - it appears to work in politics??
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    Thought you'd like a snapshot of part of the display the main part
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    Bah, overpriced rubbish! I have a Shirley, and it's much better and I had it before the Alexa was even thought of, I just say "Shirley, put a dvd on", and it happens, "Shirley, I fancy a beer" and within minutes a cold appears in front of me, I can thoroughly recommend one, I've had mine for almost 20 years and it's never let me down, lol
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    I always think about people who've lost loved ones around Christmas, it must ruin the festivities for them, plus if you watch the tv, all the films seem to be about people meeting and falling in love. I was thinking the other day about a fairly young copper from my local force, a couple of years ago he was involved in a pursuit, it was around November time If I remember correctly, he was standing on the central reservation of a dual carriageway waiting to deploy a stinger to stop a stolen vehicle. The young piece of scum at the wheel came hurtling down the road, saw the stinger and mounted the verge, he hit the cop and he died shortly afterwards from his injuries. The slimeball who did this was a cocky little scrote, a couple of days before this incident he'd been involved in a similar one, thankfully he'd not injured anyone on that occasion, in fact after this one I believe he was involved in another whilst on bail! I saw the cops funeral, it was heartbreaking, he had a lovely wife and a couple of small children, one was too young to understand why daddy wasn't coming home anymore, and it wasn't any easier on the other one. I feel so sorry for his family, Christmas will not be a time for happiness, it will be a time of sadness, all caused by some lowlife scum who cared only about himself.
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    Also, the point that far too many electricians doing inspection/condition reports miss, is that well over 90% of the information entered into the boxes, (and the coding), recommended on the model forms, means absolutely nothing to anyone who is not electrically trained. So the average homeowner, landlord, company boss, insurance assessor has no ability to interpret the overall summary condition of the installation as Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory, in relation to the circuit test readings, supply characteristics and any observation codes etc. Whilst the summary condition box 'E' does have a couple of lines to put a few comments in, it can be more beneficial all round to add an extra sheet to a report, where a few extra lines of maybe half-dozen bullet points can simplify some of the observations into more layman's terms regarding their importance and suggested course of action. Too often I find the observations box 'K' and summary box 'E' are actually not big enough to write sufficient detail to actually help the client understand the anomalies you have found. Hence you end up with a lot of short one-liner descriptions plus a Code, which can be open to misinterpretation of what you actually mean. (If you look at the example form in guidance Note3 the summary box is crammed with 5 lines of small text that only just fits!). Remember there is no rule that says you cannot add any extra sheets to accompany any form of electrical certificate or condition report, if you consider a bit of further detail would be beneficial to reduce confusion or misinterpretation for your client. Doc H.
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    why use a 100mA main switch if every circuit is protected at 30ma? its not going to be a great deal of use. your 596 is also too high for for a 100mA RCD as touch voltage will be >50v. your Zdb will need to be <500 for that (although you didnt say what your Zdb is). what electrode have you used? you may need additional electrodes either more spaced apart, longer or a mix of both. anything over 200 should be considered unstable so id be looking to reduce it more, even though as is, its acceptable for a 30mA RCD id expect the 100mA to be a time delay - maybe you havent set your tester correctly so its either not putting a test current long enough, or the RCD does trip but in a greater time that the tester is measuring. you also dont test a 100ma at 5x, only 1/2 & 1 you dont state your Zs, there are many parallel paths. any internal pipework that go into the ground and is extraneous tht youve bonded, any structural steel buried in the ground that youve bonded etc. not just gas & water
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    Are you not having real,reindeer this year? did a shop refit in a shopping arcade in Leigh Lancs 6 years ago. Started n the Saturday first issue was that the start day was the same day as Santa arrived in the Centre AND he was pulled by REAL Reindeer!....Reindeer faeces everywhere, quite incontinenet your Reindeer when surrounded by screaming children AND a shopping centre manager/Hitler crying about his new floor Second issue was that we were not allowed to use trucks or bogeys inside so everything had to be hand balled....until,I mentioned that little old ladies were allowed the tartan wheeled trolleys!.....so we went to Home bargains and bought 20....it did look quite funny all these hairy arshed shop fitters with little tartan trolleys wheeling through Rudolphs excreta
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    Ahh, so you've been in those roadworks on the M6 too then, last year a mate and myself went to Elex at coventry, there was a 12 mile stretch of roadworks and it took us exactly an hour to get through them, and there wasn't anybody doing any work, it's a joke! The other thing that winds me up is when other countries decide they are not taking part, there was a thing a bit back, it said that despite a lot of countries making an effort to reduce their carbon emissions, some, such as China, had actually increased theirs. What's the point in reducing your output of harmful emmisions if other countries just take that as a green light to increase theirs.
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    You don’t understand Phil they operate a COMPUTER so they must be worth more than you coz you’re still on screwdrivers.
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    or the 'neutral' is really a SL
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    Long story short My mates a carpet fitter went to finish off a job on the Monday been there on friday nailing down thresholds owner screams "turn water off its flooding" went downstairs water everywhere but not near where he was working starts taking floor up owners wife returns 'whats happening?" my mate explains woman goes 🦇 💩 crazy mental shouts her husband and withdraws his bonking rights for the rest of his life , which at this stage it was looking to be quite short!!! he had nailed a loose board at weekend, hit a pipe, turned water off. Turned it back on when he heard my mate hammering and tried to blame him ,mate demanded full,payment in cash immediately.....then walked carpets not finished, floors up, water everywhere
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    Who is signing the electrical installation certificate, (Design/Install/Test), Your friend or you? If it is you, and you don't understand some aspect of a job, I would advise you NEVER just take the word of anybody, unless they can explain to you the science or regulations behind the design concepts of the work you are doing. Doc H.
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    The first bit sounds like you have the tester in series . Then you say you tested from the outgoing live ( Presumably the top of the fuse /MCB and get nothing ...but you think that is fine when actually it isn't fine . There should be 240 V showing between fuse outgoing terminal and neutral bar . So as the others are saying .. there may be something wrong with the fuse /MCB Listen to what these guys are saying ...answer their questions and you may get somewhere ..chucking insults in won't work on this Forum .
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    Well if you actually read that that has been written you’d realise that the issue is likely to be something to do with the connections at the ‘fuse’ and not the fuse itself. I believe that this is what ‘prodave’ is alluding too. Perhaps it’s not his knowledge that is flawed but maybe your understanding?
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    Any low voltage or "voltdrop in the board" will not be the cause of your circuit going bang. It may be a result. but not a cause. First of you will need to carry out dead tests on the circuit to verify the integrity of the wiring, before even venturing into looking at any voltages. Doc H
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    Or your testing device is faulty. The simple fact is if this was a problem you could solve, you wouldn't be asking on here. From your opening statement something has gone bang? This requires far more extensive investigations than just measuring voltages at random points in your fuse box. The quickest, cheapest, safest and most efficient solution is to employ a competent person to diagnose the cause of the original problem, carry out any appropriate remedial work. Then re-test to verify everything is still electrically safe and compliant with current wiring regulations. The only other option is to randomly swap wires and take readings until something changes or not. Doc H
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    Not much that you have said makes sense other than to demonstrate you don't have much understanding of electrics so you would do very well to call an electrician who can test and diagnose the fault safely.
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    Update on this one, had it all re-done by a company called GSD. They were excellent. Hidden the cable beneath the flag work, very tidy install and appears to be working excellently....so far.
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    Surely you can do better than that, be more descriptive man, how old is she? can she cook, is she a blonde, brunette, redhead, which country did you get her imported from, Thailand? oh sorry, you weren't on about a woman. lol
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    As Sidewinder says, just remember the regulations because if anything were to go wrong you could be classed as having made untested or unapproved modifications, this could result in you having an unpleasant meeting with a guy in a funny wig to explain why you did what you did.
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    Well it must be true, Filthy rich people will always find something to moan about..... ........just adding together your latest posts
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    Just remember that in a workplace, this comes under EAWR, PUWER, LOLER, & SMSR!
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    When doing the practical side, never leave the board unattended with the cover off unless you have locked off the main isolator and don't leave the key lying about, you'll fail! My last apprentice was doing his exam, he'd taken the cover off a 3 phase board and the instructor asked him to come to the bench for a minute, he said he'd be over when he'd locked off the board, then later, as he was going for a break he was asked to leave the lockout key on the bench, 'so we don't lose it'. he refused, saying it would be fine in his pocket. He passed his exam and the instructor actually said that he'd tried twice to trip him up on safety issues, once by asking him to come to the bench, he was hoping he'd leave the board unsecured, and later by asking him to leave the key on the bench. He said it was amazing the number of people who fell for it, safety is a really big part of things and quite rightly so, but it's so easy to overlook something like putting a lock on at the right moment when you're thinking about other things. Good luck with it
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    I do not agree with your reasoning behind the offences you are offended by But I defend your right to be offended on behalf of the un offended OR soon to be offended
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    Have you listed "Gogglebox"...………..?? WTGrape!!!! sitting watching telly..... where the program is watching people watching telly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND... all those ITV programs that have an interval every 10 minutes... AND spend the first 3 minutes after every interval explaining what happened before the interval..!!!! So a 30min program ends up being 1 hour with 10mins of adverts plus 20mins of recapping what you had just watched!!!!


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