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    It is not allowed because it is too product specific at this time. Being product dependent, these things are down to the designer of the installation to decide like it is with all diversity and other engineering-based decisions.
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    It is with great sadness that I feel compelled to write to let the forum members know of the passing of one of our stalwart members who has been a member of the forum almost right from its inception by the Welsh Wizard. Derek (Deke) Evans - Evans Electric passed away on the 22nd of January this year following a massive heart attack and a very short period of hospitalisation. I hope that members would join me in passing our heartfelt condolences to Derek's family and wish them the best for the future.
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    tbh if its supplied with a 13a plug then it should be capable of being plugged into any 13a socket. if it needs a special socket then it should be different to the point of they cant be plugged into the wrong one
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    I think EV charger installations ( or the majority of ) will go the same way as double glazing cavity wall,insulation/insulation removal voltage optimisation "have you had an EV charging point installed that wasn't your fault? Do you think it was installed incorrectly? Contact Wimpy Brasso &Fart your friendly solicitors who will act as if offended on your behalf ( but not actually give a flying as long as we dry ream you for every last penny in fees) to claim what is rightfully yours"
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    The EICR's will from now on continue to be a total farce - fueled by Napits Codebreakers - which people use to justify incorrect coding.
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    I think that is a good synopsis of the current state of the whole of the electrical industry The days of the all round domestic, commercial, industrial electrician are fast disappearing as more and more sections of the trade are being hived off as "specialist" and you need a course an exam a mountain of specific documents and be assessed by some two bit scheme at some great expense before you can install anything. I wonder how many electricians back in the day sat the 12th, 13th or 14th edition update exams I find it amazing that you go to some sites where a done the course "specialist" has installed a piece of kit the installation doesn't even meet the requirements of BS7671 While some might consider 39p per page a bargain actually how many of the 192 pages are useful pages in the EV CoP Expanding my knowledge of many areas within the industry is something I have done for as long as I have been in the industry, the one thing that has become very clear in recent years the cost of trying to stay up to date is rising more rapidly than inflation, exactly how much coffee and biscuits do these committees consume when they decide we need a new set of regs, guidance notes or a code of practice and not forgetting the exam to check you have read it and done the course The regulation industry needs to wake up to the additional overheads it is continually placing on business and ultimately the cost to the customer, there seems to be hardly a month goes by without some new expensive document being published. While all these documents promote safety and best practice the customer is always cost conscious and if Fred down the pub is the cheapest he will get the job, Fred hasn't bought the books and he will bodgit and scarper once the job is done to "his standard"
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    Will you please stop resurrecting old threads, it does nothing to add value to the post nor the forum. It is becoming quite irritating now. All you achieve is to clutter the forum with irrelevant threads. some might say that your behaviour is like that of a troll. you clearly do not monitor the forum regularly as there have been threads recently on heating and you are nowhere to be seen, but I dare say you’ll ignore the advice and we will see your input to these threads at some point way into the future.
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    But do you expect us to spend thousands keeping up with the regs which constantly change and all the necessary insurances and memberships just to give it away The work you are proposing falls under BS 7671 and part P - neither of which you seem bothered about so what do you expect? It's unlikely that a professional forum will give step by step advice And I'm not on many other forums either
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    I think that the installer needs to add a payment meter on the heater circuit ....
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    How much did you pay for the EICR. In cases like this (not always) cheapest quote, is usually the cheapest for a reason. You get the bare minimum.
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    I have got nothing to gain by defending the IET. if you stopped being such a Luddite and looked into the requirements for the generation of standards then you might actually learn something. BS7671 might be published by the IET but, BSI has joint responsibility for its production. BSI as a member of the IEC has to abide by IEC rules and requirements. I would suggest BS0 as a start for your education.
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    Well written. And without putting a person down, this is proffessional.
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    FWIW I have always avoided scheme certificate systems. why ? Because using a 3rd party system allows me to change schemes and as yet, never loose the ability to recall certificates, often many years after the event.
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    suppose you could even take a chicken in there with you, itll be done by the time you leave
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    Yeah don’t do it, it’s bad for your skin. As someone who suffers from skin pre cancers through sun damage I see no advantages in using sun beds. Sorry for being negative and not giving any technical input but I just don’t like the things. PS what do the manufacturers instructions say about the installation?
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    Thank Binky most helpful now sorted can get on with job this week weather permitting.( Don't know why photo is there again.)
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    There is a dividing line somewhere between free marketing and downright deceptive "advice" from a national company who many of the public consider expert in the industry. And yes, the present electrical inspection system does appear open to abuse from those intent on work creation.
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    yes but if you wanted to avoid that, you could just use a 2 way switch...
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    That is only Ith 6A, the Schneider is 10A, the data for that does not give the switch rating for current break. I would expect something similar to the Schneider unit.
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    https://www.se.com/uk/en/product/ZBE203/double-contact-block's-for-head-ø22-2no-screw-clamp-terminal/ Their web page says they can take 10A@230 volts more than enough for your 300w load
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    Neat - any links for those connecters ? lol yeah - they want a new board too so might as well move it.
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    we use Zip ones across all my work area and thats quite a few. They arent cheap, but nothing is if its any good. The only fails I come across is the ballvalve in the small header tank and the odd leaky tap, other than that pretty reliable units.
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    In your circumstances I would definitely replace the lot. Nothing lasts for ever and it appears your kit could be 10 to 20 years old. PIR sensors, (the clever bit within the unit), become electronically noisy with age, reducing their performance whilst increasing probability of false alarms. Door contacts use magnets, which gradually lose strength, and reed switches whose contacts degrade. Why not have one or two of the old PIR sensors in the conservatory where a potential intruder can see them, but not wired? i.e. just a visual deterent. Then have your door sensors for real. The further point is that if you make it a "new" installation the installer will be unambiguously responsible for its correct operation.
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    yes there are lots of options you just need to pick the one you need , I would say one N/O one N/C set of 230 volt, 10Amp contacts, with a key that can be removed in any position, also a stay-put type would do your job.
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    You will never make a career in advertising Dave. Saying they are removed in favour of central heating speaks volumes.


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