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    Painters from work brought us their trusty burco boiler (an old tea urn I think), quite a large one, they use it for boiling up lobsters and crabs in their shed. I thought it looked a bit drab so gave it a little makeover while I was fixing it!
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    It’s not him, it’s me that has become a grampa!
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    So, potentially, we are deemed competent to do a PIR/EICR ( or whatever it is called this week) on a factory but NOT on a rented property? let me tell you where I am .........
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    Can't see the point of a laser on a chopsaw as it gets covered in sawdust anyway. uselss invention in my bigoted BUT correct opinion. A bit like a resealable bar of chocolate or a stopper to prevent your wine going off if left open, no need!
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    Really! Perhaps you had better tell the IET, JPEL64 & the IEC, I have a few direct email addresses and mobile numbers of some of the senior staff at the IET, and quite a few of the members of JPEL64 & the feeder panels.
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    Hi everyone I like to introduce my self I am a domestic installer which I've been in the industry since I was 16 In 2003 I all so trained in my gas qualifications. I am cumming up to my fifty birthday. I like to think the quilt of my work to be a good standard and over the years I've built up a nice customer base and good relations with the often repeat jobs and recommendations. Bit of a boring fart though I like ready through these forums. Thank you for taking your time in reading my induction.
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    You have to understand Lidl don’t employ many persons and those they do are expected to do all tasks, so the post room person on Friday maybe on toilet cleaning today, canteen duties tomorrow and actually read your letter on Thursday. So expect a confirmation letter to drop sometime next week!!!
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    Many thanks from a very happy dragon
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    The PAT testing is of no use whatsoever... But as for requirements for membership best place to check is the scheme providers websites... http://www.niceic.com/contractor/essentials/assessment/niceic-and-assessment/what-qualifications-does-the-qualified-supervi-(1) https://www.napit.org.uk/schemes/competent-person-scheme.aspx https://www.stroma.com/certification/membership-application etc.. decide who you want to join and ask them what requirements they want?
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    You are not allowed to combine the csa of the core & armour, each must be adequate for the installation.
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    Wellllllll…. from the distinct lack of installation method details it is pretty well damn near impossible to guess...??? rather like me asking you.... will £20 be enough for the shopping I need to buy tomorrow based on todays prices??? Maybe... Maybe not!!
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    my old apprentice training manager was famous for having once polished a Guage Block set, cos they were a bit rusty, thereby rendering them absolutely useless!
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    No. Even I have one! See the eligibility link at the bottom - electrician on the list.
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    https://www.halfords.com/advice/motoring/trade-card/trade-card just beaten to it by the Vet
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    170 piece socket set £120 with card £150 without. Tool kit £18 with and £50 without. £5 off the ratchets. Since the card is free you might as well have one https://www.halfords.com/advice/motoring/trade-card/trade-card
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    Phil, Remember the “workwear fashion show” at Harrogate? I used to dance all night wearing florescent “cyber” gear, they should have been dancing alongside me on the podiums at Ministry of Sound!
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    Do you understand the concept of what functions the individual wires should be doing??? Without this basic knowledge I think you could be struggling... e.g. you will have a Supply / A light switch / A light / A fan switch / A fan SUPPLY is just a Permanent Live, a Neutral & Earth LIGHT SWITCH needs a Permanent Live, a Switched Live & Earth THE LIGHT needs a Switched Live, a Neutral & Earth THE FAN needs a Permanent Live, a Switched Live, a Neutral & Earth THE FAN SWITCH needs (a Permanent Live, a Switched Live, a Neutral & Earth) in and (a Permanent Live, a Switched Live, a Neutral & Earth) out. its just a matter of connecting all of the common functions together on the correct sides of the appropriate switches.... Are there just 3 cables 1x 3core&E 2x Twin&E ?
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    if its a rented house, why isnt your landlord getting it fixed?
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    The neutral could be hard to trace. Likely places include behind the switch, behind the hallway light ceiling rose, or in an underfloor junction box. Simple option fit a small waterproof junction box where the disused lamp was and terminate the wires in that.
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    I doubt the OP will come back and see any further advice, as he has not been on since his last post on Thursday where he said:- As his opening post was on Wed @ 16:16, and by Thursday @ 9:27 he has got the impression that the forum is not helpful to anyone with a DIY background, that is quite a quick response to scare new users away. Remember more new users = more forum traffic = more happy sponsors = more revenue to keep the forum going. So if you enjoy the forum and want to see it keep going you know what to do! Doc H.
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    and what regulations / standards do you have to back up this magical claim?
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    if you understand why the regulation is there and what its trying to achieve then you should know the answer you need to look at the bigger picture and not just a short bit of text
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    If you do Ze=Zs-(R1+R2) you'll actually get Zdb, which will include the bonding and as you know Ze is measured will all bonding disconnected.


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