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    The one I was asked to look at was noted as PVC! never seen a PVC board....must be one from the Anne Summers wipe clean Spanky Sparky range
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    New tenant moves in on Monday so I've replaced the Water Heater RCBOs back to MCBs . But as I found out myself ...if you replace the E7 DP switch because it was getting quite hot ...you cop a pizzer from the flex hanging from the heater because the boost was ON .
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    I'd say 28 days from the date of the report but then there must be some provision for the landlord to receive it on that date, he could receive it 28 days after the report, landlord can only be liable once notified surely. Every time I think it can't get any worse, there is something else added to the shambles
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    With the 3 PT-E550's it's just the tapes that come with the kit. The WVP is the regular one and comes with a 12mm tape. The WVPNI is more network focused so comes with a couple of different size flexible tapes (ideal for cabling). The WSP is a limited edition special promo deal that comes with 4 completely different tapes (and a cheaper price). The E550 can print upto 24mm tapes, is faster, prints more lines and has an auto cutter; the E300 upto 18mm tapes and has a manual cutter. The E550 can also has PC or smartphone connectivity. I think that covers the main differences. Sorry for the late reply, it's been crazy busy this week. Also we had a run on the promo E550WSP's, so they're out of stock, but we'll be getting more on Thursday!
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    IMHO absolutely not ................... They are both over 2KW and should be on dedicated circuits
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    Can't remember the codes used, but definitely seen a "No Smoke Detector" comment before now... Think I did see a "No extractor fan fitted in bathroom" as well !!! Still trying to work out how wiring that is not there, can be electrically unsafe or dangerous??? But I am more often amazed at the test results schedule showing impossible values.... RCD trip times.. For RCD's that do not exist !!! Ring continuity values for Radials... R1+R2's for circuits with no CPC!!! Dunno why but I do tend think think they are written in the office following a "Drive-By"
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    I imagine that you don't understand the sorts of currents that can flow during a dead-short 'live to neutral' or 'live to earth'? And that you probably don't have any correct test equipment? As assuming an MCB, 'that has just done exactly what it is designed to do', is faulty, isn't my first logical step.. and the MCB can be checked very quickly and easily with an approved voltage tester. Swapping circuits/mcb's is not the way to test or identify faults.. There are various possibilities that would need correct testing to identify the exact cause.. It's connected wrong.. Cables, (e.g. joint in j/box), damaged elsewhere due to high fault current melting/welding something.. Switch damaged elsewhere due to high fault current melting/welding something.. etc.. If you have no test equipment to do correct dead testing prior to re energising the circuit, then you probably need to employ someone who does.
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    It's actually illegal to sell most electrical appliances in the UK without a BS1363 plug... have a look here https://conversation.which.co.uk/home-energy/plugs-two-pin-british-amazon-electrical-appliances/
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    Its crazy sometimes ! About ten years ago a local estate agents asked if I was interested in doing their empty lets & for sale . I quoted them a standard figure based on , 5 hours & local only. ( 1/2 hour to collect key .....1/2 hour to return it ..... 3 hours on site .... 1 hour writing PIR . He dismissed me stating they can get a Asian guy who does them in 20 mins as long as he gets all the follow up work .
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    Obviously installations do not automatically become unsafe just because the regs have been amended.. But also installations do not automatically remain satisfactory indefinitely just because they were installed correctly to earlier regs. And a 17th edition plastic CU is NOT what what Deke was asking about.... We are talking about a possible 15th edition, No RCD board.. (It could well be metal for all I know).. A 17th edition, possibly dual RCD board, in a plastic enclosure, max 12 years old, is a completely different beast.
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    I&T to current standards. if that means older installations now get C2's then so be it. about time landlords started getting their properties in a safe condition
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    Scan the web for a hack on your model of DVD player, you may find it requires a little nudge.
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    they could if they wanted to...
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    As I say doing my 18th was a struggle... Local college with all the peasants! No thanks! Done differently here: You're not THE Essex who used to be on here?
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    Oh sh**, I've got one of those too !
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    About three years age I bought an HP. Working in the electronics business I had always respected and valued their product quality and thought it worth paying accordingly. A couple of months out of the warranty the keyboard failed. It turned out unrepairable due to no spares available. I won't touch those again!
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    I found to do a tax return on line (I used to fill in a paper one but no longer an option) you have to request access to the tax returns section, and then wait for a letter in the post to arrive with an access code to enable that.
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    My lad took me off his insurance last year and saved £50 Changed companies this year and put me back on his insurance because it saved him £50 There just doesn't seem to be any logic when it comes to insurance
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    Ford apparently spoke to the large industrial corporations of their day to find out what spec of car their sales staff wanted to drive around in... Things like Sun-roofs were added.. And simple extras like badges on the boot denoting DL / GL / GLX along with the engine size.... Plus Vinyl roofs and metallic paint... All introduced so that the regional sales manager could look more impressive on the factory car-park with his metallic paint, 1600 GLX, inc vinyl sun-roof... Compared to the other sales staff in 1300DL or 1600GL Ford Cortina's! Prior to this cars rarely had any engine size or trim spec identified externally.... This fad has generally ended now... except the abundance of badges saying Hybid/Eco/ or other "green" credentials!
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    £330 about the average then . I have the missus as named driver because the agent said ...strangely ...it is cheaper . Can't put my mate on it , he keeps triggering speed cameras.
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    Agreed a 1 month snapshot is not a good indicator. e.g. my April figures looked very good, because I got paid for several jobs done in March, before the demand dried up, and because demand had dried up, I spent almost nothing on materials. I think it was June that showed a negative income as I had started buying materials for jobs that were starting to come in, but of course not got any income for them yet. The end of year figures will be interesting, and at the moment I still don't have a feel for whether they will be up or down on a normal year. Some jobs are starting to come in now, but I am still seeing people not wanting you in their houses, e.g my next 2 jobs are power to two summerhouses, both at different locations.
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    I’m happy with my choice, especially now that I’m doing overhead work as well as jointing. I like the variety. Had I not chosen this I would probably have still stuck with horses/farming.
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    I should have been accountant. I'm good with numbers and as far as I see they seem to do extremely little for very good money
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    I would imagine that there are self employed people in all sorts of business sectors who will not actually know the full extent of Covid-19 until they do their end of year tax return. At this point in time there is no legal obligation upon any self employed person to keep monthly accounts up to date. So to know if July & August 2020 was significantly different from the average July & August over the past 3+ years, it may be just down to instinct and guess work at this point in time. I would think the sensible thing to do is make a claim, then if you have any doubts, put any money you receive into a savings account you don't normally touch. Keep it on one side until your end of year tax return has been all processed and paid. If there are any problems I would think you would have reasonable grounds to plead a bit of ignorance or simple mistake based on limited information and unprecedented economic situation. So worst case you just pay back an incorrect grant. I can't see how you could be fined more for an honest mistake. Claim it, Save it, Don't spend it until you have verified entitlement. The basic problem is that some people will have been significantly impacted, whilst others haven't, but there is no single solution to every individual situation. I think HMRC understand this, and providing that 2020/21 Tax year is not significantly above your average calculated over the past three years returns, then I doubt HMRC would have the time or resources to investigate further. Doc H.
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    Maybe I’ve just been fortunate then to have gone back to work full time flat out after 6 weeks off? I will not know if it has effected me until at least October.


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