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    One of my network has prepared this as an overview for his senior management team, and offered to share it. I checked and it's OK for me to post it here. Some may learn something from it. If there are any questions on the points raised in the 18th DPC then I can answer them from what I know of the publically available information. If you can't view the PowerPoint show then I will upload a pdf of it shortly. pdf done. 18th_edition_widescreen_rev_3_-_PM.ppsx 18th edition widescreen rev 3 - PM.pdf
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    I was at a customers, a bank bussiness manager, (so he should know figures). Dude - 'I might retrain as a plumber, i cant beleive how much they earn' Pewter - 'why is that?, how much was you charged for the work?' Dude - '£700 plumber charged me for a days work' Pewter - 'was there 2 of them?' Dude - 'Yes' Pewter - 'Did that include materials?' Dude - 'Yes' Pewter - 'My bussiness cost for each day i work (roughly 200 chargable days per year) as self employed spark is £25 + £25ish if i include van repayment' Dude - 'Oh' Pewter - 'so £700 - £200ish materials = £500 - £50 (van + bussiness fund) = £450 /2 = £225 for each plumber' Pewter - 'did they do a long day?' Dude - 'yeah long day' Pewter - 'a long day for £225, self employed, no holiday or pension' Pewter - 'do you still want to be a plumber or electrician?' Dude - 'No'
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    The UK should take a leaf out of the French handbook. Speak French or you are on your own.
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    1: how do you know the one in the fuse box will trip? did you measure your Zs to ensure its within limits? the CSA will most likely be smaller. will this comply and be safe to carry the fault current long enough to allow the MCB to open? what about the nice new bit of cable that is also inadequately protected against overload? its also a reg that lamp holders are to be fused within specific ratings. easiest option would have been to use a fused spur... 2: forget about that one, not really an issue. its also very common to have a light on a socket circuit, properly wired and fed from a fused spur as usual, just because it works doesnt mean its safe
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    I feel your pain.....after years of doing as yow did I progressed to one of these And later on to the MKIII version BUT a cordless jigsaw is a lot easier
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    I just knew I shouldn’t have looked in on this thread.
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    Drill the wall with a long drill bit and leave it in place once you break through take the machine off the bit then place a piece of metal conduit over the sds end of the bit and knock it through the wall. the conduit follows the drill bit and leaves a sleeve in the wall. Depending how many cables you are trying to get through you can do it with a core bit and extensions and 32 or 40mm waste pipe
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    same here. i dont give quotes, estimates only
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    I'm beginning to think more like that, we have skills and knowledge that others don't. Why should we give that away for free? I stopped doing extensive written quotes years ago after finding out people were using them to do the work themselves or get a.n.other to undercut prices.
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    i thought every one got £3000 a week
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    Hello one and all. I'm Paul a hairy arsed sparks from Tottenham, London. I wrote the presentation. I've been off tools for about 10 years, worked me way up fighting and arguing. I see what is happening in the industry and don't disagree with most of the views, I'm not a fan of RCDs and arc fault are worthless and cannot be tested! I am a fan of sparks knowing their stuff and being able to design build and test and inspect and certify their own work with pride. cannot comment on JIB, not allowed to use that language. cant also pass comment on manufacturer led changes in industry or our voluntary regulatory bodies. I can tell you all this, if you want to the trade can change, it has had a kicking for 20 years and will take 20 to fix it, but change is and can come.... Feel free to email me or contact me paulmeenan@me.com Please may I ask if you share the PowerPoint (or display in wholesaler) you leave my name in at the end as credit for the work I put in at weekends. and yes it is to stimulate comments, and there is an underlying story behind all of the lines you are commenting on!!!! remember the trade is in a fractured state!
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    That was my polite way of saying the industry is F***ed, come on this was for non sparky directors
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    That article is from a spring 2014 magazine. BS1363-2, "13 A plugs, socket-outlets, adaptors and connection units Part 2: Specification for 13 A switched and unswitched socket-outlets" has 2016 been updated. This standard now includes a specific normative, that is compulsory appendix which I think addresses all of the issues in that article. Therefore, such socket outlets containing USB devices are now fully controlled by the safety requirements of BS1363 & further more, this extends to the electronic sections, creepage distances, insulation ratings, over-current protection etc. There is also a paragraph in Part 1 scope, that I had not noticed in the past!...
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    Got a couple of MK ones myself. Interesting article I think I've posted before: https://www.google.co.uk/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=http://www.electricalsafetyfirst.org.uk/electrical-professionals/product-safety-unit/usb-socket-outlets/&ved=0ahUKEwjVj5a8_JXWAhWFKFAKHQX8DFIQFggdMAA&usg=AFQjCNFVOZUJEktkGeMLBFczFaIaKM220A
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    There is no obligation to have to use NIC branded paperwork, providing it is fully compatible with the model forms given in BS7671. However I would have thought you should have some sort of certificate giving your test readings on work you have done. Otherwise how can they look at a sample of your jobs? If I were you I would ring the NICEIC to verify what you are proposing is acceptable. Otherwise you could end up with a second assessment visit charge as the assessor was unable to verify your competence on your first appointment. Doc H.
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    Just as an update, I fitted a new pressure switch with unloaded valve as per Marvo's suggestion and another 200uf start capacitor, starts a treat hopefully this time it will last a bit longer than a month. Cheers gents.
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    Rather than just jumping to assumptions, shouldn't we do a few 'Dead tests' first, then a few 'Live tests' to actually confirm if Tony is Dead or Alive? This place is getting all a bit too DIY and skipping basic procedures, no wonder the industry is going down hill. Doc H
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    How easy for the mind to be diverted when all is going well . Try to put you in the picture without rambling on , my neighbour's kitchen lights keep tripping the MCB ....can I have a look . 2 gang switch with 6 downlights & 9 downlights ............9 downlights are tripping after around 1 minute...been working for years. Looked last week , thinking it'll be a melted GU10 lampholder flex .........no it was the T/E switchwire & N with a L to E fault ..under the bathroom floor , all tiled , no access , can't get to it . I disconnected lights , tested the 9 lights loop all good , my only solution was to return today ..& feed lights from the other end.... fish cable from last light , down behind cupboard to a 3A spur feed it from cupboard lights spur ..fed from ringmain. How can it go wrong ? I was reconnecting a downlight at the other end , whoever did them made it hard to get the cover on so I re-do it , from L- N-E to L-E -N ...just need to move one of the lampholder wires across............someone at the door calling ...looking for someone down the road ...sort him out , put the light back in the ceiling . I now have the lamp across L - E but am happily plodding on ......... switch on ...RCD trips now 'cos I'm on the ring main.......but why !!...I know these 9 lights are clear , its just a radial , I know !!...I must have re- connected the faulty sw/wire instead of the loop at the other end . No its correct. Still tripping ! I now have a L - E fault ...wheres that come from ? , I tested it all , it was fine , how can this happen to me , I'm Evans Electric FFS , I'm supposed to be a professional .....the lights should come on ...... they cannot fail to come on ....because I ...the Great Deke.... The one time Spark of the Year ....has proved the circuit to be OK ... ......has done this a million times....... I break the radial loop in the centre and re-test .... those 5 are now clear , these 4 have a fault .......and then the penny drops , I was called to the door , memory span of a demented bluebottle ...Oh look I left that fitting hanging out .......Oh look , I created an L -E fault then spent 1/2 hour trying to find it !!!! Oh well , keep it to yourself or other Forumites will be pointing & sniggering . ....yes best say nothing .
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    Well Phil if we go back to basics and followed the teaching of 'treat others as you wish to be treated' then there would be no such thing as discrimination or racial equality as we'd all be respectful and mindful to be the same. Whilst ideal we all know that they this will not happen without a cataclysmic miracle known as divine intervention. However we all as individuals have the ability to change ourselves, so realistically it all comes down to how we individually perceive, value, respect ourselves and those around us. What I would say is this, the uk is one of the most tolerant, unracist places I know. Anyone who has been to America will have seen racism for themselves, what we have here is merely verbal abuse. What is being tested is our tolerance, I don't blame any person for wanting to improve their quality of life, I'm sure we'd all move somewhere to improve our life, what is wrong is the way that the integration is handled by 'our' government. Racism like many things only exists in adulthood, how many infant schools do you see with children being racist? So that tells us that all that we are and represent us nothing but learned behaviour, therefore it can be unlearnt!
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    if the system is dead & not in use any more then yes snip the cable, if its still working / got power then you best not... really, your best option would be to get someone in to service the alarm (id guess the battery probably needs changed too, youll be popular with the neighbours at 3am when the alarm is sounding in a power cut because you didnt get it serviced) and disconnect what you dont want at the same time
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    Confucius he say :- The little man always has a big dog .
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    I found this behind a fuseboard years ago , just noticed I'd scanned into My Photos.
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    A few of you got this one incorrect this week - the screwdrivers are individually tested up to 10,000V! Competition winner has now been chosen, please check your inboxes (and spam folders) - subject is 'C.K competition winner - slim screwdriver set' Thanks for your comments and for taking part everyone!
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    140A inverter welder for £70??? Digital readout etc for easy amp setting. Looks a bit of a bargain. https://www.aldi.co.uk/workzone-140-amp-inverter-welder/p/076597143942300 From comments on the welding forum it seems a steal for the money. There's a question over the duty cycle at full whack but it should suffice for my odd need to weld something. Also the option to add a fan externally. If it goes t!ts up within 3 years I'll put the refund towards a Parweld. I've just ordered one. If anyone is considering one I can send them a discount code for £10 off of their first Aldi order. Brings it down to £59.99 & that's delivered. All I need is an email pm'd. Cheers
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    Thanks Phil. Ive decided the college route, I find the short courses are well too short especially when dealing with electrics, surprised many can take it in, hence while doing the college it can at least sink in with me.
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    It's to do with the design Rob, think about it, an arc will cause a high resistance which will cause the current to flow in the alternative leg of the ring...
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    Lurch, You have no idea about me or what I know, or don't know. It is your attitude I despise. I would have banned you months ago, however, I am not the only one who has a choice, and you have been kept around for comic value as far as I am concerned. Having a choice means being able to pick more than just one, because the one you love is amongst them does not mean that it is the be all and end all. Now wind your neck in or I will ban you, because I can.
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    May need to, depends where the fire break is.
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    dont forget that if you do extend it, it may now be undersized
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    quite often, they are not sparks who have done a different course. often just a random person who has done short course on a specific manufacturers stuff
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    I would love to see what i in these racks that draws 4Kw, let alone what you plan to add that takes it up to 18Kw The submain on 25mm would probably be okay but there will be nothing left for the house to run on. How about putting all this gear in the house? At least you won't need the heating on. Seems daft to over heat a shed then use more electricity just to pump all that heat outside.
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    Disagree 1 line describing what you are providing 1 line giving the total.
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    someone i work with had problems of not getting the job... so he put some slightly different details on the spec... A N other then arrived with the wrong size shutter / door etc...
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    What???? I know loads of people in other sectors of work who are just as brassed off with apparent unnecessary change.... The old phrase "if it ain't broke don't fix it", is ignored time and time again throughout the workplace... Friends and family relatives I talk to have all got stories about how bad their work is and all the extra hoops that have to keep jumping through to stay doing what they are doing.. Don't think the electrical industry is any different to many other business sectors TBH! Its just the general state of the economy and the health & safety culture we live in.. As for 'Revenue raising'.... & 'Driving'..... pot - black - calling kettle - the ... or something like that? What about "Speed Cameras" rather than 'enforce' the laws with a few more traffic police and the occasional work of caution... lets go for the money making option.... bang 3 points £100 fine!!!! Opps that's a bit more expensive than a regs book... We are all entitled to moan about things we don't like..... But keep it realistic loads of other business have equivalent agro to trawl through.... For those of us one-man-bands working from home & van, you can be thankful you don't have to keep a shop front stocked and open 5, 6 or 7 days a week... with loads of 'dead money' waiting on the shelves to sell, or higher overheads like heating / staff / council rates etc.. I think they all tot up to a bit more than a few regs books every couple of years We have problems, but they are not as bad as some make out.
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    Wow, I've heard of those many years ago but never seen them, the reasoning was this. Back in the day there were no power tools obviously and it was both difficult and expensive to put a tongue and groove on every board. Commoners like us would just have ordinary square edged boards on our floors, you lived with the draught blowing through the gaps! However if you were a wealthy Victorian then this was clearly not on, so, the solution was to insert a thin strip of metal into the edge of the boards, it was relatively easy to do, and kept the draughts out. The strip was fitted on site, basically you got a load of floorboards, complete with groove on each side, cut them to the required length, then cut the metal strip to the same length, insert in edge of first board, lay second board the strip connects the 2 boards together, and there you have it, no draughts.
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    On a scale of 1 to 10 my excitement in viewing the proposed changes to the Regs has risen to 0 . Only two things stuck in my ancient brain , the introduction of these ARC devices . After 50 yrs in the trade I wonder how we managed without them . Bashing earth rods in at EVERY installation ......... what does that tell us ....the network earthing is breaking down ...( Well it is in the area I generally work ) so the customer will be paying to fortify the networks I presume . ( Stand by for loads of rods bashed into service cables) I,ve already forgotten the rest of it . ......but the smell lingers . Edit : I should add a big thank you to Sidewinder for taking trouble to post all that though .
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    Why can't you certificate your work? If you employ qualified sparks, then download some bs7671 forms, fill them in and sign them. Unless you need niceic name for some insurance company, or to make your customer feel re-assured.
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    That programme gets a lot of stick and no one has the guts to repeat it these days . But as Phil says it wasn't racist , the two wives got on fine and as the series progressed , the two guys , Honkey & Sambo were becoming good friends . People are too touchy these days ............I could take offence at the sketch in "Goodness Gracious Me" when the Indians going for a meal are " Going out for an English " I don't because it was funny . As an "Ethnic Minority " myself I seem to get on with most people .....being a white Englishman in Birmingham could be a lot worse!!
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    I couldn't agree more.
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    7671 would require a minor works certificate for that. you will also need to test r1r2 / r2, IR, Zs, RCD trip times. you would also have to check the existing wiring is suitable for adding another socket, check the earthing is adequate and thats just the start Or just do what every other DIYer does and wing it
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    you should write back advising them you have put asbestos containing artex on the ceilings, upgraded the pipe lagging to an asbestos version, you also replaced the kitchen floor with those white asbestos containing tiles and the pront proch now has as asbestos cement roof
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    i have no problem with customer supplying parts. Often they want the bill to put through there own accounts. I give them a mega deatailed list of what i want and where to get it. If i need anything i just text them a list and wait for delivery. I need 4 screws, get a box of 200. need sleeving, have to have a 50M roll. Lots of left over perks on this type of job. When anything fails, pay me to come back and sort it out, if i havent supplied it, i wont replace it for free. Sometimes i prefer a customer to supply things because of this.
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    wish i could say ive never done something similar...
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    what do electric cars do for heat? id imagine them being fairly cold in winter
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    ridiculous idea anyway, unless you have a private driveway - you can't leave trailing leads all over the pavements......
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    Wow, what a piece of history. Did you fit the original board?