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    Paddy and Mick are working on a building site and Paddy decides he needs a day off, he tells Mick that he's going to act daft so they'll send him home on sick pay. He hangs upside down from the rafters in a partly built house yelling, "look at me, I'm a lightbulb", the foreman arrives takes one look at him and says "Paddy, go home, you're obviously ill". Paddy climbs down and heads off home, Mick starts to walk off and the foreman yells, "oi Mick, where d'you think you're going?" Mick replied, "home, you don't think I'm working in the dark do you?"
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    In which case it must be bonded. One thing that a LOT of people miss is that if a metallic service such as a water pipe leaves the equipotential zone and then re-enters the equipotential zone at another point, it must be bonded at that point too. So if a pipe goes under a ground floor, then up again, it must be bonded where it re-enters.
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    Sorry to hear that Tony I thought you had a better handle on things. I remember one time blowing the shyte out of a motor, (I wired it in delta instead of star) I was disappointed with myself, I was told by the production manager, "the man who never made a mistake never made f*** all, now source a replacement and you don't go home until that machine is ready to run for the night shift". I ended up working to nine o'clock that night. The fitter also made a mistake on that job. But when we came in the next morning, there was a full nights production and all was forgotten.
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    Matey, given your track record of asking questions don't you think employing a competent spark would help you?
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    A while ago while seeing my psychiatric people I explained how I was getting fed up getting knockbacks while trying to get back into full time employment due to the stigma attached to people having MH problems! The best advice I got? "can't you get a load of cash work from somewhere"! Today I attempted to apply for another job, totally away from sparking, but one for which I am more than qualified, and experienced! All applications to be made online, then I find out how they do the shortlist, and I've not got a cat in hells chance! They go through the online application and if they don't like an answer on page 1, they bin you, if they like page one, then on to page 2, and so on. finally, on the last page there's a section asking you to detail why you are a suitable applicant for the job, there's no way I'm going to get past page 2! I give up, I really fecking do!
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    Phil, I don't wish to be nosey but are you past your MH issues or are they still on going? Having experienced MH issues myself in the past, I have come to realise that whilst we experience depression, anxiety, negativity, they are all just that, an experience brought about by the way we think, the way we perceive, or by circumstances that happen to us. Truth is they can happen to anyone and everyone, the question is why do some people handle it better than others? I had had bouts of depression, anxiety, insecurities for years then around about 1998 my world started to collapse around me and this went on intensely for 10+ years and has continued on a lesser extent for a further 10 years, I went through my darkest days in that period, serious depression, suicidal thoughts, serious anger issues, I became unable to communicate with people without offending them or wanting to attack them. The specialists -used loosely- started me on the usual anti depressants, which were fine but then my anger issues got worse, I was then offered MH team sessions, which wasted my time with their 6 week sessions of which there were many over the years, however trying to get any more than six weeks in one continuous stream is like you're asking to have the crown jewels! I eventually paid for private therapy sessions and it was here that things became clearer and the fog cleared - and I only went for a dozen sessions. It became apparent that my perspective was from a negative position, which I thought was normal given what I was experiencing, however when I started to look at my issues from a different perspective then I began to turn a corner. I have learned that it is the way I think about things that brings about the negative things. example - if you have one thing go wrong for you whether its a relationship, work, family, etc then we negative people tend to start to subconsciously focus on other negative things around us, which then makes us feel worse, we then spiral downwards. So now I look at each event and break it down into reality, taking it for what it is - just one experience. It takes time but now I can control my emotions/feelings and realise that I will still be here tomorrow despite what is happening today, this way I don't get bogged down in the circumstance, admittingly some days are better than others but they are all better than they were. I tend to over analyse every circumstance to the point where I'd convince myself that it is really bad, instead of looking at it for what it is. Have you ever noticed that we can be very good at giving others advice yet fail dismally when given advice, this is because we think differently when giving as opposed to when being on the receiving end, so the secret is to visualise yourself as the giving of advice when you start thinking of your own circumstances. I'm not saying that bad things don't happen to us, but it is the way we perceive/think that determines how it will affect us.
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    Hi, not sure if anybody still uses them but I've added PDF versions of the 18th Edition certs in the download section. If anyone does use them please report back any error's typo's, etc. Thanks
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    your local RS will have one. or you can have them deliver 1 for tomorrow morning delivery
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    How long before someone does a study on the detrimental effects all this lettuced has on the health of electricians It seems stress is being piled on stress with all the changes, how long will it be before more time will be spent on courses than out on the tools earning money, £400+ spent on a course can easily cost a business £1000 once you add in the loss of earnings and expenses while attending the course I think most would rather just sit the exam because they know they will pass but the cost of the exam seems to be overpriced when compared to the course and exam package It seems these days we are working to buy books, courses and exams rather than reaping the rewards for our efforts
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    just seen a pig flying past the window ................
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    So you have to ask your customer exactly what they are going to plug in. Then give them instructions that every time they buy something new to check with you and see if you need to change their rcd for a different one? Jog on.
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    Not electrical but a bond between my son and I. We now have two matching rings made from 1955 Half Crowns.
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    And don't be scared off by the excellent advice above , follow it . I nearly always say yes to posters who are wondering about SE , go for it , you'll probably make mistakes like all of us but learn from them . For almost everything you do in domestic work you need to be a "Competent Person" under Part P of the Building Regs . That means , unfortunately , you now need to enlist with a CPS ( Competent Persons Scheme) which means NICEIC / NAPPITT/ ELECSA/ STROMA etc STROMA is the cheapest at half the cost of the others ,I'd go with them . It doesn't matter which one ...just means you sign off your own work . They give you a list of requirements which you MUST have . I think your quallies are OK Public Liability Insurance to £ 2m (About £180) 18th edition Regs book . Suitable test instruments ( complete with calibration certs) Electricity at Work Act 1989 Building Regs Document P Written Health & Safety policy Risk Assessment forms Thats roughly what ELECSA require . Just join , its not an option unfortunately . STROMA must be around £250 . Don't worry , you wont have a problem , they need us more than we need them , just make sure the cheque doesn't bounce . Any more advice just post again . You need to work out a charge out rate per hour , write down all your business expenses , van , road tax, MOT , petrol , STROMA , Insurances , etc etc and divide by 40 hours to give you outgoings per week ....then decide how much you want to/ need to earn per week & see what it comes to . If you charge too much you'll soon know because you won't get any work .......if you charge too little its just not worth being SE . If you want to discuss advertising post again . Let us know how you get on .
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    Welcome home Steptoe. Thank goodness you are still out there. I hope things are ticking over in a manageable fashion in your world of work and family life. As we fully understand that numerous work and personal commitments can be a far higher priority over any time spent on internet sites. So it is always nice to hear from anyone who has been off-line for a while. Good to see you posting again. Doc H.
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    20 years ago I know exactly what I'd have done, and it would have involved a Kango! I used to be a right swine when I was younger, a plasterer boarded and plastered several walls, completely hiding my boxes, I located them with a sledgehammer! Spent all morning cutting holes through walls in a building to run a 4x4 trunking through, then went for lunch. Returned to find a plumber had found a load of convenient holes to run his 28mm pipes in, sorted, and I ended up with a load of scrap copper pipe too. It just annoys me when people can't be arsed talking to each other, then muck your bit up, but it doesn't matter, because they got their bit done . I'm not unreasonable (honest) If I'm knocking half a brick out to get something through, I don't mind knocking a full one out if it helps you, but NEVER, NEVER, watch me make a hole and then nick it when my back is turned because believe me, you WILL regret it!
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    they dont work on rings. hager have admitted this. their excuse is its not a dangerous arc...
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    +1 to Ctec very helpful ring them NOW before a large can of worms is opened and slithers out of control
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    Nusual for me, but mortgage has to be paid by someone just done a kitchen and fitted 47mm boxes for he switches! just making my life easier
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    I would say no .... the gland should be visible for inspection ....
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    So you have ONE cable through the wall already. Use that as a draw string to pull TWO 2.5mm cables through. Job done.
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    That would need earth bonding today. Unless it states it is class II
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    Use of a BS951 clamp in this scenario would be outside of the scope of BS951 & the manufacturers instructions for the clamp. You would need to note this down as a deviation on the electrical installation certificate for the jobs. If you are terminating this into the consumer unit, this will be a metal enclosure so you can utilise an SWA gland. If this is at the supplier end, then the armour must be connected to the supply earth, the bedding (the stuff between the armour and the cores) is not considered adequate mechanical protection outside an enclosure, and any exposed basic insulation would be a total non-compliance with BS 7671. So termination of the armour at the cut out end would need to be via an adequate gland, into a suitable enclosure, and then from there in perhaps "meter tails" that is insulated and sheathed singles, to the meter etc. Now depending on the IP rating that is required for the enclosure, it is unlikely I suspect that it would need any significant IP rating, a metal adaptable box enclosing some "Henley" blocks or a terminal rail with terminals could be suitable. Personally I would prefer not to see "floating" strip connectors.
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    All very true ...with one exception I believe .... if you're attending an industrial breakdown say , or any machine or system failure I suppose , I learned from my first years on maintenance and from Bob the Breakdown ....always ask the operator what happened & when , it can often take you straight to the cause instead of working blind . OK sometimes he's the one who beggered it up then he'll usually spin an unlikely yarn thats no help at all. Often the operator knows the machine well and will say something like , theres a funny noise from over there , never heard that before ...or one of the old favourites ...there was a fishy smell all morning and then it just cut out . The other old favourite , the guy says "It'll be the solenoid in there ...its always that !!" Usually is too .
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    Sorry Murdo dunno why , I thought it was Andy said that . Miss Clancy ? No idea ... her official stalker Kerch should know by now you'd think ! She was on the boards of other affiliated schemes I noticed.
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    Hello John, From you post it is not clear what your existing qualifications or experience is. As such its hard to know what courses you would need to be enrolling on. There is not just one single course to become an electrician, it is a complement of various aspects relating to electrical science e.g. the physics and characteristics of how electrical current operates. The design considerations about how to make sure your wiring won't kill someone or burn down a property. The rules and regulations about what is permitted as a safe installation. The practical aspects of how to physically install equipment and wiring. The inspection, testing, certifying and documenting any work you have done to accept liability that you are not endangering those who will be using your installed circuits. etc.. All training providers are businesses who want to sell you their products, (training courses), some will encourage people to purchase courses that will be of no practical use to them whatsoever. (PAT being on of the most common). As has been said, if you don't already know what you want to buy its like going into any shop and having the sales person talk you into loads of items you didn't really want. As a side observation I cannot see how you would be able to do the normal practical coursework content if you are on-line only? Some wrongly assume that just doing domestic means you can skip a lot of fundamental electrical principals and have no need to learn them. Domestic supplies can still kill people just as quickly as commercial or industrial installations. The basics of circuit design to ensure correct earthing arrangements and protective devices are installed and functional must still be understood and proven by qualifications and training. Doc H.


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