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    Not original, I found it elsewhere, but SO relevant: An interesting (fictional) tale, a little too close to the truth, I think. The Story Of An Ant Every day, an ant arrives at work very early and starts work immediately. She produces a lot and is very happy. The Chief, a Lion was surprised to see the ant working without supervision. So the Lion thought that if the ant produces so much without supervision, how much more would the ant produce if supervised. So he recruited a Cockroach, who had extensive experience as a supervisor and was excellent at writing reports. The Cockroaches first idea was to set up a "clocking in" system, he also needed a secretary to assist him with writing and filing reports. He then recruited a Spider to manage the archives and monitor all phone conversations. The Lion was delighted with the Cockroaches reports and asked him to produce graphs of production rates and to analyse trends, so he could use them for presentations at Board meetings. This meant that the Cockroach had to buy a new computer, laser printer and ........recruited a Fly to manage the I.T dept. The Ant who had once been so productive and relaxed, hated this new plethora of paperwork and meetings, which now took up most of her time ..... The Lion came to the decision it was high time he nominated someone to take charge of the dept. where the ant worked. The position was given to a Cicada who's first decision was to buy a new carpet and an ergonomic chair, for his office. ToThe new person, the Cicada needed a new computer and a personal assistant, who he brought from his previous dept., to help him prepare a work and Budget Control Strategic Optimisation Plan. It was at this time that the Cicada convinced his boss the Lion, of the absolute necessity to start a climatic study of the environment. Having reviewed the charges for running the Ants dept., the Lion found out that production was far less than before. So he recruited Owl, a prestigious and renowned consultant, to carry out an audit and put forward suggestions. The Owl spent three months in the dept and came up with an enormous report in several volumes, that concluded the dept. was over staffed. Guess who the Lion fires first. . . . . . Yes, the ant because it showed "LACK OF MOTIVATION AND HAD A NEGATIVE ATTITUDE." And this is why we have, over the years, added over 200,000 new government employees, and no one can explain why we are still in a recession. It's not a good time to be an ant. And...... That's why I am SOOO thankful to be RETIRED!, Just keep sending my pension.
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    Ignoring the colours for a minute and consider the more important concept of what you want to connect up. A switch is basically just a link between two contacts to control when the power input at one contact is output at the other contact. When the switch is 'ON' there is a direct connection between the two contacts. If you put a direct contact between a live and neutral you will simply blow the fuse. The output contact of the switch goes to the light. it is the other side of the light where the neutral is connected to. If you do not understand this concept you really should be seeking profession help. Unfortunately your post illustrates one of the modern day problems of people with limited information using the internet to get half an answer, (or sometimes completely wrong answer) to a question they have. Thankfully you have come and asked here for further information. But time and again we see people trying to get the wrong product to work, after they have installed it incorrectly in a situation it was not designed for. Google searching can produce much helpful advice but also there is the mixed bag of half-truths, and not knowing the right question to ask in the first place. Doc H.
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    just RCD it if its easier. might not need it, but nothing to say you cant have it
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    One of my biggest clients held a management meeting every Monday morning at 0900......tea, coffee, biccies etc. It could go on for hours. one day the chairman called me in as they had lost a major client and needed to,do,some cost/energy cutting my first suggestion was to put the NS heaters on a timer so they did not warm up on a Friday and Saturday night. This was linked to an IMI Pactrol system....saved a fortune second suggestion was to move the Monday morning meetings to Fridays at 1600, subsequently the meetings usually lasted about 30 mins or so and I got a nice bung for the suggestions
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    Doc I have just taken a picture of the IET/IEE. NICEIC/NAPPITT/ New Regs book every year committee Gravy Train ....it was passing through the Midlands today .
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    one thing I will add to the above comments is that I've never seen an LED dimmer that works smoothly and down to low light levels unless it involved a DALI dimming system (commercial and expensive lighting products). Dimming LED is just unsatisfactory in 9 out 10 cases that I've seen. I will be very interested to know if that dimmer works in a satisfactory way?
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    Summarising a couple of points from your opening question..... And highlighting eleven words... If you have no heat in the bricks... Then it is NOT connected to a source of power overnight to heat up the bricks.. Sounds like you are just using the daytime boost/top-up options to generate a bit of heat... Have you verified there is live power on the overnight charge connections??? If you haven't done that... twiddling buttons and changing thermostat or timer settings will not make much difference.
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    Doc said it better than me ^^
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    So let me put it simply like this. If you were to look at the terminals under the light fitting you would find that the light has a neutral there. As there was no need for a neutral at the switch then you have a live feed to the switch then the return is the switched live as it only becomes live once the switch is operated. Therefore rather than carry a twin red cable - both cores red- the electrician has used the red and black cable for the switch drop, in this instance the black should have been sleeved with a red indicator to show it’s a live as opposed to a neutral. This as I said has probably been lost over the change from normal switch to dimmer. Whilst your link may be true it doesn’t mean it is the case in all examples, hence why we spent a lot of time and money investing in our skill so that we know these things.
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    Dave it may have been done this way , judging by where you say the wires are .
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    yep that's spot on unfortunately. if id having just done it straight with what i initially thought id have just put it on rcd, but the ocd part of me makes me check and check either again to make sure its 100% best/correct way, last thing i want is someone coming in and saying why hell as he done that! i think i'll stick to rcd for time being, been googling the lettuced out of the "High Integrity board conversion kit" but i havent got the confidence to do it on my own cheers for the help and info guys
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    As I said, you can do the 'bit of a bodge' or you can sometimes get a High Integrity board conversion kit, ie your bodge but with the proper bits, or you can convert the board to full set of RCBOs. But there really isn't anything wrong with having the alarm on an RCD (until RCD trips whilst on holiday and alarm annoys neighbours). Sounds like you have lots of training, but sod all hands on experience?
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    Have you dropped the lights to determine what cores you have there?
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    how Certain are you that the upstairs switch hasn’t been tampered with?
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    I don't think anyone is trying to be unhelpful Dave, but it's not possible to deduce how it's wired from the information available. If it was me, I would get a piece of paper and sketch out what is there, then by testing and examination work out what the interconnections are. Thoughts. - 1 There are other ways of two way switching than three strappers; i.e. two strappers, feed to one "c" and load to the other. 2 You don't have enough "spare" cores, (your designation) for a two way switch downstairs. Here is a big clue. 3 Where are the live feeds? Is upstairs and down separate or on the same MCB? 4 Look at the cable groups into the boxes. ie which reds and blacks are a cable,? -might help deduce their destination. At the end of the day get a long fly lead and do it by continuity testing to light points, and switches. Just hope there are no hidden junction boxes!
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    Perhaps Dave you could give us an introduction to who you are and what your skill set is, this would in turn help us decide the best course of advice for you. I’m sure you’ll understand, that electricity is not something that should be played with as it is often called the no smell unseen killer and it is with this in mind that we, whilst sharing our knowledge must be sure that we are not endangering the public/other users who perhaps are not competent to interfere with all things electrical, thus a referral to a professional is the best advice. So a little intro of your own would help us help you correctly.
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    i did give you advice. exactly the same as i would do if it was my job, trace what wires go where, then figure out how they should be connected, then connect them or did you want a 'connect blue to L1, red to L3? even though im not here and there is no standard colour code?
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    well thats going to be fun... going to have to trace out what wires go there then figure out how they should switch and where the links need to be... probably best getting someone in who know what they are doing... sounds like aDIYer has tried and failed and now its the handymans turn, whist charging the customer for his electrical skills is asking people for advice on a forum?
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    I believe it will be a requirement in amd1 18hth edition and NICEIC will be offering a course on its use
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    Tips and tricks section?
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    Bit late now but on 'projects' oversized ducting (big enough to add 1 or two mini-ducts for low voltage) is almost always a good investment. You think you've done the job now then someone says why not run ethernet down there . . oh and an extension to the front doorbell . . oh and an alarm cable . . . oh and a CCTV camera . . then someone says we need bigger cable for the new sauna heater . .
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    A fuse wire won't blow when you get a shock ...thats one of the main reasons they are not used anymore . They'll blow on a dead short or if the circuit is overloaded they might blow after a few hours , just before the wiring melts RCD's are the lifesavers . Your landlord , on being told someone has received an electric shock immediately thinks of the cost of sending an electrician .....he should be thinking someone could be killed in my property , its my responsibility to ensure it is safe , the bloke is a tosser. What does he do if you said your kids were in hospital suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning from a faulty gas boiler .....Oh I'll charge you for a fitter to call!!!! Your installation is in effect ... out of date by about 40 odd years & four editions of the Regs I should think ...specially as its a rented property . All socket circuits on the current Regs should be protected by an RCD ...in fact that usually applies to every circuit for various reasons . They would throw the book at this guy in Scotland . Was the worktop flooded and the kettle base electrics saturated ?
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    Looks like a control for a hoist or overhead crane, or anything else than has a few buttons and an emergency stop.
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    You can create "false" phases with capacitors, but you need a box full to get the right one for the load, and the two will be different to allow the correct phase delay (read create the rotation), and this is pretty much load dependent, so the caps would need changing for various loads, and it's a trial and error job to find which ones are the right ones, hence you needing a bucket full of them. You might be able to swap the motors from delta to star and run them on a 1ph to 3ph VSD, but that would need major panel rework. If you really need 3ph to run the pumps quick a generator may be your best bet.


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