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    This is what happens to SY within a few years outside
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    I 've been following this because I was interested in a bit of testing work each week ...not too strenuous for me old knees don't yer know . Then hopes were dashed when I read that Sparks in the existing schemes won't be allowed to do it .... they intend to create a new scheme with "special" sparks in it for rental testing only. Now I see whats driving the campaign .............its led by Seeward Electronics , backed by Graham Morris MP who is calling for it to be debated in parliament . So I suppose I had an invested interest in the matter , being an electrician , but I never imagined they would have the nerve to create yet another level of bureaucracy and exclude all electrical contractors who are quite capable of testing & inspecting but obviously not in a rented house . Seeward Electronics of course , being makers of testing instruments would not have any invested interests. I'd write to my MP but he,s a waste of space and never answers letters , so I need to by-pass him . Perhaps write to our ex MP who is now in the Lords . Or this bloke Morris . I think its outrageous that should this become mandatory , local electrical contractors will pushed aside . How can the firm that may have wired the damn place not be considered able to test it ...they 've already done it once .
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    Very helpful, thanks for the explanation. It makes sense to me now. Wow, I hope that NEVER happens to me. Thanks for the tip though, I would always first suspect my workmanship or my testing kit. It would not occur to me that the system itself had a fault but now you've highlighted it, I'll bear it in mind. Thanks again
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    Finally got around to going to my daughter to sort this problem. What had happened was that a cable was assumed neutral wjen in fact a live. In the picture the center blue cable should have been in the right hand , live, connector block. I have now sleeved the errant blue in brown and the middle red in brown also. And the earths in yellow/green. Am only apportioning some blame to the guy who changed the meter as he obviously made the assumption blue was neutral. Though he should have given some thought as to why the neutral block had only 2 ways free and the live all 3 were open. He obviously changed over the covering piece of plastic from the live block to the neutral block, so hence he was partially at fault. Anyway all is okay now.
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    When I was made redundant and started up self employed back in 1999, I got a few books about running your own business, marketing, bookkeeping etc.. One of the sections was about anyone going from paid employment to self employment and working out costings to maintain your same standard of living..... It posed the question what happens if you have little or no earnings for a whole month? Or for two months? and related numerous factors that will reduce your monthly income.. Quiet/slow spell with little or no new work coming in.. Personal illness, you are physically unable to work.. Vehicle breakdown off the road for multiple days.. Late payment from customers.. Bad weather, can't get to customers or job not able to be completed due to weather.. Hold-ups due to faulty/incorrect/unavailable materials. including customer changes mind part way through job and/or awaiting other trades before you can complete your work.. Holidays - You need a two week summer holiday to recharge! Close family member or friend has urgent personal needs that you need to help with.. etc.. Individually you can generally ride them without to much of a problem, but if multiple issues arise or they last a bit longer than average, or a few come back-to-back... What is your back-up plan? The suggested guidance was if you can save enough money in reserve, to cover all essential monthly outgoing for three months, statistically you can ride out some of the toughest combinations of problems that can trip up a small business. And.. To maintain the same standard of living covered by your previous earnings, you MUST be charging at least double what you were earning to allow sufficient to cover overheads and contribute toward the low to negligible earning months.
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    Are they allowed to supply products without correct installation & wiring instructions? Sounds dubious to me. Doc H.
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    As soon as I saw AFDD I got a headache without reading any further.
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    Anyone got a half decent , working PAT tester they want to sell for little money . ?
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    Cheers mate
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    That's the very reason I have never supplied any downlights with built in lamps...... Always supply separate's "lamps & fittings"... Have fitted some that customers have supplied themselves.. But that's their problem when they fail.. Not mine..! As it is 100% sure at some point thay will start failing... even if the LED elements are reliable.. the driver electronics can burn out due to cheaper quality components.. Either failed complete, or start that flickering strobe effect.. I have taken out a fair few failed encapsulated LED light fitting to replace with separates... It is far easier more economical and more environmentally friendly to just pop in a GU10 LED rather than replace a whole fitting.. Also you have more flexibility of choice around the type of light.. not just the Style of the fitting.. once you multiply out your options of Cool / Warm / Beam angle / Lumens... before you have even got round to white/brass/satin/polished/fixed/movable/IP rated/non-IP etc.. etc.. The whole concept is a no-brainer in my opinion.
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    I would also suggest you look at computer or cloud based packages for estimates, invoices and record keeping - massive time savers and this helps keep you accountants bills down too
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    The DWP used to do a course on becoming SE. It’s worth asking I they still do. I don't know i this is of any use https://www.gov.uk/business-support-helpline
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    On an extra note ...... remember first impressions really count ......... so be prompt (call if you are going to be late) and do invest in some logo'ed clothing - make sure its stitched logos and decent quality business cards ..................
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    Reality is that you may get a quiet month, but assuming you are half decent at what you do and you set your costings right.... to have a quarter of year (3months) that is difficult should be almost as rare as rocking horse poo! The underlying point was you need something in reserve, Or access to reserves, that don't hit you with massive interest rates or bank charges etc.. It is all down to managing cash-flow. You cannot work on the mentality of I'll just bang this months bills on a credit card or loan or overdraft, unless you know you can pay it back off quickly before it becomes another business expense noose around your neck. i.e. should the poo hit the fan, a family member, or close friend, able to assist with an interest free loan to tide you over for a few quiet weeks, is as useful as you having your own savings.. giving you time to sort yourself out again. Its all comes back to the "rainy-day" savings account the older generation used to talk about before this modern era of easy quick credit & loans. As I said that was the guidance in a book from late 1990's of what to aim for... Newer books may suggests a different approach nowadays.. ? The reality is you can get by without that level of back-up... (I do ) But you must have some back-up funds, And you have got to ensure you don't under-sell yourself by forgetting the daily business overheads as well as the obvious job costs.
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    Barx I know that agency is not the best, however for a person with such skills as yourself then sometimes it can lead to a golden egg. I had a quiet spell two year ago as I’d come back from working away and opted for a little local agency work, This led to regular work with the firm for a much better negotiated rate and two years later I’m still subbing to them earning as much as I’ve ever earned as I had a skill set that none of their guys had. ????
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    Quite a long time ago I did one.... Easy money providing customer is happy to pay.. just told them it was half day's labour charge... (No point faffing around for just an hour & half labour.) I used some of the generic NIC non-logoed forms.. they were to 17th edition consisted of two pages... Page #1 front: Page #1 rear: Page #2 front: Page #2 rear: As I said... Not many boxes to fill in..... Easy money if you can charge the right price.
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    Electraform do a visual EICR form... cost £1 per cert
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    I believe the NIC used to produce a Visual test Cert ( I think ) i was told years ago by NICEIC man...."if you do a visual then leave ALL test equipment in the Van, Visual is visual and nothing more"
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    OK . Have to say that , to me , it looks fine , no need to actually do it in steel con. but we all have our own preferences . How about an MK box 2004 Alm that takes a standard white flush socket ?
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    Or fit steel surface sockets , they have K/Os in the centre side .
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    I think @Sidewinder I should the one for this AFAIK if it is sold in UK it has to be CE marked and this means it should be fitted with a plug. BUT I may well be wrong
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    A few more regs in this manner introduced and there'll be no point opening the toolbox.
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    SY is not suitable for that and will need replaced with something that is
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    You need to remember you are trying to establish what magnitude of current could flow if you stick a dead short across the circuit. So the voltage potential between the conductors, (which can fluctuate) and the impedance path along the circuit, through to your meter probes and meter. Which can also fluctuate depending upon how good a connection you have between leads and circuit. Imagine what happens if the voltage fluctuates up a bit and the continuity of your probe terminations goes down a bit, or vice-versa? You also have the tolerance accuracy of the test meter itself between readings. The sort of variations you describe don't sound that unusual to me. If it was a massive difference, (e.g. 1.234kA and 5.678kA, that would be a bit more concerning). Do the values look appropriate for the Ze and voltages on your test installation? Your main concern is that the largest value you read is within the breaking capacity of your protective devices so it doesn't all go bang! Doc H.


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