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    I fail to see why you are so antagonistic, you’re not the only person here with a Masters in Engineering, nor a 1st degree in Engineering. I really feel that you owe some apologies for the way you have behaved. I looked at your files & yeah they are reasonable, but I can't tell from them what your other skills are. In my world Engineers are not CAD jockeys, they do much more than that, in fact, a good Engineer is wasted on CAD. I do know of a company that is looking for an Engineer to LV designs, from specifying the transformer size through to final circuit on new build & major refurb projects in the construction industry. They have CAD jockeys galore, including 3D modelling, they need an Engineer that can do the design, but, I am sorry to say, like Rob above I won't be getting in touch wiuth you or them. Quite a few of the big graduate recruitment companies are advertising career fares at the moment, those may be a better bet for you it seems. One word of warning, from an employer, if your attitude on here is the way you are in real life then I suggest it may be a good idea for you to change it when you are looking for work. The only time I communicate with customers in a similar tone is when they don’t pay up, and I'm no longer prepared to do work for them, or, when I visit a potential client and they want me to undertake substandard or illegal works.
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    Fear-less you may be, but with your attitude then I’m out. So you can do a nice drawing but if you can’t communicate or convey yourself then you’re nothing but an artist. You have found this site and approached it like a bull in a china shop, sorry wrong in all walks of life. Try explaining who you are, what you are and what experience you’ve got then you might find persons will receive you better and be more of an aid to get you to where you think you deserve to be.
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    If you like drawing pictures, with that attitude, I'd go out and buy yourself some crayons. If you didn't have such an abrupt and condescending attitude, there are people on here who would, and could've helped. Including myself, but I doubt any will now. I know I won't.
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    DO NOT GET ONE The arguments to have one are weak, the whole concept is biased toward the energy companies and their profiteering. It will not save you energy or money it will cost us for generations. Smart meters will allow energy firms to introduce "surge pricing" to charge households more for gas and electric at peak times, a former senior Ofgem manager has warned. So-called "time of use" tariffs would see households pay more for watching television, charging gadgets and running the washing machine during popular times such as in the mornings and evenings. The controversial deals would see energy prices peak on special events like Christmas Day and Easter when millions of households are all using ovens to cooking lunch at the same time. Under the Government’s £11bn smart meter roll out every home in the UK will be offered a smart meter by 2020, in an effort to help people save money and use less energy. Unlike ordinary meters, smart meters transmit information about when households use most energy to suppliers. At present customers will smart meters are charged a flat fee per unit of energy used. According to Jerry Fulton, former head of gas and electric meter meterology at Ofgem, the energy regulator, the introduction of smart meters will soon give suppliers the power to increase bills at busy times, just like paying off-peak and peak time travel. He told the Daily Telegraph: "I believe that the hidden agenda behind smart meters is that they will allow half-hourly charging. "Instead of having two charge rates (day and night) the price of energy will change every half hour, so when solar and wind generation are low and usage is high the price of electricity will rise steeply. From: https://notalotofpeopleknowthat.wordpress.com/tag/smart-meters/
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    Making mistakes is a prime way to learn, and anyone who claims they never made any is either idle or a liar. The important thing is to learn and remember.
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    As has already been said, you're fishing in the wrong pond here, but following the string I'm not sure whether you have come for advice or looking for an argument. I was previously involved in graduate recruitment, and you do need to recognise some hard facts. Firstly graduates with no industrial experience are not scarce, Secondly competence with a CAD system is good, but not everything by a long way. Thirdly that your training is not finished; it is about to start if you can get a company to take you on and invest in you. Now you need to get yourself some interviews. Then you need to stand out to the interviewer, for the right sort of reason, and specifically NOT for being arrogant. If you pick an argument with an interviewer like you have with people on here who have tried to help , then you could be looking for a position for a very long time. Please, for your own sake think how you come across to others, and good luck.
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    I like this thread, makes me reach for the popcorn...
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    Sharpend doesn't claim to be an engineer. Also as he has a job already, what does he have to prove?
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    Is it wrong that I have deliberately installed faults on some circuits, just to push the point my jobs over here need testing. Note: Nobody was in risk of danger, and no damage was caused. Also caught some of them using the non contact testers to prove dead, that was quickly barred on my jobs too.
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    That's stalled a bit because the IET document I was working from doesn't have all the changes highlighted!!! Sorry. I will try and sort something, bit of a busy spell at work at the moment. A friend of mine has done some YouTube video's on the changes: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWLwXHMTmD7qVZ4X2e0pEOg
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    @binky Have you got a street works/NRSWA ticket? Because you will need a qualified person on site while you’re doing the work.
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    Have you tried ZANO ? I have found them very helpful
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    There is no legal requirement to have a smart meter. They want us to have them so they can collect data on consumption. Energy suppliers will offer you a better tarif if you get a smart meter as an incentive to get you to have one. I will not be getting one.
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    You answered it in your post Binky .. some electricians charge low prices . There is a problem with your observation though . The lowest being an employed spark doing a "foreigner" on a weekend with knock off stuff, no testing , no certs ,no invoice. You can't compete with that .
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    H&S guys are a pain in the arse. I had one insisting a wore gloves while lead wiping a PILC-SWA 11kV termination. No chance, you can’t feel the lead as it moves. My mate told him to “bugger off unless you want him to throw the lead at you”.
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    I'm more than aware. An I've looked over them, they're exactly what I'd expect from one of our first years. These software packages can be learned thoroughly within 12months. Theoretical knowledge isn't the be all and end all. I wasn't having a go at you, just giving my opinion and experience.
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    He'll have to report it himself, all I can do is add fuel to the fire as it were.
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    With no site, or hands on experience, your degree alone will open very few doors. Prepare to start on the bottom rung of the ladder unfortunately.
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    Are you saying you're a bit backward over there ? We must be the same as France as , I believe , we have a power connection under the channel .
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    I had a skip in front of the house to clear the loft and the shed. It was like a swap meet, I put something in the skip it would be replaced by something else.
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    you pay them their 'fee' for giving you the work. you dont get the work
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    OK Zero lets look again. Looking at what Binky says ..you could if you wish , leave that board as it is ....there are millions like them . And if your guy doesn't wire in any NEW circuits you could forget about having RCDs , your decision . ( Your installation is 14 or 15th edition Regs we are just starting on the 18th ) I think your guy was wrong in removing the E7 supply & metering . If I were you I'd put my money on some dual tariff storage heaters ( Restricted supply and 24 hr supply ) Energy will only get dearer , at least you'll have 7 hours of cheaper rate between 00.00 hrs and 0700 hrs the recharge your storage heaters . Dual supply heaters are not cheap but I think they are your best bet . They all have the refractory blocks in them to store heat ..plus ..a fan heater or a convector on 24 hr .
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    Lim nothing els you can do ....
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    I'd have told him what I was going to do, and if he doesn’t understand that I can do it safely to go and stack shelves in a supermarket because that’s all that he is fit for.


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