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    the kit is jsut part of it. the safety side alone can cost more than the gates at times, and the required test equipment also costs more than the gate kit. what you are proposing with a shutter control is dangerous and will not comply with regulations. connecting straight to a shutter control panel wont work either and if you get it wrong, someone ends up dead. https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/gate-crush-death-firms-fined-3680943 http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-manchester-35027530
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    Have a google on gate control .there are some very strict rules...even stricter since the death of a little girl due to poor design installation it will need approach sensors obstruction sensors possibly auto reverse on obstruction delay ability to open master gate before slave and reverse there are trapping distance/gap specifics to be considered along with a shed load of other stuff just saying
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    YOUR duty is to provide a safe, tested and certificated supply .................. I can't imagine what Bob the Builder is going to say when you start killing his staff
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    Did your "electrician" actually check the continuity of the earth conductor? If the main switch is off and a tester registers voltage on the neutral something VERY odd is going on Are you sure you had a proper spark on site with proper test equipment?
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    This is mine At least compared to other classic cars, you expect a Landrover to be tatty.
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    Well,I am not one of the 13m not seen ANY of the Ginger/bit part actress of dubious past wedding OR any of the 22 nonces kicking an inflated pigs bladder around a piece of grass as though it mattered
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    think you ned a better electrician to check the wiring and find out where the voltage is coming from
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    if you have a fault with some power going to earth through the rod then you will get odd voltages. its also possible that the earth voltage is coming from an external fault (possibly in a different property), which is more likely if you still have the voltages with everything turned off
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    New member trying to get to 10 posts to post something
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    Many questions John there's no right or wrong answer as at the end of the day the digger will be resale able you touched on the vat hard to avoid the alternative is to search local papers and sites like eBay to source a private sale downside being it might be far away. If you buy the local digger from the liquidated stock as long as you buy in good faith and get a receipt you'll be fine last thought why buy from a dealer ? Buy where the dealer buys ex hire ex fleet auction remember you get what you pay for and if it's too cheap it's for a bad reason lol so the first hole you'll dig is into your savings If you're buying thru a business go finance and stealership if its private hunt with cash
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    also missed the fact the fire was caused by an appliance, nothing to do with the fixed wiring in the building
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    If you had a smart meter they wouldn't have called to see if you were still alive.
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    This might do it....
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    +1 to buying a digger. I bought one for the early stages of my house build, did all the site work, foundations, drainage, and then landscaping. Then sold it for exactly what I paid for it having had almost 3 years use out of it. So damned handy having it there even for a 5 minute job.
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    Read as ‘cheap as chips’ or ‘pay me in peanuts and I’ll be your monkey’
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    Imagine it the other way around . Hello Builders Forum I'm an electrician building a house . So what sort of bricks do I use below damp and I have to fit an RSJ ...I'm on a budget so can I use this bit of old rusty steel I got from a skip . I lost touch with a cheap gas fitter so will this old hose pipe do to feed the CH boiler , I'm dropping it in the cavity to hide it, how do I connect it to the gas meter . Do I need to look a the Building Regs , they're not important are they ?
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    just because it works doesnt mean its safe
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    Bored now..................Just to humour you....as you are obviously on a wind up .....................you might want to change the RCD depending on the size of cut out fuse & you'll want a rod (no the water or gas pipe will not tango'd well suffice & neither will the chippys screwdriver)...........not forgetting all the testing thats required.
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    scary stuff .....................
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    if you need a wiring diagram for that, you shouldnt be touching it
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    Is your name Jack ? I'm doing the wiring and sockets it's kids stufff but I'll get an electrician to wire the consumer unit and certify as that's fiddly
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    Hello any advice on fitting an earth to a remote builders supply ? I've seen copper rods at Screwfix or would a nearby stock fence wire be a suitable alternative ? The wire fence is right next to the shed, I've got 3 meters of earthing wire just want to know where to take it to must it be a copper rod ? Thanks


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