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    Get a 6 way board bin the busbar connect one of each in series if it goes moody then one of them will trip simples it's marketed as a WTAF board
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    or to reinstate a fire barrier between fire compartments in flats.... however a standard house is a single fore compartment (unless it has an integrated garage), so wouldn't require it
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    My gut feeling is, if these are modern type PC's.. they could well have NO earth connection anyway... Just a double insulated, (plastic earth pin) power supply. Hager do a useful quick reference guide to RCD types.. https://www.hager.co.uk/news-exhibitions-case-studies/18th-edition/selection-of-type-of-rcd/90066.htm
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    Yes existing fan that is on the wall. What dont you understand?
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    I have an intermittent whining noise starts about 1730 finishes about 0800 when I go to work lasts 24 hours at weekends though
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    Unfortunately as letting agents are generally employed by landlords, if they kick up too much of a fuss over electrical safety and compliance with BS7671, then the landlord just changes letting agent! I am hoping this is someone who has only just gone into the landlord/rental sector, so is a bit naive around BS7671 & electrical safety. As if they have been operating for more than a couple of years, they really should have addressed the consumer unit/RCD issues that most competent electricians would have identified during industry standard inspection & testing. Doc H.
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    might be wrth trying Denmans, they still do a few plastic boards, but don't think they do a 12 way?
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    Premium Bonds are probably a better investment than ISAs? ONly good thing about low interest rates is that some people decide it's better invested in soalr panels, which is good for me....
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    I have 3 rentals.....1 shop, 2 flats above I was well,ahead of the ball when we refurbed it 12 years ago full interlinked smokes and heats in each unit....only linked within the units house system with Break Glasses in escape routes, flats and shop, heats behind each front door EICR every time tenant changes and it's still not a requirement here....other HMOS
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    not seen anything about smoke! I have seen some boards on new build flats where the rear entry has been sealed, but I think the requiremnt is more to do with the structure of the building, plus, many architects do not understand regs so over spec many things.
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    Theres has been a lot of noise about smart-energy grids - part of the reason for smart meters being installed. Next year it i s planned to roll out the Guranteed export scheme, whereby you can charge up a battery and be paid to release energy during peak times. Figures bandied around vary from 5.5p to 10p per kWh sent back to the grid. Some of the battery manufacturers are talking about charging for very low rate / free, from solar and other green tech. So lets assume you can net 10p per kwH sent back to the grid. 10p x battery capacity x charge cycles is the max you can benefit, so lets say your battery is 10kW usuable capacity and can be fully charged/discharged 8000 times (which is about average at the moment) 10p x 10 x 8000 = £ 8, 000 max earnings so roughly at about £6k for the battery a possible £2k saving (not allowing for inflation) Now 8000 cycles assuming fully discharged once a day = 22 years and roughly 16 years to pay for itself - you would be better off spending money on insulation and other energy saving measures in my opinion. If you have to pay anything for the energy used to charge the battery, then it becomes untennable Lets say you pay 15p per kWh and battery is charged up from solar panels, so kind of free. That equals £12k total so double your money on a £6k install. roughly 11 years to pay back. Bit more interesting? If you can charge and discharge the battery several times a day, then that improves a lot! But you still have to buy the solar panels.... Neither of these rough calculations allows for energy inflation which does improve all the numbers. Currently this is forecast to run at about 6% per annum. but who knows????
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    the reg regarding non combustible simply states the enclosure shall be non combustible... make no reference to fire sealing any holes
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    Hi Murdoch, if you mean our existing set then you would have to contact a distributor for that. Distributor links can be seen at the following link https://www.armeg.com/index.php?route=findastockist/default We don't sell directly so I can't give you a price. The set is always very competitively priced at the Elex/Toolfair shows though Awesome. Thanks EE
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    Don't over think it and don't try and be somebody elses tax consultant. Just deal with your own affairs. If YOU do a CIS job, tax is deducted from your pay. There is a box on the tax return do declare how much CIS tax you have paid. That is simply logged as tax already paid in that year which reduces how much you then have to pay. So there is no double payment, you just in effect "pay" the CIS tax immediately (like PAYE) and all other tax gets paid at the end of the year.


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