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    videx do a prox system, but its not the easiest to delete / add fobs. paxton is very easy to do
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    Where about’s are you, bit of luck and you might have our Murdoch come visit for a site reccy!!
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    Latest Health & Safety ruling has been issued ......" All live testing must be carried out dead"
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    Thanks Spesh, really helpful, will have a look and let you know. The only thing about having the fan on longer is that most of the time it isn't ideal, eg quick toilet, bed time etc, but if that is the only option I guess it will have to be....
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    I know it used to say that , I was being a bit sarcastic TBH ....which is very naughty & I apologise .. . The way I see it is , the regs will never stop the DIYer doing exactly what he thinks is correct ...they are aimed at us . And in my humble opinion , whatever the Regs say , 2 single sockets on an unfused spur will be fine . If concerned , introduce a 13A spur unit. If anyone chooses to alter or mess with an installation , they assume the responsibility that we assumed in the first instance . You cannot cater for every future eventuality ....yes someone could plug in a couple of multi sockets then plug in eight 2KW fan heaters , overloading the spur leg. But I do despair at the over complication of stuff these days .
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    Hello MartyJ, welcome to the forum. Are there any other openings in the room such as vents or windows. If the room has no other openings, is the fan operating correctly with a suitable duration of run-on timer? (building reg's recommend 15minutes). How long is the ducting before the vent reaches outside? Many people have a fan that is only on while they are in the room that then goes off immediately they leave. This will not have sufficient time to remove residual moist air / steam so will promote mould growth etc. Also to extract air out, there must be an equivalent vent size letting air come into the room. (otherwise the fan is trying to create a vacuum.) Typically with an enclosed room this requires a 10mm gap under the bottom of the average 760mm door to allow a standard 100mm diameter extractor vent pipe to pull in the same volume of air. Again many people have plush fitted carpets in the adjoin room so there is no inlet ventilation to the en-suit. (a simple test to check the gap is can you poke you fingers under the en-suit door from both sides?). Providing you have appropriate inlet ventilation, adequate timer run-on and the extract duct is not several meters long though the loft void, then the fan should do the job. It looks like a Greenwood Airvac to me? But if there are several metres of duct to reach the outside it would be better with a higher power in-line centrifugal fan. Doc H.
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    is it just 1 door or multiple? Paxton are good units, that ACT unit I posted about is very good, but probaby overkill for what you want. Think Videx do a swipe card option?
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    id be going with 2 manufacturers. videx for the intercom and paxton for the prox reader. paxton uses either cards or fobs. same sytem, just buy the card or fobs to go with it with paxton stand alone, if someone leaves and you cant to block their card, then you get the shadow card from the pack, put it on the reader and there now banned 1 system is connected to the door, the output from the other is connected to whatever you use to control the door what you could do if the intercom is working fine, either disconnect or change the code to the existing keypad, then fit a paxton prox reader and connect it to the intercom
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    Fluke user says "I see Christmas Day is on a Friday this year" metrel user says "lets hope it's not the 13th"
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    MiCC is only ever installed by those who know what they are doing, now, might be out of date, but as stated above 'get an electrican involved from day one' . Wind your neck in and try reading the posts @Murdoch
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    He should have left it until next Monday, wasn't there something in the bible to do with resurrection on Easter Monday, lol Incidentally that reminds me of an idiot a while ago who thought it was a wonderful coincidence that the celebration of Christs crucifixion and resurrection happened on a Bank holiday weekend, because if it hadn't we wouldn't get 4 days off work! I kid you not, lol
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    Things like You Tube and Google. Why, I mean WHY does anyone feel the need to register and "sign in" to use them? they work for me just fine without signing my life away to them. And as for "the cloud" Why would you want to store all your documents on some web based storage system that someone of offering you for free. It costs money to host such a service. Ask yourself WHY someone is offering a service to you for free, that they are paying to provide? Ask yourself what revenue stream is paying for this service. No thank you, my documents get saved on my computer.
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    They were poor lost souls adrift on the sea of heartbreak , clinging to their sink plungers in the stormy waters , to be forever damned until we welcomed them into calm , placid waters , gave them a wage structure ....... now they earn ten times what we do !!!! Ah yes the EEPTU it became once they had dumped all the communists and brought in voting that was validated by a third party .
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    In response to The Snake reply to Z: for clarity we are not emailing those as suggested to request Andy be shot!!
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    Really! Perhaps you had better tell the IET, JPEL64 & the IEC, I have a few direct email addresses and mobile numbers of some of the senior staff at the IET, and quite a few of the members of JPEL64 & the feeder panels.
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    Zog Take it from me, this site is full of skilled electricians and engineers. Do not try to belittle this fact. We will help you in every way we can, but be respectful to your betters.
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    If you stay with that you'll do ok, I remember my last apprentice, I took him around car boot sales and various other places to buy secondhand tools when he was starting off. He got lots of stuff of an old bloke who'd retired and was selling up, I remember him letting him have his Makita drill for £20, because he was an apprentice starting out. He's doing very well now, fully qualified and got a decent job with a good firm, he's still got a lot of his old tools he started off with, and some nice new ones, but he doesn't rush into buying stuff and does his research first.Like you, he asks other tradesmen, that way you get a proper review, just because an advert says something is good doesn't mean it is, just ask most of the people who bought one of those CK armoured cable strippers, I did, and I went rapidly back to the old way. lol
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    I have never used either, the only advice I would give is have you actually seen both items physically on display somewhere? Loads of stuff nowadays is made of plastics, and with anything that folds down, I would want to poke my head around it to see what the hinge & locking mechanisms look and feel like, as I would guess these are the parts that would be failing first if they are not up to the job. And if I were purchasing one, I would try to use a local supplier with a physical outlet, so if it did fail prematurely you don't have the hassle of packaging it back off to an on-line only supplier. Doc H.
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    That completely bu99ers up testing RCD's then!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I guess I better find a way to test them dead as well???
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    So lets get this straight .......... no idea about the earthing? no idea about the suitability of the existing main earth or bonding, or the existing fuseboard.......... buts lets crack on and give dubious advice to Joe Public.......... very odd Back to the OP ........... no spark ever wants to dig trenches, let alone 40m ones ............... and yes, I have done this with a customer, but the route of the cable, the depth, the back fill, etc etc was agreed before anything started .................. and then the cable was supplied by me, laid in by self and customer ........... customer back fills trench............. then its connected up and tested......... and if its Part P .......... that's done too.
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    fookin ell like some idiot is actually gunna sit through and read all this jeez get a life mate hahahahha you earthlings
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    Hello its ya boy Emperor Zurg just chillin just letting you know am new here sp please help a boy out to world domination peace, EZ I mean to of said SO
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    no you cnat use that mate jeeeez this is why people like you should be shot


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