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    Not If they go at night😂🤔
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    Comments added to opening post: Doc H.
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    Yes we're still here gents. We have gone through considerable change at SiS over the past 12 months, Megger Mark has indeed left as has Megger Mike. We have been taken over, new manager, departmental changes etc etc so our presence here has suffered I'm afraid whilst we work on pressing internal restructuring and HUGE learning curves all round. I am contactable if needed as @monkey5 did earlier in the week. I have replied to you fella on the subject of carriers and collection, I'm awaiting your response if you still want to progress this. It might be worth mentioning at this point that Megger Mark, great chap as he was had agreements and procedures in place with various people about all manner of things. Some of these are upholdable going forward, some aren't. He knew you all way better than I did over a much longer time and relationships were forged and agreements made. Some of these agreements won't pass scrutiny by our new owner and things will need to be taken on a case by case basis. We are open to all your enquiries and questions so please do ask, but it's possible that a few things may have to be done slightly differently from here on in. Please don't take this as 'we're not interested, or it's all over now' that's simply not the case. We will do what we can do and of course we want to service any and all of you with whatever we can, so shout up guys Thanks for your attention.
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    no, im sure youll manage just fine by listening to a mate who's a plumber who's heard something about a change of regs and what they are from his pet dog who overheard the postman talking about it. at least that way youll know all the changes without buying the book
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    Well,if it is he vowed/promised never to come back just remembering
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    Typical of Spurs, always tail off towards the end.
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    Exactly its not rocket science 🤔
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    What do you want to achieve? It is not as though it takes a long time to heat up, or even has the ability to stay warm. Unlike an old stone cottage, these things are warm when the heating is on, and stone cold 10 minutes later. I would just fit a frost thermostat to protect it when it gets really cold.
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    We have all the books in at the moment guys, apart from the GN's which are on a staged roll out right up until October. Here's the post from isswww IMPORTANT PLEASE READ The IET has advised us of a delay in their dispatch of the 18th Edition Guidance Note 3 until the end of July 2018. This means that any order containing this book will be part shipped to you from us with the Guidance Note flollowing on when they arrive into us. The demand for the 18th edition books has outstripped the current availability from IET, they are doing their best to get all existing orders filled. We are starting to dispatch all customer orders this week 5th July onward. THIS special bundle of Guidance Notes 1-8 will not be available in it's entirety until all books have been published and released by IET, the longest date (at this time) being October 2018. Pre order now for the discounted rate and staged shipping as publications become available. We're doing the bundle of GN's 1-8 for £232.75 + VAT.
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    Remarkably un- racist list there Kerch . I'd like to add one and ask you to expand on a couple I didn't understand. One of my own : Because of my age I remember West Indians , if not born here , spoke witt de haccent from deir homeland , and those born here spoke with a Brummie accent . Now all young ones speak with an affected patios which gets on my titz TBH. Now what the hell are :- Mockney Compton ? Drew Pritchard ? CGD boards ? Knightsbridge ? CCS Wire ?
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    Well, between you and me ( and I know it won't go any further) I got a Local List flyer through the door last week. Full page advert for a Proerty Maintenance company in that town up the road from me. NICEIC! Gas safe , FRICs.....hang on a minute, they are a bunch of estate agents! So I checked, and they are. So I dobbed them in to the NICEIC 😂. NICCY Are not happy and are pursuing it....fraudulent trading, false advertising, misuse of logo etc tyey WILL act when they want to, unfortunately not against dodgy work just saying
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    @SLIPSHOD & SLAPDASH is in Barnet, not far from you @ASethSmith
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    Do you understand the concept of retired?
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    I have to laugh sometimes ,after working on big industrial works, 100 Ton overhead cranes and jobs like the B,ham BT Tower ...the Cardiff Freight liner lighting towers ..... site forman ...supervisor..estimator on schools, hospitals , shops , blocks of flats , banks ...moving printing companies from A to B , 500A supplies , bit of jointing ... from the 13th edition --14th ---the 14th Metric ---the 15th --the 16th --- the 17 th. ............ ................ then the Part P assessor turns up and asks if I know how to isolate a circuit
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    As I mentioned earlier, I contacted Met Police and have just heard back from them. I am delighted to report that the page in question has been removed. Another small step for sanity.


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