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    It's not metal it hasn't got RCD/RCBOs bin it fit one from screwies sorted
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    I think guesstimates are acceptable. Just don't pay a thieving solicitor to do it. My wife did it herself last year after her father died, saving at least £3k
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    Firstly, thank you all for taking the time to respond to me. I’ll answer your questions you have raised first before going on and explaining myself a little more. @boltonsparky thank you for the YouTube suggestions I will spend some time watching their videos, I already watch a few sparks on the platform, favourites include Nick Bundy and Thomas Nagy. @binky My company will only train employees when it suits them. So unfortunately not, the best I could hope for is a days unpaid leave every so often to go to courses. @Sharpend thank you for the lengthy response, I really appreciate it. To start, the reason I want to be an electrician is personal preference. I do not want to continue earning money for someone else, and would like to work for myself. I realise there are many trades with which I could do this, but the reason I choose being a sparky is because I find it the most interesting and, so far, the most enjoyable (my grandfather is a chippy, my brother is a plumber and my dads a roofer). Thank you for confirming that my planned route into the industry is the correct way to do it, I am 29 years old, so even if it takes 10 years to get to where I want to be, then I am willing to work hard for it. 39 is still young… right? With regards to training and learning, I imagine it’s important to recognise who, and who not, to listen too. I have been here before in the aircraft industry, so hopefully I will be able to see through some of the “unfavourable” working methods that others may teach. A final note would be that, although I wish I made this decision 12 years ago, I am excited about the future and just hope I am making the correct decision. I am willing to work very hard for this and will Be constantly asking for guidance and reassurance thanks again!!!
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    Never mind the internet of everything …. I’m dealing with the sudden and unexpected death of my brother who was single and didn’t have kids he’s gone 100% paperless and with no access to his phone, desktop or laptop I’m really struggling to find out who his friends are …. Or pretty much anything else make sure you share your passwords with your loved ones is my advice
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    DC test sheet should cover what you need, something like this Solar Panel Test Sheet.pdf
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    it probably surpasses todays standards, fuse wire that actually works, and an install that was actually done to a standard, unlike todays ****e and MICC, that will be still perfect long after the nuclear war has killed the cockroaches I'm just amazed that none of the porclean fuse holders are cracked and taped up,,,,,,
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    There are now really only 2 CPSs NICEIC Napit there is another called Blueflame but don’t know much about them theres nothing really between them and if you live in England or Wales then membership of either of these is a no brainier really if you plan to do Part P work. My advice to you is to NOT use their software and use a 3rd party version if you join Napit, treat their code breakers book with care - it has incorrect coding in the 2nd edition, and the 1st edition was even worse As for EICR’s , you do not need any membership to do these, so don’t let anybody tell you otherwise have you done a budget and tried to work out your rates ? where in the UK are you? Rates vary a lot hope this helps
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    I Looked at it and thought hmm varnished plywood, but I dont get wood very often
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    you can sign off any work to 7671 simply by being competent.write out whatever EIC, MWC, EICR's you want (just dont use any that make you appears to be a member of someone when youre not, just use a blank and even if you are registered, dont give them free advertising) for domestic and part P work then to sign it off / notify for building regs then youll need to either register and pay a scam for the pleasure or pay LABC and go through planning permission and get them to notify it if you do decide to register with someone purely for notifying part p work then you dont need the 'optional extras', like paying more to be able to write EICR's. despite what they may say, there isnt any requirement for you to register with them other than to use their name on your reports
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    Despite being a cute cuddly kitten type of a person, I do have a couple of dislikes. I know it's hard to comprehend, deal with it! 1). Cable tie ends not cut off 2). Abandoned cable ties on lampposts etc.....I often wonder how many billions there must be there are a couple of other minor issues that irk me, maybe I should make a list?
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    Well it proves one thing, metal boards can be reused after a fire, try that with a plastic board!!


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