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    There's a bit of a furore on tv at the moment about that stupid bint that went off to ISIS and now wants to come home, I can't believe that there are idiots out there who want to let her back in! She's arrogant to think she can just waltz back like nothing has happened, she'll always be a danger to others and no way should she be allowed in. She's pregnant, and wants her baby here, she'll end up claiming a load of benefits, and if she doesn't get a decent house then no doubt she'll end up saying people have found out who she is so she'll get moved to a better area. What're your thoughts?
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    Thought SPD's were decided upon by a risk assessment? Do you have expensive computer equipment? - No. Do you live in an area where lightning strikes are common? - No. Do you need an SPD? - No. Job done?
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    It's a bit like the response to what non plastic cable clips have you got? And what CU's with 100A rated rcd's since we can no longer apply diversity to those. 4 years and 1 month and counting down..........
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    I heard someone on radio , was it "Any Questions"? Anyway , one of the brigade who are in positions of certain power in this country and who think we can home & feed the whole world in this small , bankrupt country . He said the girl had a British passport which we MUST honour and we MUST look to caring for the unborn child . Personally I do not agree with his sentiments . I'm guessing this pregnancy is , she hopes , her passport back . If the girl gets back in it will be on the strength of the unborn , terrorist's child , who we will then raise on benefits until he/she turns against us , straps on a bomb & blows himself to bits on the underground or somewhere. This traitor should NOT be allowed back , own beds & lying on them springs to mind , but I would be VERY surprised if she is refused entry knowing the stupidity of this country and that , of course , will create a precedent for all the others to return with their evil minds seething with hatred for this country .
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    If the Caliphate wasn't failing she wouldn't be hankering to come back. As she is now sat in a grotty refugee camp with no real way out she's running out of options. Bring her back, mine her for intelligence then bullet in the back of the head. Sorry I forgot, the Russian policy on terrorists doesn't sit well with snowflakes or human rights devotees not that she ever cared about anyone elses human rights except her own.
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    It’s just been announced that she has lost her UK citizenship ...... she had dual citizenship , but now doesn’t this apparently isnt isn’t the first time the home office has done this a good decision imho
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    Well now you need to do some re-wiring above the ceiling as you've mentioned downlights on a separate switch . You'd best change to hard wiring , you need a supply down from the ceiling rose to a junction box . You need to withdraw the cable from your switch , hook on a 3 core and draw it back down again ....take the 3 core to the JB . You need a cable from your driver to the JB . You need to loop all your downlights together and take the last loop to the JB . You'll need to remove the switch & fit a 2 gang . ( Not a 2 way!! ) I'll draw it out .
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    Of course she should be allowed back, Then questioned by MI5/MI6 Then tried for treason and hung.! It's really fairly simple.
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    The way I read 443.4, no SPD or risk assessment is necessary for single dwelling units where the total value of installation and equipment therein does not justify SPD.
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    There you are Clint , any more homework you'll have to do yourself mate
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    Paul, remember a phone call a couple of years back, we decided we were too alike and tended to rub each other up the wrong way. Probably why I get on so well with Phil, we argue, we sulk and become friends again………….. It’s been like that for years.
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    A new 50p coin has been struck to commemorate Brexit. Limited mintage of 999. It costs £12-50 from Poland
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    Why do you think you have had disagreements! You online persona are very similar in certain ways!
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    If you have a quick google... there have been a few.. e.g. https://www.expressandstar.com/news/transport/2017/08/02/wrong-way-car-crash-closes-m6-toll/ Including someone falling off a bridge... https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/midlands-news/m6-toll-traffic-crash-live-14327029 (with respect and thoughts to whatever brought anyone to drop off a motorway bridge.. and any family left behind) So it is not accident or hold-up free even though you have to pay to use it... I honestly think they ought to do a genuine survey of how much it could reduce congestion in other areas by operating it free for 12months... and count the "increased volume of traffic" AKA reduced volume of traffic on M6... As no matter how low the fee is, any payment of any type will deter some users... Consider someone commuting every day, 5days a week, 46 weeks of the year, who could make 2 journeys each day.. even at £1 per journey will cost £460 per year.. at £5 per journey that ramps up to £2300... {now that is a big saving if you can cope with the slower journey}
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    Anyone who has any dealings with young people in this country will know full well that the vast majority of youngsters are more than aware of their human rights etc by the time they reach senior school... So somewhere between ages 11 to 14, if you try to question them or correct them, they spout off you can't do that to me, or you can't touch me..... or even point a finger at me, or I will report you for harassment or assault or something similar.. There is no doubt whatsoever about any alleged naivety... They know exactly what they are doing and how to play-the-system for their benefit! Have the parents been penalised for not ensuring this "UK Citizen" attended school while she was still under school leaving age? Just as other UK parents are if they take little Jimmy out of class during term-time to visit Florida to see Uncle Gary who is very ill.... What on earth happened to the Responsibilities part of "Rights & Responsibilities" that I was always taught as a youngster... If someone chooses to disregard all of their responsibilities then in my book, they are not entitled to all of their 'claimed' rights as well... If you bunk off school cause you think the grass is greener elsewhere.. fine go.. enjoy... but don't think you can just pop back as when just because your rose-tinted glasses fell off.
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    The annual outlay for a generator and fuel will be far less than a bank of leisure batteries, an inverter and charging. Work out the economics then make the decision.
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    unfortunately she is a UK citizen so has a righ to return to the UK - that's international law. Howvever she has frist to get out of the camp and make it to a UK consulate, which will hopefully be difficult. My biggest issue is that she has shown absolutely no remorse, clearly meaning she still supports the cause. Normally my position would be she did something stupid as a teenager and everyone is allowed to firk up when young. BUT she is now 19, clearly is still convinced she didn't make a mistake joining ISIS, and therefore is an enemy of the state and all the values we hold in he UK. So as far as I am concerned she is nothing more than a piss taking courgette wit who wishes to sponge off the state and possibly plot our demise! Ergo she can firk off. If she does get here it will cost us £millions for a trial, re-education, benefits, housing and no doubt keeping her safe. I can think of better things to do with the money! Think she might be worried about this.... https://www.institutkurde.org/info/a-10-minute-trial-a-death-sentence-iraqi-justice-for-isis-suspects-1232551366
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    Don't worry, as soon as the baby is born, the father will apply for uk citizen ship...... And come to the UK too. Human rights lawyers will have a field day..
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    an 'accident' on the way here would be suitable
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    If it's a group of soldiers the most senior brings the rabble to attention and salutes the officer, only the highest ranking officers needs to return the salute. And judging by the age of the one at the back and his rank appearing to be a flight Lt then I would guess he's an ex warrant officer who has been commissioned and still has a massive chip on his shoulder.
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    yep. as for edge of space, it has to keep moving further away to stop the cats pushing stuff off it. same reason why the earth cant be flat


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