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    no need to fire seal it - regs say the enclosure is to be made from non flammable but it doesnt say the enclosure must be fire sealed if you wanted you could stuff some fire pillows in the wall https://www.firesealsdirect.co.uk/passive-fire-protection/fire-pillows-and-barriers/
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    Don't think too much into it mate, I just look at it as 45 minutes to an hour or so of escapism when I don't have to think about anything.
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    Exactly this, even wholesalers are still pushing them though, my local has a pile of schneider dual RCD's for around £70 each. As a budget upgrade against a very old non RCD board they offer a major improvement but in my opinion stop them being available and work on getting the RCBO prices down. Decent brand RCBOs are still north of £20, get them down to around £10 and they'd become an affordable option and most people would be converted. Unfortunately if they go with this AFDD rule in amd 2 there'll be very few boards getting changed by legit sparks, the no cert DIY Dave changes will be rife though.
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    hit, nail and head springs to mind BUT try discussing this with the typical person with a Screwfix catalogue on their kitchen table - all they want is the cheapest solution. my tact is to quote for a RCBO board I will supply and fit or I won’t do the job
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    no idea why some insist on using a core as a cpc when the armour is adequate. sometimes has its advantages but for the best part it doesnt
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    EXACTLY! So,why would anyone ever fit a dual RCD board! in my humble and , some would say , bigoted opinion they have never complied. Others may disagree, they are wrong, but are entitled to their opinion individual RCBOs all the way
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    I disagree, with a lot of modern technology comprising of switched mode power supplies, leakage is increasing, thus, the requirement for this not to exceed 30% of the RCD rating, 531.3.2.
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    Can a bearded man tell a bare-faced lie?
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    The only requirement was to be 'competent'. There has never been a requirement to be scam registered to test anything.
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    @Murdoch thanks for the advice I will definitely do that actually
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    standardised sales blurb you mean
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    I wish our new found status as "essential" would push us up the vaccination list......
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    As you have Prime have a look at Knives Out - an enjoyable Whodunnit.
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    +1 absolute carp and soooo far fetched watched the Chernobyl mini series for 2nd time last week. gripping stuff. have watched detectorists 3 times so far still like it. had free month of prime, watched the latest Grand tour, not impressed, cancelled it now.
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    Do NOT watch the film Skyscraper, please endured it the other night pure
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    So Folks, the latest update!, pretty sure you will have had your fill of this topic but here goes; I phone same company this morning, explain the issue, guy sends the same engineer out again. Pressure is at zero. Pressures it up to1\12. I mention to him Geoff's suggestion regarding the possible split in the plastic fitting and he says it is fine. He then takes the condensate trap out, takes pipe off and a good amount of water runs off, perhaps a litre or two. He then blows through the pipe and says it was blocked and he's cleared it, he's now 100% sure that was the issue. Powers up boiler and! Happy Days!! Heating and Hot water again. I check boiler 10 mins later and notice a constant drip coming from somewhere inside. I get myself underneath and notice that he has not refitted the hose retaining clip correctly to the trap. Anyway, managed to fix myself and so far so good, fingers crossed. Still watching out for pressure drop though and possible pipework issue. So really mean it folks, A big shout out to everyone who has taken time out to reply to this post and I hope that it will be of benefit to others in the future. Thanks again.
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    when my volt probes are being irritating, I also touch the cables together - no spark means its definetly dead!
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    easy way around that. and if its being sold as a calibration / check box, id expect it to be wired in such a way that it wont trip other RCD's. if it does trip other RCD's then quite simply it isnt fit for purpose
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    We are in Wales and as a devolved nation under the power of Labour first minister Mark Drayford. There has been a rise in cases , mainly in S Wales and areas like Wrexham. Here on Anglesey its 27 cases per 100000 which is 0.027% (I think). In his wisdom he has locked the whole country down. 7 hours notice, no non essential shopping, meeting indoors etc etc. No Christmas shopping, no dropping presents off before Christmas. Personally I think he should have locked down only the worst affected areas. As it is he had already shut the pubs down by stopping them selling alcohol. It seems there is an agenda to shut businesses and get us all shopping in big supermarkets and online places like Amazon (who are all doing really well through all this). Badly handled all round.
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    We're an island. Should have been a severe lockdown in march, not the mickey take that they actually attempted in March, Police and army on the streets asking people what they're doing and heavy fines for anyone not following the rules, borders closed to anyone. Ease out of lockdown but borders still closed to people, goods in only. Once rate of infection is down, reopen the borders to people in but only let loose after a 30 day quarantine. Do it right do it once. It's a virus, you can't catch it if you keep away from each other and clean your hands, it's simple, but this is the fundamental thing that people are incapable of doing.
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    you cannot use the full 90° thermosetting rating unless ALL associated terminals are rated at that temperature
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    ANY landlord that lets multiple tenants change in the 5 year EICR period without it being retested is, in my humble opinion, failing in their duty of care towards their tenants end of
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    Reason for change of tenancy is common sense applicable, reason being who knows if a Tenant has interfered with the electrics and potentially left it dangerous for your next tenant, so it is recommended that an inspection is carried out, the 5 year rule is applied to privately owned properties generally however this doesn’t rule out a person interfering with wiring etc. But the consensus is that the more people that live in a property the more likely it is that alterations etc will be made unknowingly. as for the cable between meter and the cu, under normal circumstances then the occupant is responsible however in a High rise or block of flats etc where the incomer is located remotely to the individual property then there is a third party involved called a BNO, building network operator ? Who are responsible for this section of cabling, but again the EICR requires the electrician to report on the condition of the supply cables and service head. This doesn’t mean that it’s your responsibility, it’s just a way of getting someone pay attention to it as how often does the DNO turn up and check it!!
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    Detailed pictures of the board would help us work out if they could be rectified wouthout changing the board. Sometimes changing the board offers better value. My initial thoughts are, the items could be rectified OR it is in such a bad state he has pulled up thing on it because it would be best replaced. My prices start at £240 for EICR (that is the minmum i want for my day to spend 4-6 hours on site and 1-2 hours on computer doing paperwork) £550 for fuseboard (£200-250 materials 8 hours on site and 1-2 at home on paperwork) My prices can increase depending on, how far it is from my base parking the logisitcs of doing the job (up a tower block with a 10 min journey to the van) the tennants ( if the place stinks with dogs running around my price increases) What is your time worth? pay him £660 and its all done for 5 years or pay for a new EICR and you might get the same outcome.


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