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    it also requires parents who value education and make sure their kids pull their fingers out of their fat arses!!! Ever notice how the immigrant communities push their children to study and learn and get a good education, whilst are own feckless twots moan that immigrants get all the jobs.....
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    When kids complain, "I left school with nothing", I really have to wonder, "And who's fault is that? Did you actually TRY to learn anything?
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    I think you could well find you have got this all a bit arse about face, and mixed up, back to front, and stored in the wrong toolbox..... (or something like that.) i.e... Where have you read any law or document that states a business cannot store any form of customer data for the purposes of its normal daily duties? From what I have read and understand the key points of GDPR relate to "THE PROCESSING" of data... and how you securely store any relevant data that you do keep.. Keeping a hard copy or electronic copy of an invoice or electrical certificate for the normal everyday functions of your business is an essential requirement to allow your business to continue trading. BUT... Processing that data for marketing purposes... or selling that data to third parties…. or leaving it open to unauthorised access.... Are NOT essential business requirements and without consent allowing you to process someone else's data you are in breach of their rights and GDPR.. e.g. Any data you do hold must be securely stored to prevent any unauthorised persons access to that data.. But there are NO fixed time limits, as an individual business may have different requirements around how they use their customer data.. Consider the following:- 1/ Last week I fitted an LED floodlamp with a quoted manufactures warranty of 5years.. so need to keep records of installation date/purchase date invoice ref etc.. for at least 5 years in-case Mr customer rings up saying it has gone faulty.. 2/ What happens if we get another manufactures recall due to exploding MCB's or the such like.. But you've binned all records of what jobs you've done or what was fitted where ???????? 3/ I am in progress doing the wiring for an extension at one of my old customers... Originally did work for them in June 2000... Over the 17+ years I have done 15 various jobs for them... But that fact that I have records of previous jobs and the circuit arrangements makes it all easier for me and the customer... etc... etc.... etc.... etc..... There are loads of similar such scenarios that make storage and retrieval of data essential to the smooth running of businesses large & small.. BUT all companies MUST ensure data they hold is only accessible to relevant authorised staff and not the general pubic.. AND you must ensure data is not stored on easily accessible or hackable devices … Or just left lying around where anyone can pick it up!!! Also there must be a named person who is ultimately responsible for storage, security and use of any customer data.. So there is a traceable responsibility path in the event of a data breach!! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/General_Data_Protection_Regulation#Lawful_basis_for_processing I have a printed document and a page on my Website stating the data usage and protection procedures adopted by my business...... It's worded as follows...
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    Well seeing as it appears all data retention is for max six years and the part p insurance scheme is for six years then I shouldn’t worry about it? Delete after six years?
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    To be pedantic it was BS 7671:2001 (2004). 🙂
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    20m is hardly any length at all, if its that close then ProDaves suggestion has got to be the best surely? Doc H.
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    So had a browse brown book 2004 and reg 601-09-02 states a fixed electrical accessory fixed in zone 1 requires a rcd 30mA.
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    I used to do a lot with mini's back in the day, which was odd because I didn't drive, there was however a reason for this. I worked in a steel works and we had a lot of fabrication kit, the boss used to turn a blind eye to us making things out of the scrap steel. I used to make battery boxes for mini's as well as subframe patches and floor pans, a lot of the lads ussed to drive them but couldn't do major repairs, I made a fortune doing bodywork and welding, then I started making those brackets that held the 4 spotlights on the front, I think they were about £50 from minisports, I made a fortune on them.Then I started de-seaming them, then one day I really started, a lad I knew from school came to see me, he's dad was hillclimbing champion in the 60's, in a mini cooper 1340s, and he wanted one, well he found a load of bits and we built one. Then a lad wanted a mk1 Ford Fiesta, XR2, but they were a fortune, so he bought a stolen recovered, basically a shell, and there was a young lad down the road who'd bought one, he could afford the car but not the insurance! Anyway he'd insured it 3rd party only and stuffed it into a ditch, total rightoff, we bought that, had the shell resprayed and using a mates barn I swapped all the bits over, perfect.Then a lad crashed his TR7, repair bill was £5k, ouch! Well I rang British Leyland, they had a place at Chester and told them I was building one as a project, they were great. They invited me down one Saturday morning and sorted out all the parts I needed, which was basically everything from the front bumper to the windscreen, not only that but they even gave me a set of drawings so I could get the dimensions right. The whole lot cost about £500 and when it was done it was good as new, The old guy at BL was brilliant, gave me loads of advice, I think being young at the time helped, he saw his self as a kind of mentor. Then there was the Ford Escort, to replace the cam you had to remove the head, it was quicker and easier to take the dashboard out, so thats what we did. then using a holesaw you drilled a 2" hole in the bulkhead and slid the camshaft backwards into the car, when you'd done it was a simple matter of putting a rubber bung in the hole.
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    I picked up a hitchiker as i drove along the road, he sat quietly for about 10 minutes then asked, "aren't you worried about me being a psychopath?" "not really" I replied, "what are the odds on two of them being in the same car" I,ve just had a message from one of those adult websites, "bored housewife 32 is available today" so I've sent her my washing, that'll keep her busy for a few hours. My mates getting married and his wife has picked a white wedding dress, I asked how come women always wear white, "because domestic appliances are always white" he replied. Knock knock, who's there? Grandad, quick stop the cremation. I was in starbucks and there was a guy sat opposite me, no laptop, no tablet, no I phone, just a cup of coffee, obviously a weirdo. Paddy ran into the pub, "quick mate, someones just stole your car" he yelled, "did you get a description?" I asked, " no" replied Paddy, "but I got the reg number" It's been snowing all night, so.... 8:00 I made a snowman 8:10 A feminist passed by and asked me why I didn't make a snow woman 8:15 So, I made a snow woman 8:17 My feminist neighbour complained about the snow woman's voluptuous chest saying it objectified snow women everywhere 8:20 The gay couple living nearby threw a hissy fit and moaned it could have been two snowmen instead 8:22 The transgender man..woman..person asked why I didn't make one snow person with detachable parts 8:25 The vegans at the end of the lane complained about the carrot nose, as veggies are food and not to decorate snow figures with 8:28 I am being called a racist because the snow couple are white 8:31 the Muslim gent across the road demands that the snow woman wears a burqa 8:40 The police arrive saying someone has been offended 8:42 The feminist neighbour complained again that snow woman's broomstick needs to be removed because it depicted women in a domestic role 8:43 The council equalities officer arrived and threatened me with eviction 8:45 TV news crew from the BBC shows up, I am asked if I knew the difference between a snowman and snow-women? I reply, "Snowballs" and I am called a sexist 9:00 I'm on the News as a suspected terrorist, racist, homophobe sensibility offender bent on stirring up trouble during difficult weather 9:10 I am asked if I have any accomplices...my children are arrested. Due to a predicted cold snap, mothers in Liverpool are being advised to wear 2 pairs of pyjamas when dropping their kids off at school.
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    Several years ago while working in a loft I came across some old volumes of Stubbs electrical encyclopedia,and the customer gave them to me,they were very old, around 1930,s I think. I read them and found them very interesting, it's nice to see how things have changed over the years, eventually I passed them on to Tony, he was writing some articles for the forum and they would be of help to him, I was happy to let him have them as he'd make good use of them. At the weekend I obtained another set of Stubbs, the second edition from the late 40's ,early 50's, it's amazing reading about the "exciting new developments" that are soon to replace some of the old methods, There's a section on lighting and much is made of the virtues of a new form of lighting, 'it uses less power, casts less shadows, has a longer service life and requires less fittings to light an area than would be required if using traditional filament lamps'. What, you may be wondering is the name of this new 'wonder light', well I'll tell you, it's something called 'fluorescent' and utilises glass tubes of varying lengths rather than traditional 'bulbs' I could just imagine how excited those electricians must have felt, reading about this fantastic new light, how they'd probably meet up in their local pub and who'd have the bragging rights for being the first one in the area to fit one, It must have been a bit like us today, remember how eagerly we awaited the LED, and how keen we were to get hold of one. It all seems so dated now, and to be fair it is,how different the wiring regs were back then, ELCB's were just coming out to, and they were discussed with great interest, how they could be used to protect circuits where people might use equipment that leaves them vulnerable to shock risk, such as power tools, or damp environments. Considering that today ELCB'S, or RCD'S as they are now have become a form of primary protection and are fitted to virtually every circuit. I wonder if, in 50 or 60 years from now, an electrician will perhaps come across a copy of the 17th edition or one of our other books and read, with much interest and no doubt some amusement about the latest technology of the day.
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    A nice end to a good memory.
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    This lady insisted we put the new pendants back in the same place, she thought it was quaint. I love working with, or more often now chatting with the older guys, they can tell you some cracking stories. I remember a few years back and I got talking to this old guy in the pub, his war stories were amazing, but he only ever had 2 pints, then went home.Anyway, I was back in work on Monday and the guy didn't go in the pub on a weekend, I went in on the Friday and we got chatting, he was halfway through his second pint and we were nowhere near the end of the story. In the end i kept buying him drinks so he'd stay until I found out the end of the story.It was a bit unfair of me really I'd buy him a drink and he'd say he was just about to go home, then I'd remind him of how rude it was to refuse a drink when someone has already bought it, the poor old boy was half cut by the time he left the pub, still I think he enjoyed it deep down, and If I can't buy a few beers for a war veteran then it's a poor lookout.
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    As the Doc says ... go with plan 2 , your plumbing will be in the same place . We often just fit some PVC trunking , YT4 You need an accessible isolating switch for your appliances
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    Are cabinets going the full length of that window wall? if yes then why not just leave them running on the surface behind the units? All units general have space at the rear sufficient for pipes and thus also cables. Doc H.
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    Nice to see I'm not the only nutter, although tbh I take a back seat these days, a few years ago when the kids were younger I used to start in August! I'd sort out all the designs, then the equipment needed, then the fabrication, usually by the end of November the kit was ready to install. I used to make these Christmas tableaux, a bit like the stuff you'd see in Blackpool, each frame was about 6 feet square and we had a different theme every year, they were so big we had anchor points on the wall at roof height and used to winch these things into position, the funny thing was though that the local kids used to wait for the final piece to go up, if it didn't then as far as they were concerned it just wasn't Christmas, believe it or not, the final piece was a Coca Cola fibre optic sign that I had acquired during a refit of the bar on Blackpools North Pier. We actually had a control panel for this lot, one guy down the road came up one night, he was a bit of a chav and I'd just started putting a few lights up, he told me I'd never beat his display, (excuse me I wasn't aware it was a competition) he'd got one of those stick on plastic silhouettes in each window and a rope light down the fence, I was just putting some small garden stuff up. His face was a picture when, a couple of days later he came up again, "what the hell are you, a nutter?" he asked when he saw all the stuff in place, "no, just an electrician" I replied. One night we were sat in the lounge and I heard a noise outside, it sounded like a large truck stopping, I looked out and there was a fire engine on my front! I went out to see if anything was wrong and got chatting to the firemen, "it's ok, mate, the police and ambo will be here in a few minutes, don't worry" one of them told me. Don't worry, there's already a fire engine and apparently, the police and ambulance are on their way, what's going on? I needn't have worried though, it turned out they'd heard about my display and had driven past on their way back from a job to see if it was as big as they'd heard, it was, they'd put a call in to the local cop shop, they were pretty quiet, so decided to come and have a look, they'd contacted our small local ambo station, yes, they too were quiet, of course they'd like to see it, they'd be along shortly. It was hilarious seeing them all arrive, a riot van full of coppers and the 2 local medics in an ambulance. We even used to get minibuses full of oap's rolling up early evening, they'd just sit in the bus and look at the lights. Everyone knew our house and I enjoyed seeing the little kids faces, I don't bother these days, but I enjoyed giving a little bit of pleasure to loads of people, and the kit didn't go to waste when I packed in, it went to 3 different families and they still use it now. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE.
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    Well the Christmas month has started and up goes badgers lights a advisory alert that your lights may dim from now until next year with our new lighting display going up at the moment I've excelled myself this year as there are 11 000 lights going through the garden with pictures to follow in the coming days
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    As above it's up to whoever did the remedial works to certify that work. I certainly would not ever reissue an EICR with "Satisfactory" on it. It's a snapshot in time and the certified remedial works will demonstrate that those problems have been rectified. But other things may have changed with the installation.
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    Submit this comment to memory ...it should be written into the Regs . I think the first thing I'd do is to chuck the controllers into the nearest skip . Some of these hi - tech accessories are the work of the Devil Himself !! A common thing I don't like with them is they don't actually ever switch off ..... as in a 3mm gap etc .
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    seems to be a 'club' of overpaid winkers, who insist on getting paid loads cos all the other winkers get paid loads, for suppossedly 'directing' the buisness to great financial success. S'funny how they also get paid loads to piss off when they fail... OOOH I've found a hole in the swear filter
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    Bunch of W ⚓️ s, the lot of them end of!
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    I damn well would !!! I know Specs would disagree but its a useful weapon , specially if its under building control. Use BS ... do your tests but tell them you need to come to come back to do "final test" and issue cert , if you can have my cheque ready when I call .... Perhaps quote should say " Certs issued with final payment" Lets compare......... take your car in for repair ..... man gives you the bill... you pay him... he gives you the keys.


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