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    ...................just read a story to your cat .
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    I do agree it was insane closing our coal mines and later closing our coal powered power stations without even attempting to clean them up or try out carbon capture on them. Closer t my heart is closing down our nuclear industry so we can't build our own now, if we want one we have to pay a foreign country to build it.
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    maybe i try to do things properly and think about what might happen with stuff in the future?
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    Was it near Burnt Oak? I bet the rest of the trees were petrified. Reverend Sparky in SA will be on the beech and Tony will be sycamore tree jokes.
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    They can simply wait until the end of the agreement and then serve notice is my understanding ..... seen it done a few times to get rid of irrational tenants
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    I think you will struggle to find anything that states the electrics should be checked properly before renting out .....
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    Irrespective of who the sparky is a member of, the fact that he is related to the Landlord is far more important........ I suspect they will agree on everything 100% - so complain at your peril ................ he might serve notice on you All you can do is await the completion of said works and then commission your own EICR for your own piece of mind
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    Not strictly true on many counts unfortunately for those of us "in the business". The requirement for domestic & rental properties under building regulations is covered by the explanatory document covering Part P of the building regulations. Even though a rental property is a dwelling, as it is run as part of a business, it could easily be argued that EAWR applies, and thus the overarching requirement of competence of "operative" is an absolute requirement. As far as using the NICEIC and getting a competent person to the property to do the work, unfortunately this is also a false assumption. Not all persons working under the NICEIC Approved Contractor scheme where the Qualified Supervisor model is in place. It is entirely possible that under the NICEIC scheme the person attending the premises will not be qualified what so ever, and that is acceptable under the rules of the scheme. I hasten to add, this scenario cannot occur with one person contractors as the one person needs to meet all the requirements, where as in a large company different people hold different roles, and as a result the actual operatives do not need to be qualified electricians, or as I have said be qualified or competent at all.
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    He's just got back to me Monkey , unfortunately he got rid of it a couple of years ago ....I didn't know . Sorry about that ...I don't know of anywhere else .
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    Well the billions we have given India has allowed them to use their own money to develop a space agency of their own??? Now of course we’re not that stupid why have our own when we can share!!!!
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    As I keep saying ..ad Nauseum ... we think we are a big important country but we're not , yet somehow , even with thousands of industrial jobs gone forever , we are apparently , wealthy .....no idea how or why . Personally I think we live from month to month but we still feel the need to give billions away in foreign aid ....I'd love to know where all that ends up .
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    Biggest change since I started work as a 16 year old apprentice straight from school..... (excluding health and safety, which now means half of our normal working practices would have been illeagal!!)... Is the general concept of Time, or lack of urgency around most jobs.... The idea of next day delivery for mundane everyday items was a non starter... Non-stock items that weren't off the shelf would probably have to wait for the next weeks delivery van run before you could get them... Jobs seemed to be either big or small, depending upon the number of guys working together on site.. Small job may be; One qualified bloke, one just out of his time nearly competent to work alone, plus a new apprentice just started.. Bigger job; may be half dozen qualified guys, and a bunch of newly qualified or apprentices, probably 10 or more working as a team... But the jobs didn't appear to be urgent or non-urgent... just a case of get on with it till its finished... If you ran out of something part way through a job, that just meant a longer tea break, while you went off to ring the office to order something else that you may then be able to collect in two or three days! Basically the work environment was more laid back and less stressed.... quite possibly not the most efficient... but more enjoyable and more conducive to teaching the younger lads new skills and giving them time to do hands on practice... While still having qualified assistance standing by should it be needed to take over. The modern work environment just doesn't have the manpower or the time to properly pass on skills and knowledge to anyone who is wanting to learn a trade. For some reason Time has become too expensive... And everything is urgent... Even non urgent jobs... people seem to want done tomorrow???? I have my regular customers primed and taught to understand realistic time scales... But you still get new customers ring up asking if you can come out that day or tomorrow to do a job.. If you say I can pop round in two weeks for some reason they sound aghast??? Yet two weeks is quite a short time, when compared to old days of mail order... You would post off an order and the delivery terms would say... "Allow 28 days for delivery". With all of our labour saving tools and devices, we should have more time not less.. But somehow Time itself doesn't appear to be working the same anymore? That is a BIG change!
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    To follow MI, you could fit a 16A MCB in an enclosure in the base cabinet below the hob, towards the front high up, labelled "hob", in the cable between isolation switch and hob.
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    I am no expert at all in these matters, but it seems to me that the root of all this was that courgettewit Thatcher. The attack on the miners [who were later proved entirely correct] was nothing but "class war" The courgettewit knew that she had to destroy the unions and turn people against each other, and was prepared to do just that at any cost. Meanwhile, joe public was allowed to go and buy up all the social housing at a fraction of what it cost. House prices went up, [as they would]. and half of these muppets took out further mortgages, and also turned their backs on the unions, as they had convinced themselves that they were now "middle class" and what did they want to be in a union for. Now they were up a creek without a paddle.. back in the union days, there was NO WAY that you were going to be allowed to work as an electrician unless you actually were one, and secondly, you had "job demarkation" I remember in the hospital years ago, i was going to change a light bulb, and once i was going to paint a wall. On both occasions i was told "NO WAY" as apparently the whole lot would have walked out on strike.. No though, anyone can call themselves an electrician, and, having destroyed their own unions and trapped themselves into great big mortgages, the average worker could not even afford to go on strike even if they wanted to. They undid EVERYTHING the labour movement had done to improve the lot of the working man. Now they wonder why people from Romania think they can do a 3 month course and turn up here and be an "electrician" Fact is, they CAN... They might not get a job in industry, but the average householder does not care, all they want is it works and it was cheap. Think the government will help?? Dream on. It suits them. NO WAY do they want the working man to regain any sort of organised group power, if you like. Divide and rule, and that is what they have done. You have all undermined yourselves... john..
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    Yes I must agree I do like things to be done properly too, don’t see much of this these days, it seems to be taught out of the current generation. But there is an odd dilemma with this topic though, if you can buy the conversion kit separately, what was it designed for if not to convert the old into the new? Is it not only the casing that remains unchanged?
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    If it's a new install I would have done it properly. 10mm feed for big induction hob (if you turn the max power down performance is rubbish and customer will be disappointed) and 6mm feed for oven. Each with own isolator switch and apropriately rated mcb at the CU For this oven you could get away with a 2.5 feed, but I like to install 6mm even for an oven to cover all options in the future.
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    Well well, Andy has swallowed Sidewinder
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    The internet giving all the trade secrets away. Same with all trades though.
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    And don't forget a label saying "LED tubes only". There's always a numpty somewhere following you
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    It's also a handy quick way to sort out a dodgy gear tray on a run of interlinked weatherpak flus where swapping the fitting is a PITA GUT fitting keep tray and endcaps pair of mains to one end simples done loads at the stables......5 mins max per fitting including dropping cover clips on floor 😂
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    It does but when we need the power we can’t make the wind blow or the sun shine.
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    It’s good to see solar and wind pulling their weight keeping the lights on.
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    I cedar thread's poplar - probably fir alder plane talk (acacia wondering)...
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    Durex pleasure Gel Ylang Ylang flavour by any chance? just saying
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    Must have been an Ash tree 😀


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