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    A faulty rcd should be replaced, not removed, and unless it is an obscure make, should be easy and cheap to get. The 6 circuits without an rcd. Sounds like it was wired to 16th edition. Those, or some of them, should have had extra cross bonding earthing. It's possible that was not done and that is what he is talking about. Either install the bonding, or fit an rcbo for that circuit to remove the need for it, No new board needed. What IS needed is a better electrician who understands the rules.
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    If you need to phone the police to report a crime taking place, mentioned that there are at least 2 people and they are less than 2 metres apart. they will still get away with theft due to lack of resources, but at least theyll get a fine for standing too close to each other
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    so when you go shopping at morrisons, tesco etc, do you go in with a price list from their suppliers and expect them to sell you everything for what they pay? dont forget, included in the price is the person has had to go buy them, and it will also cover any warranty. supply it yourself and if there's a problem then you will be paying for it to be fixed
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    Not allowed...non essential journey
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    dampness in a new element is not all that common, but it does happen and it can be dried out reasonably easy but only if you know what you are doing
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    The OP did say its a "nationwide" franchise - so sell, sell, sell is the goal probably You probably wont be able to post an attachment until you hit 10 posts. (and if you can please redact anything pertaining to your address or the companies details) So no codes? can you type in the first comment as an example
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    So in answer to your original question, if they both have standard 13A plugs, then using the double socket you mention is probably OK - but beware that if the RCD trips, both units will lose power Hope this helps
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    God forbid that it takes this long BUt if we are locked down for 3 months there is a good chance I may be able to make a start on the garage /workshop tidy out. meanwhile...... All polished out and awaiting delivery of foot spikes and ferrules next week...to be continued
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    What this does expose is exactly how lowly electrical work is regarded, I can’t imagine many plumbers getting customers who expect to pay cost price for goods/materials so why expect that of electrical works?
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    Hope it all goes ok... Cannot be much fun though.. john
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    Are you doing your own hip replacement Kerch ?
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    When you go shopping anywhere, do you buy without checking the price first?
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    Why would you assume that? I would suggest that this would be an entirely unreasonable and improbable assumption to make.
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    The first person to go on the Dyson Ventilator seems to be "picking up nicely"
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    At least this doesn't apply to The Archers which will be recorded by each actor , separately at their home and pieced together . Not that I listen of course , but I do hope Linda gets better soon ....not sure about the builder who set fire to Grey Gables though . So I'm told .
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    has he promised any certification?
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    which also means his wiring has been more neglected and left untouched. lets hope he doesnt need an RCD to work that one time when he or someone in the house gets a shock
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    you also need to test the elements when hot... the reading can be completely different to that of cold
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    Hold on , what’s tripping ? mcb? rcd? if it’s the mcb, what’s the rating of the breaker? And what do the manufacturers instructions say about the necessary supply ? are you sure it’s the same load as the old unit ? and what do you mean about the new location ?
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    Unplug the wires from each element in turn MAKING SURE YOU NOTE WHICH GOES WHERE and test the insulation of each terminal of the element to earth. If those are okay, test the insulation of the windings of each fan motor to earth. then there is the light bulbs inside each oven, if you still have not found the problem.
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    er... insulation resistance?
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    Sorry....typo......I meant STAIRS Takes me to the stairs stairs
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    I'm not sure how they get you onto a government list like that, or even that they had such a list (when they sent a message to everyone in the country earlier this week, they had to ask the mobile companies to do it for them!) My colleague and I have PDFs of letters from some of our clients (care and grocery sectors) classifying our maintenance on their sites as essential, but AFAIK it should not be required at present; you are allowed to travel to work if its not reasonably practicable to work from home, and construction sites have not been ordered to close. Simply saying "I am travelling to work Officer, as it cannot be carried out remotely" should be enough. Several forces seem to be overstepping their marks though, I expect they will be told to be a bit more sensible about it soon. They'd be better off dispersing groups of youths hanging around on pavements, rather than harassing people traveling alone in vehicles
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    dont worry, im sure there will be a complaint about that too


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