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    Welcome to the forum. I suggest contact the respective manufactures for their advice. As anything related to dimming LED's can open cans of worms when trying to establish what loads a particular dimmer is compatible with. The best guide wherever possible is to have the same make of dimmer and load. As when things do go pear shaped one manufacture can't blame the others piece of kit. I think the two biggest pains in the rear within the industry today are; continual changes to BS7671 and Dimming LED's! Doc H.
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    I hear the sound of nails being hit on the head there Doc.
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    Racism is imbedded in suitable forms eg what we do we generally think of Gypsies? News reporting of a stabbed white child will harp on about the future they have lost, but doesn't do the same for black children, so we just assume it was gang land drug fight. Our opinions are 'coloured' by the subtle, constant, negative reporting. When recruiting apprentices I liked to pick young people from poorer backgrounds who showed a desire to improve themselves, now there arn't many black or asian people in Plymouth, and less that wanted to be a sparky. There are a few asylum seekers, and I was quite tempted by a Libyan fella who apparently had been a high level bodyguard, but generally I went for white kids because I wanted to help my own community first. That in it's own right, looking back with hindsight, could be deemed racist, it was certainly predjudiced based on my own laziness to understand that actually the BAME candidate could well have been a much better option, because to succeed in a 'new country' you have to work twice as hard as the locals - something I hadn't considered. It is these small decisions that hold back the BAME community, and prevents their proper integration into our society, and no, I'm not proud of my own behavior. Oddly enough I did have a Hong Kong Chinese office manager, but I can't see the general public wanting 3 million more in the UK. I did hear on the radio that they are considering building Hong Kong 2 up in the North West - I quite like that idea.
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    When wiring new houses and the customer chooses the light fittings, I now advise they go straight back out and buy a heap of spares and keep them safe, because WHEN they start to fail, it will be most unlikely they will be able to buy the same by then. One house I did all the rooms had these large, very thin LED flat panel lights which was a case in point.
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    sensus fidelium - Catholic extremists, so not surprised they have raised issues of homophobia and family. There is a contimued subtle bias agaianst Roman Catholics in the UK - just look at our history teaching us about the Spanish Armada and Guy Fawkes, and more recently the IRA. Racism and predjudice are all about ignorance, combine that with a big gob and you have the likes of Trump! It's fair to say, those with the biggest gobs get most press, and that tends to be extemists. Social media doesn't help either, it learns waht you look at and like, then feeds more of the same towards you thereby reinforcing polarised attitudes You have to remember the 2 videos are only the recent cases caught on camera, how many more cases aren't filmed? Floyd had also been 'clean' for 10 years, which would suggest he was an 'angry young man' and behaved accordingly. In the USA it seems quite clear to me that black people are definetly treated differently in some areas. Black people also complain about being treated differently in the UK, such as when the SUSS laws were being enforced, the cops wouldn't bother white young people walking down the same road at the same time as young black people. In all this, the historical stuff is just that, how we deal with the situation going forward is the more important question, but you need to understand history to learn the best way to progress.
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    Having listened to the first half of you first video I have to say that that is exactly my mantra, it is not about the colour of skin it’s about the integrity of the person.
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    The contacts in the bottom of the lamp holders are often made with a bit of springy metal. If they are that type they become squashed over time and then don't quite contact a new lamp. It is then possible to prise the contact up again, very carefully, just a millimetre or so, using a small screwdriver. I'm a bit reluctant to suggest this as I'll be pounced on for encouraging you to poke around in a lampholder, so I will emphasise, if you are going to do it SWITCH THE SUPPLY OFF AT THE CONSUMER UNIT, - NOT JUST THE WALL SWITCH first
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    It’s the comments “That’s not how we do it” or ” you people don’t understand our ways “ that get up my nose. This is the UK. try that attitude in France and see how it goes down!
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    I understand what you are saying... But there is also another side to the coin, where certain people choose to use their skin colour as an excuse for being outside of the normal rules of society.. The underlying problem in society as a whole is still fundamentally wealth & authority... and those with little wealth or authority learn how to play the system to get as much as they think they are entitled to.. which is typically learnt as a child via their parenting or lack of parenting... Irrespective of skin colour! But if two youngsters are confronted for the exact same breach of rules, replies typically include phrases like... "You can't do that to me", "I know my rights", "I am entitled to this that or the other" etc.. but if one happened to have dark skin, they also add... "you can't do that to me your being racist". I have experienced the above accusations numerous times while assisting to run a youth centre in our town from around 1995-2015.. Even though the rules were applied equally to everyone! So teenagers born and bred in the UK, have grown up with an attitude that prevents them from recognising the exact same rules that all other members of society should adhere to.. also apply to them, yet if they breach the same rules.... somehow skin colour is the cause? So where do they get this perception from... parents, school, mates, media??
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    i did ask but still waiting on an answer
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    liverpool may be the same in a few weeks
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    sounds like auto arrange has been turned off on that folder. what operating system are you using?
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    I hear what you are saying miss Swede, but when they sit and call another country their homeland even though they are British then what are we to say that isn’t deemed to be ignorant? here are the facts. There isn’t one person alive from any race that has endured slavery as per their reference to ‘Slavery’ it was many generations ago so when are they going to get over it? If I were go on about how my ancestors were run out of their country of origin then I’d have a massive chip on my shoulder but the reality is that was then it is not now, I was born in this country, it’s all I know and it’s all that relevant, me hanging on to something that I can’t change or didn’t endure makes me a pretty sad person? How will I ever move forward, how would I integrate with those that I’m actually alive with? what happened in the past is exactly that the past, should I be aware of it of course, have we as a human race learnt from it, yes that’s why the world has evolved. So who is making the colour of skin a problem? I rest my case.
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    on the subject of the slavery trade , didn't the ships travel in a triangle? Ship from UK to west Africa - where west africans "sold" their country folk to the brits Ship from west africa to the carribean - where the bits sold the slaves to the locals & bought sugar mainly Ship from Carribean to UK - where the brits sold the sugar then set off again Now we all know what our ancestors did, but what about the people in west africa doing the selling? aren't they to blame too - or is their part in this air brushed out of history?
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    Getting back to the original point of this discussion. @misssweden I'm sure can argue this far better than me. White women still havn't achieved equality in the UK, so what chance does anyone of colour have? It's not that people with a coloured skin, or women, can't rise to higher levels of society, or white kids from a poor background, but they have to work twice as hard to do it. My uncle Mo, who is Fijian rose to a mangement level in his career, but got stuck at a certain level and ended up training white poeple to take the next level up. Oddly enough he wasn't bitter about it, all he said is that this is a 'white man's country' . If you watch a lot of history programmes like I do, I find it interesting how things cycle. Currently we seem to be swinging towards priveledge and money taking control. The country (in fact all countries) has always done better when people are promoted on 'merit' ie they have the talent and skills needed, not happen to be born with a silver spoon in their gobs. We need to find and promote talent from all parts of society (and abroad?) if we want this country to be 'great' once again.
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    Differnet cultures will have different standards, we do need to do more to educate some of the immigrant population. I was really aiming at morals at a high level. We have a government that seems quite content to issue lies such as counting gloves by individual glove, and altering posts to say they warned about Covid last year, and giving contracts to 'mates'. . Then there's companies like Brighthouse that deliberately exploit the poor (and thick / desperate). Companies increasingly using palm oil despite the clear evidence that it is destroying the rain forest. Fashion deliberatley promoting changing your clothes on a weekly basis which is also dreadful for the planet, expolits child labour etc etc All in the name of making money. And lets not forget things like Nestle promoting breast milk substitutes as being better than the tit. Stock market companies that have internet systems that are faster than yours, so when you click on shares you want to buy they have pushed the price up in the milliseconds it takes you to complete the transaction (how is that legal?). I'm not against people making money, but the selfish, greedy nature of capitalism quite appalls me at times. And so the common man, sits and watchs the behavious of the rich and powerful, and we wonder why they then behave in selfish stupid ways.
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    Well I certainly continue to be adversely affected. I will re evaluate and make the actual decision on 14th July. ALL I have done since lockdown is small urgent repair jobs. I have just ordered the parts for my first non repair job in 3 months, and that is only a days work. So yes I continue to be adversely affected. Other trades I know are much the same. I don't work on big sites, just directly for individual customers and at the moment most of those don't want strangers in their houses doing work.
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    The big problem to be faced in Britain is now rearing it's head . All financially sound countries can support and assimilate a certain degree of immigration but few have allowed uncontrolled immigration to the level that Britain has . Every government in the last 50 yrs had the floodgates wedged open without considering the future population spurt . It started in the 1960's , everyone worked , newspapers had pages of Sits.Vac , kids left school at 15 & went straight into apprenticeships , unheard of today . Factories were banging out goods to the world like there was no tomorrow . And now we are here ....it is tomorrow ..... the factories are silent , the ship builders are gone , the steel works are closed , the mining industry finished, British cars virtually non existent and we have a population that has grown out of all proportion ...many of whom think its normal to live off the state . This city council publishes leaflets etc in about 50 languages . This is a small country . No government has ever had the balls to shut the gate .
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    Good old white privilege, please tell that to the children who used to work in factories in dire conditions often getting killed and maimed with no medical or welfare support. The farm workers who were tied to the landowner and unable to leave the land they worked on under punishment of death. All of them indigenous white people in the UK abused legally by people with money and power. I served with the Gurkhas for 5 1/2 years and was subjected to racism on a daily basis for being a white round eye but that was fine because it was their way. My biggest bug bear is the media bias in all of this, it appears to me to be leaning very much left and I find it difficult to find impartial and accurate reporting. Our main media outlets are the worst offenders for creating more divide.
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    We don't seem to see the " unfairness card " or "Look at how dreadful we are treated card " played by Asians , particularly those who were thrown out of Uganda , leaving everything behind , yet appear to prosper in this country . Just saying .
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    Thanks for posting that Phil d I think it belongs in here . I'm sure everyone one here wishes Tony the very best , I certainly do , and lets have you back on board soon . Best wishes from Deke in Brum .
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    my post has a typo never put that many led lights on the same switch
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    Traineeboy.. Cable calculation is very involved, but i will try to give you a bit of an idea.. First thing, you need to do is to decide the design load.. Let us say 30A Next you need to decide upon an OCPD to protect the cable.. That is what the OCPD is for.. 1, protecting the cable, AND 2, providing ADS, so that in the event of an earth fault [that may cause "exposed conductive parts" like say the the metal casing of a piece of equipment] to become "live" in the event of a fault, the supply is cut off in the required time to prevent cable damage and reduce duration of electric shock!!. [look up "disconnection times] Yes, the current carrying capacity of the cable is important and you need to check this, and there are various calculations involved based on "installation method" etc.. BUT and it is a very big BUT, usually the deciding factor is one of two things.. either volt drop, or EFLI. From this, you can see that the CABLE has to be selected to suit the OCPD, NOT the load at all.. Never mind what the actual incoming voltage is, you just take it that at the origin of the installation, [where the DNO supply cable ends at the cutout meter etc] that the voltage is 230v.. You know what the load current is, and you can look up from tables what the volt drop in millivolts per amp per metre is, so knowing the 3 or 5% bit, you can select a suitable cable from the point of view of volt drop.. Next thing, you need to look up what the maximum Zs is for the OCPD, or work it out for yourself.. I always work it out myself..... Lets say we had a 32a one, a "B" curve one... Now to make this trip off in the required time, [both 5 seconds AND 0.4 seconds is the same current required] we need a fault current to flow of FIVE times the 32A.. This equals 160A.. Now, the calculated Zs for our circuit [so that in the event of a fault enough current will flow to trip the OCPD] must be no higher than 80% of the ACTUAL Zs would be [like if we went out and measured it] The idea is, that if there is a fault, the cable would obviously get hot, and this increases the resistance of the copper, [so that less current would flow] so we have to have an allowance orf 20% to allow for this.. I do it like this though.. The reciprocal of 0.8 is 1.25... So, remember the 160A?? Multiply this by 1.25, you will end up with 200A Now, in the rules, they now decide that you have to pretend that the supply voltage is only 218v [i think it is] [to allow for volt drop caused by the fault current] So divide 218v by the 200A and you will end up with 1.09 ohms.. This is the MAXIMUM earth loop impedance that we can have measured at the END of our circuit.. [the earth loop is the route the "fault current" would take if you were to short the earth and "live" together, so from the cutout all through our "live" cable, across the fault, and all the way back down the earth cable to the earth terminal] You will be thinking.. "what about the resistance of the cables going back to the power station then??" and this would be correct.. That is what "Ze" is.. Now, you can either measure Ze, or ask the DNO, but the USUAL maximum figure for TNS is taken as 0.8 of an ohm and for TNCS, as 0.35 of an ohm and the DNO try [but do not guarantee] to make sure that these figures sre not exceeded] Even though we can measure Ze and find it is generaly lower than this, it is good practice to assume these figures [the ones above] are correct so that even if the supply from the electric board gets worse our circuit design is still ok!! So, we have worked out for our 32A "B" curve OCPD that we need a maximum Zs of 1.09 ohms. Take from this the Ze, [say we are on TNS, so 0.8 ohms] to leave 0.29 ohms.. We now need to go back to the cable makers charts to find a cable where the figure for R1 + R2 [R1 being the "live" leg of our cable and R2 the earth leg, remembering that the CPC can be smaller than the "live" [think twin and earth] or of higher resistance material [steel armour instead of copper cable] is LESS than the 0.29 ohms for the length of cable we need, and we are good to go!!! There is more to it than this, but the above will give you the basics.. You will find that for any longish lenght of cable, that even though you might THINK that you only need a cable that can carry 32A, you might ACTUALLY need one that can carry, say 80 odd amps if not much more], just so that volt drop and EFLI [Zs to you!!] at the END of the circuit are low enough... Hope this helps.... john..
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    In short - yes. Because the way the world is, being white means that you (and me), come from a position of power. I’m fully aware that most of you do not share my views, that’s fine. But take a look at this thread and take the time to really read what you’re all saying. Out there in the world of protest people aren’t saying ”ONLY black lives matter”. Of course all lives matter, no one is saying they don’t. BUT, this is an opportunity to take a look at systematic and institutional racism (yes, it does exist as much as some of you will no doubt argue and deny). This thread reads as if some of you are scared of what would happen if people of colour were given true equality to white people. Are you feeling threatened? Most of you are, as white men, on top of the human food chain. Please, take a moment to really think about your privilages. This is not to say that your life isn’t difficult, or it’s been easy. But think about your words in this thread. Imagine that someone has that same attitude towards you, for something that you’re born with and have no control over. Imagine how that would feel. I am, by the colour of my skin, just as privilaged as you. And it’s not something I have really thought of, not even been really aware of because I’ve just taken it for granted. And I have found it very uncomfortable to challenge my views, and think about some of my own behaviours. I have however been an only woman in a male environment for many years, and there are times where I’ve really wished that someone would see things from my perspective. So this is me attempting to do as I wished others have done to me, which is opened your eyes, used your ears and seen past your own prejudice. Angry ranting Swede over and out.


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