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    basically, the 'installer' can hold the customer to ransom by programing a code that no one else can change therefore making their own equipment useless unless you go to them. its a feature i never did like or agree with much
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    AFAIR there is no mandatory requirement to note the number of accessories on an EICR and I rarely do it , but my sketch of the property will show where they all are, and on which circuit they are on. EICR's are a very contentious subject - just make sure your PI insurance is up to date
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    Work n progress. Made out of bits kicking around in workshop, and some salvaged handles. Need something smaller for the length adjuster. Needs sandin, coat of varnish, some felt pads fitting to the 'jacks' and cushioning on the two recesses for forend and stock
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    I forgot to add....it's a partition wall, stud/plasterboard. We're covering all bases and having the fire risk assessement shortly as well as input from BC for level 7 guest house. I think I'm getting the general feeling a permanent live can be taken from the switch, up the cavity and along to the lights where the unit will sit but we'll get input from an electrician. I can appreciate without looking that it's a hard call but I suppose the query boiled down to ability to use exisitng wiring to the led and just feed in a live or due to regs having to install a brand new wiring circuit (if you follow)...never seen a single core live before, its always been two or t&e. Obviously just routing a single core live wire would not be tooo bad.
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    The basic problem is there are not enough deaths to warrant changing any rules or regulations... Although we all see bucket loads of rubbish work during our regular daily work schedule... IF no-one has actually died.. then no-one gives a flying fig.. AND.. there is no incentive to amend/change any legislation as it all costs money... Making DIY electrical work illegal... combined with a high profile advertising campaign over a 12month+ period to illustrate the dangers of electricity... would go some way to educating joe-public to only use competent tradespersons!
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    Well, I’m using the old one for jobs on the go and the new one on new jobs so swapping between them. noticed some good and some not so good, when comparing with the old one - that said I haven’t had time to properly read the manual ill do a thread about it when I’ve got some spare time
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    See you’re getting wiser already
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    Thanks Fleeting. Cheers Sharpend. Have made mind up.....walking
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    I would just walk away from it, it could come back to bite you.
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    I wouldn't add a cooker direct to a RFC which isn't protected by a 13A fuse Bad design and implementation - and if the NIC suggest its OK - then they need educating! What is the combined load of the 2 ovens when taking diversity into account and if they are going to be near each other could you use a dual outlet plate?
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    Further to that there is the confusion over what a proper qualified electrician is. Some are adamant the only way is via the time served route, others say courses are fine, I think the only general agreement is that the short courses aren't ok. I've seen bad work done by older time served and bad work by the course qualified. The scrutiny of the actual work done is the critical part I think. Random spot checks are the only way, but think how many trading electricians there are and how many inspectors we'd need to be doing multiple random checks a year. Unfortunately as with everything in this country I'm convinced if it was implemented it would be a poorly executed show. I do like your idea though.
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    I agree, the issue isn't the current registeration bodies, it's the fact that they are weak and allow half trained people to be registered and trade. IMHO we need to be more like the French, ie you can't trade unless registered, and you have to be properly qualified to achieve that. On top of that we need a single registration body that is a charity not a money making quango, with less influence by OEMs and greater scrutiny of work done. The later part is the hardest to achieve, should that be multiple inspections per year/ random turn up to see what you are doing that day/ direct contact with a customer to ask if they can see what you have done? We wil never completely get rid of cowboys, but we can certainly make it much harder for them to trade. I also feel that making entry to the trade and greater scrutiny will raise the stauts of electricians and hopefully achieve higher earnings.
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    I have something that is guaranteed ( lifetime guarantee ) to,save money on electric, cannot fail! its called the "switching off finger", works every time . Unfortunately isn't suitable for the under 21s
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    Thanks Murdoch , how did i miss that!!! thanks again all regards
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    A noisy fan to a veg Balti pie ?in 10 moves! forum record
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    This'll make @ProDave one of your biggest fans...
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    So while not exactly unexpected, HRH the Duke Of Edinburgh has passed away aged 99. Respect, condolences, and best wishes to those who are close family members who have lost a loved one. (All families no matter what the background will still be feeling loss and sadness just as any other family). I was wondering if many forum members, or their immediate family relatives, have had any direct contact with HRH DofE or the DofE award scheme he instigated? Doc H.


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