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    1: how do you know the one in the fuse box will trip? did you measure your Zs to ensure its within limits? the CSA will most likely be smaller. will this comply and be safe to carry the fault current long enough to allow the MCB to open? what about the nice new bit of cable that is also inadequately protected against overload? its also a reg that lamp holders are to be fused within specific ratings. easiest option would have been to use a fused spur... 2: forget about that one, not really an issue. its also very common to have a light on a socket circuit, properly wired and fed from a fused spur as usual, just because it works doesnt mean its safe
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    I feel your pain.....after years of doing as yow did I progressed to one of these And later on to the MKIII version BUT a cordless jigsaw is a lot easier
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    I shall watch it over a beer when i get home tomorrow
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    All depends what you want to do exactly. There used to be Alarm Master (expensive) and KISS (cheap) and everything else was poor. Nowadays there are that many choices and directions it's a bit of a minefield. I have mentioned before that I use Quickfile, and while this is primarily accounting/bookkeeping software it does have all of the bits I need for alarm customer management (quote management, RI reminders, scheduled payments/contracts etc). There are similar packages around and they could probably be utilised in the same sort of way, main thing is customer database and maintenance records, and Quickfile has the advantage of having a fairly decent document manager too so it is relatively easy to keep all documents digitally and assigned to the relevant customers/invoices etc. Not sure, they seem to keep the requirements a bit of a secret nowadays. From what I remember the requirements were more about the procedures/documents/customer records than qualifications as such. Looks like they assess on some fairly specific roles/disciplines now so I'd imagine they will have slightly different requirements depending exactly what you are applying for. I've been busy!
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    A few of you got this one incorrect this week - the screwdrivers are individually tested up to 10,000V! Competition winner has now been chosen, please check your inboxes (and spam folders) - subject is 'C.K competition winner - slim screwdriver set' Thanks for your comments and for taking part everyone!
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    140A inverter welder for £70??? Digital readout etc for easy amp setting. Looks a bit of a bargain. https://www.aldi.co.uk/workzone-140-amp-inverter-welder/p/076597143942300 From comments on the welding forum it seems a steal for the money. There's a question over the duty cycle at full whack but it should suffice for my odd need to weld something. Also the option to add a fan externally. If it goes t!ts up within 3 years I'll put the refund towards a Parweld. I've just ordered one. If anyone is considering one I can send them a discount code for £10 off of their first Aldi order. Brings it down to £59.99 & that's delivered. All I need is an email pm'd. Cheers
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    After 5 years with my girlfriend, I decided it was time to tie the knot. Hopefully the gag stays on too and I can finally get some peace.
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    Why has auto correct changed contactor to contractor, in my posts 😀Dam you autocorrect
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    Thanks Phil. Ive decided the college route, I find the short courses are well too short especially when dealing with electrics, surprised many can take it in, hence while doing the college it can at least sink in with me.
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    go pick up your dummy and get on with it. moaning on a forum wont help, other than people will be less likely to want to help you int he first place as for what test method AM2 wants, i dont know. its all changed since i done mine, but if you follow the guidance in OSG & GN3 then you cant really get it wrong
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    I don't regret it, I was destined for a career in medicine, however I didn't fancy all the extra years studying, lol, yet when I think about the amount of study I've done over the years it adds up to quite a chunk, aside from an apprenticeship there's been, courses on telecommunications, courses on broadband installation, access control, health and safety supervision, highways, ladder safety, the list goes on, so ironically in an attempt to avoid study I ended up doing quite a bit, same as most of us I expect. Would I go into the same job today? Probably not, there's no art, and very little skill in the job today, FP has replaced pyro, steel conduit has largely become a thing of the past, and the deciding factor in most cases seems to be cost! We discussed recently how things have changed, making your own bends etc in tray and metal trunking has largely fallen by the wayside, as has a lot of other skills us older sparks were taught.Now it's specialist this and specialist that, things that were once the stock in trade of an electrician are now classed as a specialists domain,pretty soon electricians will be reduced to wire pullers, it's very sad indeed, any older spark who's struggled to get a series of bends in a conduit run, or cut his fingers fabricating bends and tee's for galvanised trunking, then stood back when the job was finished, and admired his work will know where I'm coming from. When you look at some of the work that was done 40 or 50 years ago, it's a work of art, now it just seems a case of "throw it in", I know I'm waffling on, but I think like a lot of things I had my time in what was a "golden era" in sparking. Technology has moved on in leaps and bounds, back when I started off, controlling a machine from some remote location was a dream, now anyone in a domestic house,can, for very little money, not only watch their home from virtually anywhere in the world, but can turn on lights, operate their heating, the possibilities are endless, yet we throw away more stuff than ever.Anyone asked for a fridge stat in their local wholesalers lately? Chances are they don't stock them, time was they all sold stuff like that, you'd spend about a tenner and get the fridge working again, now it's pop down to Currys and spend a couple of hundred quid on a new fridge.
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    it being an LED light that doesnt use much current is irrelevant. id also bet that the manual (you did read it, didnt you?) says something alone the lines of it must be on a circuit of 6a max of similar. if there is a fault, then there is the potential for hundreds, sometimes thousands, of amps to be flowing through a cable. unless the cable is adequately sized and matched to the OCPD there there is a potential for the cable to get hot enough to start a fire unless its a maintenance free junctions box or another suitble joint that requires no access, then the junction box must always be accessible... but what the hell, its your house. just make sure you have some working smoke detectors and the number for your insurance handy....
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    Good point. Thanks Lurch.
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    1. Oh dear , you could well have a fire under your floor boards 2. Very typical of DIYers and bodge artists Crack on and lash up - its your own home!
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    It's to do with the design Rob, think about it, an arc will cause a high resistance which will cause the current to flow in the alternative leg of the ring...
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    What are your reasons for changing trades? What is your current trade? Whilst I commend your approach, I think it's only fair that you understand that the electrical trade is not what it used to be and despite all the necessary technical knowledge that you have to gain and understand the general pay of an electrician is poor. Many other trades can and do earn better. This may be something you wish to consider before enrolling on the 3yrs plus of training at presumably your exspense??
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    Assuming the following link is for the sort of product you are asking about? https://www.hivehome.com/img/attachments/Hive_Thermostat_Installation_Guide.pdf Then Page 12 answers the questions being asked about which wires go where. I cannot see much point in re-typing the information in the installation guide. If you are unable to understand the guide, then I would suggest read page 7 where is clearly says in bullet point 2 that the device should be installed by an electrically skilled & competent person, in accordance with BS761 & building regulations. It is hard to verify if it will comply without actually being on site to visually check and take a few test readings on the circuit. However if you have 'the wrong back plate', it may be possible that someone has got their single channel and dual channel devices mixed up when purchasing what they think they need,? Doc H.
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    Lurch, You have no idea about me or what I know, or don't know. It is your attitude I despise. I would have banned you months ago, however, I am not the only one who has a choice, and you have been kept around for comic value as far as I am concerned. Having a choice means being able to pick more than just one, because the one you love is amongst them does not mean that it is the be all and end all. Now wind your neck in or I will ban you, because I can.
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    He couldnt handle the truth. I get this and often give a crazy price to cover just like Dave did, then sometimes they say, 'fantastic, when can you start?'
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    I do that Calltronics then have to fill in name etc etc etc Isn't there a quick way ? Creating a "Shortcut" does the same as your advice . What the hell does that mean Dave ? I'm trying to create a "One click" access to the sign in page.
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    I walk away because I can't be bothered with jobs that are a lot of hassle for little money. I was asked to quote to put 2 wall lights in 2 alcoves. I was presented with a freshly decorated living room with new carpet, new wallpaper (brick walls directly plastered). Then I started listing what needs to be done, chase walls, re plaster, redecorate, probably lift the new carpet to protect it, floorboards up in the room above etc. The customer then said "you don't want the job then?"
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    Does not matter what sort of road, roundabout, whatever you are on, you always use the most left hand lane you can, UNLESS you are overtaking OR road signs indicate otherwise [which GENERALLY but often not, includes turning right.. john..
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    May need to, depends where the fire break is.
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    dont forget that if you do extend it, it may now be undersized
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    Problem :- Cable is too short . Two choices (1) Install longer cable . Best option . But leaves you with 20 mtrs of expensive cable on your hands. (2) Joint more cable to existing . There is no access to most joints so use a suitable resin joint to extend the cable ....those are the choices .
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    simple fix: make the lighting circuit a ring
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    Wrong again Lurch, Yes Thunderbird will work as will a few others, but, he does not have free reign as to which client he wants to use because of the cost/OS combination, & limits on some of the free clients. So he is limited to choice. Choice means that he can use more than one. You are not the expert on everything. You also do not know the whole story.
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    Not really, Thunderbird will work. I have used it for the last 20 years without issue. Much better than that heap of garbage Outlook.
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    Where? What costs, what limits? There is nothing at all that is stopping him from using Thunderbird. And within that limited list is Thunderbird. OK, and? But why would you use multiple clients? Did I say anyone couldn't use more than one? No, but I have no idea why you have such an issue with me answering questions about computers. Just because you are technically illiterate don't keep taking it out on me. OK, so tell me the whole story, what have I missed?
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    Thanks i will get right on it , take the chip of your shoulder Andy