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    one of their competition compaies kept phoning me. told them if they phoned again they would be invoiced for the call. they phoned again. sent them an invoice for £20. never got paid (didnt expect it to) but theyve not called again
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    brave man ........... carpentry isn't my fortee!
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    On a H&Safety issue , you don't need a bench grinder that turns either way , its an accident waiting to happen . In my experience they spin down towards the tool rest or bench , spinning the other way could throw a piece of work up, unexpectedly at the operator.
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    And with a silent fan you generally pay a premium for the poorer performance A while back asked a wholesaler for a price on a particular model of fan and they said they would call me back about 10 mins later, they rang with the price at which point I queried their margin on it as the price was about £20 more than I would normally pay from another supplier eventually found out that wherever they were sourcing it from was quoting on a slightly different part number insisting it was the same fan reality was they assumed that "everybody" used the silent fans without understanding the specs
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    Call the "maintenance man" back.
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    A fan described as "silent" usually means "low power" which usually means low airflow.
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    Thanks Murdoch, Will do. Still getting to grips with this forum. Looks very helpful. Thanks again P
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    Have a look here for crypto currency https://kinesis.money/company-news/ you can get your investment back in precious metals. I can’t afford to buy in and to be honest I wouldn’t want to. “If you can’t hold it, you don’t own it.”
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    If the circuits have been designed correctly for the expected loads, the cables should have been selected in relation to the installation methods, so should be able to carry the power you want. But I am not convinced the average domestic consumer unit is intended to run at higher than average current for over 90% of the time. (you would need to check with the consumer unit manufacture to see if they impose any limitations). If this is just a standard domestic single phase consumer unit I'd be concerned about a single main switch running this load 24/7. The slightest loose termination on the tails and it will be melted main switch time. Also MCB's sitting next to each other may have issues getting warm, possibly leaving a blank space between each MCB if you have room in the board would help. Also I'd consider splitting the tails into a couple of smaller consumer units so no single 100A rated switch was carrying the whole load. Basically you need to ensure nothing gets too warm, as it won't have any lower usage time to cool down. Doc H.
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    The best approach to EICR's is do job, submit report and invoice - get paid. If they ask you to quote for remedials - all well and good, but if you don't hear from the customer again after issuing a "not satisfactory" report - don't lose any sleep over it.
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    All you do is report on what you find . Did you mean a 3036 fuse ? . You carry out the EICR to the latest Regs so in most cases there,s stuff that doesn't comply with , in this case , the 18th edition . However it was the Bees- Knees in it's day so in my opinion you code it as needing improvement . What you are not is a constable in the Electric Police Force, just give 'em the report , they are in charge of the installation , its up them whether they act upon it .
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    If I ever question myself with any coding during an EICR I always refer back to the ESC Best Practice Guide 4 https://www.electricalsafetyfirst.org.uk/media/2149/bpg4-1.pdf It sounds like you maybe should be giving it a C2 for lack of RCD protection Then quote for any remedial works if asked to (just hourly rate for anything thats FI)... from then on it's up to them as to how they want to proceed
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    Found my battery box yesterday, I've taken some pictures, and I can get +/- 12V out of the 2 x 9V batteries in series. I'll post up the pics as soon as I can, been very busy today & will be tomorrow, probably the weekend, sorry for the delay.
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    Was this designed to Part P or BS7671 Installation with outbuildings!!!! I wonder how their RCD protection was designed in to the installation So why are they not able to find the fault I would be worried if they were out of their depth. Although it is worrying that an electrical installation engineer comes to your job and says "it was the best quality install he'd seen and offered me a job" says a lot about his work and any work he has supervised It would appear that you cannot do what you claim as it appears you do not have the necessary test equipment to do it so why make the statement RCD's are not a perfect piece of equipment even brand new out of the box they can be faulty testing RCD's as little as 6 months after initial install they can give a totally different set of results and be faulty or over sensitive despite being within the requirements at installation. Try ramp testing the RCD you may find it's trip current is well below the 30mA threshold From past experience general RCD's on circuits supplying cooking equipment can always be problematic I would swap this circuit to an RCBO to try and isolate the issue from a possible cumulative earth leakage of the other circuits, this is something which should have been considered at the design stage
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    Fit your new 25mm tails, over length henley blocked to their 16mm tails. Report is as a dangerous condition, substandard tails.
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    This is what I came up with, purely ornamental My son says its too big and conspicuous and would only cause more problems...


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