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    I just charge business use of my vehicle to my sole trader business at 45p per mile (I must check or someone can advise the hmrc's rate has increased) It's so simple from an accounting point of view
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    Doc I have just taken a picture of the IET/IEE. NICEIC/NAPPITT/ New Regs book every year committee Gravy Train ....it was passing through the Midlands today .
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    In a very few words, and a relatively short clip from an interview, that old rocker Roger Daltrey actually summarises a fundamental problem in a nutshell. We don't dislike, Europe or Europeans, but the whole Brussels malarkey with "far to many people on far to many gravy trains soaking us dry" https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/uk-politics-45890756/roger-daltrey-brexit-won-t-harm-touring-bands What else is there to add to that? Could almost be applied to the Electrical industry and BS7671 amendments as well. Plus the NHS and the Rail network. It is a sort of one-size-fits-all evaluation, Overcrowded Gravy Trains! Doc H.
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    Hello All As I mentioned last week, we would like to present to you below a new collaboration between ourselves and our friends at Chauvin Arnoux, both of us being major sponsors of the TEF forum. The aim is to bring you a genuine quality offer with real savings on a regular basis. All you have to do is take the link to ISSWWW to find out more, but trust us it's well worth the visit (if you're looking for what's on offer of course). This particular offer runs through to the end of the year, so they'll be something new for the new year. We've tested the mechanics of the checkout process should you wish to purchase, but in the event you do find something not working then please shout here and I'll sort it quickly for you. Please click here to go to the ISSSWWW forum members area and get your unique forum members coupon code which you will need at the checkout to get your BIG 30% discount and place your order. Thanks everyone.
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    been getting loads of those lately, but none with a phone number...
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    Ahh brilliant thank you so much guys much appreciated 🙏🏼
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    Carp lyrics but 10 out of 10 for the sentiment.
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    I started with the 13th in force ... employed back then ...... the 14th seemed to creep in un-noticed , we eventually bought the Guide to the Regs . First full regs book I owned was the 15th ... we formed Complete Electrical Services then but none of us went back to college for it . The 16th I look on as the "Gravy Train " pulling out of the station and building up steam as it leaves the Toll Gate on the Rock Island Line . The 17th saw it rattling over the gaps ..."Sausage & chips ..sausage & chips " powered by steam & funded by Sparky's cash . The 18th and the "Gravy Train" hits the flatlands of Illinois with the throttle fully open , and she's heading for glory with her bullion cars loaded with Sparky's cash !!! Theres a song there somewhere .... She pulled into Birmingham one cold December day As she pulled into the station you could hear all the Sparkys say That train is full of Regs books , it's long and its tall And we're spendin' a bleedin' fortune on that Gravy Train cannonball . Four chords & it's a folk song . As employees all we ever bought were these :-
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    For my money, the greatest concern would be the compatibility of the steel armour wire with the earth terminals, for making a permanent connection. Normal screw terminals are designed for plain copper or tinned copper wire, which compacts and flows to form a gas-tight metal-to-metal interface with the terminal. The steel armour is much more rigid and may not come to rest in a compact enough formation in the terminal to prevent oxidation and/or loosening in the future. The design of an SWA gland provides multiple independent contact points on the surface of the brass cone that can deform slightly into contact with each strand, whereas a plain screw terminal has only the end of the screw. A cage clamp does not have any points of very high pressure as it presents flat surfaces to the cables being clamped. I wonder whether the makers of the terminals would have sanctioned their use with galvanised steel wire?
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    Ah the world of the upper clarsses , swilling champagne as they knock out another control panel while the butler parsses the tools .
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    Luckily mine has only ever been for business use, however HMRC did cock up a few months ago and put me on 50% tax rate as apparently I had a van for personal use, they were swiftly educated and luckily I got my over payment back the next month.
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    Dear members One of the major reasons that TEF decided to run the raffle this year is due to the misfortune of one of our senior members Please read his tale, in his own words, then perhaps you will see why we as a forum and gathering of sparks decided to try and help these cancer charities. Cancer is not prejudiced it will strike anyone at any time. Please think about buying a ticket, there are some excellent prizes donated by our very generous sponsors, also please remember that ALL monies generated less costs will be donated to these three charities. The forum & its owners will make nothing from this raffle, it is purely for the benefit of the Cancer charities named.


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