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    Coz they are weird! I do some work, then they get someone else in, they they come back to me, then they get someone else in.... I think some of the residents have sparky mates? I'm never quite sure whther to be flattered they keep coming back to me or tell them to foxtrot oscar
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    AICO!......end of! Hi Spec???........how much money do you want to lose by constantly swapping them?.......they are utter dogs diarrhoea Aico do a ten year wireless interlinked battery unit for not a lot of money obviously only my personal opinion BUT everyone else is wrong
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    I do think that even though the country was in a bit of a **** state at the time and probably needed a determined leader in order to change anything, that she, out of most leaders in the recent past ended up implimenting a high number of short term fixes, that caused worse issues, the majority of which we are still doing with today, the replacement of industry with a servcies ecconomy, the cancellation of school milk, legal reforms that lead to the compensation culture, council house sell off, etc. Most leaders have such things, but I think there were a lot from MT. Its not just the tories, the labour goverment of the late 90s decision that 50% of school leavers should go to university, in order to make the unployment figures look better has done damage to various industries, and it is still happening now, I think I heard a couple of years ago that the green godess fire trucks have been sold off, and just look at this Coronavirus situation, the damage thats been done to companies, treatment for other illnesses, bailouts that will lead to tax hikes in the next few years, the virus would have done far less damage if we had just let it sweep through! Come the next election we will vote for the other side though, who will be highly critical of the side who are in currently, while also implimenting their own poorly thought out policies, which then later down the line will be critised later on. I do sometimes wonder if democracy is over rated, at least if you just have the one set of government, then they can't blame anyone else for the screw-ups, true you cant vote them out but that starts to look mute when none of them are actually any better than each other!
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    Try something like this https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ELT-LC-125-700-A-Constant-Current-Control-Gear-For-Led-Modules/164440655710?hash=item26496d475e:g:W~wAAOSwdCdfTsBO I would have thought 0.7A is close enough, a little lower than the original 0.72A
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    well to paraphrase what Murdoch is saying, ‘you wouldn’t go into Dfs or the like with a roll of fabric and say I’d like a suite in this please!!’
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    to be fair, thats probably questionable when you look at some of them...
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    The last flat I did an EICR on I stated that the EICR covered the fuseboard in the flat and it’s circuits what a daft world we live in it’s a bit like the EICR asking us to comment on the incoming supply cable , head etc .... it’s not something that we can change so shouldn’t even be on the form imho
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    I remember it well , a terrible disaster and a disgrace that no one could see it coming . Or ignored it . The attempted whitewash afterwards is unspeakably disgraceful . I worked in the Rhondda for a while and just even seeing the road sign gave you a chill of deepest regret & sorrow.
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    This is exactly right ...... Binky's detectors MAY be individual smokes , fed locally & not interlinked ...whatever ..... shouldn't be coded as they are outside the EICR remit ...a comment yes , then someone else,s decision , architect , fire chief , council as to whether its OK or not . EM lighting can be either , own circuit or attached to local . Personally I think they should be attached to ...say ...the staircase circuit ...not own circuit . Same with DOMESTIC smokes ...if a dedicated breaker trips , good chance no one will know , I've found quite a few dedicated smoke alarm circuits OFF . People tend not to look at their consumer units on a regular basis . As I always say , we have to remember we are NOT the Electric Police ...... we may be asked to install fire alarms / EM lighting but its not our business to start recommending etc . Same with plastic consumers ....yes we now fit metal ones but theres no remit that I know of for ripping plastic ones out .
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    Another 150 of the promo machines now in stock! https://www.brother-printers.co.uk/professional-zone-pt-e-electricians-label-printers.html
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    A quick google research gives the regs as stating that ALL SPD’s should have over current protection. It is either built in to device or fitted externally. 534.4.5.1 for those who want a reference.
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    Bear in mind that fire and smoke alarm / detector systems are outside the scope of BS7671 and should only appear as a NOTE at most on an EICR EM lighting (apart from the electrical safety aspect) is also outside the scope of BS7671.... it's design should be based on a Fire Risk Assessment ,,,,, however, on a side note, IMHO it should be on the same circuit as the local lighting
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    Yes I think it's a common misconception. There are more and less profitable properties and areas of course but I think most people know someone who did well out of it when it was much much more lucrative. Back in the day with less rules/taxation, easier mortaging and rising prices you could keep on remortgaging against higher valuations and pull out equity to keep expanding your portfolio at a fair old rate. It was a gravy train for some while it lasted.
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    I would ask said spark which reg no he thinks the flat isn't complying with ...... Then we can discuss
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    OK, with regards to the less than 5 year testing, I've always regarded it acceptable to do a quick re-check rather than the full works, provided there has been no obvious fiddling with the system. This is quicker and therefore cheaper for the landlord and so in theory encourages greater compliance. Prior to recent law changes, some sparks I know just did a visual check, ie look for obvious stuff like broken sockets, or did a thermal imaging check ie looking for hot-spots such as loose terminals - I always considered this nonsense with regards to checking ccts as faults may be buried in walls or under floorboards which thermal imaging wouldn't show. Not sure if law changes allow for such inspections? think others have said this already but sub mains don't need RCDs, and surge suppression is only for areas likely to suffer lightning strikes.
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    That's the one! I made the mistake of using the wireless interconnect version on a job a few years ago. of the 9 I've replaced 4, always the ones at the top of the stairwells - think they are scared of heights
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    Plugs in and out. You actually buy them without any controller. You then select which controls you want, there are complex wifi, bluetooth controls etc but obviously you guys want the most basic. As regards to lot20, I don't know if it is compatible or not. In reality who cares?
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    IIRC the discharge time is now set by the designer from the fire risk assessment, the lighting should remain effective for the duration of the escape time. Good luck in getting that information... Before any testing I would be checking the dates on the batteries, if over five years or close I would be recommending replacing them.
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    fitted quite a few dimplex PLXE panel heaters. digital controls but easy enough to use
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    I think the 3 hours derives from a British Standard for ELinstallations and is also used by fitting manufacturers as their specification. As I said its been a long time, but when I did it as part of care-home maintenance the other part of the paperwork was a plan showing the location of each luminaire, but perhaps that's OTT if its a simple stairwell. Don't forget though that all escape routes have to be lit on the outside too.
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    There used to be a regular on the forum who was from Ireland and worked for a heater manufacturer, can’t remember his user name mmm I remember @rapparee
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    I am tagging onto this thread with the same interest. Last time I fitted a LOT20 heater (customer supplied) I was called back to remove it less than a week later as the customer could not get on with it. Then I was able to source an old school non LOT20 heater to replace it, but they are hard to find now. I am looking for one for a job I am doing (summerhouse) Surely the fact it is LOT20 should not automatically mean it is damned complicated to program to the point the average customer cannot understand it? So like @Murdoch I am seeking a recommendation of a LOT20 heater that is easy to use.
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    Well, looking at grid watch I can see that none of our coal stations are running - which they could, so I think the power companies are playing to the green brigade and by importing energy they can say they aren't emitting rubbish into the atmosphere. I'd rather the coal stations were on giving employment to people here, along with building more wind farms, solar and nuclear AND making homes and businesses more energy efficient As I write this, we are carbon neutral as our panels are generating 428w and as we need about 300w to run the house, the remaining 100w is heating water in our hot tank and as it gets sunnier the water heating gets quicker! OK a small contribution but imagine if 5 million homes or more had this?


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