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Found 1 result

  1. Rerouting Not Rewiring Cables - Need To Be Signed Off? Rather a long post and lots of photos to look at. Appreciated if people can take time to read, look and reply. See photos here, http://s807.photobucket.com/user/EarthTribe13/library/Electrician Forum Cheers. The property was rewired by my brother in law, who has a degree in electrical engineering. Rewire was done 34 years ago the property has been lived in all this time and there have been no problems with the wiring. The kitchen wiring above the worktop was done about 25 years ago but the extension was never fitted out or used until recently. I'm intending to reroute some of the cabling as at present is running along side of the doors looks very unsightly I have bought some trunking to put over repositioned cables. I'd like to make it quite clear I'm not adding any new cabling, wiring or spurs. I'm only redirecting the cable that is already there, just repositioning it. Though I will be connecting up the cable to new plug/switch boxes. I'd like to know as I'm only redirecting the existing cable. Am I under a legal requirement to have what I do, inspected and signed off by a fully qualified electrician so as to avoid any problems with my house insurance being null and void? You can see how unsightly things are at the moment. In photo A cable at bottom of box goes under floorboard. I lifted up floor board, there is a lot of slack cable there. I drilled a hole in ceiling beneath floor board, to reroute this cable. Cable above box in photo A ran along side of door up to ceiling, see photo A2 and A3 . Have drilled a hole in ceiling so can reroute cable away from door and cover with trunking. The box in Photo A on the skirting I'm intending to fit a new one on the wall. I've drilled a hole through this lathe partition wall, on the other side is a small room, I've drilled another hole on that side and lifted floorboard. Intend to pass cable under floorboard, through hole I drilled in ceiling beneath it. Have the rerouted cable run along ceiling under some trunking, then up through another hole I've drilled in ceiling, cable come up under floorboard in small room, then goes through wall to be connected to the box on the other side. As I say any help, advice much appreciated. Thank you.

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