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Shower pump problem

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One of my neighbours asked me to look at their shower (I think they assume because it's got a pump that it's an electrical job but I didn't mind taking a look). The shower is fed from a cylinder via a pump. The pump activates fine when the shower is turned on but after about a minute the pump cuts off. If the shower head is dropped to a low level (say into the bath) the pump activates again. The pump itself does not sound right. There is a noticeable vibration and it just sounds unwell.

The pump make is Salamander. It's possibly one of the worst pieces of plumbing installation i've ever seen. The pump isn't even secured to the floor and moves freely. Only been in about 2 years.

I said i'd check out and see if I can find out whether it's a repair or replacement but it's not really my area.

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Nearly all shower pumps do not fx to anything,, they just rest on their rubber feet on the floor... it's to reduce the reverberated noise;)

as for the switching off mid shower,,,,, if you had trouble turning it on then I'd suggest that it required a negative head shower (or kit if one's available) but in this case I don't really know,,,, it does certainly sound like a negative head problem, but that usually just affects starting up..

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Is the piping from the tank allowing air pockets into the water once flow starts?

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Are the water tanks old open ones?

or modern ones with fixed lids?

Could some debris have got into the water pipe...?

Starts up then obstacle in pipework moves around with flow?

Had a problem years ago where a small bit of polystyrene got into the hot water pipes until it finally stopped behind the hot water tap!!


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