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fhs electrics


I am shortly to be made redundant and about to start 2330. I am not doing a condensed course as i want to absorb things steadily.

I will be funding all my courses myself but would need as much practical experience as possible.

I am presuming that i will not be able to find a trainee role, because of lack of opportunities at the moment.

If anyone would be able to let me shadow them and help them at any time it would be appreciated.

I hope that any help i can offer in return would be valuable.

I am not fooled into thinking that learning a new trade will be easy. it is something i have been keen on for a while, but unable to commit to due to shift working.

I am 38, married dad of 3.

To me, there is only one way to do a job, and that is, spot on. If anyone works this way and needs a hand and likes to have a laugh along the way then get in touch.

Thanks in advance for any help.


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Good luck Jon, I sincerely hope someone gives you the break that you'll need.

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