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Hello All


A while back I asked the forum what you look for when it comes to free promotions with testers.


In general, you wanted free calibrations and better standard test leads. I've finally finished making the new kits and adding them to the website. They can be found here


In total there are four different types of kits:


  1. Calibration Voucher Kit
  2. Wander Lead Kit
  3. Test Lead Kit
  4. Wireless Test Kit


All our main top selling multifunction testers have been turned into these kits. Not only that but the top three kits are all the same price, so it's just a case of choosing what you want free with your tester.


Calibration Voucher Kit:


In this kit you will receive a free voucher card for a calibration. You simply send back the voucher card with any 17th edition tester you want calibrated. We'll do it and send it back free of charge.


Wander Lead Kit:


This was our original kit for multifunction testers. We found these sold really well so I decided to keep these the same.


Test Lead Kit:


Again, as requested, this kit is supplied with the Fluke TL175 rugged test lead set and a carry pouch. It's a great test lead set and should be useful to all.


Wireless Test Kit:


The last of the kits and definitely the biggest. This kit is supplied with a wireless clamp meter, wireless multimeter and a calibration voucher card. A great all round kit and offers a great saving on anyone looking to start using wireless test equipment.



The calibration voucher cards are being made up and should be with me in about a week. As a way of saying thank you to the forum, when I finally get these cards delivered I'll run a simple give-away competition on here for some free calibration voucher cards, so keep checking back!


Would love to know what you all think so please PM or reply in the thread.


Megger Mike

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