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Countdown To Christmas!


Compulsive Purchase


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We only went to look to waste some time before picking kids up from the pool..............................came away with a brand new Sportage

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there are some cracking deals on motors to be had. Bought a new Van yesterday - Movano, £15k + VAT, My old Vito is well past its best and we needed a bigger vehicle for work

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We've got a Sportage at the moment too!

Not bad at all, not Mrs SW's 1st choice, but it's not bad.

Drives nice, but, ours is 4wd, not sure if they all are, and it's the 2.0l so a bit thirstier.

I like the look, ours is silver.

Got quite a bit of go too.

Worst thing for us, is moving from a Chrysler Grand Voyager to the Sportage!

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I can't imagine ever buying a car again, I've got so used to the space in a van....

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It's the wife's really, she needs transport.

I just use the Transit Jumbo!

Can't loose it in Tesco car park, but you do need two spaces!

Not bought the Sportage, we can't, long story.

We can't buy any car, nor get credit.

It's a long term hire until we can arrange a larger vehicle, the one Mrs SW wants we can't get at the moment.

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I have a Kia Sedona ( sedona spelt backwards is ANODES so it must be an omen!)

Took seats out, as that was the plan all along.

Love it

Had it 12 months, it is on a 55 plate

MOT on tuesday.....may have different thiughts on wednesday though!

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Evans Electric

We went to Wikes some time ago for wallpaper  .....next door is a Ford dealership,   " Oh look they've got an automatic there "    (Wife's disability was ruling out using the clutch)    Drove it home with a years Ford insurance on it  .    That wallpaper proved expensive , but we're still driving it as I'm not a great changer of vehicles TBH.

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Went for paint matchpot for bedroom......bedroom is very small

Came away with a kitchen

That involved..

Bricking up 2 doorways

Walls out

Some walls back

Patio doors

2! uPVC stable doors

Velux roof light

Dry lining


New DB

A couple of RSJs


Linked smart TVs with 4 x Cat6, 3 coax to each

Surround sound

New built in gas fire

New radiators

New combi boiler

New os lights

And stuff I have forgotten about!

Oh, the paint? I hear you say!

Colour was wrong, stayed with what we had....so £50 saved

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Same senario here Sidey...................the sportage is (will be)  Mrs 107's motor, part x'd the Sedona for 10k & the deal on offer means the monthly payments are cheaper than what we were paying on the sedona.


So if anybody is wanting a sedona 2011 with genuine 26k on the clock, fsh by Kia, titanium (dark) silver, auto sliding side doors aircon blah blah blah.............City Kia in Newbury will have it in the used section next week.

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