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Countdown To Christmas!


Armeg Or Super Rod Solid Board Cutter


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Figured I should upgrade from my cheapo (Silverline) solid board cutter as it's now blunt.


Looking to go up to the 127mm size either the Armeg or Super Rod Cavity Master one. Like the Super Rod one better I think with the galv steel solid discs.


Thoughts / preferences? Cheers

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i just use a normal 102/127/150 and screw some wood under to hold the cutout

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Same as Andy here I'm afraid. Keep it simple.

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I have had the Armeg one for about 5 years.........only used it on one job, but it worked fine. Not used since as not needed to BUT spookily will be dragging it out of mothballs tomorrow

I found the Armeg discs needed gobbing in with a dob of silicone....but they did the job perfectly

Just saying

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I've used the armeg one and few times on chipboard and really rate it. Have to use the 36v bosch as 18v struggles with the 127mm holes. Hth

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I have the Armeg one, it;s quick to use and saves having to faff about repairing the hole. You do need a drill with a bit of grunt to drive it.

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Holy Thread Resurrection!


Got the Super Rod solid board cutter in the end. Mainly as I like the idea of the 2mm galvanised discs. A couple of issues. The Elecricfix description in the catalogue is a bit misleading:




Saw diameter: 128x52mm


Drill diameter: 35x120mm


Solid cover plates: 120x10mm


For some reason I was expecting the hole cut to be 120 -128mm but in fact its just a 100mm Starrett in there so a 100mm hole!


The recess cut is about 123mm in diameter so the 120x2mm disc (2 not 10mm thick) is a bit sloppy side to side.


On the plus side the new local S'fix have 10% off on everything and free doughnuts, biscuits, tea and coffee as it's their launch weekend!  I availed myself of refreshments when I ordered it yesterday and again picking it up this morning.  :lol:


Does the Armeg variant of this tool actually cut a 127mm dia hole?





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Would be handy if someone at Screwfix could use a tape measure or ruler. I've bought a few things that haven't quite been what they say they are, downlights & fan grills mainly. Soem things have measurements of parts that you would never usually measure just to confuse you with standard dimensions omitted or H/D/W confused.

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