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New Multifunction Tester


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I am thinking of swaping to useing a multifuntion tester instead of all my seperate units.


I have Been looking at the Meggar MFT 1730 tester and was just wondering what peoples opinion of the tester is. All my seperates are Meggar so should not be too much of a change in operating practice.

Thanks in advance for any opinions


I shall of course be contacting Meggar Mark for a quote on the unit

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I have a fluke 1654b from MM.......it was that cheap that even if you did not need it you had to buy it

Never had a Megger MFT....so cannot comment, BUT any Megger kit That i have had has been excellent

And remember ....they cal. It "meggering" for a reason!

Never haeard it called metreeling, robining, fluking eyc

Have heard it called IR testing, but

A) i am old

B) je ne pas donner une merde

Just saying

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Evans Electric

a)  Me too

b)  Me too




I have individual meters all different makes  but have been using Megger for years without any problem TBH

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had a megger for many years, nothig wrong wth fluke either. Still think an Avo8 is better, but doesn't test RCDs

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Don't have an 8 I carry a 9 on the van.

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I have had the MFT1730 for 3 years now,  which i bought from megga mark the forum sponsor who i can confirm gives the best deal and service.




I think it is a fantastic meter and i love the way it works, although i have had to send it back 3 or 4 times under warranty regarding the plugs where the leads plug in.  The software it now runs is better then what i got it with 3 years ago. It no longer has issues regarding cdertain RCD tripping during loop test, and the big issue was the plugs on the meter. Megger did collect it each time, repair it, upgrade software, calibrated it, and even gave me new leads. They did do there best to repair it each time. I might of just had bad luck.


Even after the problems i had with it, now it works perfect i think its fantastic. 


I got the onsite kit with there software, which i never got to use due to my imac parralels windows apple issue.    Software i use is easycert on my iMac and its fantastic. There subscription cost is a fraction of most other software. I wouldnt get the onsite kit for the software, the kit for earth rod testing is fantastic.



If it goes wrong now the 3 year warranty is out i will go bonkers.

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Thats a good review Pewter its nice to know that Meggar have sorted it out for you everytime and like you say you may have just been unlucky.

I am going to get my hands on  one for a bit of a demo in about 2 weeks time and that will be when I decide but still interested at the moment

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