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    • Blue Duck
      By Blue Duck
      Are they out of their minds????
      The world has really gone nuts now, pretty sure we have greater concerns but alas dear Yoric we are turning everyone men into asexual drones.
      And no I didn't read the whole article, it's the daily mail, you don't read it....
    • kerching
      By kerching
      Just thought I would start a new thread as the old one seems to have done a Stuart Hall.....
      after slightly over 60 years on this planet I have , on occasion, got a tad fed up with some minor issues. So I thought I would write a list having been prompted by another member.
      these are my personal feelings and others may doubtlessly have an alternate view, I cannot help it if these people are wrong
      Slaphead deniers
      Pony tailed slapheads
      That twonk on the Great Pottery Throwdown who cries because he loves Pottery
      False enforced zaniness
      Pregnant pauses
      All those fricking TV adverts that have one of every nationality in them so, they look like 'real life'
      Ant and Dec
      People who wear wacky glasses so that they get noticed
      Bake Off
      Big Brother
      Alan Carr
      Fake reality probs ...usually American
      People who 'attempt the accent/pronunciation' when in restaurants
      Of instead of have
      Wrong use of the word ',journey'
      Overuse of the word 'like'
      Drivers using mobiles
      Splinters behind finger nails
      Thick as mince customers
      Small print
      Leaking car radiator pipes
      The cost of Kia radiator pipes
      Car manufacturers that insist on running steel pipes under the body and attaching with clips that rot through the pipe
      Kneeling on gripper-rod
      Misuse of literally
      Scouse brows
      Too much make up
      Obsession with Facebook
      Jeremy Kyle
      B&Q...did,I ever tell you about their pissh poor customer service and refusal to honour guarantees on a visibly flawed product W⚓️s
      Insistence that New Football managers appear on TV with the team scarf and/or a fricking shirt with their name on it. My shirts stopped being named when I left primary school
      Tossers who park on zig zags, outside school gates on double yellows
      Customers who think their job is more important than another customers
      False deadlines
      People who leave doors open
      X Factor
      Simon Cowell
      Piers Morgan
      Customers who do not tell the full story
      Rip off Britain presenters
      Michael from Network Support who seems to know my Internet connection is dodgy
      Roasted chickpeas
      Estate Agents
      Sarah Beeny
      Unblocking drains at a Mortuary
      Being asked if I have a loyalty card
      Being asked if I want a bag for 5p
      Small print on TV screen that is on a background that stops you from reading it
      Fast talking T&Cs on adverts
      Car salesmen
      Dog eggs and the silent footfall
      Hungry house adverts
      door knocking ex prisoners flogging dusters
      secondary sales....I buy a loaf of bread and get asked if I am ok for toilet rolls
      Z list celebrity
      Back slapping award ceremonies
      Traffic wardens
      over priced greetings cards
      religious zealots
      The majority of religions
      gardeners poncing about using latin names for everything in sight
      never ending sales....anyone ever paid full price at CSL, DFS, Magnet, Howdens etc
      true 'Brits' being classed as third class citizens in their own country
      Tasteless cheese
      Head colds
      Intolerant people
      probably a couple more that I have missed
    • Blue Duck
      By Blue Duck
      Anyone used Fasttech or gearbest ??
      Both are Chinese electronics giants....the prices....man the prices....
      I thought ebay was cheap!
    • Blue Duck
      By Blue Duck
      You've all seen them "what song is in your head threads"
      This is what's in my head at the moment as I bounce all over the place.....
      Not to everyones taste I know or anyones for that matter.
      Doesn't matter what it is.... put it up!
    • Blue Duck
      By Blue Duck
      What's the general consensus on this? 
      Obviously it's not best practice, if the customer cannot afford fixed wiring or any upgrades that are required is it acceptable?
      just pondering...

Bl00Dy F0Reigners!

Blue Duck

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I take it the tests its undergoing are for 'Life in the UK'? :slap

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i would be testing to see if its fire resistant. so far i havent found any that are not

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6 hours of pain FFS

I got bitten by a Love bug and have had 37 years of pain


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by that article, i guess you dont feel pain at the end of the 6 hours when youre dead?

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Undergoing tests WTF are they going to give it citizenship of this country?

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No just rights to bring its family in!

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Being a minority it's already jumped the housing queue ;)

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