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Bathroom Halogen Spot Light Bulb



I had new spot light put in downstairs loo that Dad uses a few months ago. It takes a halogen 12 V 50W bulb with 2 sort of prongs at the back. The bulb has gone for the first time and I just tried to replace it. I have 3 brand new bulbs that look absolutely identical and also 50W . I seem to have pushed them in properly so they line up flush with the ceiling but none of them work. I am feeling very stupid but have I missed something? Is there some other variation or trick I am not aware of? Fuse board and power are all fine. Looks like Dad will be groping in the dark tonight! Just what I need.

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It might not be the bulb that has gone

There is also a transformer behind the light along with a connection to the electricity supply, a connection also from the transformer to the lamp-holder. ANY of these can cause the lamp not to work

Most common problem is the lamp holder going faulty, or the transformer failing

Sounds odd if all lamps do not work.

TURN OFF THE ELECTRIC then check the connections. A better option is to fit an LED lamp as this will,reduce heat output, use less electric, last longer.

Where are you based as there may be a member close to,you?

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What he says ^^^ Just like to add if the installation isnt the greatest this will reduce the life of the transformer and perhaps the joists.?

Mains voltage LED gu10's are the way forward from here!

And remember pay cheap & pay twice ;)


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who on earth put halogen in - very 'old hat' and not much cheaper than using LED which is superior in so many ways

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