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C & G 2394 And 2395


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Recently passed my C& G 2365 level 3 exam and 17th Edition exams last week ( taken 3 years via night school) - I was wondering if anyone can help dispel the myths or confusion existing regarding the C & G 2394 and 2395 because I was told by NAPIT that I would not need to take the 2394 or 2395 to sign off my own certs but I have been told by other students that 2394 and 2395 is required to prove competence in testing and fault finding. Moreover I have promised my wife that I will never take another course ever again but am wondering whether I was a bit hasty? Could someone give constructive comments?

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you do not need any qualifications to sign off your own certs, all 7671 says is you must be competent. but you will need qualifications to join a scam

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Depends whether you want to work for yourself just house bashing or do more commercial/industrial work with a firm. If you get job with a JIB firm then can't see you getting an approved electrician grade without them.

Catch 22 situation.

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I thought self certification and JIB required NVQ now....

I could be wrong.

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A bit hasty saying you wouldn't do any more courses, if you want to be a competent electrician, then there will be lots of courses for you into the future.

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I know when i did my 2330 and 17th in 2013, i did ask Napit to join them and ask what could i do (mainly because there is so many diffenet job titles)
Told me all i could do was Kitchen Fitting, bit upset about that, so i asked what i needed to be come Full Domestic
Was told 2394/5, so i did that in 2014 (Non C&G version but was expected)

Called back again and Signed up, 5 days before my site test, they emailed me 5pm on Friday (so i couldnt reply) saying i didnt have 2yr Working so i couldnt do the Full Scope!! i tried to scream what could i do then!! longest hours of my life and never did get a reply, the guy who was coming to test me said he would tell me every thing,  didnt know that was a cost of £200 and he seemed DAM in a rush to run off.

But not really needing 2394/5 to sign up with NAPIT, dose seem a bit worthless of £1100 and (2weeks for me) of course work

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