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Adobe Flash Player On Ubuntu 14.04


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It doesn't work.


What happens if anything tried to use Adobe flash player, it brings up a box saying (not quite word for word but you get the gist)


"Adobe Flash Player Settings


Local storage


Trying to use 1KB of local storage


Allow  / Deny"


you have to click the Allow or the Deny button, but neither works, you just get stuck, unable to clear the dialogue box and flash player won't work.


it does not matter what browser you use, same result.


Try to update Adobe Flash player and it tells me I have the  latest version.


In a "user review" it says "Adobe Flash player does not work in Ubuntu 14.04


So there's my problem, Flash player does not work in 14.04, which hey ho is the version we have.


Seems like Adobe are not going to fix it any time soon.


So how to resolve this?


Is there an alternative to Adobe flash player that actually works in 14.04?


Alternatively can we upgrade to a newer version of Ubuntu and would that be seamless (i.e we don't have to re install or reconfigure anything) or would it be a start all over again exercise?  Assuming of course that Flash player actually works in a newer version of ubuntu (otherwise it would be a rather pointless upgrade)


SWMBO is talking of having to get a new computer if this can't be fixed......

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I had this with Zorin about a month ago.... I found out that Flash is so insecure that many Browsers have dropped support for it


We ended up getting the wife a new WIn 8 laptop and I now have Ubuntu 14.04 32bit on the old laptop..... I don't use anything with flash so I don't care ;)

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That's not the answer I wanted.


I did find mention of Pepper Flash instead. I followed the instructions to download that, but can't find how to tell the browsers to stop trying to use adobe flash.

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Not really, other than to explain Pepper Flash is Chrome only so explains why it didn't work with Firefxox.  so no further forward.

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Thanks. that seems to have sorted it.


For the benefit of anyone reading this, this sequence of commands gets the latest version of flash player working in Firefox


 sudo add-apt-repository ppa:nilarimogard/webupd8sudo apt-get updatesudo apt-get install freshplayerplugin 
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