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Extension Leads


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Just a quick one , at work today I was asked to pat test some 230v 13A 25 meters reel extension leads with RCD plug , so that can be used with some 2000w hovers .

The leads are only 1.0 mm csa, if you look in regs it said that 1.25 mm csa should only be 12 meters long . If anyone can enlighten me to why they sell these extension leads are 25 meters And would you shorten them

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Do the regs actually cover "plug in" accessories?

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What is the reel rated at? (my 25m is 10A)


Remembering they will be used in free air and it's flex.


I wouldn't worry - the risky time comes if they are not fully unwound and run with high amperage for long periods.

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Just test it & tag it

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not unusual these days, it's amazing how small the leads are on many items. If you are really worried about it, knock some leads of your own, mine is wired in 2.5mm artic flex, and not on a real, Single rubberised socket 1 end, rubberised plug on the other, far superior to the crap you can buy these days

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Thank for your help

Sorry but I meant to have said Code of Practice for In-service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment not the regs

Thanks a lot

I usually do make my own extension cables up at work using 1.5 rubber flex rubber sockets and plugs Far superior than the important stuff what you can buy nowadays

but the hygine department decided to buy extension cables

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Hello leonw,

Welcome to the forum.


My CoP on the ISEaToEE is almost unusable!


Can you please let me know where you get this value from and then look at the source carefully for me and I will also look and see what it says and I'm sure a resolution can be found as to your concern.

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My own extension lead is made from a bit of 5 core 2.5 flex I was given. 2 for L 2 for N and one for E. I don't worry about overheating or volt drop on that.


Mind I had to choose the 13A plug carefully. Not all of them will accept 2*2.5 into their terminals.

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