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Loft Electrics





I have not spoken to an electrician yet, and not planning too just yet, but would appreciate some advice from some electricians or people who have recently done the same - tips and advice are most welcome.



In a few months I plan to put a sat/tv/dab domestic distribution unit in my loft of a new build home. 

It requires a 12V supply from a 240V transformer.

My consumer unit is in the garage

The roofspace is something the builders are aiming to avoid, I am happy with this and would like to focus on how it would be achieved.



My question is:

(1) how would I get a socket to the loft


One possibility I thought was an SWA cable running up the side of the house and in which I think will be the cheapest way (maybe not the most visually appealing way).

The other way I can think of would be in chasing the walls and plastering up the run - I am not sure if it will be drylining or a proper plastering.


(2) mounting my triax ddu - how would this be best done?


Flame proof boxes or to mount a sheet of something other than mdf?  Can anyone recommend how or what in it should be mounted (there will be a lot of coxial cables leaving it).  I am also not planning on many fires but I do like good quality planning and making informed decisions.


I was thinking metal enclosures - so the SWA > fused spur > 2gang socket ?



(3) If I wanted to future proof - add functionality or a loft conversion, how would this be done best?


My initial thoughts would be to put a RCBO in the garage CU. (not sure what rating or rough core sizes?)


- Then have a 6way consumer unit put in, with the following circuits for the future:

-- 63A 30mA RCD with it (remove the 3x 6A,2x20A, keep 1x 16A)

-- 10A for lighting 

-- 32A ring final circuit

-- 16A storage heater

-- 40A for a 9.6kW shower & pump

-- 10A bathroom lighting

-- Spare


This is a guess which I would leave to an electrician.

I am cheating by looking at a table - however suggestions would be appreciated to alter if incorrect.



Thanks in advance for constructive advice.




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Is this a new build on a new build site or a private one off new build?

If it's on a site ask the spark who's doing the electrics on site if he could help you out by running an additional feed for a socket in loft, might cost a few quid but would be easiest option. Likelyhood is he'll run the cable but not connect it, so you'll need to take his number!

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Trying to future-proof often is a waste of time. Its ok to fit a socket or spur in the loft thats connected to the existing lighting circuit as long as its well labelled that its 3 or 5A max as connected to lighting circuits.  Some methods of wiring the lights means there is no permanent  live feed in the loft though. If this is the case cant you get the builders to put  either a sub main for your future conversion, socket or lighting cable in. They only have to push it up into the loft for you without going up and tell you where the bottom end is left

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This is madness.


If it's a new build, get the cable in NOW.


Apart from a power socket (and a light would be handy) you also need all the coax cables fitted NOW.


Talk to your builder, don't take no for an answer. tell him you NEED this extra work and are prepared to pay a FAIR price for it.


The very last thing you want to be doing is moving in to a new house and trying to run new wires about the place. Utter madness.


Tell us more about what sort of new build (off the peg on a new estate, bespoke self build etc) and WHY the builder refuses to do any extras?

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All the sites i have been on....there have been a couple over the past 50 years. The builders LOVE extras as that is how they make their money as they are usually on quite a tight price

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When I did new builds often the builder would simply ask us to price the electrical extras direct to the buyer,

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Evans Electric

As the others have said ,  grab the site sparks , offer some coin of the realm , and get him to drop socket into the loft  & run these TV cables in .


Worry about a possible loft extension as & when it happens .  

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What sort of lighting you having in the bathroom that needs a 10A MCB?

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concurr with above, get the sparky to sort out for you now, Failing that adding a socket to the lighting is perfectly acceptable, the power draw from a tv system is quite low

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Not being difficult but its almost impossile to give this sort of advice over the internet - get a couple of local parks round for a chat would be my guidance.


If its a new build why not ask the builders to add a socket in the loft NOW?

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The options will not cover anything in the roof space. 

But the likelihood is I would call some sparks out to take a look once in,

it was merely wondering whether or not my thoughts seemed some what right in achieving the above. 

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I would wait until you are in......

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