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Ceiling Rose Help



Hi their hope you can help with this issue identifying what i need, we are changing the lighting in our house so at the moment no lighting is up and bare wires are insulated.  The colour wiring is the old red and black which is the old blue and brown.  I’m in the process of changing the upstairs lights and starting in one of the rooms.  However there is only the live side I’m confused with.  Sorry for the bad photo so refer to diagram below to show you what’s up already.










The rose diagram shows 1 earth, 2 neutrals which is all we have up from the ceiling, and 4 live wires which we also have the correct amount.  Looking at the way the wiring has been done in the house the room is directly opposite the landing and next to the upstairs bathroom.  The bathroom light is up but won’t turn on which makes me believe that the room, bathroom and landing are all linked to the same circuit.  Referring to the diagram three of the lives go into the loop connector and one of the live is left over which i would of thought goes into the live terminal however the diagram shows it as a neutral from the light switch.


As i don’t have any testing equipment except a standard multimeter what harm would it do if i put the third remaining live into the live terminal?  If no issues but light still doesn’t switch on will any issues occur if i was to swap each live over until it controls the light?


Many thanks

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If you have other lights disconnected as well then this one may be dead until some others are replaced.

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Follow the diagram you have posted with the exception that your switch wire in this case has two red cores. It doesn't matter which one goes to the loop terminal and which one goes to the light.


DON'T assume a red wire is L and a black wire is N.  In this case had the used red and black for the switch, then that black wire from the swirch would have been switched L.


Until you connect this light fitting back and make all the loop connections, some of the other lights in the house won't be getting any power so obviously won't work.

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Thanks for your fast response so three reds go to the loop the two black's go to the neutral and the fourth remaining red wire goes into the live terminal. If light doesn't work then that may be due to other lights not wires up but if no light appears when all lights are up then swap the red wires aroound in the live until it lights up and the other lights stay on too once switched on? Cheers

Side note their are three cables coming from the ceiling, one of the three wires has two red wires coming out of it were the others have a red and black wire coming out so the one with the two red wires put one to the live feed and the other to the loom. As for the remaining red wires put them to the loop terminal.

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as Dave said,

the cable with the 2 red wires, is your Live and Switch,

so one of those reds goes to loop, the other goes beside your brown for the pendant, that is the switch wire,

unless you have more than one switch for a light, or a room, it wont matter which way round you have the 2 reds.

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