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Accenta G3 Help Needed

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Ok Be Gentle,


I have the Accenta G3 Home Alarm with the following Panel:




The Alarm has 8 zones (as follows)


Zone 1 Front Door

Zone 2 Hallway

Zone 3 Living Room

Zone 4 Dining Room

Zone 5 Kitchen & Utility

Zone 6 Landing

Zone 7 Garage

Zone 8 Office (External to the main house).


The issue is as follows:


When you walk in and deactivate the alarm, both the green (day light) and red (power light) are lit,  all zones are deactivated (however every 5 mins the internal panel alarm provides a single beep).  I contacted the previous house owner and he suggested the following:


Type in Code and Press Program then 3.  The single beep will stop, Zones 1-7 will be activated but Zone 8 will remain activated.


Now whilst this solves the annoying internal 5 min beep it unfortunately means every time I walk into the office the external alarm sounds.


At the moment I have one of 2 situations:


  1. Program 1 where all zones are deactivated but the annoying 5 minute internal beep from the panel happens.  Or
  2. Program 3 where zones 1-7 are deactivated, the annoying panel beep stops but Zone 8 remains armed.


Ideally want to incorporate zone 8 into program 1 so it behaves like all the other zones.


The key pad does not have a LCD so simple step by step what to press would be appreciated.




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Ok Be Gentle,


after spamming the forum, no.

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So to stop the annoying beeping you have a program set with the zones omited??


That's just plain wrong.......


So it sounds like you need to get someone out to reset and reprogram the alarm,,, I'd also get them to change the battery whilst they're at it..



Now how do we stop those annoying spammy posts??

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  • 3 weeks later...

Sorry guys - I wasn't intentionally spamming - for clarity I purchased the house and the alarm was already set-up like this - so came onto the forum hoping that someone could guide me on how to reprogram the alarm.  Any help appreciated.

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You need the engineers manual. You can google it. There are a few variants, so as you have the panel you can see which manual is the one for you

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