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New Meter Install From 3 Phase Supply






I have a newly converted second floor flat which needs a seperate meter and electricity supply installed.


The ground floor currently has a 3 phase supply with a spare fuse.


I have contaced UK power networks who have come to view this 3 phase supply and have said it should be fine to install a new meter and supply to the newly converted flat via this 3 phase supplu.


I have however contacted britsh gas, and asked if they could connect a new meter to this 3 phase supply, however becasue the supply is 200A they will not touch it.


I have gone back to UK Power networks and they have said the following:


'you cannot run a service straight from the 200A cut out to the meter for the flat as the smallest tails you can get in a 200A cut out is 75mm ideally a distribution board should be provided which then distributes power to all parties or the meter dept may accept an isolator in between the 75mm tails and the required 25mm tails '


Could someone let me know what would be the easiest/cheapest solution for me......installing a distribution board or an isolator?


Also is it worth contacting other meter companies now to see if they can help or shall I contact a private electrician to intall a distribution board or isolator first before conatcting another merter copmany


Would really appreciate some advice, and if it makes any difference the flati is in South London


Many thanks


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From your location I assume the job is in London,  the few DNO,s i have ever dealt with here will not connect unless its in a common area. Many many properties that have been divided up either residential or shops with flats above have their supply from the original head in a basement or understairs, which now is within one of the properties. Although this used to be common they will not  do this now as any one property & also the DNO  has   no legal right to enter another property just because your supply has 'blown'.

I have been called out because a flat occupier is on a months holiday and the main fuse to the flat above is within  that flat, nothing i could do except plug an extension lead into the  cleaners socket on the landing ( which must have been connected to the ground floor supply)

I have also seen many times flat conversions where 2 or 3 flats share the same main fuse, it wont be allowed now.

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best ask meter company what they want. unfortunately, there isnt usually another you can go to. you could try a different supplier though, but chances are youll get the same response

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Well,if it is a 150 kVA supply they do not usually do whole current metering.,there is usually a CT chamber and connection point

Just saying

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Yep. CT metering is what you need. Then from there usually a Ryfield Board which you will use to fuse down to your submain to the flat.

Another option is to install the Ryfield Board and leave the tails for the DNO to connect to their head. Pre-wired the meters around the area of the main head. You will fuse down at the Ryfield Board and then the meter man will seal these fuses when they fit the meter. So from the head to the Ryfield Board will not be metered but the smaller feeds from the Rufield board will.

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All of this is only any good  if the existing head is in a common area such as a hall , ie not  under the stairs which is now part of a flat or a basement which can only be accessed via the flat above.

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Thanks guys for you your help


With regards to the location of the 3 phase supply, if it is not in a communal area is this a complete deal breaker, in that I will 100% Not be able to get a new meter connection from this 3 phase supply, or would there still be a chance? and what if I told the metering company that I had the keys and authority to enter to ground floor to access the 3 phase supply. Will this be sufficient?


Also currently the 3 phase is providing a meter to a building to the rear and the 1st floor flat. Neither the first floor flat or the property towards the rear has access to the the 3 phase supply. Is this communal area access a new regulation? 


Finally I just wanted to mention that the 1st floor flat and the 2nd floor flat currently share the same electricity supply, does anyone know of any alternative way I could possibly get a separate meter installed in to the 2nd floor flat..... I do not want to install a check meter as this will not be practical.


Would my only alternative be contact UK power networks and try to get a brand new electricity supply installed?



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I think you are approaching this from the wrong angle.


What you should be asking for is a new supply to the flat(s)


They will give you a quote for a new supply and they will choose where on their existing network to take that supply from, which may or may not be this 3 phase supply in question.

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