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Listing on PVcompare discount for UK Qualified Electricians

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Hi all members! As you can read from the title, we’d like to offer a coupon with 30% discount for 1 yr listing or more for 3yrs (we would like to have long terms cooperation)  .


Who we are:

Founded in 2012, FLY Solartech Solutions gives high profile consultancy service for the photovoltaic industry. Co-owned by Davide Zanatta, Chief Executive Officer, and

Michele Mareschi Danieli (successor and major stakeholder of Danieli, Italian company which ranks among three largest suppliers of equipment and plants to the metal industry in the world) FLY Solartech Solutions launched PVCompare Network in 2014. The idea was born in 2012, when Zanatta was collaborating as an external consultant for Nexus, spin-off of the University of Udine. Mr. Zanatta experienced unfamiliarity about the main characteristics of the photovoltaic panels and inverters.

Moreover, he noticed how often the first choice of the customer were clearly influenced by word of mouth to a very small basin (other entrepreneurs, friends, colleagues) without any technicality. Thus, he decide to create a free-of-charge service to an international audience, offering information from a more technical and prepared audience to householders.


PVCompare Network is the first website that allows comparison between manufacturers and installers of photovoltaic industry. On one hand the real output comparison allows

user to find the most efficient photovoltaic system in a geographic area given orientation and tilt. On the other hand the system of reviews helps customers to improve their knowledge thanks to installers and consumers that have already tried photovoltaic products. Moreover, comments and opinions help photovoltaic manufactures and distributors to strengthen their brands.



Total Visualizations


Photovoltaic System’s Outputs

400 +

Subscribed Companies


People keen on installing (buying/having) a photovoltaic system on their houses are looking for installers (professionals/experts) on the web. PVCompare gives you the

possibility to show your previously installations and get reviewed by former clients. Thus, reliable local installers have a formidable channel to stand out. Standard registration for installers is free of charge and it will stay free forever. Moreover, the package plus and the package premium are thought for people that want to exploit all

the chances given by an active online presence. 


The premium package will give you the following services for less than £0.22 per day:

• Company’s datasheet connected to a geolocation channel able to show private users

which are the closest installers to their living area.

• Full time online presence. Our chat will give private users close to your area the

possibility to contact you directly via web and via mobile.

• PVCompare keeps you always ready to give private users an estimate.

• Discounts. Buy from PVCompare’s distribution partners at the lowest guaranteed price.

• Blog. Post news about both your company and products on a public blog read by

thousands of people every month.


For prices and info:



What do people think about us?



“The practitioners of PV industry are appreciative of any solar portals like

pvcompare.net since you are aiming to identify the best companies and report

the quality of PV product. As long as you have an unbiased position, you will be

standing out.”



Joyce Qiao, Marketing Manager, GoodWe Solar Inverter






“Today check whether a panel manufacturer has systemic problems or not is

very easy. Start making the names of the player unreliable help to segregate

the good from the bad companies”.

Sergio Moroni, Country Manager Italy, Suntech.





“In recent times we have witnessed a Darwinian selection of operators. This

redevelopment process is going to proceed also in the next months. Only

healthy company with the best products will stand and compete in the market.”

“Leave a grade and a comment”.

Alberto Cuter, Sales Director for Italy and Emerging markets, Jinko Solar.







“PVCompare is a good website, which makes people more actual helpful

choices by sending offers to all database of installers. Very easy, efficient,

and convenient!!! Hope more and more people would join the wonderful

communication platform.”

Han’s Inverter & Grid Technology Co.Ltd



This membership is open to all electricians who want to stand out for their quality, also if their main task is not the photovoltaic installations.

For more information please contact me in PM , for the coupon or for discuss about long term cooperation.





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