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Tony S

Mercury Arc Rectifier #3

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Tony S

Some MAR’s had very illustrious careers. Premium bond holders hoped the (Electronic Random Number Indicator Equipment) would pick out their numbers. ERNIE Mk1 was powered by a MAR





When I was at school and later engineering college the laboratory signal generators had a built in radio receiver tuned to BBC Droitwich. The Droitwich transmitter was at the time the most stable time reference radio signal available.



As Droitwich was considered vital to national security it had its own AC power plant.





I would have loved to have got my hands on the main AC switchboard.





One of the MAR control board and a general view of one of the steel tank rectifiers.







Motor generators for the valve filaments, grid bias and auxiliary HT.





Transmitter valves cooling water pumps




I mentioned earlier in this article that the Droitwich transmitter 200kHz carrier wave was used as a scientific constant for calibration. Initially the standard wave was generated by a tuning fork in a magnetic field.




This is the Essen Ring oscillator which was in use from 1963 until 1969. The replacement was a Rubidium Drive oscillator, accurate to ± 1 second in 3000 years.




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