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Novel Energy / Mege LED Panels

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I spoke to @Canoeboy when we were refurbishing the new surgery and he recommended Novel Energy Lighting, especially their LED ceiling panels. He said he'd fitted lots and was impressed. They also have a 7 year warranty on them. The light quality is superb and they look sleek and modern.




They are even quite tough as they can fall 3 meters and still work!


I also used some of the LED high bay fittings and they are also excellent, and often admired by the farmers for the bright light.




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I have fitted quite a few Mege products, but regret to say I had a really unpleasant run in with the Novel guys.


They sent me the wrong drivers, and acted rather arrogantly when I said they didn't work. Bought about 4 different dimmers assuming it was my fault.


Customer of some years, usually very easy going, starting to get 'annoyed'. Also in the middle of nowhere (a farm as it happens!), 60 mile round trip.


Novel then 'remember' they sent the wrong drivers after all.


Insisting I send the old ones back first, leaving customer with no lights!


Took a lot of persuasion to send right ones in advance then telephone harassment to get old ones back the same day the new ones were delivered.


Never again :(

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