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fireplace central heating with an extra electric water heater.

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On 10/11/2017 at 01:13, Doc Hudson said:

So, I shall repeat my earlier question of 3 Oct, after which 4 Oct you said you would be contacting the manufacture of this, (as yet unidentified), water heater.  Please can you understand that for people to offer you practical and useful answers to your questions, often they will ask questions back to you, to get greater detail so as to offer an appropriate answer. Without more factual detail about exactly how this proposed system is going to be connected up, (e.g. drawing/.plan/sketch of the system), our members are guessing. You may as well ask any random vague question you like to a complete stranger at a bus stop and expect them to be able to connect your system up. Based upon the vagueness of your question I fail to see how you can interpret any of the very constructive answers given so far as "no can do Jaba Jaba"?


Re the 15l 3kw under sink water heater:- 

1) What is the Make of this proposed water heater?

2) What is the model number of this proposed water heater?

3) What do the manufactures installation instructions say?

4) What was the response for the inquires you said you were going to make?  (Or didn't you contact the manufacture?)


Please answer each of the above points, otherwise I would have to assume this is just a 'wind-up' thread with no possible genuine answer actually needed.


Hi, I haven't decided what will be the best water heater option yet, that's why I can't answer all ur q's. Thanks to some of U, and other ppl's advice I'm making some due changes as I'll make sure to use a ''tank with a fill in, ball valve'' to eliminate contact with the mains. Now I just have to work out if the pressure in that ''tank'' will be enough to ensure enough pressure in the circuit or if i'll have to install an expansion tank too.

Here is Alloween holiday Best wishes to u all!  





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