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What do you make of these MI's?

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Attached should be the instructions for a machine I have to insttall


A few snippets


Voltage 220V

Earth leakage 50mA

Basic power requirement 800W

Fuse  16A delayed action surge proof

Permanent 10mm ground cable

Connected directly to distribution board.


The plan was a 16A radial circuit in 2.5mm from the (non RCD) distribution board to a rotary isolator and the machine hard wired into that.


But 10mm earth as well as my 2.5 supply? Bonkers. I can't see a 10mm earth fitting the earth terminal in most rotary isolators unless I go up to 63A


Looks like a load of hogwash written by someone that knows nothing about electrics.


I wonder if it comes with a CE mark?

SitePreparationManual_sciFLEXARRAYER SX.pdf

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I'd imagine the 10mm is do to the high earth leakage, its either that or 2 earth paths.


I think I'd put the 2.5 supply in rom the board to the isolator as you describe, and also put a 10mm in separatly straight to the machine from the board not going through the isolator to keep the commisioing enginner happy, although as you have now got 2 earthss, in BS7671 terms it doesn't have to be as big a 10mmm

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The requirement is from the drives used in the machine, you may get leakage spikes of significant magnitude.


 Looking at the link I would say that the unit is probably not far off compliance.


 I would steer clear PD & leave the PUWER reg 10 due diligence to the user.


Mind, I am in Cardiff airport departures waiting for the Edinburgh flight at the moment to look at 2 machines tomorrow in Leven!

So it’s not a problem if they want somebody to discharge their duties to.


Depending how far North, between £2 & £3k plus expenses would be in the ballpark.

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