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When you get home the wife says, "oh by the way"

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Last week got home, late, tired and emotional and Mrs Kurt casually mentions the house tripped. I said what was on at the time, "nothing maybe tumble dryer, it would only reset when i unplugged washer and tumble dryer" - I said you could have told me before i went in the shower....   arrrghhh.

Anyway - tried just tumble dryer, no problem. As soon as i plugged the washer in,,,,,,, TRIP.


Said,, look am knackered , can you use the laundrette for a few days, and BTW the washer is not very old, can you dig out the receipt and call their service people out.

Meanwhile i worked away all weekend and thought , right, tonight i will look at it as, Mrs Kurt cannot find any receipts but thinks its about 2 years old.


So plugged washer in, TRIP.

oh poo it was not even switched on .


Thought right i will show whose the daddy so disconnected the earth terminal from top of washer.... TRIP


Thought right, trying to be smart are we and i then disconnected the plug from the cct board so i have LNE all open cct at the machine.... TRIP


Jesus XXX christ i am looking at a metre of cable with a plug on the end. Its now desperation time so tester comes out.... IRed it and o.o6 MOhm LE


Anyway changed the lead and re-crimped the cct board plug and all is well, cut the faulty lead down to just 50mm from the moulded plug and still 0.06.


Plug looks mint, 

Any guys have similar stories of when you got home after a long day .. :-)

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I spent half an hour at a house splitting the ring to find the N-E short. THEN I found the extension lead, plugged in behind a dirty great wall unit Yes the extension lead had a N-E short, nothing wrong with the fixed wiring.

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Had one last week 

I was 100 miles away

talked client through unplugging, resetting etc

she got it down to downstairs ring

called in on way home

disc at board

IR test


pick a socket

split ring

test at board...all clear

test at socket....all,clear 


test socket.........0.01 L/E


out of all the sockets I went and picked the faulty one first time😂

First time ever in 45 plus years

made my day....and my customers


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