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Books, books and more books!

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Going to be moving house soon and as such having a general clear out. 

Books that I no longer have any use for, but may be useful for trainees, or even some of the experienced members for curiosity/collections. 

Not going to list a price for them all, just a fair offer. Trainees, we can discuss a deal on multiple buys as I want to help you guys out. 

All books are in good condition, the really old ones are as expected with age, but no pages missing or loose pages. 

So in no particular order: 

  1. BS7671 (Big red book) ISBN: 978-0-86341-844-0
  2. BS7671 (Big yellow book)ISBN: 978-1-84919-769-4
  3. John Whitefield - The Electricians Guide to the 17th edition. ISBN 978-0-9537885-6-9
  4. Brian Scaddan - 17th Edition Explained and Illustrated ISBN 978-0-7506-8720-1
  5. C&G Exam sucess 2394 & 2395 ISBN 978-0-85193-292-7
  6. Electricity in Mines and Quarries Regulations: ISBN 0-11-885484-4
  7. 17th Edition (RED) On site guide: ISBN 978-0-86341-854-9
  8. Brian Scaddan Inspection, Testing and Certification: ISBN 978-0-08-096610-6
  9. Brian Scaddan Portable Appliance Testing: ISBN 978-0-08-0969374
  10. Brian Scaddan Design and Verification: ISBN 978-0-08-096914-5
  11. D.F.Warne - Newnes Electrical Engineers Handbook: ISBN 0-7506-4879-1
  12. Brian Scaddan - C&G2357 Electrical Installation Work: ISBN 978-0-080-96981-7
  13. IET - Guidance Note 1 (Amd 2) - ISBN 978-1-84919-271-2
  14. IET - Guidance Note 2 (Amd 2) - ISBN 978-1-84919-273-6
  15. IET - Guidance Note 2 (Amd 1) - ISBN 978-0-86341-857-0
  16. IET - Guidance Note 8 (Amd 2) - ISBN 978-1-84919-285-9
  17. IET - Electrical Installation Design Guide 2nd Ed: ISBN 978-1-84919-657-4
  18. Edexcel - HNC/HND Study Guide: ISBN 978-0-85776-008-1
  19. John Bird - Higher Engineering Mathematics: ISBN 978-1-8561-7767-2
  20. Edexcel - ONC Engineering Study Guide: ISBN 978-1-84690-213-0


More to follow...

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Blue Duck

Hi Rob, 


I'd be interested in gn8 and number 6 electricity in mines and quarries.


Let me know via PM.




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Bare with me I'm still putting the rest up. I'll PM you once done. 


@Tony S has shown interest in the M&Q it'll be first come first serve

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Round 2: 

  1. Installation and maintenance of electric motors, printed 1942
  2. Newnes Electrical Pocket Book, printed 1975: ISBN 0-408-00147
  3. Electricians Book on Control Circuits: ISBN 978-1-4357-0782-5
  4. Stubbs Electrical Encyclopedia Third Edition Vol 1-4. Printed 1957
  5. Newnes - Practical Troubleshooting of control circuits: ISBN 978-0-7506-6278-9
  6. Advanced Electrical Installation Calculations: ISBN 978-1-85617-664-4
  7. HSE Electricity at work safe working practices: ISBN 978-0-7176-2164-4
  8. HSE Guidance on Electricity at work Regs: ISBN 978-0-7176-6228-9
  9. IEE Electrical Maintenance: ISBN 0-86341-563-6
  10. IEE Exam success C&G 2391: ISBN 978-0-86341-899-0
  11. Advanced testing techniques: ISBN 2-9524138-0-0

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