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Evans Electric

PC about to die

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On ‎16‎/‎07‎/‎2018 at 20:43, Evans Electric said:

PC  has just frozen  , had to press the crash button , start up all I can hear is the fan ,   just got it to restart  ...a little slow or is it my imagination .


There is a repair guy near here ,  would it be a good idea to ask him to knock up a new one with Win 10   and transfer  my stuff from this one .  

Or should I stick with the Currys  / PC world  type people .

Theres loads on ebay but all seem to be rebuilds .   


The most important thing IMHO...


and the most urgent...


Is make sure you have a back-up of all of your important files, photos, music, videos  etc...

on an external hard drive..


If you haven't already done this,

You can pick up some decent capacity USB drives that don't break the bank,

where you can duplicate all important info in-case that crash happens sooner than you get a new PC sorted.



I back up all important work files onto one USB drive 

and have another for personal family photos, music etc...

(Plus some old internal hard drives that I use in a stand-alone USB caddy as back-ups for the back-ups!)


Got way too much digital info of family photos/videos and Go-Pro films from all sorts of holidays/birthdays/graduation etc.. etc..

it is a product of having five children!!


Anyway  the golden rule is always... "If you cant afford to lose it, back-it-up  then back-up the back-up!!!"  :popcorn 

Takes a bit of pressure off, if the PC throws a wobbler.


AS for PC's on a  budget,

I replaced an old family Dell desktop with a Pc-World HP base unit+keyboard just after Christmas in the January sales saved £200+ off the recommend retail price.


So if its a traditional desktop arrangement that is playing up and you monitor is all good,

It may be worth having a search for offers on just base units rather than a complete PC package..






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