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Evans Electric

How wrong can you be ?

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Evans Electric

Please excuse the amateur  drawing  ,  its hard to depict what I'm trying to show .

A job in Derbyshire  ,  they had one man hoists suspended from an RSJ  track that ran everywhere ,  very high up .  They picked up 5 mtr lighting columns  as produced. 


They wanted a "Hospital bay"  on the bend I show , so a hoist could come off the main track to the bay and the track would close up again .

Some big engineering firms backed away .then an old guy in overalls showed up , designed ...cut & built the bend section in red with a section added on at exactly the correct angle .   Drawn out on a bit of A4 with a pencil.     We built some safety,s in  ...then they could  wind the  chainwheel   , and the bend turned over ... and a right hand bend came over into place  to join it to the Hospital Bay RSJ .


Momentum carried the hoist off the circuit until it picked up the bay collector rails.  

The main bend was wound back and the other hoists could continue .       

Very hard to describe ,  but the guy fabricated this huge bend section ...cut out the bend .fitted new into place .. 

Scan0003 - Copy.jpg

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2 hours ago, Evans Electric said:

They always fascinated me too .    Like a circular cam  behind the dial  , all mechanical,    it follows the changing  seasons ...switching on & off at dusk & dawn .  

I think they're really expensive  these days  .   In this area they're  manufactured  to 52 deg. Lat    .  If you flogged one to Prodave,  who,s up in the Arctic Circle,  it would be no good at all.     ( Probably why they're expensive) 

We are on 54°N


F expensive and even more reliable

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Tony S
On 08/12/2018 at 18:55, kerching said:

I struggle  with Sangamo RPTS solar mechanical time clocks!


I struggle with life, we have to get on with it!

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