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Work experience in Grimsby uk

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Good morning sir


I am writing to you with regards to the possibility of giving me a bit of casual work experience, I am 50 years old currently retraining to become an electrician. I am studying level 2 electrical installations at Grimsby college., I just need on-site experience I am fit and hard-working and very keen. I have enclosed my CV for your consideration.


                        Regards . Charles lill.mr charles lill cv dox june 18.docxmr charles lill cv dox june 18.docx

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You asked the same thing in November.  🤔

I would point out that you are not "writing to any specific person" so all and sundry can read the information, such as your home address, your previous employment 😯(I take it working in the cemetery was a dead end job 😄)

I suggest instead of wasting your efforts of posting your personal information publicly you approach companies and send your CV to them. 

If you read previous posts you will see that most on this forum are self employed and as such cannot  / do not want to take anyone on (Too much liability)    ☹️

I really do wish you luck for 2019, I suggest you take care as to where you post your personal information.

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phil d

As Richard has said, this isn't a place to really post your information in such detail, also there are a couple of points I would like to offer you some advice on, apart from a bit of PAT testing you appear to have done very little electrical work, so I think this will make it hard for you to get into the industry, I'm 53, and fully qualified and I'm finding it hard to get back in after a period of ill health, it's a young mans game, any employer will have concerns about your fitness at that age, also there is the question of how long you'll be able to work, as against the cost, both financially and timewise in training you up. Potentially you could be in your late 50's before you are skilled enough to be of any real value to an employer.

Also you list your qualifications, and where you got them, one being from NACRO, now if that is what I think it is, and I only know one NACRO, then I wouldn't be mentioning it, unless asked, it may put potential employers off.

I have no wish whatsoever to try and put you down, however given your previous background I'd be interested to know why at this stage in your life you suddenly want to become an electrician. If it's because you've heard that we all earn megabucks then forget it, in the general world of housebashing there are literally thousands of people out there all chasing a limited amount of work.Yes, there are people on here who do earn good money, but they've a lot of experience and they put the hours in, and it's certainly not in house bashing!

I myself earned good money at one stage, but I worked for it, days, nights, weekends, bank holidays, in fact I recently found one old pay slip where I'd worked something like 100 hours one week, I do remember it and it was horrible, very little sleep, very little food, and a lot of stress. But that's how it is if you want to be at the top in our game, you may have gone in at 8am, it may be 5pm now, but if the job isn't finished and that machine isn't back on line, then you're staying! I can remember times when I've grabbed an hour in my van, or in a quiet corner somewhere before getting stuck in again. One thing this job isn't is glamorous, and on the  whole it isn't especially well paid, ask anyone on here, they'll all tell you.

Anyway I hope I've given you an insight into the real world of our job, good luck whatever you decide to do.


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