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Advice for use of new phone

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phil d
11 hours ago, Andy™ said:

if will affect your speed. if the internet connection is ony capable to 20mbps and they use 10, then you will be limited to 10. . you cant just magic some faster internet because someone else is using it. id expect its pobably set to give you priority though

Well, that's what I got told by someone at BT, thinking about it the only way it can do that is if it won't allow a connection if you're already running at capacity, which I suppose they'd need to do, or as you say if you've already got a really poor download speed, because thinking about it there's a lot of people using BT broadband, but you don't always find a wireless hotspot.

Incidentally do you remember that one a few years ago, there was something where you used a phone and it worked at home but there were hotspots outside and you could link to these and it charged the call to your bill, I think it was called 'talkabout' or 'roamabout' or something like that. I know it didn't really take off, places had signs outside indicating that it was one of these 'hotspots' there was only one I can remember in my area.

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Evans Electric
On 14/04/2019 at 00:46, SPECIAL LOCATION said:

Can't see how anyone working for themselves nowadays could survive without a smartphone and a half decent data allowance????



Well..  I couldn't!?







I don't find it a problem  TBH 

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if you want to improve battery life make sure lots of things are turned off, wifi especially. Trouble with modern phones is that they tend to come with lots of stuff turned on which just waste battery power. You can also go into settings and turn on battery manager which shts down useless apps and extends battery life. Very useful when you have forgotten to charge your phone up and it's saying 15%, low battery.  

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