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Leak from Bath flooding downstairs

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Hi, I hope someone can help! We've had a leak from the bath upstairs through the floor to ceiling below which thankfully is another W/C so it's somewhat contained. It occurred whenever someone took a bath (we don't have a shower) it started as a drip and developed to say a cereal bowlful of water but over the last few days it's more like a mixing bowl or two's worth.


A plumber came today and changed the waste pipe but now the water is heavily dripping constantly. It now gets worse when either the bath tap or the sink taps next to it are running. It seems to be something to do with the pipe running down the wall. There's a large wet patch in the floorboards and the leak is directly below.


Worried about how much this is going to cost as no house insurance and we don't have much in terms of disposable income. Any advice is welcome! 

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I did one like this for a neigbour recently.  MICE eaten through plastic water pipes. just reminds me why my house is all piped in copper.


You either get the plumber back or you take the bath panel off and floorboards up and have a look yourself to see what is leaking and from where.  Onl when you actually find the leak can anyone advise how to fix it.


House insurance would not cover the repair of the leak, but might cover the damage that results from it.

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