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I have a system with two circuits operated via two 2 port Lifestyle valves.
The main house circuit works fine via a separate Hive thermostat, the second circuit was an annex with another valve operated via another Hive thermostat.
I noticed the boiler didn't always start when the annex heating was called for, checked the valve to see if switch was the problem and it just disintegrated when I took the cover off.

Unfortunately the faulty switch is in an old style ACL Lifestyle 679H308-30L1 so will need to replace complete valve.


So looks like will have to drain down system to replace old style valve with new type, however I didn't really want to do this now we need heating everyday, was wondering if I could do something temporary like this...

As it is a secondary circuit to heat a rarely used annex, I can get heat in there when the main heating on as valve opens okay but boiler stops when main house is up to temperature even is annex isn't as no switch on annex valve to keep boiler running.
I wondered about putting a live connection to boiler from the same supply as to the valve, not a separate live as boiler would run all the time, this way boiler would only get a supple if valve is getting supply.
I am not sure what the problem would be if pump starts before valve is fully open?

Does this make any sense...!

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