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Hey all, I'm a white goods electrical engineer. My father has just purchased a bungalow and the previous owner (elderly gent) has tried to factory reset the alarm. Basically it looks like the panel has crashed..


I've quizzed him and from he can remember, he entered the Master code by pressing 'D' then 2222 and he selected Factory Reset and entered in 2000. The alarm panel then alarmed, he said it was very loud and he kept pressing buttons trying to stop it. After approx 10mins it stopped but could not exit from that menu which had several options like master volume, key volume, display and factory reset. He pressed some more buttons and now the display is blank, all the keypad and backlight is on but no writing or digits are on the display, after a few minutes the backlight drops out but comes back on when you press a button. Also all the buttons beep when pressed except the top right hand 2 (fire and shield symbols) then make a deeper longer beep as if its saying No these wont work!


I know these are very secure units, the guy had it installed and that was that, I've called the number off the original install receipt but it states the number is unavailable.


Any help would be great.

I'm hoping from what hes told me that it makes sense to someone and can guide me in the right direction of getting this panel back up and running.

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Pyronix appear to be still around. Have you contacted them?  They may help directly or give you a name for one of their installers in your area.

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Have you tried powering it down and back on? Serious question. There will be a battery inside the main panel too that will need to be disconnected for a power cycle.


Failing that, try a hard reset.

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Sounds like the panel needs to be factory reset again and reprogrammed, do you know why he wanted factory reset it?


Depending on the age of the panel it may also need a new battery and the wireless detectors will probably / possibly need new batteries as well


The problem you may have if you haven't got all the manuals is that Pyronix tech support normally will only speak to installers



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