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Apo L

Faulty Mini hifi system


Apo L

Hi, I wanted to ask about a faulty Philips mini hifi system that just froze when I turn it on,  and it doesn't respond when I push the buttons to use it 


It just froze, froze as in all its LEDs lights are on the display remains in off mode and doesn't begin the "welcome screen " when I turn on 


Any insight on the faulty issue would be highly appreciated 

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Hi Apo. You aren't really on the right forum here, as it's mostly about electrical installation, though who knows what may come out?


For my part, I used to repair electronics, but these days I find its rarely feasible given the design and construction of gear like mini-hi-fi.  Technical data is seldom available and circuit designs are complex.

If you have some electronic knowledge I suggest examine the power supply area for any burned looking  resistors or diodes, look closely at electrolytic capacitors for swelling or leakage, and look for any poor soldering, especially if any larger metalwork is soldered to a pcb.

Beyond that you have to consider if sending it to the manufacturers service depot (if there is one) is economic. Around here at least the independent repairers have all disappeared.


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