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Can my cable give the necessary power?

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 I am questioning if this extension i got can handle the power i need to all the things i got connected to it,


the cable on it says Eletronda H05vv-F 3G1.5mm2 Une-en 50525 Eca 29112019


I got a Pc with a 850 power supply on it with 2 monitors a printer laptop and sometimes a heater.


I give it a check and i couldnt find my cables online but i found a chart https://www.scribd.com/document/347543491/cabosTabEurocabos-pdf

so in my case i guess i could push 23 amps Max (the cables are inside my house).


if im not wrong from some other site i got something like from the watts you use divide by the Volts my current have so its 240v,   lets say my pc, laptop, Heater and monitors use 3000 watts (Going overkill i guess  but i always prefer safer) would that be 3000/240 - 12.5 Amps


so i am more then safe right?

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Evans Electric

The heater is the main thing to worry about .    .    Can you tell us it's size  in KW    (Killowatts)     If its a fan heater its hopefully 2 KW  max.   This is an extension lead I presume ,  which will have a fuse in the plug at 13A.      A 2KW  heater will draw 8A .      If the heater causes the flex to  overheat   switch it to 1KW .  


The main thing you MUST do  is to uncoil the extension lead  fully  or it will get very hot .      You'll be using a multi-plug which will probably get hot when heater is used ,  give it a try ,  its fine without the heater . 


It would be better to have a couple of sockets installed . 

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I echo uncoiling the lead fully.


I one met a customer running a washing machine and a tumble dryer from a wound up extension list.  I pointed out the stupidity of that.  The reply was "I wondered why they didn't last long and I had to keep replacing it......."

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it's a Oil heater https://www.rowenta.pt/Aquecimento-e-ventilação/Aquecedores-a-Óleo/INTENSIUM/p/1830007026

 Voltage 220-240  V

Frequency 50-60  Hz 

Watts 2000


not sure this extension as a fuse in it its something like this https://www.staples.pt/extenso-4-tomadas-com-interruptor-1-4m-branco/cbs/247860.html


Thank you on the tip to uncoil the extension.


Maybe i will try use another socket as Evans suggested more cables around but safer.


Apart from that Without the Heater the rest of the connection is more then safe i assume.


Thank you for all the replies.

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That suggests a max use age of 3680w so would imply that all your proposed load will be ok. This is a foreign extension so no fuse. Are you using it over here or elsewhere? If over here then the adapter you plug into should have a 13a fuse in it. If over elsewhere then no fuse and protection will be afforded by the fuse/mcb rating At the consumer unit. What power supply do you have over there?  

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