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Luke Lu

Hot water issue in my flat

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Luke Lu

Dear all,


I live in a flat that is part of a building which has 20 flats. The building has a central boiler and HEU (Heat Exchange Unit) installed in each flat for hot water supply.


Recently we have issue with hot water in the flat. The water is hot only for a min and then turns cold. It impacts 3-4 flats in the whole building across different floors.


The engineer who specialised in HEU came twice and told it is because of the poor water quality in the main system (full of debris). It blocks the strainer in the HEU. He cleaned it twice for us. First time, the hot water stays for 1.5 days and second time, it doesn't stay more than 1 hours.


Right now, we are trying to ask the mgmt company to improve water quality in the main boiler. I'm curious though that if it is water issue, why it is only impact certain flats but not all? and why second time, after clear from the strainer in the HEU, it blocks almost immediately?


I would love to hear your advice!


Many thanks in advance,





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