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G.E.C. Motor coupled to Myson Motor AC / DC

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Small motor / generator set - supplies DC.


Buy in now price - Offers

Post cost and method - Collection only

Payment - cash or paypal

Item location - Near Purton, Swindon, Wilts

Item condition - 2 complete assemblies, one new and one used.

Item description - see photos

The AC GEC motor includes the following info on it's plaque: bs5000pt99, size YD181, no B6313/C/02,Kw 7.5, rpm 1500, duty type cont, a 28.5, excitation 360v 1.0a, mass 157 kg diad 113 and 67, NDE6310, V=300, enc Ins Class F, IC 0141, brgs DE6310.

The Myson: Serial A98323, type C286, Kw 7.5, rpm 2600, v 53 / 380, PH 3, HZ 17 / 120, AMPS 15, Rating Cont, Class F, EXCITATION 415 3 50.

As stated, there is one new assy and one used.  Any offers would be welcome.  Just post a reply and I will contact you.

Resized_20200915_155103_7576 (2).jpeg

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