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Kyle maylor

Hi everybody, I have an issue with my dash

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Kyle maylor

Not sure how to add a picture for you guys but I have a 2013 trafic, it often from start or just randomly when I’m driving the small square screen that shows the fuel time and mileage will scramble to just all orange lights like a glitch, it corrects itself but then will do it again, when it dies this I can see the outline off all the fault icons etc, maybe a loose plug connection?? 

many help greatly appreciated 

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Can you associate the event with anything?  e.g. hitting a bump, braking, heater or air-con switching?  

Years ago, when vehicles had analogue gauges and a couple of lamps on the dash weird faults were usually due to broken or poor earth wires, either between the dash and vehicle body or between engine and vehicle body. Could be an equally likely source of issues with modern electronic dash but there are now also a million other possibilities. 

For instance a transit minibus I used to be involved with suffered failing flexible printed circuit sections within the cluster which caused intermittent  problems.  Such endemic problems are usually known to the auto electrics trade if you enquire. 

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